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Site Update Info:

Small Tidy/Update
New Flash Navbar
New Gunsight Installer
Added Plane Lists
Links Added/Updated
Added MWAP Tables

Just updated index info

Changed Web Host
Links page added.
Forum added

Individual A/C skin sets added.
New A/C include :
Hanriot D1
Ansaldo SVA 4_5
Aviatik D1
 Phoenix D1
Lloyd CL2
 Illegal zip file names changed.
Italian Mwap set put on hold.
MwapGP+ set added to Download page.
Invisible cockpit patches updated to include all known cockpit files.

Gumps Red Baron Paint Centre Site Map

Site Updated 24/02/02

Welcome to my little contribution to the wonderful world of Red Baron 3D.
Here you can view and download my own Custom Paints, Plane Parts and some useful Add-ons/Patch's. There is also a section on how to get and install the Red Baron Community paints as as well as tutorials on how to paint your own planes.
Please leave any comments or suggestions in the guestbook. Enjoy !!!

UPDATE NOTES : 24/02/02

G'day all, just a small update. I've added a new nav bar and two new
Plane List pages for reference. I've also updated the Links page &
given the whole site a tidy up (de-bug)
Also added to the Custom page is the MWAP Plane ID tables.
Also added a new Gunsight installer thanks to RAC Ginger
Im still working on the major update as I type, as well as a format change & some
changes to the services/files I offer here, stay tuned !
There has been a heap of delevopements regarding Red Baron game files,
which is sure to prolong this 12yr old game a lot longer!

Please see the relevant pages for more information on any new additions.
ENJOY !!! 

Custom & Mwaps Paint Sets Page
UPDATED 31/07/01


Introducing a new concept for MMP Paints...The Mwap Sets.
They will include generic Bombers & 2 Seaters for Online Squads to use in wars
and Alternate Front sets (Italian, Russian etc).

Red Baron Team Aerobatics Championships Page
UPDATED 01/12/00

Enter your team or view the entries in the brand new Red Baron Aerobatic Cup.
This championship is open to teams of pilots either representing their online squad or unique teams created for this event.

How to Get & See the Red Baron Community Paints Page
UPDATED 06/05/01

Here is a step by step guide on getting the official Red Baron 3D community paints. Includes info on how to set you game to 'see' the paints and all the links you will need to get them.

High Resolution & Standard Paint BMP Files Page
UPDATED 31/07/01



Here is a collection of high resolution & original bmp files used to make up the paint schemes you see on the planes. Use them as they come or edit them further to make your own historical, custom or online squad paints.

All the Downloads Available on this Site Page
UPDATED 31/07/01 

You have been here before and know what you are looking for? Here are all the downloads scattered through out this site on the one page.
(This page does not include the new Mwap MMP paint sets) 

Patch's and Add-On's for Red Baron 3D Page
UPDATED 31/07/01

This section of the website contains a collection of add-ons to use with the Red Baron 3D game. They include items to help you in dogfighting (Gunsights & Invisible Cockpit) and others to enhance the look of the game (Skeeters NiteLites).
A big Gumpy thank you to those who originally created these files !!!!

Basic Information & Hints Page

UPDATED 20/01/01

This section of the Website will be dedicated to Pilots who are completely new to the world of Red Baron 3D. It will include all the 'little' things that are handy to know when first starting out playing Red Baron 3D online.

Tutorial Page for Advanced Information on how to Paint Planes
UPDATED 20/01/01

Here are is a advanced tutorial on how to paint planes for use in Red Baron.
 This information has been learnt from simply testing and mucking around by  myself !! There is a more basic set of notes in a text file called 'mpPaint' located in the Sierra/RedBaron folder that you can also read.

Tutorials Page for Advanced Information on each Patch
UPDATED 20/01/01

Here are some advanced notes on each of the Add-On's/Patch's and how they work. These notes are correct to the best of my knowledge, but I warn you, I have had no formal training regarding computer programming and this information has been learnt from simply testing and mucking around by myself !!

All of the files which are available to download from this site, to the best of my knowledge, work (I'm using them!). Any problems caused by downloading and using them will not be the responsibility of Myself or Sierra.



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