Royal News of 2013, Section III




Last Update on 30 November 2013






Don Flavio dei Principi Borghese (son of Don Marcantonio dei Principi Borghese (1928-2011) and his wife, née Brenda Maud Brown) will marry Isabella Olimpia Capuano on 18 May at the Borghese Chapel, Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome. (added 10 May 2013)





Prince Bernard de Broglie died on 12 October. He was born at Innsbruck on 4 May 1947, son of Prince Raoul Louis Marie Joseph de Broglie (1904-1982) and of his wife, née Marie Thérèse Anne d'Auray de Saint-Pois (b.Langrume 1 Oct 1921). (added 17 Oct 2013)





The engagement was announced between Erik Karl Johan Kramming (b.1982) and Catarina Cantacuzino, née Anna Catarina Helena Julie Cantacuzino Hermanson (b.1985, daughter of Jan Hermanson and his wife, Princess Linda Cantacuzino (1954-2001)). (added 9 Feb 2013)





Don Filippo Caracciolo dei principi di Castagneto died in Pisa on 3 March.


[He was the son of Don Nicola Caracciolo, Xth Principe di Castagneto, Vth Duca di Melito, and of his second wife, née Rossella Sleiter. He married in 2003 Fabrizia Casagrande, herself daughter of Dr. Guido  Casagrande and of Donna Raimonda Lanza Branciforte dei principi di Trabia. He was survived by her and two daughters.] (added 25 Mar 2013)





Don Briano Castelbarco Albani Visconti Simonetta dei principi di Montignano died at Domaine de Péguignon-Chateau Veux (France) on 12 June.


[He was born in 1924, son of Don Francesco Castelbarco Albani Visconti Simonetta dei principi di Montignano (1900-1979) and of Maria Graziella Masetti dei conti di Bagnano (1901-1988). He married firstly Donna Giovanna dei principi Del Drago (1935-2009) and secondly Marion de Jacobert. He had no children.] (added 12 Oct 2013)





Donna Raffaella Cenci Bolognetti dei principi di Vicovaro, née Belardinelli died in Rome on 21 January.


[She was the wife of Don Alessio Cenci Bolognetti dei principi di Vicovaro (b.1973), himself son of Don Stefanello Cenci Bolognetti dei principi di Vicovaro and of Donatella Camilletti. They had no children.] (added 25 Mar 2013)





Sébastien de Limon Triest (son of Bernard de Limon Triest and of his wife, née donna Martina Colonna dei pincipi di Paliano) will  marry Anne-Hélia Roure (daughter of Mr and Mrs Jean-Luc Roure) in a religious ceremony at Siena on 21 September. (added 12 Jun 2013)





Don Cosimo dei Principi Corsini, Marchese di Tresana (son of Marchese don Giovanni dei Principi Corsini, and his wife, born Inés des Marquis d’Ormesson) and his wife, née Chiara Laudanna, had their second child, Violante, in Milan on 2 October. (added 5 Oct 2013)


M. Côme de Valbray (son of M. Jean-François de Valbray and his wife, née Marie Guilhem de Thuy) and his wife, née Donna Olga dei Principi Corsini (daughter of Marchese don Giovanni dei Principi Corsini, and his wife, née Inés des Marquis d’Ormesson) had their second daughter, Giulia, in Lausanne in late October. A first daughter, Livia, was born in October 2010 in Paris. (added 6 Nov 2013)





Saturnino Martin Zemborain y Dose, second husband (and maternal first cousin) of Mercedes Gräfin von Dietrichstein (b.1932, daughter of Hugo Fst von Dietrichstein and of his wife, née Maria de las Mercedes Dose y Obligado) died in Buenos Aires on 6 January. (added 8 Jan 2013)





Don Ferdinando Gaetani dell'Aquila d'Aragona, 9th Principe di Piedimonte, 14th Duca di Laurenzana, born at Florence on 26 July 1924, died at Rome on 2 September, survived by his wife, née Daniella dei Conti Dainelli da Bagnano Masetti , and their children, Bonifacio, Isabella and Maria Ghilla. (added 3 Sep 2013)





Donna Carla Gallarati Scotti dei principi di Molfetta died in Milan on 22 June.


