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20 Years

so close to retirement i can feel it. :) money is fun... im getting old :( no one likes to get old.

bill gates is still going to rule the world... if he hasnt done it by now. church is good. trying to watch my chlosteral so i dont die any sooner then needed. so i guess im being more vegan then ever before in my life. dont wanna die though.

strong relatioship between my parents and me. also my family is comming along quite nicely have a my kid is about 8 or 9 by now , and i plan on setting some money aside so he has a very nice car when hes in highschool cause i know how important it is. can we say spoiled? yes

almost retired. and then after retirement im going for a side job working with microsoft. cause its always been my dream. and plus you know if my theory is right about him ruling the world then of course i want to have a nice view of it and what better place then working there.