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The Encyclopedia Folkceltica

First off, this is a work in progress. It has most of the bands, not all, that fit in the folk, viking, pagan, and celtic metal categories in one way or another. I will add stuff to it as it comes to my attention, and I obtain it. Also, not all of the bands in the list have complete discographys either for the reason that I do not own those albums yet, or those albums aren't in the folk realm.

What is folk metal? What is viking metal? Pagan? Celtic? These terms differ from person to person. Some may see a certain band as viking, while others may view the same band as something else. I listed the descriptions of the bands listed here as I personally saw fit.

Folk can be described as many things. It's not just Irish in nature as most people think.. Almost every country has it's own folk music that dates back to the earliest days and people of that country. Most folk metal bands have one thing in common, and that is using their respective countries traditional folk instruments and/or melodies in their music.

Viking metal mainly to me, is just associated with lyrical content focused on vikings and Norse mythology. Viking metal does have a certain sound that SOME bands seem to share, but not always. The same is true for pagan and celtic metal, too. With lyrical content focusing on ancient pagan ways of life, nature, and in celtic music's case, celtic pride.

All of these genre's COULD be all put under the "Folk" umbrella, but having sub-genres helps a little in trying to describe a band.
I hope this helps you out, and hope it helps spread the word a little about these truly unique and sadly underrated bands.

Britton (Skyclad). November, 2002.

Probably the most recognizable black metal band from The United States, Absu has seen their career come from a total raw black metal style early in their career, to a superb black/thrash band with celtic themes. They use a lot of Scottish and Irish lyrical themes.
English lyrics.

"Barathrum VITRIOL"- Black metal.
"The Sun Of Tiphareth"- Thrash black metal.
"The Third Storm Of Cythraul"- Thrash black metal with celtic themes.
"In The Eyes Of Ioldanach" EP- Thrash black metal with celtic themes.
"Tara"- Thrash black metal with celtic themes.
"..And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh" 7"- Thrash black metal with celic themes.

Epic viking metal from Sweden. Raw vocals. Flowing, majestic melodies, sword clashes, etc. This band is great! I only have their first two albums, so can't comment on their newest album. I definitely need to pick it up!
Swedish lyrics.

"Hymn To Hangagud"- Viking black metal.
"Blodornsoffer"- Viking black metal.
"Vrede"- Viking black metal

Amon Amarth:
Great viking metal from Sweden again. Not much else to be said. Pure viking metal. Excellent band!
English lyrics.

"Sorrow Throughout The Nine Worlds" EP- Viking Metal.
"Once Sent From The Golden Hall"- Viking metal.
"Avenger"- Viking metal.
"The Crusher"- Viking metal

One of the many great bands to come out of Finland. They started out as a total death metal band, then started incorporating traditional Finnish lyrics and melodies into their music. I really only consider a few of their albums as having any folk elements, but must add then here because of those albums.
English lyrics.

"Privilege Of Evil" EP- Death metal.
"The Karelian Isthmus"- Death metal with folk touches.
"Tales From The Thousand Lakes"- Death folk metal.
"Black Winter Day" EP- Death Folk Metal
"Elegy"- Folk metal.
"My Kantele" EP- Metal with a few folk melodies.

Ancient Wisdom:
Swedish pagan black metal. No folk elements, just pagan inspired lyrics, and great symphonic music! Their first album is a masterpiece!
English lyrics.

"For Snowcovered The Northland"- Pagan black metal.
"The Calling"- Pagan black metal.
"And The Spherical Shape Of Light Bled" Pagan black metal.

Crazy ultra raw trollish pagan black metal from Norway, I believe.
Norwegian lyrics.

"Fran Mardar"- Pagan black metal.
"Kostagher"- Pagan black metal.
"Kampen"- Pagan black metal.

Sweden. Don't know much about them because I'm not a fan of the band. I get heckled for it all the time. They are definitely Viking metal, though.
English lyrics.

