Frequently un-answered and un-asked questions

Our first ever question comes from a Mr. S. Adgit…

Q.Can you tell me how to be more popular with the ladies?

Stick guy replies – We answer questions on a website, what makes you think we know what a woman is let alone any ladies?

Goat boy replies – Even if I did know I wouldn’t tell you.

Q. Will regular masturbation make me go blind? From M.Adeupname.

Stick guy replies – Only if your aim is off.

Goat boy replies – Dad, Is that you? Anyway it’s never done me any harm apart from the repetitive strain injury I couldn’t explain at the hospital...

Q.What exactly is a bidet for?

Stick guy replies – No-one actually knows, but lots of people pretend to, just to be clever.

Goat boy replies – Under no circumstances are you ever to take a shit in one though, that much I know.

Q. How come I can’t get into the right position to shave my anus? Name withheld at writers request.

Stick guy replies – do you really need us to answer that? Look if you need it done that badly, stop writing to us, lose this URL and our e-mail address, please.

Goat boy replies – Dad, is that you again? anyway ~ I always use a strategically placed mirror and a lot of care and attention. Hope that helps

Stick guy replies – HUH??

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