Jonny Quest vs Li Shaoron

A solo effort by Carlos Alexandre, a.k.a. "CMA" (CMA)

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: Firstly, this story is rated PG-13 for mature subject matter and relatively mild language. Secondly, this story is the official prequel to The Adventures of Eggman (by the Triple Peeps). Find Triple Peeps at FanFiction.Net.


[Quest Team's Palm Key HQ]

[As we join our story already in progress, our intrepid young blonde hero Jonny Quest is practicing his much vaulted "cartoon Judo" in the sand. Young hottie Jessie Bannon is looking on]

Jonny [practicing, and performing flawlessly, impossible flips, kicks, fake Judo throws, and high jumps]: You know, when I think about it, there are really no other athletic, intelligent, teenage blonde boys out saving the world. I think that makes me pretty damn special!

Jessie [shaking her head]: This doesn't surprise me in the least--

Jonny [cutting her off]: I know! There has to be some adolescent SOMEWHERE who can kick my ass.

Jessie [evil smile]: You're in luck, my dear brainless brain! It just so happens that I know a 13-year old Chinese boy living in Japan who can kick the crap out of you in a second!


Dr. Quest [voice coming from inside the Quest Compound]: BE BACK FOR DINNER!

Race [again, from inside the compound]: JESSIE, IF YOU PUT THE MOVES ON JONNY, I'M GOING TO MURDER HIM!

Jessie [evil smile; seductive voice]: Hey, Jonny, want to sneak a peek?

Jonny [angry]: Go to hell, Jess, stop it--

Race [now outside the compound, giving Jonny a death glare]: Now you DIE!

Jonny [running for his life]: Gotta go!


[Kinomoto Residence, Japan. Sakura is worried because she invited her boyfriend Shaoron to dinner. Sakura's older brother, Touya, and Shaoron happen to hate each other. You could cut the tension at the dinner table with a knife.]

Touya [death-glaring at Shaoron]: Kid, please pass the soda.

Shaoron [grabbing the soda bottle in one swift ninja motion; speaking in a tone that would frighten small children]: Why certainly. Here you are.

Touya [ripping the bottle from Shaoron's hands]: Thank you.

Sakura [nervous, "I want this to end NOW" voice]: So, um, dad, this food's great!

Sakura's Dad: Actually, Touya made it!

Shaoron [mumbling under his breath]: That's why it sucks--

Touya [standing up suddenly]: RIGHT HERE!!!

[Shaoron and Touya start fighting. The fight quickly spills outside.]

Shaoron [magically making his sword appear]: Force, hear my plight, RELEASE THE LIGHT! LIGHTNING!


Shaoron: Ha, even I know that you can't do tha-- [gets tackled by several apparitions] HOLY CRAP! GET 'EM OFFAME!!!

[Sakura runs outside and does the old "anime sweat drop." Tomoyo appears for no reason.]

Tomoyo [bright and cheerful, as usual]: Hey, Sakura! Who's fighting?

Sakura [hanging head]: My brother and Li-kun.

Tomoyo [whipping out video camera]: This'll be grade-A material for my website!

Shaoron: That's it! TIME CARD-- [Shaoron looks towards Sakura] Oh, yeah, right, she has all the cards, now...


[For no apparent reason, Shadow the Hedgehog and Dr. Eggman are walking near wherever the hell Sakura's house is.]

Eggman: See, Shadow, I told you this place would be sunny and happy! Like me! [a bird chirps; Eggman pulls out his trusty laser-handgun]: DIE, HAPPY BIRD! [shoots, misses, and the bird flies off] Damn straight.

Shadow [noticing something off in the distance]: I think there's a fight going on somewhere. Let's go see! [runs off]

Eggman: Wait up! [runs after Shadow]

[Unknown to the two, they were being watched.]

Eriol [spying on Eggman and Shadow from a nearby rooftop]: I'm really bored. Time to give Sakura another "test."


Touya [standing over Shaoron, who still has dead spirits beating on him]: What do you say, punk? Find a new girlfriend, or suffer more?

Shaoron [trying to fight off the ghosts]: No... way... I didn't harbor a secret crush for THREE YEARS and have it come true just to give up to some Sixth Sense reject! FORCE, HEAR MY PLIGHT! FIRE!

[Li summons all his power and creates a wall of fire. The blaze disperses the ghosts and stuns Touya long enough for Li to plant a flying side kick.]

Shaoron [standing victorious over Touya]: Stay away from my girl.

Touya: I'm her brother, you idiot.