"Blood, Fire Death"- Viking metal.
"Blood On Ice"- Viking metal.
"Destroyer Of Worlds"- Viking metal.
"Octagon"- Viking metal.
"Requiem"- Viking metal.
"The Return"- Viking metal.
"Twilight Of The Gods"- Viking metal.
"Under The Sign Of The Black Mark"- Viking metal.
"Bathory"- Viking metal.
"Jublileum Vol I, II, III" (Best of comps)- Viking metal.
"The True Black Essence (A History)"- Viking metal.

Atmospheric pagan metal from France. Uses a lot of accoustic guitar passages.
French lyrics.

"Errances Onriques"- Pagan black metal.
"Spicilege"- Pagan black metal.

Benighted Leams:
One man band from England that plays some really odd classicla/mideval black metal. O.K. in parts, but the vocals are a joke! Excellent cover art, though! They have two albums out, but I only own their debut album, therefore cannot comment on their newest material.
English lyrics.

"Caliginous Romantic Myth"- Mideval/baroqe black metal

Excellent viking metal from Scandinavia. Sweden, I think. maybe Norway? Definitely one of the more popular viking metal bands . Some of the material on their first few albums is very much in the folk realm. Vintersorg (Otyg, Vintersorg) has done some vocals on a newer album or two of Borknagar.
English/Swedish lyrics.

"Borknagar"- Viking metal.
"The Olden Domain"- Viking metal.
"The Archaic Course"- Viking metal.
"Quintesscence"- Viking metal.
"Empiricism"- Viking metal.

One of the best folk metal bands out there. These Irish lads combine traditional instruments to their music such as tin whistle, flute, mandolin, bodhran, recorder, and uillean pipes, among others!
English/Irish lyrics.

"Tuatha no Gael"- Folk black metal.
"The Middle Kingdom"- Folk metal.
"Ride On" EP- Folk metal.
"Folk Lore"- Folk metal with a few black metal touches.

Dark Reality:
German symphonic death metal band that uses a recorder (A wooden flute-like instrument) and acoustic guitar. Excellent!
English/German lyrics.

"Blossom Of Mourning"- Death folk metal.
"Oh Precious Haze Prevade The Pain"- Death folk metal.

Darkwoods My Betrothed:
Excellent Finnish band. Pagan black metal with some folk melodies. Their last album is a total black metal album. This is the band Thomas Halopainen, founder and keyboardist of Nightwish, played in. It sounds nothing like Nightwish, though.
English lyrics.

"Heirs Of The Northstar"- Pagan black metal.
"Autumn Roars Thunder"- Pagan folk black metal.
"Witch Hunts"- Black metal.

December Wolves:
American black metal band who's first demo and full length had pagan lyrical themes and slight folk touches.
English lyrics.

"Wolftread" demo- Pagan black metal.
"Til Ten Years...."- pagan black metal.
"Completely Dehumanized"- Black/death metal.
"Blasterpiece Theatre"- Black/death metal.

Dropkick Murphys:
Newer style American punk band that on their newest album incorporates a ton of Irish style and Scottish style folk elements by using a ton of bag pipes. Only their newest album falls into the folk category.
English lyrics.

"Sing Loud, Sing Proud".- Folk punk.

Italian power metal band incorporating traditional folk instruments. Sounds like if Blind Guardian used flutes and violins in their music.
English lyrics.

"Heathenreel"- Power folk metal.

Norwegian viking metal supreme! Their second album is an excellent folk metal release! I never cared for the bands direction on their newer albums, though.
Engish/Norwegian lyrics.

"Aurora Borealis"- Viking metal.
"Dragons Of The North"- Viking folk metal.
"Far Far North"- Viking metal.
"Odin Owns Ye All" - Viking metal.
Norwegian Native Art"- Viking metal.

One of the earlier Viking black metal bands. Epic, swaying viking melodies. They took a bad turn on their last album, in my opinion.
Norwegian lyrics.

"Hordanes Land" split with Emperor- Viking black metal.
"Ygdrassil" split with Satyricon- Viking black metal.
"Vikinglars Veldi" EP- Viking black metal.
"Frost"- Viking black metal.
"Eld"- Viking black metal.
"Blodhemn"- Viking black death metal.
"Monumension"- Psychedelic metal.

