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Here, you can see what kind of things happen when I play M.U.G.E.N. Fun!!

The original Rock lays the smack down. Mega Man nails The Rock with a combo. I'd like to say that my background music for this stage is an MP3 of "All Your Base Are Belong To Us". On a side note, why is Rush blue?

Same series, different worlds. When I play as Kain (which I did), cheapness ensues. Kefka may be an ungodly powerful being, but he can't stand up to the l33t power of Dragoon Kain (from Final Fantasy 2), who used his Multistab to combo Kefka into submission.

Ahhh! Peach has PMS!! I chained three Hyper Peach Tornadoes back to back and came up with 141 hits. Evil Peach is fun. She can put together some really impressive combos, as Meta Knight has just found out.

I don't even remember how I pulled off this combo, but it was darned fun. I'm pretty sure a Troopa Rush was involved. I selected Kamek as my char and randomly selected a teammate. I came up with Peach. A little while later, the unlikely allies combined for 148 hits against Edgar and Magus.

Gotta love the pyrotechnics on Mario's Banzai Bill super. I love the explosions on Mario's Bullet Bill attacks. This one was a Banzai Bill; Sabin was smart enough to block it...

The Bullet Bill brigade goes prowling and finds an unfortunate Figaro. But he wasn't so fortunate on this attack, where he was nailed by a Bullet Bill wall.

PEACH: 'Switchblock? What switchblock?' You saw the 148-hit combo above; this is how that match ended. Magus squashed by a switchblock, Edgar lying nearby and Peach acting like nothing had happened.

The M.U.G.E.N cops end Kamek's murder spree. Kamek and Ultimate Armor X are probably my two best fighters so far. I let them have at it in Watch mode, and Kamek won, but just as his fatality finished, he used his fake Windows Crash. It wasn't so fake; the game never resumed and I was forced to quit.

Super Mario doesn't quite realize he's dead. Super Mario seems to have a delayed reaction when it comes to Kamek's fatalities. The Monster Switchblock landed on him, but he didn't fall down until about a minute later.

Inpromptu Mario Kart race. Comin' through, 'scuse us. Sorry 'bout hitting you and all. Hee hee... Mario's "Super Mario Kart" super is one of my all-time favorites.

Where would you find a pan big enough to broil that thing? Washu meets the ultimate cheap machine: Meta Knight's Heavy Lobster.

Lightning Web + Nova Strike = Easy win. Almost TOO easy. Ultimate Armor X 0wnz j00! Mega Man had over 3/4 health, but it didn't matter once X nailed him with the Nova Strike super. I'd also like to say that Mega Man's color scheme makes me hungry for chocolate.

Mega Man X takes no prisoners! Different opponent, same result. Paralyzing your opponent with a Lightning Web and then hitting them with the Nova Strike is cheap, but hey, it works.

Koopa footrace! Everyone out of the way! Kamek's signature attack, the Troopa Rush. Take a look at the lower-left portion of the picture, though. ;)

Sabin's strong, but if he can't hit you, it don't matter. Mega Man 0wnz Sabin! I handily defeated the younger Figaro Brother, who failed to damage me throughout the match. The Mega Buster and Needle Cannon kept him at bay nicely.

Just another typical match for the Master Magikoopa. Another one of my big fat combos. This one came on an Espeon assist and Hyper Polygon super... and it was "Marvelous". Too bad Super Mario (or is that Luigi?) doesn't agree.

Kamek has the upper hand in the insanely-powerful-magic-user showdown. Another perfect win, though this time I sustained some damage in the second round (no thanks to Kefka's unavoidable super). But yep, I didn't settle for blocking his shiny things of doom. I avoided them. Kefka's brutal in Watch mode, but against a human opponent (that is, me), he's pretty laughable.

A cheap combo, but not too much damage. Even Roll is great at combos. In the Training Mode, she unloads her Arm Cannon on Ultimate Armor X; she managed 61 hits before her super meter ran dry. Of course, it didn't do a lot of damage, but 61 hits is impressive... especially since Roll isn't a very good fighter.

They don't call me the 'Cheese Wiz' for nothing. As if the Nova Strike wasn't enough, Megaman X (with Ultimate Armor) also has an infinite; trap the enemy in a corner and use the Twin Slasher over and over again. I've managed over 1000 hits in Training Mode like that; here, in Arcade mode, it takes him 83 to finish off Marle. On a side note, I think that's a very cool background.

Star Crash: Just like in Mega Man 5, but without the energy expenditures. If you think it's impossible to out-cheap Kamek or Evil Peach, try using Mega Man's Star Crash repeatedly. And yes, Rush is still blue.

Uh... don't look up. One of my favorite cheap tactics as Kamek is to paralyze an opponent with the Dark Butterfree assist, then drop a Switchblock on the defenseless target. Here, Edgar is about to go into a world of hurt.

This was one of my WORSE matches. Since I downloaded the new version of M.U.G.E.N, I've been having a lot of fun with the 4-person team possibilities. This screenshot (and the next few) show what happened when I brought my one-person team (Kamek) against a lineup of four-person teams. I was astonished by the results. Against Marle, Kung Fu Man, Magus, and Meta Knight, only Marle managed to damage me.