Shaoron: ... oh, yeah ... Well, at the very least, just let me be happy with her, okay?

Touya [getting up, dusting himself off]: Fine, fine. I'm taking off for a few days, because I have a feeling that I'm not going to be important to the plot for a while. See ya. [walks off]

Tomoyo [turning off her camera]: Wow, talk about plot manipulation.

Sakura [looking down]: I'm still hungry...


Jonny [looking at a map, wandering the streets of Japan near Sakura's house]: This sucks. There's got to be an easier way! Hey, Jess!

Jessie: What is it now?

Jonny: Can't you just TELL me where this Li Shaoron lives?

Jessie: After I visit an old friend of mine--hey, there he is now! [calls out] Hey, Touya!

Touya [walking; notices Jessie]: Small world, isn't it!? How's it going, Jessie?

Jessie: Not bad! Touya, this is Jonny Quest. Jonny, meet Kinomoto Touya.

Jonny [shaking Touya's hand]: How's it going?

Touya [nodding at Jonny politely]: What brings you to Japan, Jess?

Jessie [crossing her arms, pointing at Jonny]: Wonder-boy, here, wants to take on Shaoron.

Touya [looks at Jonny]: You seem pretty tough, kid, but that punk's pretty good. You'll have trouble. He's at my house, by the way. [Touya shudders] He and Sakura finally "found each other," or something equally sickening.

Jessie [face lights up]: Really? That's awesome! [grabs Jonny's arm] C'mon, Jonny! [runs off] See you later, Touya!

Touya [waves]: Yeah, yeah.


Sakura: Did you HAVE to start a fight, Li-kun?

Shaoron [looks down]: I'm sorry, Sakura.

Sakura [smiling]: That's okay. Come on, let's go inside and finish dinner!

[Without warning, a limo pulls up to Sakura's home. A window rolls down, and Sakura sees Eriol laughing manically, brandishing what appeared to be an Uzi.]

Eriol [crazy voice]: Hey, Sakura, see if you can pass this test! [starts firing rounds]

Sakura [jumping and rolling out of the way]: AAAAAAAAAHHH!!! IT JUST NEVER ENDS, DOES IT!? [pulls out the Earthy card, then uses her Sakura staff on it] STAR CARD!!! TREMBLE THE EARTH!!!

[The embodiment of the Earthy card sinks into the ground around Eriol's limousine. A large shard of rock pushes the limo into the air, where it falls on the street. Eriol climbs out, gun in hand.]

Eriol: Now, Sakura, what have you learned from this?

Sakura [really pissed off]: Learned!? LEARNED!?

[Suddenly, Jonny Quest grabs Eriol from behind and relieves him of the weapon.]

Jonny [holding Eriol]: Now, now, little boys shouldn't be playing with weapons of war!

Eriol: Little boy? I'll have you know, child, that I am the embodiment of Clow--

Jonny [quickly "cartoon Judo" chops Eriol's neck, knocking him out; hands Eriol off to Ruby, who conveniently appeared out of nowhere]: Take him home. And tell him to lay off the café lattes.

Ruby: Will do! [takes off]

Sakura [happy again]: Hey, Jessie! Long time no see! And thank you, um--

Jonny [bowing]: Jonny Quest, at your service!

Jessie [smirks]: You're a shameless flirt, Jonny. [looks at Li] Hey, Li! Jonny here wants to challenge you!

Shaoron: Well, I'm kind of tired right now, what with the fight with Touya and dodging bullets and all. Can it wait until tomorrow?

Jonny [evil smile]: Coward.

Shaoron [gets into fighting stance]: RIGHT HERE!

Tomoyo [turning on her camera again]: All right! More material for my movie!

Sakura: You're making a movie?

Tomoyo: Yep! Say, aren't you going to convince Shaoron not to fight?

Sakura [stomach growling]: I need food to stay sane... so... GO, LI-KUN!

Shaoron [turning away from Jonny to acknowledge Sakura]: Don't worry, my love. I'll be fine--

Jonny [interrupting Li with a--you guessed it--flying side kick]: You're boring me!

Jessie [angry]: That was cheap, Jonny! I hope he kicks the crap out of you!

Jonny [turning away from Li to acknowledge Jessie]: Not going to happen, babe--

Shaoron [interrupting Jonny with a leg sweep]: I'll be fair, arrogant one. I won't use my sword on you unless I have to cast magic.

Jonny [catching himself before he fell totally]: Oh, yeah? Then, in return, I won't call upon the powers of Plot Manipulation (tm) to make myself win!