One man viking metal band with huge, epic songs about Viking life. Heavy use of keyboard, and the keyboard here is used in an excellent way. Vocals range from typical black metal screech to clean vocal "chant" melodies.
German lyrics.

"En Their Medh Riki Fara"- Viking metal.
"Magni Blandin Ok Megentiri"- Viking metal.

Finnish polka or "Humppa" metal supreme. Features Henri from Moonsorrow! Excellent band!
Finnish lyrics.

"Midnatten's Widunder"- Polka folk metal.
"Jaktens Tid"- Polka Folk metal.

Celtic black metal from Ireland. Great music, and great black metal vocals, but the awful clean vocals should have been kept out! Excellent digi-pak packaging and artwork. Lyric sheet printed on plastic film instead of paper.
English lyrics.

"Angel's Cry"- Celtic black metal.

Goat O Mendes:
German pagan black metal band. Lyrics about witchcraft and ancient times. I love this band. All in the band are excellent musicians. Some use of keyboard and female vocals.
English lyrics.

"Hymn To One Ablaze"- Pagan black metal.
"To Walk Upon The Wiccan Way"- Pagan black metal.

Polish pagan black metal band. They have NS leanings, but most of the lyrics deal with nature, ancient times, and racial pride, not hate. their early albums are really raw, and quite terrible in my opinion. Their newer albums are very good, and really epic sounding. Some say their new stuff sounds like early Bathory, but I don't hear it.
English lyrics.

"Carpathian Wolves"- Pagan black metal.
"Thousand Swords"- Pagan black metal.
"The Celtic Winter"- Pagan black metal.
"In The Glare Of Burning Churches"- Pagan black metal.
"Following The Voice Of Blood"- Pagan black metal.
"Epilogue" EP- Pagan black metal.
"Immortal Pride"- Pagan black metal.
"Impaler Wolves" EP- Pagan black metal.
"Creed Of Iron"- Pagan black metal.
"Raise Your Sword!" EP- Pagan Black Metal.
"Memory And Destiny"- Pagan black metal.

Hagalaz Runedance:
Total medieval folk music. Not metal. Just drums, female vocals, tin whistle, bag pipes, hurdy gurdy, etc. Really amazing band. Creates deep emotions within the listener. Every folk enthusiast should own a copy of their "Volven" album. Beware of the "Urd, That Which Was" album. It is an album full of dance remixes of songs off their first album. It's terrible. All others are SUPERB, though.
English lyrics.

"When The Trees Were Silenced" 7" EP- Folk.
"The Winds That Snag Of Midgards Fate"- Folk.
"Urd- That Which Was"- Folk/ Dance remixes.
"Volven"- Folk.
"Frigga's Web"- Folk.

Great symphonic pagan black metal from France!
English lyrics.

"Where Raven's Fly"- Pagan black metal.
"In The Raven's Shadow"- Pagan black metal.
"Third"- Pagan metal.
"Haunted Shores"- Pagan black metal.

Hin Onde:
Great unique sounding folk black metal from Finland. Not many traditional folk instruments, if any, but it has great folk melodies done by the guitar.
English lyrics.

"Songs Of Battle"- Pagan folk black metal.

In Extremo:
German band that performs a rather good style of folk metal. Uses traditional instruments such as flute and harp, but what really stands out in their music is the HEAVY use of the bag pipes.
German lyrics.

"Wekt Die Toten"- Folk metal.
"Verehrt und Angespien"- Folk metal.

In The Woods:
Pagan metal from Norway. pagan lyric themes. First album is pure black-ish pagan metal, and on later albums they start adding odd keyboard and other elements. Good stuff!
English lyrics.

"Heart Of The Ages"- Pagan black metal.
"Omnio"- Pagan experimental metal.
"A Return To The Isle Of Man"- Pagan black metal.
"Strange In Stereo"- Pagan Experimental metal.
"Three Times Seven On A pilgrimage"- Psychedelic dark metal.

Side project band of Fenriz of Darkthrone. The band only released two albums. "Vinterskugge" is a totally raw black metal album, 1/2 of which is demo material. "Hostmorke" is an excellent folk black metal album. the songs rotate from track one being a black metal song, to track two being a folk sons, track three black metal, and so on.
English/Norwegian lyrics.

