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Kill Us Quickly: Current Events

Monday Evening, 10:28 PM-- 3.18.02 - by [KuQ]Drunken Sailor

While there hasn't been much to report as of late, at last, some activity! Last night we played our first CoC league match with the infamous clan CNBL. While the first game went alright, although we didn't play our sharpest. The second match, however, was without a doubt the bitchiest, lamest league match that I've ever had the misfortune of playing in. Between the 45 minutes delay brought on by CNBL's fine leader, and the "mysterious lag" that struck our server 10 minutes in (GG blatent packetting-restart-new CNBL defensive layout), I hope that KuQ doesn't soon find themselves wasting an afternoon with these clowns again. Final scores: Bases_r2: 70-0 CNBL, Prodigal_r: 70-30 CNBL.

(Btw, CNBL, you guys want an ip? Get your lazy asses on irc and dns it yourselves. It isn't our responsibility.)

-Drunken Sailor

Friday Evening, 7:57 PM-- 3.8.02 - by [KuQ]Drunken Sailor

Hello again! I have a few things to report. First off, there have been some problems with our recruiting process. Death has encouraged everyone to review the Code of Conduct, which states that at least four leaders must be present for an official tryout, and that they must agree unanimously on acceptance. We haven't been too loyal to this rule as of late, and we've had a few problems as a result, so let's get back on track.

Additionally, as of tonight, the ranking system is finally out the window. All those who were board members are now "leaders," denoted by the -L- tag, and all others are normal members. Below the normal members are the recruits, which is being enforced once again, so everybody review our recruit policy. Btw, Death will be retaining his -Prez tag, per the request of CM and Remy, so no worries there!

Finally, everyone give a warm hello to our new recruits, [KuQr]Assassin and [KuQr]Equalizer! Assassin is our new medic dynamo, and Equalizer seems to be a sharp all-around player. They should both prove to be valuable members to us in the future!

-Drunken Sailor

Tuesday Evening, 11:07 PM-- 3.5.02 - by [KuQ]Drunken Sailor

Heya ladies! So here I am, following Doc's "introduction," making my first update to the site. Forgive me if things get a little messed up, my knowledge of html is next to none, so I'm sort of flying by the seat of my pants here. As of last week, KuQ has withdrawn from 9vs9 open OGL, and will be moving into the 7vs7 ladder in the Clash of Clans league instead! Everybody is encouraged to go take a look around, and especially to grab all of the required maps, right here. Everybody keep in mind that we are still having manditory Sunday practices, and optional Thursday practices. Let's keep those turnouts high!

Additionally, let's welcome the clan's newest member, [KuQ]Zeratul! He will be helping us spank the competiton in our new league!

-Drunken Sailor

Saturday Evening, 8:57 PM-- 3.2.02 - by [KuQ]Doc-Holiday

This is my last news update for a long time probably. I'm tired of updating this shit. I'm teaching DS how to do it. I'm tired of having to fucking work on it with all the non-benefits. For a while you do it just for self satisfaction, or for the fact that you're contributing to something in a positive way, but thats all faded away by now. You can probably tell. I'm fucking tired of all this website bs, so I'm leaving it to Drunkensailor to do it, because he wants to. All I feel like doing now is playing what time I get to play in games without being locked out (HI ED YOU RETARDS, KEEP THE PASSWORD THE SAME YOU STUPID ASS NEWBIES), or having to play hwguy, or something gay. Anything is better than working on this so I'm taking a long term break from any work at all.


-Doc Holiday

Wednesday Morning, 8:30 AM-- 2.20.02 - by [KuQ]Doc-Holiday

Sorry about the lack of updates, I've been pretty busy. Firstly, as far as I know, Death, Amanda, and Toad are all currently in Seattle, WA. They will be at my house either friday or saturday (I'm in Sacramento, CA btw). Hopefully they get here Friday or early Saturday or something, because I'm heading to a -916- LAN at 5:00PM on saturday, but if they get here at 5 I can just get there late, I suppose. Anyways, the LAN is just basically a 10 man LAN, theres two spots open I believe.. if you live in the 916, head to #916 on and talk to Dexster.

BTW, KuQ is on a 2 week rest from OGL, but we will still be having practices (as far as I know).

Hmm. I think thats about it, really. I updated the members page with some new rank insignias, plus a brand spanking new explanations page to go with it. I like the new rank insignias, I think they kick ass, but thats just an opinion.

-Doc Holiday

Morning Morning, 7:45 AM-- 2.12.02 - by [KuQ]Doc-Holiday

Another day, another update.