Shaoron: Fair enough, considering your roots. But even Hanna-Barbera can't save you from defeat! GET READY! [charges at Jonny]

[Jonny charges at Li. The scene turns into one of those "anime-stills" where we see Jonny and Li about to collide.]


Shadow [rocket roller-blading at high speeds]: Hurry up, Eggman, I want to see this!

Eggman [following Shadow at a pretty good velocity (which he can do, which you know if you've played the Sonic games)]: I'm going, I'm going! What is it we're after, anyway?

Shadow: I want to see if-- [gasps]


[Back to the fight.]

[Jonny gains the upper hand briefly by dodging several of Li's punches and countering with an actual Judo throw. While on the ground, Li kicks up and plants a volley of fast punches in Jonny's gut.]

Shaoron [preparing a spell]: Force, hear my plight! RELEASE THE LIGHT! WATER!

Jonny [getting sucked up into a waterspout]: UGH! Damn, this isn't good! I need an equalizer! [pulls out one of his father's inventions: a metabolic-enhancer belt, and straps it on] Time to play.

[Jonny leaps from the waterspout and lands next to Shaoron. Missing a backhand fist, Shaoron is pummeled at superhuman speed by the now-enhanced Jonny Quest.]

Shaoron [falling to the ground, face-first]: Ugh, how? How did you get so fast all of a sudden?

Jonny [flashing the belt]: Metabolic enhancer. An invention of my father's. I think using it is more than fair, seeing as how I can't use that flashy magic stuff, wouldn't you say?

Shaoron [gets up quickly]: FORCE! LIGHTNING! [Li shoots many lightning bolts through his sword at Jonny; most of them connect, but Jonny seems unfazed]

Jonny [shoulder tackles Li and sends him flying back a ways]: Sorry, my friend, but this enhancer improves my endurance, too, both physical and otherwise! I could probably stand on the Eiffel tower during a thunderstorm with this baby--

Shaoron [interrupts Jonny with a sudden knee to the groin]: I bet... that still hurts... [both Li and Jonny collapse]

Tomoyo: Wow, this is great! Hey, wait a minute-- [makes anime "heart eyes" as she notices Shadow watching the fight; tugs at Sakura's sleeve, squealing in a high-pitched tone] SAKURA! SAKURA! LOOK! HE IS REAL!

Sakura [looks at Tomoyo, then looks at Shadow]: Didn't he die? Oh well. Why don't you go say hello, Tomoyo?

Tomoyo [already halfway to Shadow]: YAY!!!


Shadow [surprised to see the Card Captor Sakura crew]: Wow, they ARE real!

Tomoyo [jumping at Shadow]: SHADOW-CHAN!!!

Shadow [pushes Tomoyo out of the way by the face; Tomoyo crashes into a fence, or something, and is knocked out (how terribly cruel...)]: Outta the way, you! Why is Shang-Tsung fighting the Quest kid?

Shaoron [slowly getting to his feet]: It's Shaoron, not Shang-Tsung--

Shadow: Yeah, whatever, Cereal. Why you fightin' the Planeteer wannabe?

Jonny [also recovering]: Planeteer!? You're next, hedgehog!

Shadow [laughing]: As if you could take me! Who do I look like, some QuestWorld sex doll?

Jessie [angry]: HEY! We do NOT use QuestWorld to--

Shadow [interrupting]: Blah, blah, blah!!! You only appeared in half the episodes anyway, Red, why should I listen to you?

Jessie [steaming]: Oh, that is IT! Prepare to die! [charges at Shadow]

Shadow [producing a Chaos Emerald out of nowhere]: CHAOS [jumps over Jessie, aims his free hand down directly at her, then...] CONTROL!!! [Jessie disappears in a flash of light] HA HA! That takes care of the Bannon girl without having to resort to hitting her! I AM a gentleman, after all!

Jonny [worried]: JESSIE! What did you do?

Shadow [cocky]: Don't worry, you fruity looking real-life Jonny Bravo. I just warped her back to your Palm Key HQ. She's probably enjoying her QuestWorld orgy right about now--

Jonny [running at incredible speed towards Shadow]: I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU!

Shadow [side-stepping Jonny's charge as if it were nothing, then does a Homing Attack on Jonny's back]: Hmph! Pathetic humans! Hey, I haven't used that line in a while! Attack me again, Hanson groupie!

Jonny [kneeling down, breathing heavily]: Damn, Jessie's right; I get into WAY too many fights.