"Vinterskugge"- Black metal.
"Hostmorke"- Folk/Black metal.

Epic viking black metal from Poland. Side project band of Capricornus from graveland. Kind of reminds me if Manowar played in a more black metal style.
English lyrics.

"The Riddle Of Steel"- Viking metal.
"Empire Of Iuvenes"- Viking metal.

Elite, raw pagan black metal from Norway. Lyrics are in tune with nature and Norse/Viking mythology and heritage. It's pretty raw sounding, yet pretty well produced at the same time.
Norwegian lyrics.

"Kampfar" EP- Pagan black metal.
"Mellom Skogkledde Aeser"- Pagan black metal.
"Norse" EP- Pagan black metal.

Lord Wind:
Viking folk music from Gravelands Rob Darken. tons of keyboard, a few traditional instruments such as acoustic guitar, horns, etc. (which may be coming from the synthesizer, and not the actual instruments). Not metal and no vocals at all! Just epic music that sounds like it could have been a soundtrack to one of the Conan movies. Excellent!
No lyrics.

"Forgotten Songs"- Viking folk.
"Heralds Of Fight"- Viking folk.
"Rites Of The Valkyries"- Viking folk.

Totally ripping 1,000 blast beats per minute viking metal from Sweden. Good production. Vocals range from the typical black metal style to death grunts here and there.
Swedish lyrics.

"Havets Vargar"- Viking black metal.

Who doesn't know about this U.S. band? Why are they listed on here? Simple. Their early albums had a lot to do with Vikings/Norse mythology. Some call them cheesy. I call them great!
English lyrics.

"Battle Hymns"- Viking heavy metal.
"Into Glory Ride"- Viking heavy metal.
"Sign Of The Hammer"- Viking heavy metal.
"Hail To England"- Viking heavy metal.
"Defender" EP- Viking heavy metal.
"Fighting The World"- Viking/Heavy metal.
"The Triumph Of Steel"- Heavy/power metal.
"Louder Than Hell"- Heavy/power metal.
"Warriors Of The World"- Heavy/power metal.

GREAT, well produced black metal from The Netherlands that infuse Mesopotamian/middle eastern/Arabian lyrics and melodies in their music. Their "Djinn" album feature Proscriptor of Absu on drums.
English lyrics.

"When Jerusalem Burns... Al inistar"- Mesopotamian black metal.
"Djinn"- Mesopotamian black metal.

One of my favorite pagan black metal bands from Germany. All of their albums have a slight folksy feel, but their "Buchonia" EP is heavily influenced by folk. Use of keyboard is common with this band, as is some female vocals. Some songs touch on the Viking thing.
German lyrics.

"Die Ewigen Steine"- Pagan black metal.
"Buchonia" EP- Folk pagan black metal.
"Thuringia"- Pagan black metal.
"Ziuwari"- Pagan black metal.

Some think of this band as a viking black metal band. I don't know. I leave it all up to the listener. Too close to call. I think they are more of a symphonic black metal band, but I'll add them here, anyway. lots of keyboard. Great production. Catchy songs.
Swedish lyrics.

"At The Sight Of The Apocalypse Dragon"- Symphonic Viking (?) black metal.

Viking black metal from Sweden that conveys a slight folk feeling through their epic and majestic guitar work. Vocals range from the familiar black metal style, to clean vocals, and even a choir-like chant. One of, if not THE most recognizable and respected viking metal bands. They have now sadly disbanded, with various members moving on to other bands such as Falconer and Indungeon.
English lyrics.

"In The Sign Of The Ravens"- Viking black metal.
"King Of The Distant Forest"- Viking black metal.
"Gathered Around The Oaken Table"- Viking black metal.

Excellent epic black metal from Finland that uses traditional instruments such as the accordion and mouth harp. Similar in Finntroll in sound, but they are more black metal, and use less accordion than Finntroll. I personally like Moonsorrow a tad more. Henri Sovali plays in both Moonsorrow and Finntroll. Their second and 3rd albums are superb "Polka" black metal, if you will. their debut album "Tama Ikuinen Talvi" is pretty bland and weak, though, as it uses a terrible sounding drum machine, and sounds tinny and unprofessional. Don't let that stop you from picking up the other albums, though!
Finnish lyrics.