We beat LSGO (or LGSO) over the weekend. They beat us 30-20 on redgiant, which was intense, but it was also crap because we had the flag on the way to our base for another cap. But the map ended. Then we played torch2 and won 100-0, or 100-10, or something like that. It was by a lot. Then we played the final map on vidar2 and won 80-60 or 80-70. I wasn't really paying attention to the score because I was sniping the entire time. Thats the most fun I've ever had playing in a match. And then they put some other sniper out against me, it was hilarious.

Well I'm guessing that Amanda, Mark, and John left up the west coast yesterday at around like 5 or 6 (thats pacific time, ladies). And I'm also guessing they'll get to Candy's house later this evening. Yep. But anyways. They'll be getting down to my place on the 23rd or something, which means I'm going to have to kick myself out of the LAN that weekend if I want to see them, because that thing starts at 10. So any 916 reading this, sorry. But this is more important.

If they want to be able to play from my house I'm going to have to get a router here, because I don't have one right now. Plus I'm gonna have to set up tables and stuff in my living room. Maybe I could hold a LAN at my place with some other people. That would be cool.

Other members are going to be posting messages on here soon too. But only board members, most likely.

That's about all I have for today.
-Doc Holiday

Thursday Morning, 7:00 AM-- 2.06.02 - by [KuQ]Doc-Holiday


DOD 2.0 has to be one of the best games I have ever played. I reccommend anyone who loves realistic warfare to download it. This is about as good as it gets for HL Mods. Of course I love TFC, but they're just two different types of gameplay. Seriously though.

Have you seen Saving Private Ryan? Well, think about the d-day landing and what it looked like. dod_dog1 is exactly like it. Almost exactly. Theres constantly bombs being set off on the beach, gunfire tearing up the sand. When bombs explode, shrapnel is shot out in every direction. Omg. I almost messed my pants playing this game.

So I was playing dog1. And I was playing on the Allies. Every single bunker house at the top of the beach had like 2 machinegunners in it gunning down all our officers that were carrying Bangalores (you had to blow a hole in the barbed wire fencing to proceed up the beach. OMG. It was lame how we were always dying but it was so fun to play.

So anyways we blow a hole in the fence. I take my trusty .30 cal (I was a Machine Gunner Infantry), run up this hill, and went prone and set up my gun. I was looking right down this trench and gunned down like 8 nazis point blank. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. No joke.

Some sniper ran up and went prone next to me. So while I was gunning people down with this .30 cal, this kid was picking off nazis that were shooting at me from other directions. And this kid hit the target every time. What a pro. So I finally spend all my rounds and I have to reload, and some nazi sniper wastes this sniper next to me. So I finish reloading, whip my gun left, and start firing because I expected to be wasted right when the nazi finished pulling the bolt back on his gun. So I shoot at this hill and all of a sudden I'm knifed in the back by this nazi sniper guy that had just respawned. It was gay. Cool, but gay. Then my computer froze for some reason. I got pretty pissed.

So then my mom came in and said she was going to buy me a new video card. I was like "o...k." And So i'm going to get a Geforce 3 TI 500 after school. It will be cool.

Until next time,
-Doc Holiday

Wednesday Morning, 6:51 AM-- 2.05.02 - by [KuQ]Doc-Holiday

DOD 2.0 comes out today, and I wont be home to download it. That fucking sucks in my opinion. Heres the updated official stuff.

"Dawn was breaking as the commanders made their way to their tents and quarters, and the woods were loud with the song of birds. The planners, having done all they could, went to bed. The Second Front now belonged to the men who would do the fighting." H-Hour was set - Wednesday 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Why couldn't they just release it this morning? 3:00. Thats 15 minutes after I get out of school. On a good day, I get home at like 3:15 or later because the traffic is so fucking bad. Unfortunately today I'm not that lucky, because I have track practice after school until 5:00. So I left directions on where and how to download it with my mom, since she will be the only one at the house at 3:00.

If she's not able to get the job done, thats the equivalent of a 2 day wait to download it, because the download sites are going to be fucking flooded and gone before I'm able to get to them. That would blow.

So anyways, in some news thats actually relevant, BM had some "problems" yesterday (I wasn't there to hear them) and we didn't have a scrim. I don't know if we rescheduled or not, so don't ask.

Thats about all I have.

Until next time,
-Doc Holiday

Tuesday Morning, 7:02 AM-- 2.05.02 - by [KuQ]Doc-Holiday

Wewrt, another update again. Thats 3 days in a row. Hooray for me.

So I am updating the page from skool.

