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EverQuest Shorthand
Chat Abbreviations
Allakhazam's Common Chat Terms
EverQuest Glossary by Talies the Wanderer
EQ Stratics Commands and Emotes
Allakhazam's Game Emotes
Allakhazam's Game Commands
Everlore's Hotkey/Social Bar Guide
EverQuest Commands List by Talies the Wanderer
Dark Divinity's Macros
Pet Commands
Planet EQ's Pet Commands
Keyboard Commands
EQ Stratic's Basic Commands
Voice Commands
EverQuest Realm's Voice Recognition
Class Titles
Planet EQ's Class Name Progression
Planet EQ's AA Class Titles
Con Messages
Allakhazam's Consider Messages for Monsters and NPC's

(by level)

/loc Guide
EQ Atlas' /loc Guide
EQ Trace Utility
The Meaning of the Lag Bar by Markemp the Wanderer

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