"Tama Ikuinen Talvi" Symphonic black metal.
"Suden Uni"- Polka black metal.
"Voimasta ja Kunniasta (Of Strength And Honor)"- Polka black metal.

A lot of people don't realize it, but Moonspell started out as a pretty raw black metal band that infused Arabian sounding aspects in their music. They later went on to do a more Goth metal thing, and are without a doubt, the best metal band to come out of Portugal! "Wolfheart" is a classic!
English lyrics.

"Wolves From The Fog" demo 7"- Black metal/Arabian influences.
"Under The Moonspell" EP- Black metal/Arabian influences.
"Wolfheart"- Goth/Vampyric black metal.
"Irreligious"- Goth metal.
"Sin Pecado"- Goth metal.
"Second Skin" (Live/cover tracks)- Goth metal.

Dark doom folk metal from Slovakia. One of the few doom bands to incorporate folk into their music. heavy use of violins, and mouth harmonica.
English lyrics.

"Rhymes From The Forest Of Weariness"- Folk doom metal.
"Frostbitten Weariness"- Folk doom metal.
"Sad Memories Of Fairies"- Folk doom metal.

Very similar to In Extremo. This six piece German band comes off as really bland to me. Like In Extremo, but less inspired. Pick it up if you can't get enough of In Extremo. Can I say In Extremo anymore?
German lyrics.

"Feuertaufe"- Folk metal.

Nattvinden's Grat:
Finnish pagan metal band. First band of Tuomas Halopainen of Nightwish and Darkwoods my betrothed. Nattvinden's Grat doesn't sound like either of those bands, though. This is really ancient sounding, minstrel metal, if you will. Slow guitar melodies, clean vocals. Good stuff, especially "A Bard's Tale".
English lyrics.

"A Bards Tale"- Pagan metal.
"Chaos Without Theory"- Pagan metal.

Doesn't really belong here, but I will add them here because of the opera style vocals they have in their music. From Finland, they are really hard to describe musically. Close a I can get is to call them a heavily keyboard-laden light power metal band with female operatic vocals. their career got off to a bad start with their debut album, then peaked with their second album "Oceanborn". All albums after that, while good, never seemed to capture the greatness of "Oceanborn".
English lyrics.

"Angels Fall First"- Symphonic operatic metal.
"Oceanborn"- Symphonic operatic metal.
"Wishmaster"- Symphonic operatic metal.
"Over The Hills And Far Away"- Symphonic operatic metal.
"Century Child"- Symphonic operatic metal.

Death metal band from the U.S deeply entrenched in Egyptian culture. Almost all lyrics are about Egypt, and some of the guitar melodies are Egyptian in flavor. This band gave a good kick in the ass to the once stale death metal scene!
English/Egyptian lyrics.

"Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka"- Egyptian death metal.
"Black Seeds Of Vengeance"- Egyptian death metal.
"In Their Darkened Shrines"- Egyptian death metal.

Nokturnal Mortum:
Raw, fast black metal from Ukraine. Use of flute, reed pipes, and violin with this style of black metal makes this band quite unique! Excellent band, excellent song structures.
English/Russian lyrics.

"Goat Horns"- Folk black metal.
"Lunar Poetry"- Folk black metal.
"To The Gates In Blasphemous Fire"- Folk black metal.
"NeChrist"- Folk black metal.

No, the postal working neighbor of Jerry Seinfels hasn't started his own metal band. These Spanish lads give us a great, unique style of black metal coupled with traditional Spanish instruments and melodies. Great!
Spanish lyrics.

"Galdutako Itxaropenaren Eresa"- Spanish folk black pagan metal.

Folkier side project band of the guys fro Menhir. Well produced, and as with all Ars Metalli releases, great packaging!
German lyrics.

LaBt euch sagen aus alten Tagen"- Pagan folk black metal.