[She was born in 1929, daughter of Don Gian Giacomo Gallarati Scotti dei principi di Molfetta (1886-1983) and of contessa donna Ida Mocenigo Soranzo (1898-1969) and married in 1983 Dr. Giulio Gavazzi (1927-1971). She is survived by one son and two daughters.] (added 12 Oct 2013)




Principe e Marchese Don Ludovico Gonzaga dei principi di Vescovado (b.1973, son of Don Ferdinando Luigi Gonzaga dei principi di Vescovado (1940-2010) and of Maria Luisa dei conti Annoni di Gussola), married Paola Bassi (b.1966) in Bergamo, Italy, on 30 March. They have already two children, Donna Bianca Elisa (b.2007) and Don Carlo (b.2010). (added 23 Apr 2013)





Lady Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, née Natalie Wales, died on 14 Jaunary.


[She was born at Cohasset, Massachusetts, on 6 August 1909. In 1953 she became the second wife of Lord Malcolm Avondale Douglas-Hamilton (1909-1964), son of Alfred, 13th Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, and of his wife, née Nina Mary Benita Poore (1878-1951). No children were born of this marriage.] (added 24 Jan 2013)





Donna Sofia Hardouin dei duchi di Gallese died in Genoa on 27 May.


[She was born in 1930, daughter of Don Blasco Hardouin dei duchi di Gallese and of Elena Scerni and married in 1951 Dr. Vincenzo Pratolongo. She is survived by two daughters, one of whom is Donna Emanuela de Borbòn, widow of Don Gonzalo de Borbòn y Dampierre, Duque de Aquitania.] (added 12 Oct 2013)





Sophie Fürstin von Hatzfeldt, née Freiin Spies von Büllesheim, died on 19 October. She was born at Haus Hall near Ratheim on 2 August 1927, and married there in 1954 Edmund Fürst von Hatzfeldt, Herzog von Trachenberg (1923-1997). They had no children. (added 29 Oct 2013)





Donna Maria Angelica dei principi Lancellotti died in Rome on 17 July.


[She was born in 1919, daughter of Don Filippo, Principe Lancellotti, Principe di Marzano, Principe di Lauro, Patrizio Romano (1892-1970) and of Donna Beatrice dei duchi Lante Montefeltro della Rovere (1892-1943). She was unmarried.] (added 12 Oct 2013)





Conte Don Giuseppe Lanza di Mazzarino dei principi di Trabia e di Butera, 2nd Conte di Assaro died in Palermo on 10 April.


[He was born in 1925, son of Don Giuseppe Fabrizio Lanza di Mazzarino dei principi di Trabia, 1st Conte di Assaro (1896-1967) and of Donna Conchita Ramirez y Camacho dei marchesi di Villa Urrutia (1897-1990). He was unmarried.] (added 23 Apr 2013)





The engagement was announced on 30 November between Roxane Marie Francois de La Rochefoucauld (daughter of Comte Frederic de La Rochefoucauld and Princesse Ginevra Ruspoli) and Pierre-Luc Rene Roger Wolff (son of Thierry Wolff and his wife, née Aude Barbery). (added 30 Nov 2013)





Princess Renée de la Tour d´Auvergne Lauraguais died on 28 May.


[She was born at Buenos Aires on 29 August 1919, daughter of Jorge Oster and of his wife, née Maria Isabel Elsa Haim. In 1938 she married Charles Louis Melchior, Prince de La Tour d'Auvergne-Lauraguais (1911-1993). She is survived by their children and their families.] (added 30 May 2013)





Duchess Elena von Leuchtenberg died on 10 November.


[She was born at Munich on 30 May 1922, daughter of Duke Dimitri von Leuchtenberg (1898-1972) and his wife, Catherine Arapova (1900-1991). She was unmarried, having been a nun as Soeur Elisabeth at the Orthodox Convent at Bussy, France.] (added 11 Nov 2013)





Doña Victoria Eugenia Fernández de Córdoba y Fernández de Henestrosa, Duquesa de Medinaceli, died at Seville on 18 August. (added 29 Aug 2013)





Prince Simon de Merode (son of Prince Léonel de Merode and of his wife, Comtesse Régine de Liedekerke) and his wife, née Anna Pigott, had their first children, Rose and Marina, on 31 October. (added 19 Nov 2013)






Princess Napoléon Murat, née Ines d'Albert de Luynes, died at Paris on 21 March.


