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"Ars longa, vita brevis." Hypocrates

With comments from Apollo Satori (yes it’s still his name)

Featured Artist – Archie Tect part 2

“Snow blind”

Snow blind

There is a story behind this piece that would suggest it was taken during Archie’s ill-fated attempt to climb Everest and pertains to be the only piece of evidence as to what happened to one of the party members that never returned from said expedition, the party member known only as Timothy in official documents and according to sworn testimony and this picture, which is seen as a tribute to his bravery as it shows his final moments as he left the camp you can just make out the figure of a man in the haze, Timothy gave his own life to save the others

(I say they ate him)



Here we have one of Archie’s more abstract works that generates much interest and speculation ~ so much has been said about this piece like “Is it a metaphor for the grave?” ~ “Is there something missing from the life of the artist that his work just isn’t fulfilling anymore?” ~ “It’s a hole” ~ “They want HOW much? For a picture of a hole?”  Personally as it was taken in the artist’s own home I am of the opinion he took it as part of a survey for some repairs and somehow it got into his portfolio, and well you know what some art critics are like cant tell there Monet from there elbow, and yet ME they fire, I classically trained artist, I tell you there is no justice, its all about who you know, I didn’t want this job you know, I could do so much better.



Reminiscent of his earlier work “techno-fear” here we see once again the untold rage sometimes held by artists that is so often released when they create a piece, they say it’s a fine line between genius and madness, I say Archie has not only crossed that line but is living in loon-Ville as we speak. Rumours that he trashed this room because someone dropped a coin are so far unfounded,

“Pet suicide”

Pet suicide

Again we see the tragedy that has haunted most of Archie’s career and private life and lead to some very dark works. The subject of this photo was Archie’s very own pet dog Fido, the subject of some of his other works like “See Fido run” ~ “See Fido eat” and the controversial even shocking some say “See Fido licking his bollocks” ~ it is worth noting though as Fido did not leave a note of any kind the reason for him taking his own life in such a manner remains a mystery. I’m surprised he didn’t do it sooner though.

Please note no animals were harmed in the production of this page or the above photo named pet-suicide

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