Dear Prudence,

The Halo agony pages

Our first letter is from a Mr. Warren Peace, he writes...

Dear Prudence,

For some time now I have suspected my wife is having an affair,I think she is sleeping with my brother, how can I tell?

Prudence replies,

Well warren that is bad news, now look at your wife, is your brother in-between her legs with his backside going up and down?

If he is, then yes he is sleeping with your wife.

Our next letter comes from a Mr. Blair a computer programmer from London,

he has employment trouble, although he doesnt state with which project.

Dear Prudence,

I think I have been possessed by the devil himself,ha he is mine, and I canít seem top stop doing evil things to people. The other day I vomited green gunk all over my boss, damn good shot though 20 feet easy,needless to say he sacked me for it.

Then when I went home to my wife,and you think *I* am evil? ~ you should meet her..., I made gurgling noises at her every time she asked me something, then swore and called her names THAT was nothing to do with me I swear it

Then when she gave me my dinner I threw it against the wall,I wasnít going to eat that swill, now she has left me. Ding-dong the witch has gone. I am at the end of my tether and donít know what to do, please help.

Prudence replies,

Someone needs to grow up a bit donít they?

It seems to me that someone has been watching too many films, Mr. Blair.

And as for writing some of the letter in different handwriting and in blood well thatís just plain silly.

You will do yourself a mischief if you keep this up so I suggest you stop it right now, itís not big and itís not clever.

If you have a problem and no one else can help and you can find them, maybe you could hire the A-team.

Failing that why not ask prudence for help?

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