Marinate in the Mysteries!

There is no greater gift of time
than to feast your mind
on God's amazing reality.
The triune force who created slugs and slime
dreamed and willed us up into His image
- into his reality.

This banquet of a universe cooked up in His kitchen
laid out in Time for our senses to imbibe.
With free will we devour this our portion.

Marinate in the Mysteries!
Awe at the presence that offers life extreme.
God ...
Sharing His very essence
with beasts trapped in their own gray matter.
Lift up the weak limits
that hold us close to the dirt.

Generations went along pretending to have purpose
drifting a magic emptiness trapped in skin.
Three spared one and an infant cried.
When Christ peeled through in the usual manner,
spirit sprang forth from weak and simple purity.
A womb, a virgin    and    life now had its focus.
This woman took the ordinary and raised it up & beyond.
Count the beads of life with Her and
Her Son -    The God who chose to become man!

Marinate in the Mysteries
Rejoice in the glory She brought forth for us.
Eat up this glorious trinity history design.

We get the honor of participating in God's phenomenal plan
where He links up with humans just to take away sin.
just to take away sin.
just to take away sin.

            Joyful for God's grace to show us life with him.
a decision to accept God's gift                                           (Annunciation)
to share God's presence and rejoice                                  (Visitation)
to raise normal life to a sacramental level                           (Nativity)
to offer back the brilliance received                                   (Presentation)
to look in God's house for all that we are                           (Finding)

            Sorrowful for the misuse of God's gift(s)
to realize our will may not be His                                       (Agony)
to remind us that sin tears at the soul                                  (Scourging)
to suffer for the greater good is glorious                             (Crowning)
to pick up our rightful burden with pride                             (Carrying)
to baptize our humanity and die like Christ                          (Death)

            Glory in the paradoxical victory of life through death
to crush death and sin forever                                             (Resurrection)
to rise above and beyond to fulfill God's plan                      (Ascension)
to live in His plan and trust in His love                                 (Holy Spirit)
to know God calls us up with our freewill into His essence  (Assumption)
to realize that Our Lady is queen of everything.                   (Coronation) 
                                                      She gave us LIFE in Christ.

Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious ... The beads bring us home.
Feast at this our table.  Marinate in the Mysteries!
Seep in the soup that is the plan of God.
We get to bring Christ's great reality into our skulls.
Spoon it in.  Taste it.  Chew it.  Swallow it.
We were made to rise to this awesome height.
The Rosary is riches without end.
It's Mary's beauty in prayer.
It's life itself spilled out into words.
Bring God's story - God's reality ...
home!  Take in the beads.

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