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soo bees littlecherubs

Welcome To Soobee's Little Cherubs

SooBee and panda

The giant Panda I (SooBee) made Xanthe for christmas


Welcome to my Little Cherubs web page. I Hope you enjoy what I have here. The Little Cherubs are constantly being updated so please make sure you visit regularly checking out the specials page and all the others :)

for more information on the gollies or teddies I create please do not hesitate to E-mail me using the link on the left hand side. If this link does not take you automatically to E-mail page please copy & paste this into your address bar.

Thankyou, SooBee

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About Me and Little Cherubs

My name is Sue Burch and I am the artist behind the SooBee trade name. I started making bears, gollies and dolls about 7 years ago and I live in a beautiful village in the heart of Norfolk. I am married to Mark and have two grown up children, Matthew and Clare and a granddaughter Xanthe (who is pictured here with the three boys).

Xanthe with the 3 boys

Since my children left home it has allowed me the time to develop my crafts and skills, which enables me to offer the discerning collector a chance to own something different and unique.

My main interest is to design and create gollies using high quality felt. I have been developing my own highly individual style using traditional methods. The results are in the small unique gollies, from 4 to 11 inches high, that are fast becoming my trademark. These childlike creations are dressed in traditional and colourful styles, they are free-standing and often carry a miniature golly either in a pocket or bag along with other handmade accessories.


All of my gollies and their clothes are individually handmade from high quality fabrics because they so much nicer to work with. The majority of my work is hand stitched and some have miniature knitted outfits created using very fine yarns with needles the size of pins!

I love to embellish the clothing with hand embroidery, making each outfit unique. The gollies can take up to 3 weeks to make especially the ones created with many layers of coating and hand painting. Each layer has to have dried completely before applying the next coat. One of the popular hand painted features are the old-fashioned sandals, shoes and boots which evoke memories of childhood of a bygone age. Maintaining a traditional style my gollies feature button joints often-utilising decorative and antique buttons.


My other interests include designing and creating Mohair teddy bears from 4 to 20 inches tall. Some of the more ‘modest’ bears come complete with handmade outfits in a traditional style. All my bears are made using the highest quality fabrics and fillings.

SooBees Little Cherubs are mostly one of a kind or small limited editions. A great deal of work is put into each character and I like to think that the customer is getting value for money as well as something unique to treasure and add to their collection. Pictures are available by request.


If you are interested in ‘adopting’ any of the little cherubs mentioned contact me by using the contact button on this site and I will be delighted to work with you to personalise the creation of your perfect golly, teddy or doll. I look forward to hearing from you. for more information on any of the featured items or other products I do please E-mail.

P.S. I will be making J.G. Junior the mascot golly for Just Golly! club members for 2001/2002. If you are interested in gollies why not join the Just Golly! Collectors Club.

Details can be obtained from Annette on E-mail at: The clubs covers all aspects of golly collecting and issues a 30-page newsletter four times a year. Highly recommended.


Please Note as the little cherubs are handmade they are all made to order ....and each 1 is very unique.

Thank You, Soobee

Please click on the links to the left to see the pictures and details of some of my Little Cherubs