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The Future - Pre-recorded!

Name: Michael Combs
Date Due: Febuary 13, 2003
Class: 6th Period English IV
We are about to delve out into the world of the unknown, of the frighteningly uncertain, future! The world is a very scary place when we are not prepared to conquer it, but it seems a little more tame when we atleast have a plan of attack!! Very similar to the Coming to the Crossroads assignment that was completed a couple of weeks ago, we will again address the issue of what is to become to us in our journey through life. We are sitting at the gates of our independent lives, waiting for them to open so that we may sprint free!! Where will we sprint to? Initially, we know that we are no longer going to be imprisoned in high school ( and most of us have plans for this summer already locked up), but what about ::next year?:: where shall we sprint to in ::5 years?:: in ::10 years?:: in ::20 years?:: these questions seem unimportant, but they are the questions (when answered early) that separate those who attack life and those who life attacks!!