Some of the craziest pagan black metal I've ever heard! No traditional instruments, just pagan lyrical themes for this Czechoslovakian band. Some of the fastest metal I've ever heard. Some of the coolest time changes, too. It can go from fast raw black metal, to death, to thrash, then to an acoustical interlude in the span of 10 seconds. One of the best sounding drum machines is evident in this band, too. Probably needed a drum machine because they couldn't find a human to play that fast! Great band!
Czech lyrics.

"Keltsky Hnev"- Pagan black metal.

Vintersorg's superb folk metal band. One of the best in the genre. Where as most bands like this take metal, then add and layer folk to it, Otyg does it the other way. it's more like folk music with metal added around it to give it an extra edge. While Vintersorg's new work with Vintersorg and Borknagar is great, I'd rather have him put out a new Otyg album instead. 2 Otyg albums just isn't enough.
Swedish lyrics.

"Alvefard"- Folk metal.
"Sagovindars Boning"- Folk metal.

Doesn't get much better than this! Pagan celtic black metal from Ireland with touches of folk thrown in for good balance. One of the few bands that seem to get better with age. this band really knows how to come up with some great melodies.
English/Irish lyrics.

"Imrama"- Pagan celtic black metal.
"A Journey's End"- Pagan celtic black metal.
"The Burning Season"- Pagan celtic black metal.
"Spirit The Earth Aflame"- Pagan celtic black metal.
"Storm Before Calm"- Pagan celtic black metal.

Not really fitting into any of the folk/viking/etc. categories, Raventhrone still manages to sound like they should be in all those categories. this band uses a ton of keyboards, and as it is a side project band of a member of Pazuzu, you know the keyboard parts are going to be great. Extremely symphonic black metal with folk-ish interludes done via the synthesizer. Produced, I believe, by a member of Pungent Stench.
English lyrics.

"Malice In Wonderland"- Symphonic folk-is black metal.
"Endless Conflict Theorum"- Symphonic black metal.

Rhymes Of Destruction:
Pagan metal from Belgium. Uses a lot of acoustic guitars and violins. Their debut album "Requiem/In Remembrance Of Your Gods" is phenomenal, but their second album is rather boring.
Belgian lyrics.

"Requiem/In Remembrance Of Yor Gods"- Pagan folk black metal.
"A Sun Revolution"- Experimental pagan metal.

Martin Walkyier's band he was in before joining Skyclad. Great British pagan thrash metal. They released 3 albums. the first two that featured Martin on vocals and writing the lyrics were two of the best thrash albums of the '80's. The third album, "mourning Has Broken" was a let down musically and lyrically because Martin was no longer in the band. It was just a bland thrash album that sounded like a million others. First two were great, though.
English lyrics.

"History Of A time To Come"- Pagan thrash metal.
"Dreamweaver"- Pagan thrash metal.
"Mourning Has Broken"= Thrash metal.

Symphonic, yet raw black metal from Poland that incorporates a few folk elements here and there. Beautiful cover art!
English lyrics.

"Slovakian Pride"- Pagan black metal.

Don't confuse this Russian folk black metal band with other bands that have similar names (Satariel, Setherial, etc.). This band truly impresses, and the use of many traditional instruments is a big plus. Their "heidenlarm" album is excellent, beginning to end. Like Isengard's "Hostmorke" album, this album will have one track of folk black metal, then a traditional (Russian) folk song, then another folk black metal track, etc. More naked women in the booklet than you can bargain for! I hear they put on some steamy XXX-rated live shows.
Russian lyrics with English interpretations.

"Queen Of The Elves Land"- Folk black metal.
"Heidenlarm"- Folk black metal.

Sear Bliss:
Hungarian raw black metal band that incorporates brass instruments (trombone, tuba, etc) into their music. Excellent!
English lyrics.

"Phantoms"- Classical black metal.
"Grand Destiny"- Classical black metal.
"Forsaken Symphony"- Classical black metal.
"Pagan Winter- Classical black metal.
"The Haunting"- Classical black metal.

Japanese black metal band that uses instruments and melodies from their native country at times. The Japanese folk elements are light, but are still evident.
English/Japanese lyrics.

