Hp: 55
Mp: 57
Jp: 65
Gp: 73

Items: A large, black "dragons" egg; and a mysterious potion in a red bottle.
JP courses taken/bought: (the first phase of) Mortal Combat.
Additional Skills: None

Name: Garilo
Element: Water
Alignment: Dark
Weapon: Concharina-a magical conch whose music is deadly to enemy ears..
Quote: "Did you say treasure? I'm there!"

Custom Attack: Urchin Song- Unconsciously drawing just enough power from Death to bring the force of an angry sea to his command (but not enough to send his spirit to the other world), Garilo plays his deady shell flute with eerie speed and accuracy, while accompanied by a whirlwind of combat dance moves. Effectively utilizing his instrument's deadly magical potential as well as taking advantage of the brutal training received from Hertziel, this move summons strange watery phantasms... sea creatures from the darkest depths of the sea that no one can quite identify. Unfortunately there are several factors that leave room for error with this attack, being Garilo's control over the magic of Death, his footwork, and his fingers upon his shell flute.

Garilo was a pearl diver from the remote ocean city of Anaeblis. A tropical paradise of salt water, colorful fish, and exotic plants, the land of the city of Anaeblis is appreciated by everyone that lives there. Because of its faraway location, the city is largely unpopulated by tourists, thrillseekers and the other social blemishes. The populous lives on a diet composed mostly of fruits and some vegetables, and of course the daily crab and fish. The local resources include underwater gem mines and seashore oysters. Because lumber is in short supply in such a place, many of the buildings are actually made of shells and coral, although reeds and seastones and relied upon heavily as well. Garilo was taught the magic of water at a young age by his father. Since the day his father taught him how to control water currents, he has practiced his power with a characteristic self-discipline. He has always had a good relationship with his parents. By local tradition, he moved out and got a hut of his own on his eighteenth birthday. That was months ago...
Because of his descendance in the sun, he's naturally dark-skinned. He grows his hair in long braids in the local fashion of his village, and for the most part everyone agrees he looks good, especially in blue. He has a ready laugh and a mind-bogglingly charming smile, which he uses when he's in the mood for manipulation. When he gets his mind set on something, there isn't anything that will stop him, regardless of who gets in his way. Though he tends to follow a loyalty to his friends and family, his own success is the most important thing in his life. His business selling pearls can make or break him, and he knows that gambling is a part of who he is. Though most see his steadfast determination as work ethic, in reality he really just knows how to get ahead and pursues the most promising path.
Garilo is a natural romantic, although he would be hard-pressed to hold down a steady relationship as he tends to get bored rather easily. He's never experienced true love, despite how many people have expressed theirs towards him, and he wonders if he'll ever really find it.
Garilo has a low tolerance for alchohol and a high tolerance for pain. He has no problem with heights, fire, insects and rats, deep water or knives... but is a nyctophobiac. This means he is physically incapable of functioning in a completely dark place and tends to avoid a dark night. This probably stems from a childhood accident which trapped him in an underwater cave for six hours, but a phobia is nonetheless a crippling thing. While perceived perhaps as a somewhat sexual person, Garilo has a deep appreciation for wealth and economics, and his strengths and weaknesses make him a complex character with room to grow. Where his travels take him will probably change him in many ways, or completely.