Frequently un-answered and un-asked questions

Q. What is the difference between ignorance and apathy? ~ Asked by Mr. Dick Tionary

Stick guy replies – We don’t know and we don’t really care.

Goat boy replies – that is not actually true…we care a lot.

Q. What would happen if I put instant coffee into a microwave? ~ Asked by a Ms. Serena Jones

Stick guy replies – For the love of god woman, NO!!!! You could cause some kind of weird time paradox that would spell the end for the earth and all mankind, come on people what is wrong you???

Goat boy replies – Or you could just get a really quick cup of coffee, mind you apparently I heard coffee can make you impotent so NO!.....For the love of god woman don’t do it! Are you insane???

Stick guy replies – HUH ?? impotent you say ? ~ better get my suit on then...

Goat boy replies – suit ?? are you going out somewhere ? did Prudence drop the charges ?>

Stick guy replies – no she didnt...the case comes up next week...as for the suit well if im gonna be impotent then damn im gonna look impotent!

Q. Why is the alphabet in that order? ~ Asked by a Mr. H. Higgins PhD (speech therapy)

Stick guy replies – Well if it wasn’t that song about it would be knackered wouldn’t it?

Goat boy replies – the question we should be asking is which alphabet are you referring to. As we really can’t be too specific can we? Ok we just don’t know and just don’t care...I told you we shouldn’t have done this one! I mean with a name like that he’ll never meet a fair lady will he?>

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