You'd think Kamek was god-moding. Same story here. In this match, only Super Mario managed any damage; Washu, Rocky, and even a CPU-controlled Kamek went down without getting in any hits.

Note the expression on Rush's face. Rush seems awfully happy for a dog whose owner has just been squashed.

4 perfect wins; Kamek's so good he scares HIMSELF. Two R. Mikas and two Mai Shiranuis went down without any problems whatsoever. Kamek didn't get hurt until he accidentally hit himself with his wand during his victory pose.

When you're the King of Cheap like I am, I guess this kind of thing happens a lot. Same story here, but this time the opponents were Washu, Super Mario, Cammy, and Evil Peach.

I get perfect wins using tactics that once earned me the nickname 'Cheese Wiz'. Meta Knight, Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Sabin; between the four of them, they failed to scratch me even once. It's kind of embarrassing really, but at the same time I can't help but show off... hence, these pictures. :P

Kamek still can't believe it. Frankly, neither could I. Beating Kamek without getting hit is no easy task. This is the last one. This time the victims were Kain, Edgar (or is that Leo? I can't tell), Magus, and a duplicate Kamek. How did I get all these wins? Well, I used a lot of the Butterfree/Switchblock cheap tactic described above. And when the enemies' lifebars are smaller, that can take off a HECK of a lot of their health. So I can't take all the credit.

Kamek, Kamek, Kamek, Kamek... and Kamek?! A great way to get a load of yuks with the new version of MUGEN is to go to Watch mode and pit two of one character against two of the same character. I tried with four Kameks, and the results were hilarious... as well as disturbing. Somehow, a fifth Kamek appeared, although it didn't do anything during the match and, although it took hits, it never actually took damage. Decoy, anyone?

I've turned you evil, now I'll kill you! Kamek v1.5 was awesome. All pics on this page depict that version, including this pic right here. He socked it to Evil Peach in Round 1 of their little bout. Alas, once I downloaded v1.6, my cheap strategies became harder to implement and I found myself losing a lot more. Luckily I have a backup of 1.5 somewhere...

Kamek gets wiped out by the Goner super. This is what happened to me when I tried Kamek v1.6 in one-player mode. I had to get in closer quarters than I would have liked, and Kefka wound up annihilating me. Eck.

I'm flying! One advantage of the weaker Kamek was that I started to become more adept fighting as other characters. Sure, I'm already good with Mega Man and Ultimate Armor X, and I'm cheap as heck with Sabin, but what about Edgar? I tried taking the king of Figaro into arcade mode, and here are the results...

Can't catch me, Meta Knight!  Edgar is a rarity; I can win matches with him, but I don't have to be downright cheap to do it. His agility, especially in the air, is really useful. Here, he lands behind Meta Knight just before turning around and slamming him with an attack.

Classic rivals square off. In most cases, that attack would be the Chainsaw. It was my favorite tool in Final Fantasy 3, and I still use it a whole lot. Here, Edgar lays the smack down on Kefka.

Target practice from point-blank range. Of course, I use the AutoCrossbow too. It works great at close range.

Edgar in Friday the 13th. I didn't use the chainsaw super all that often -- the AutoCrossbow used less super bar energy, and was usually more effective -- but hey, who hasn't wanted to do this? Meta Knight gets in Edgar's way and pays the price.

To think, I used to fear facing Evil Peach. Dark Peach was just another victim to be felled. She blocked most of Edgar's crossbow attacks, and sometimes she hit him with her vertical leg drill when he tried to jump over her, but the chainsaw was the difference. I was on a tear, until...

Ultimate Armor X's AI is outright nasty. ...THIS happened. Ultimate Armor X is an excellent long-range fighter, and when I fought him, he hit me with everything but the kitchen sink... then he threw that in as well. It was pretty humbling, espcially since he kept ruining my strategy with his constant dashing out of the way.

Sigma, run while you still can. Whee! It's fun! Since X loves to throw all manner of weapons all over the arena, I thought having 4 X's fight each other would be a blast. I was right. The place was a warzone.

'Scuse me, coming through. This was the best part. Frost Walrus made life miserable for two of the reploids. Summoning Walrus is a really cheap tactic, since he's so hard to avoid, there's no way to stop him and he does so much damage... but hey, that doesn't stop the CPU.

You know, girls, you have the whole dungeon to fight in... you could spread out a bit... And then you get fights like this. Cammy and Cammy vs. Cammy and Cammy. This pic is pretty indicative of the chaos produced by that match.

This works great on people who don't have uppercuts. Getting back to the topic of me trying fighters other than Kamek, another fighter who yielded... interesting results was Mario. I discovered some amazing new cheap tactics. Here, Mario has more fun than a seal at a water park; he started jumping on Raphael's head pretty early in the battle, and it wasn't until Raph was near dead that he realized he could just walk to the side and avoid the attack. Ahhh, how I love CPU opponents.