"Scorn Defeat" Japanese classical black metal.
"Infidel Art"- Japanese classical black metal.
"Ghastly Funeral Theatre" EP- Japanese classical black metal.
"Hail, Horror Hail"- Japanese classical black metal.
"Scenario IV-Dread Dreams"- Japanese classical black metal.
"Imaginary Soundscape"- Experimental black metal.

Out of the ashes of the '80's metal bands Sabbat, Satan, and Pariah rises Skyclad. One of, if not THE first band to add folk elements to extreme music. In this case, it was thrash that got the folk treatment. Their first two albums sound as though Martin Walkyiers' first band, Sabbat, had been given a new lease on life, and a violin added to it. Skyclad's career has seen them go from folk thrash, to folk metal, to acoustic folk, then back to an almost folk thrash sound again. Skyclad's albums are worth owning even if you just buy them to read Martin's lyrics, and never listen to the music. Without a doubt, the best lyricist metal has ever seen. And hey, the music is a perfect "10", too! Sadly, Martin has left the Skyclad camp to pursue other musical adventures, and the few albums the band has released since he left have never come close to being as good as material they did when he was still in the band.
English lyrics.

"The Wayaward Sons Of Mother Earth"- Folk Thrash metal.
"A Burnt Offering For The Bone Idol"- Folk thrash metal.
"Jonah's Ark"- Folk thrash metal.
"Tracks From The Wilderness" EP- Folk thrash metal.
"The Silent Whales Of Lunar Sea"- Folk thrash metal.
"Prince Of The Poverty Line"- Folk metal.
"Old Rope"- Folk thrash metal.
"Oui Avant Garde A Chance"- Acoustical folk rock.
"Irrational Anthems"- Folk metal.
"The Answer Machine?"- Folk metal.
"Vintage Whine"- Folk metal.
"Outrageous Fourtunes"- Acoustic folk.
"Folkemon"- Folk thrash metal.
"Another Fine Mess" (Live)- Folk metal.
"No Daylights Nor Heeltaps" Folk rock.

Folk black metal from Germany. One of the best bands at doing this type of folk/black metal. "The Arcanum" is a masterpiece! Also has some damn catchy guitar work, too!
English lyrics.

"Auld Lang Syne"- Folk black metal.
"Lays From Afar/Lupine Essence"- Folk black metal.
"The Arcanum"- Folk black metal.
"Emprise To Avalon"- Folk black metal.

Viking style black metal from Austria. Heavily keyboard-laden symphonic black metal. They also seem to write about J.R.R. Tolkien material a lot.
English lyrics.

"Lug Burz"- Viking black metal.
"Minas Morgul"- Viking black metal.
"Nightside Forests"- Viking black metal.
"Do Gilder"- Viking black metal.
"Let Mortal Heroes sing your fame"- Viking black metal.

Suturs Lohe:
Pagan black metal from Sweden. Great stuff. Lots of nature samples, sweeping melodies, female vocals, keyboards, and acoustic guitars, all layered over raw black metal.
Swedish lyrics.

"Wo einst elfen tanzten"- Pagan folk black metal.

Pure classical/classical folk band from Finland. Haunting, almost whispered vocals. No electric guitar. Just acoustic guitar, bass, drums, piano, and violin. Relaxing music.
Finnish lyrics with English translations.

"Kauan"- Acoustic folk.

Well know Swedish viking metal band. Epic black metal-style music with clean and harsh vocals, and even at times incorporating a choir like vocal sound.
Swedish/English lyrics.

"Valdr Gaga"- Viking black metal.
"Hedna Land"- Viking black metal.
"Urkraft"- Viking black metal.
"Vansinnevisor"- Viking black metal.

Tuatha de Danaan:
Irish style folk metal from Brazil. tons of traditional instruments incorporated into a metal style that ranges from heavy metal to black metal. They have that happy-go-lucky drinking song atmosphere about them. Kind of like if the Smurfs theme song was done in a metal way! Sounds great, nonetheless. Can't go wrong with a band that sings songs about meeting their Dwarf friend in the forest so they can get drunk with him! Their songs could be a tad better structured, and the production could be a little better, but they are a young band, and with a little work, they could be one of the top contenders to the folk metal throne. Really entertaining music.
English lyrics.

