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"Ars longa, vita brevis." Hypocrates

With comments from Apollo Satori (yes it’s his name)

Featured Artist – Archie Tect

“Vacuum 2”


This picture is reminiscent of the artist’s early work “Vacuum” which was done very early on his career, a series of shots both still and action of the artist himself cleaning various locations including his own dwelling and most notably the M1 (it is worth noting that it was during the shooting of the “Vacuum” series Archie suffered a near fatal accident on a motorway which some say lead to the darker quality of his more recent work.

This is a tough picture to interpret, is the artist saying perhaps “look I have a new cleaning device” or is the whole thing a little more sinister? Is the subject maybe not the cleaner but the hand and what it is pointing too? This could be the case, as we don’t get the whole of the scenario from this shot, a theme common in his work as he strived to be profound despite having a personality as shallow as my grandmothers spit.



The first thing that strikes the eye upon viewing this piece is the almost painfully ironic way we see the vacuum that was the subject of much of Archie’s early work here among the trash, could this be some sort of revenge? Does he blame the “model” for his accident we mentioned earlier? Or is he trying to justify the fact he got run over by a car while vacuuming a motorway by transposing the blame to his “model”?  Or could it be now he has moved on from what he wishes to be called his “Vacuum Period” (everyone else calls it his “playing silly-buggers” period) is the model he previously made a star is now cast aside like so much rubbish much as society is akin to do? Someone should really ask him what he thinks he’s playing at.



Well what can be said about this piece, apart from the obvious, which has not been said before by so many reviewers? I shall not lower my own standard by repeating their comments. Instead I shall leave you to form your own opinion of what has to be the work that has generated the most comment.

(Mostly “that’s crap” and “what? It’s a picture of a hose?”)



The title of this piece says it all doesn’t it. The fear of anything modern, which lead some to destroy that which they do not understand. There was a witness to the incident which led to the creation of this piece of art, they are reported to have said the following about it’s creation “Well it was serendipity really, windows crashed again and he just lost it totally…it was all we could do to stop him throwing out of the window, then he found the hammer…” – the source has asked to remain anonymous.

 (Thanks for that Dave, see I told we wouldn’t show your name)

“Starving Artist”

Starving Artist

This is one of many self-portraits of the artist (keeps the costs down after all) another one of his early works some say he did it to prove he was “Paying his dues” as it were. Personally I think he took it to try and prick the conscience (yeah right) of art critics and buyers and in some respects it worked

(He sold quite a few pictures after this)

“Playing Silly-Buggers”

Silly buggers

I have included this shot in this sample of works as a kind of acknowledgement of Archie’s sense of humour (you recall the silly-buggers phase I mentioned earlier – surely you do, come on people stay with me) this shot was taken to silence his fiercest critics as if to say “If I was playing silly buggers I would do this (that is throw my legs in the air and simulate masturbation)” that or he was accusing his critics of being well versed in the art of self abuse, why we didn’t interview him I will never know…

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