OMFG. Day Of Defeat 2.0 is going to be released in 24 hours. Heres the official shit straight from the website. (

"On June 5, 1944, one day before D-Day, most of the million-odd German troops stationed in France and the Netherlands were dispersed along the Atlantic Wall, a 2,400-mile coastal barrier of powerful fortresses, lesser fortifications, innumerable machine gun nests and long stretches of formidable terrain. Most of the 3.5 million Allied troops in Britain were concentrated in southern England, in marshaling areas around the major embarkation ports. Across the English Channel, in the strongest sector of the Atlantic Wall, some 20 German divisions manned the French coast between two fortresses - the ports of Cherbourg, on the Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy, and Calais, well to the northeast. The very next day, these two great forces would begin the battle that would decide the fate of the war. For it was now only 24 hours away......."

History lesson, or an actual release date? Hopefully the latter. If it is going to be released tomorrow, I will stay home all day playing it. I'll probably fake sickness or something, who knows. All I have to say is "wewt."

So I'm playing Mulch with this asshole (Who I'll leave nameless) yesterday. And he's ok. Keeper was there too, who I mentioned on MM2 was better than this kid. Anyways, I'm playing mulch against Keeper. Keeper was kicking my ass around at first but I evened things out before I stopped playing him when Microsoft says "Hey this kid is good in Arena 2." So I move my ass over there to see whats what. I play this kid, and I don't remember if I died the first time I played him or not, but he wasn't that great. Keeper would have owned this kid. But what pissed me off is whenever he would win he wouldn't hp. So every time he would kill me (or the other kid playing him) he would just run inside and grab a new restock bag. OK. Who does that, ok. What kind of asshole does that. Nobody ever does that. Even newbs catch on to this sort of thing. So I say "please show us your fucking hp when you beat us because it pisses me off when you don't." So he says "i dont like how your asking me." What the hell? OK. He acts like its his goddamn clans server and hes the admin or something when hes really not, and expects everyone to treat him like hes fucking royalty or something, ok. So I tell him he "wont be treated differently because everyone else HP's when they win. Its a fucking rule of Mulch, as well as 1v1 OGL Soldier, you have to fucking HP when you win." So we keep playing and finally he HP's after he wins, and everyone is happy. And then he says "dont be a dick." What the hell is that. I hate these assholes.

Thats about it. I'm done ranting, I think. Only some Day Of Defeat 2.0 can calm my nerves.

Until next time,
-Doc Holiday

Monday Evening, 5:10 PM-- 2.04.02 - by [KuQ]Doc-Holiday

Another update today!

So we challenged LSGO on OGL Open. Their record is like 2 wins and like 10 losses, or something like that. I'm not sure. They haven't accepted on that yet.

On an additional note, you know that scrim we had with BM today? Well tough shit, because it got moved to tomorrow. Heres the exact email I received from our good General CANDYMAN in the mail today:

ok guys the day has been moved to tues maps torch/openfire 8:30 est sry bout the day change pls mail back so i know if u still can make the new date

So you heard him, e-mail his ass back. And by the way, I solved that whole "Horizontal Rule" problem, as you can see. Now the site looks halfway spiffy. What was the problem? Well I can't tell you that. Its a secret. How did I get rid of it then, you ask? Well the answer is simple. I am the shit. Ok. So thats that. I think thats all for todays update. I'm gonna update the roster with a personal page for our good Secretary Amanda! *applause* Yes, you better applause, because she'll blow your ass out of the water with an emp. So in case you forget to applaud, don't forget to throw your bags. You'll take less damage that way. (It's less ammo that explodes when the emp hits. Wewt, I r smart.) Haha. Ok thats about all I have.

Until next time,
-Doc Holiday

Sunday Evening, 8:20 PM-- 2.03.02 - by [KuQ]Doc-Holiday

So I am sitting in front of the computer monitor and I decide to give the page a css makeover for lack of something better to do. So here we are. Also added a flash intro (credit DEATH) to the page. Also I intend to update the roster tonight before I hit the sack. If anyone is looking at this page that can look in the source and figure out why in the hell theres a horizontal rule on my page, or why there is a huge space between the horizontal rule and my navbar, please tell me. You will win a cash prize. So anyways heres the new makeover. Had some trouble with bringing the flash site home from school, if you want to figure out why you're going to have to ask me yourself, because its a long sad true story. We lost against TFCC last night for OGL. They beat us on the tiebreaker map. GG Team Fortress Community College. On an additional note, I need a new computer. If you're interested in sending me a top of the line 1.0GHz+ computer, email me.

That's actually about all I have tonight. Until next time,
-Doc Holiday