Dear Prudence,

The Halo agony pages

This letter comes from a Mr. Marvin Harvey,

Dear prudence,

I think I have fallen in love with a woman I met on-line

I have only known her for a short time but I am convinced it is the real thing.

We have spent days chatting on-line. After the first day I was convinced that I wanted to marry her,

After we talked I felt a strange tingling sensation all over my body, it was then I had an epiphany.

it was either love or I had contracted some kind of tropical disease. (I hadnít by the way),

On the second day I realised it wasnít just because she has a lot of money.

After the third day I decided it was because I loved her and not just to get a work permit.

So far we have spoken every night for a month and I am still happy but would like the relationship to progress further and would like some advice on how to do this, please help.

Prudence replies,

You really should be more honest and upfront with this woman and tell her how you feel.

Does the site you met on have a bulletin board?

How about leaving her a message in one? That wouldnít be too evil would it?

You should not let this drag on too long.

Because believe me no one loves a stalker. I know from experience.

although they have that court order now so I'm not allowed near them

We also have this letter, which comes from Ms. Jackie Harris.

Dear prudence,

I think I have made the biggest mistake of my life with a man I met on-line

I have only known him for a short time but I am convinced he is some kind of psychopath.

Not only am I convinced he is only after my money or possibly a work permit but I am sure he has some kind of a tropical disease....

This has been going on for over a month now and I just canít seem to shake him off no matter what I do,

Prudence for the love of god please help.

Prudence replies,

Oh, thereís a coincidence now isnít it...oh....oh dear.

Have you considered moving towns or maybe changing your appearance?

I know, how about faking your own death? That is usually a good one.

Mr. Halo evaded me for months when he did it, how we laughed when I found him after months of searching

He laughed so hard he "lost control" shall we say...and there were tears in his eyes

Is cyber-sex the extent of your love life?

If it is then you need to get out more....

If you do finally get outside into the real world and you have a subsequent problem

why not ask prudence for help?

(Or a date, sheís not fussy and doesnít get out much)

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