Frequently un-answered and un-asked questions

We actually got some mail ~ these questions were sent in by someone who never got back to us about using their name so we were going to omit it ~ Thanks SK ~ you know who you are. (We hope)

Q. Why isn't phonetically spelled phonetically?

Stick guy replies – Because it isn't ~ if it was it wouldn't be the same word.

Goat boy replies – I had to look this one up…then I got bored and gave up…sorry.

Q. Why is abbreviation such a long word?

Stick guy replies – Aha ~ but the abbreviation of the word abbreviation is abbr. ~ which isn't very long at all so stop your whining

Goat boy replies – I'm just no good with the word questions ok…leave me alone

Q. Why is a pregnant goldfish called a twit?

Stick guy replies – Goldfish only have a 10 second memory so when one of them gets pregnant and they tell their friends they cant rem who the father is they go "you twit" (this is if course if they remember that they are pregnant or in fact if they had sex ~ or even who the friend is they want to tell ~ or if they have any friends…)

Goat boy replies – Who's pregnant? Wasn't me I swear ~ I never touched her ~ I don't even know the girl ~ never seen her before in my life I swear…

Stick guy replies – Are you ok?

Goat boy replies – Yes…

Stick guy replies – Sure? ~ do you need to lie down and for me to fetch your medication?

Goat boy replies – I'll be fine…

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