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Hands of fatE


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            The hands of fate turn the wheel of destiny once again. Once already the world of Vaolrok repelled invading forces of the sinister Blight. The mighty nation of Arhinol pacted with the nations of Diloros, Itemi and Theer. The only way the world survived was to gather all of its soldiers, mages, artifacts and knights for one colossal battle. The battle lasted a full month, at the end, all of the invading forces of Blight were scattered. The last of the Blight army routed, the victors sounded a triumphant battle cry.
            It did not come without a price. 3/4 of the army of Light was destroyed, many survivors gravely wounded. The land itself was blacken and drenched in blood, both human and demon. It would be long before the world recovered from this nightmare.....
            In the months that followed, the greatest surviving heroes of the battle set out to find the source of the Blight and put it to rest once and for all. They never returned. However, a hawk return to the Royal Castle of Arhinol in Inoni, bearing a message. It was covered in bloody fingerprints and a hasty message was drawn. It read: 300.This was meant to be the time of the return of the Blight, or so the King's advisors said. The King took it seriously and began the founding of many schools to train his people for another tragedy.
In the passing ages, life was good for the Arhinol. Besides a couple civil wars and attempt on three king's lives, not much was happening. Many men had been trained to combat an evil that was not going to be there for many years.
            Finally, the day of the Return has come. The resident King of Arhinol sent messengers to the nearby nations. All returned, save the Theerin one, saying all was well and they would be on the alert. The king sent a hundred soldiers to investigate. They never returned. The King's worst fears were true. The Blight was already back, already shutting out the supply and information lines to Theer. In the next few months, tensions mounted as no word came from Theer. On top of that, strange creatures that have been absent for hundreds of years. Blood thirsty vampires, howling werewolves and beautiful unicorns.
            Then, an outpost to near to Theer was destroyed, no survivors, only a badly wounded messenger hawk. The King sent reinforcements to the northern cities. Here is were you come in. Will you join the good King and help the fight against the evil that surrounds it? Or the world be damned and you join the others side? Or will you exist in the middle, going about you life as if nothing was wrong? That is up to you to decide.
             Hands of fate is a free-form game, meaning no dice are used to play. Story telling and creativity is the order of the day for this game.

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