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In this universe, whether fantasy or real, our Jedi Academy resides on Earth.


Hey guys. Welcome to the JMU, also known as Jedi Mythos Universe, home to the outcast members of the Jedi Academy website. :-P

As you guys probably know, this place is a work in progress. Don't be surprised if you see major changes to it in the next few days, and weeks. It may look one way, then the very next day, look like something else. Just bare with us.

JMU deals heavily with story telling and philosophy, dealing with the real world and a made up universe all our own. Basically, we will be conversing online with each other in a virtual universe modeled after the mythology of Jedi Knights, as well as an interpetation of our own universe flung way into the future. It maybe weird to some, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun and meaningfull.

Hopefully it'll all work out well. Stay tuned.

Sah'ar Suntoucher

Enter the Jedi Mythos Universe History files.
Enter the Jedi files.
Enter the Sith files.
Enter the Other Groups and Organizations files.
Enter the character files.

and of course, there's the message boards.. We're now open to the general public! So newcomers, post away. :)

Oh, for those who want a little more info about the hows and whys of this place, go here:


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    News and Updates


    from now on, all news will be posted in the message board, via the scrolling news box. All the old news will still be stored in the "Old News" page. Hope this doesn't cause a problem. :)


    click here for old news

    A few Links....

    For those who don't know, The Boondocks is one of the greatest comic strips ever made. Nobody who 's social and politicaly concious, knowledgeable, has a good sense of houmor, and/or those into true hip hop should miss reading it. Visit the official site NOW. Not now,but RIGHT NOW!! note: bigots, morons and idiots need not comply.

    Click on the banner below to go to one of my favorite Flash flick sites around. This guy (SplashKhat) is using old Final Fantasy Sprites to tell a really great story, and weaving it together with some fantasitc writing, plot development, imagery, and music. Check it out, I'm sure you won't be disapointed.


    I've always loved this guy. I'be been checking his stuff out since 95, and he's never disapointed me. In fact, he's one of my all time favorite dj's. His site has a decent amount of info about him, plus you get to hear his music in FULL (no tiny snipets) via the audio player built in his site. Make sure you guys have Flash installed before going though.


    THE record label to check out. Most of the music I have comes from these guys, and it's nothing but good old, bass thumping, house shaking, dj music. These guys have been around since 1990, and they have everything from Trip Hop and Acid jazz, to some Chill out, and even a bit of Drum and Bass. There's lots of music on the site to hear and sample, and I'm sure you're going to find something you like there. Check em out. :)

    also, check out this site:

    Probably the best Jungle/Drum and Bass music station you'll ever hear on the net. It also is what provides me with the sountrack for our universe (a wild universe need wild music to go with it. ^_^ )

    Check em out, tune in, and support them if you can. they need it.

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