Mega Man gets wiped out by a Blue Koopa Shell. The next tactic I discovered was one of the cheapest I've ever seen. I was firing shells at Mega Man, who for some reason was pink. As it so happened, the shells were blue, and blue shells ricochet -- a quirk which was probably intended to be useful in team play. Well, Mega Man jumped and landed on a shell... and it started bouncing between his legs. As you can see from his energy bar, he had no chance to escape, as the shell hit him over and over again (64 hits). I figured this happened because of Mega Man's size, but it was pretty keen either way.

Mario and his mallet... of DOOM! In Final Fantasy 4, Kain was a brief teammate of Cid, who used hammers as weapons. Here, Mario shows Kain why he may be related to Cid.

Zero was feeling blue after the King of Cheap struck again. So I continued along, and I got up to Zero. As with Mega Man, I was launching shells, and one of them got "stuck"; the result was an 80-hit combo and a quick victory. That's when it hit me that maybe there was more involved in this than just size, though Zero isn't exactly small either.

I wonder why Terra, Locke and the gang never thought of this. And then the same thing happened to Kefka, proving that this could work against ANY fighter.

Double your fun! When it came time to battle Princess Peach, the strategy was obvious, and I got an unexpected treat; TWO shells managed to get "stuck". Mario seems quite entertained, as well he should be.

Sometimes the shells were so close together they formed combos without getting stuck. Of course, once I found out about this whole Blue Shell tactic, my general battle strategy changed to this.

Easy win, right? Next came Evil Peach. I got the Blue Shell stuck...

No cheap tactic is without its flaws. ...But then I made the mistake of attacking her while the shell was doing its thing. As Peach reeled back from my attack, the shell somehow became "unstuck", and Peach wasn't too happy with me.

I have GOT to try this in training mode... By the time I reached Sabin it was back to the same old. This picture should speak for itself.

Three guesses how I managed this. Of course, perfect wins aren't nearly as impressive if you use the Blue Shell Trick like I do, but I still felt like showing off. :p

I swiped this from Morton's Castle. Where the heck does Mario pull all this stuff out of, anyway?

The 'other' cheap tactic. After Washu blocked a few rounds of blue shells, I decided to beat her the old-fashioned way... or not. I got her into the corner and jumped on her a few times. Unlike Raph, she was smart enough to get out of the way after a few bounces. However, she had a tendency to walk right back into the corner where I continued jumping. I could have kept it up through the match, except that jump attacks do minimal damage and I was getting impatient.

Full health? No problem, for I have... BLUE SHELLS!!! Kirby went down in predictable fashion. When the shell got stuck, he had full health, but that just meant more hits.

I've run out of blue shell comments. Sorry. The second blue shell I fired at Roll got stuck, and in the second round, it was the FIRST shell. She must really be susceptible to this thing.

I was just getting warmed up. So, the next day, I decided to go into Practice Mode and see just how many hits I could score. One shell took too long, so I fired about a half-dozen more. Before long, I had over 10000 hits, but that was just the beginning...

This must be some kind of M.U.G.E.N record. I left it on overnight with no less than a dozen shells "stuck" attacking Roll. When I came back in the morning, it was at about two and a half million hits. When it reached three million hits, I decided to take a picture and cut it off. The pic says 2999999, but when the hits are piling up as fast as they were, it'd take a miracle to get a pic of 3 mil exactly.

Zero Wing is everywhere! Gaaahhhh!! I kind of "tweaked" Kamek's fake Windows Crash. Shown here is the modified version. :)

My favorite all-time move. :D That's my own character, Rydia, on the left. Poor Sabin is on the receiving end of a Meteo courtesy of Bahamut.

Ph33r da summoner! While not as powerful as Bahamut, Ramuh can also get things done with his shooting electric sparks.

Strangely, the MUGEN version of Super Sonic isn't invincible like he is in the Sonic games. Huh. More fun with Bahamut.

The stage is Green Hill, but the music I use is Emerald Hill from Sonic 2. I like this stage, the Green Hill Zone from Sonic 1. It even has rings in the background, which almost make me want to grab them... but alas, they're only part of the background. Sigh.

Imagine if Mario could do THAT in Smash Brothers... O_o Whoa momma! I downloaded the new Super Mario recently, and boy, was I impressed. Here, Mario shows Kirby one of his new techniques.

Mario wields one of his classic weapons. This is my favorite new move: the hammer! Kirby doesn't like it so much though.

Rydia has to be one of the all-time most powerful Final Fantasy characters EVER. And here's some more of me showing off some perfect wins in 1-on-4 play. A great tactic is to save super levels for the final opponent, then let him have a taste of Bahamut's Meteo.

When imps go Chocobo racing. What would a MUGEN character be without a stampede? Originally I wanted Rydia's stampede super to be 50 imps, but when an imp only has one sprite, it's hard to animate them. That's when I got the brilliant idea of imps riding on Chocobos! :D  Whoopeeeeeeeee!

Dragons rule. What more can I say? When you fight Kamek, you take no chances. You Meteo the sucker right off and hope it hits.


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