"Tuatha de Danaan/Fairy Age"- Folk metal.
"Tingaralatingadun"- Folk metal.

2 man raw pagan black metal band from the Czech Republic. I only have 1 of their albums, which is pretty weak. Poorly produced. Terrible drum programming. A few spots on the album sound good though. By the looks of the 2 members, based on the photos in the booklet, they are lucky to be 18 years old. Probably younger. So maybe they will be like wine and become better with age?
Czech lyrics.

"Ve hvozdech...."- Pagan black metal.

Everyone into black metal knows of them, and everyone knows their sound changes with every new album they put out. They have on their latest albums dabbled in some, shall we say... "different" music. But their first few albums are firmly rooted in both folk and metal.
Norweigian lyrics.

"Begtatt"- Folk black metal.
"Kveldssanger"- Acoustic folk.
"Nattens Madrigal"- Black metal.

Classic death metal from Sweden with a strong viking lyrical presence. Excellent song structures, and not sounding like any other death metal band out there.
English lyrics.

"Where No Life Dwells"- Viking death metal.
"Shadows In The Deep"- Viking death metal.
"Across The Open Sea"- Viking death metal.
"Live In Vienna '93" (Live)- Viking death metal.
"Victory"- Viking death metal.
"Eastern Blood. Hail To Poland" (Live)- Viking death metal.
"Warrior"- Viking death metal.

Great classical influenced black-ish viking metal from Norway. Some harsh vocals, but mostly clear choir-like vocals. Also has heavy use of piano, violin, and flute. Very, very good band!
Norwegian lyrics.

"En Historie"- Viking black metal.
"Helte Og Kongers Fall"- Viking black metal.

Ultra raw, blasting, fast pagan black metal from... Where? I don't know! The entire booklet doesn't have a single word in English. I'm pretty sure they are from either Norway or Sweden. When I find out, I'll add where they are from. They use piccolo flute and oboe at times, but the most noticeable thing about this band is their AMAZING drummer! Wow!
? Lyrics.

"Frostfodd"- Pagan black metal.

Swedish pagan black metal with a sound similar to a speedier Dissection. Lyrics are in tune with the ways of nature.
English/Swedish lyrics.

"Welcome To My Last Chapter"- Pagan black metal.

Founding member of Otyg's newer band that carries his namesake. Clean and excellent vocals layered over majestic and symphonic black-ish metal. Is it viking metal? Is it folk? Both? Neither? Who knows! It's hard to describe, but one word fits here. "Great".
Swedish lyrics.

"Odemarkens Son"- Viking Metal(?).
"Cosmic Genius"- Viking metal(?).
"Hedniskhjartad" Viking metal(?).

Pure folk black metal genius from Ireland! Truly superb band and music! Their debut album has way more folk influence than their second album, and thus, is my favorite. But even their sophomore album is thoroughly drenched in folk. Their traditional instrumentalist, Mairtain Mac Cormaic, along with Cruachan's John O'Fathaigh, are the best musicians in the biz when it comes to traditional instruments. Waylander uses such instruments a lot. Such as tin-whistle, bodhran, and tambourine, to name a few. The vocals are outstanding, too. Ranging from a clean folk to a raging black/death vocal style. If you wanted to just go out and pick up some of the best albums folk metal has to offer, just pick up any Waylander release!
English lyrics.

"Reawakening Pride Once Lost"- Folk black metal.
"The Light, The Dark And The Endless Knot"- Folk black metal.

Superb raw folk black metal from Norway. They get progressively better from their first album to their last. They use some accordion in their music like Finntroll and Moonsorrow, but it's less pronounced. More in the background. Highly recommended!
Norwegian lyrics.

"Soknardalr"- Folk viking black metal.
"Arntor"- Folk viking black metal.
"1184"- Folk viking black metal.

I know of other folk and folk metal bands that I have yet to obtain, but will add them and their details when I come across them. These bands are: Subway To Sally, Bran Barr, Fire*Ice, Carved In Stone, Stille Volk, Vulfenkreuz, Empyrium, and Mago De Oz. If you have any questions, or come across a band in this genre I have not listed, please feel free to contact me!
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