Shaoron [suddenly appears in front of Jonny, holding the metabolic enhancer belt]: Never take your eyes off me. [Knocks Jonny unconscious with a well-placed spear-hand to the chest]

Eggman [appearing out of nowhere (which seems to be the norm for this story), wearing the Medabots referee garb]: Function ceased! The winner is... Saskatoon!

Shaoron [anime "angry eyes"]: That's SHAORON!

Eggman: Yes, yes, whatever, Li Madagascar.

Shaoron [confused and irritated]: Guh, wha, what? That wasn't even close to my name--

Eggman: Furthermore, I've decided to take over Sakura's house.

Sakura [still in her hunger daze]: Yeah, whatever. ... What?

Eggman: Go, Egg Viper 2!

[A large robotic serpent appears over Sakura's home. Eggman makes a death-defying AND logic-defying leap into the new Egg Viper's cockpit]

Shaoron: No way! TIME CARD!

[Shaoron looks to the hunger-dazed Sakura, who is waving the Time Card in front of her playfully.]

Shaoron: Why do I keep forgetting that? Dammit, I'm too tired to use magic against that thing.

Jonny [coming to]: Are you just going to give up?

Shaoron [looking towards Jonny]: What?

Jonny: You came back from behind and beat me, even when I was wearing the enhancer. You were tired, and hungry, and probably dying to see Sakura in some sort of swimwear. Am I correct?

Shaoron [blushing profusely]: Yeah, so?

Jonny: What I'm saying is, as a good loser, I'm going to help you beat that thing!

Shaoron [smiles]: All right, then, let's do it! Shadow?

Shadow [standing around doing nothing]: What is it?

Jonny: Can we borrow that Chaos Emerald for a minute?

Shadow: What's in it for me?

Shaoron: Soap Shoes gift certificates, and--

Shadow: DEAL! [tosses the emerald to Li]


Sakura [still dazed]: I need food. But, to get food, I need save house. Save house is good.

[Jonny and Li each have a hand on the Chaos Emerald. Just before the Egg Viper crushes Sakura's house...]

Jonny and Shaoron [simultaneously]: CHAOS CONTROL!

[The Egg Viper freezes in place.]


Shaoron [calling to Sakura]: SAKURA! NOW!!!

Sakura [snaps out of it for a moment]: Got it! [pulls out Windy card]: STAR CARD! DESTROY THE EGG VIPER 2!

[Windy blows the Egg Viper 2 apart with several wind blades. Eggman flies out and lands next to Tomoyo, who is coming to.]

Tomoyo [groggy]: Oh, man, what happened-- [sees Eggman and starts squealing] EGGY-CHAN!!!

Eggman [pushes Tomoyo aside by the face]: Outta the way, you!

Sakura's Dad [comes outside]: Oh, Dr. Eggman, you're here! When are you going to build the hypnotic rides?

Sakura: WHAT!?

Sakura's Dad: Oh, sorry for not telling you, Sakura. Eggman was scheduled to build some carnival rides here to help him take over Japan. He assured me that he would rule in a fair and just manner!

Eggman [stands triumphantly]: Which I STILL intend to do! But maybe we should cancel the project, Mr., um, Sakura's Dad. It seems as if these kids like things the way they are.

Jonny [handing the Chaos Emerald back to Shadow]: One day, you and me are going to have a rematch, Li Shaoron. Until then, farewell. [starts walking away, when suddenly] Hey, um, Shadow, could you use Chaos Control to send me back home?

Shadow: CHAOS CONTROL! [Jonny disappears] What an annoying twerp.

Sakura [hugs Shaoron]: Good job today, Li-kun!

Shaoron [hugs Sakura back]: My love, anything for you! Want to go shopping for lingerie, later?


Tomoyo [aboard the Egg Carrier; talking on her cell phone]: Mom, I'm going to be out of the country for a few months. Eggy-chan needs me to do Eggman Empire commercials while he goes on adventures!

Eggman: How exactly did this happen again, Shadow?

[Shadow shrugs]


[Later, at the Quest Compound in Palm Key]

Jonny: Jessie, I think I learned something today. Despite losing, I was able to push past my pride and unite with my former opponent against a common foe.

Jessie [treating Jonny's various cuts and bruises]: Well, good for you, Jonny! I know several other people who'd be happy to teach you humility--

Jonny: NO, no, once every two years is quite enough...

Race: AHA! Time to learn humility, Jonny Quest!

Jonny [running for his life]: AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!


To be continued...

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