[She was born at Paris on 28 July 1939, daughter of Philippe, Duc de Luynes et de Chevreuse and his wife, Juana Maria Diaz Unzue. In 1960 she married Prince Napoléon Murat (1925-1998), and is survived by their children and their families.] (added 22 Mar 2013)





Don Ascanio dei principi Pacelli and his wife, née Katia Pedrotti, had their second child, Tancredi, at Rome on 25 February. (updated 25 Mar 2013)





Ursula Gräfin von Hochberg, née Gräfin von Schmettow, died on 20 October.


[She was born at Potsdam on 4 November 1925, daughter of Lazarus Bernhard Gottfried Graf von Schmettow (1878-1967) and of his wife, Marie Therese Freiin von Ketteler (1888-1948). In 1953 she married Karl Albrecht Heinrich Graf von Hochberg (1912-1979). She is survived by their four sons, the second of whom, Peter Konrad Friedrich, is apparently heir presumptive to the title Fürst von Pless, the eldest son as well as his only son having apparently renounced their rights to the succession.] (added 25 Oct 2013)


Ruth Gräfin von Hochberg died on 13 November.


[She was born Ruth Marie Therese Reuther at Heidelberg on 18 May 1940. From 1964 to 1969 she was married to Bolko Graf von Hochberg, later Fürst von Pless (b.1936). She is survived by their daughter.] (added 17 Nov 2013)





Don Gherardo, 19th Principe di Porcia, Conte di Mitterburg, Ortenburg, Porcia e Brugnera, died on 24 October.


[He was born at Pordenone on 24 November 1924, son of Don Guecello, 18th Principe di Porcia, and his wife, Nobile Giuseppina Salazar. He married in 1971 Nobile Maria Antonia dei Conti Scroffa. He is succeeded by his son, Don Guecello, 20th Principe di Porcia.] (added 31 Oct 2013)





Princess Anna Jadwiga Radziwill (b.Warsaw 31 Mar 1986, daughter of Prince  Konstanty Radziwill and his wife, née Joanna Dabrowska) married Jakub Greloff at Warsaw on 6 April. (added 6 Apr 2013)





Marchese Don Francesco Ruffo della Scaletta, dei principi della Scaletta died in Florence on 5 February.


[He was born in Naples in 1924, son of Don Michele Ruffo dei principi della Scaletta, III Marchese Ruffo della Scaletta (1892-1970) and of Donna Maria Cristina dei conti Capece Galeota (1903-1984). He was unmarried.] (added 25 Mar 2013)





Don Pietro Paolo Sallier de la Tour Beccadelli di Bologna, VII Principe di Camporeale, VII Principe di Castelcicala, VI Duca di Calvello, died in Palermo on 9 August.


[He was born in 1928, son of Don Filiberto Sallier de la Tour, VI Principe di Castelcicala and of Donna Marianna Beccadelli di Bologna, VI Principessa di Camporeale and married in 1956 Costanza Mastrogiovanni Tasca dei conti d'Almerita. He is survived by her, two sons and one daughter.] (added 12 Oct 2013)





Fabio, Barone Galli Zugaro died in Rome on 14 May.


[He was born in 1928, son of Enzo, Barone Galli Zugaro (1898-1986) and of Donna Fabiola dei principi Massimo dei principi di Arsoli (1900-1983, herself daughter of Don Fabrizio Massimo, Principe di Roviano e Duca di Anticoli Corrado (1868-1944) and of Princess Beatriz de Borbòn y de Borbòn (1874-1961)). He married in 1955 Donna Anna Maria Sanfelice dei duchi di Bagnoli e dei marchesi di Monteforte (1933-2003) and is survived by three sons and two daughters.] (added 12 Oct 2013)





Donna Fiammetta Maria Immacolata di Sangro, née dei principi Caracciolo Carafa, Principessa di Fondi, died in Rome on 26 September, at 101 years old.


[She was born in 1912, daughter of Don Francesco Paolo, Principe Caracciolo Carafa, Duca di Traetto (1880-1916) and of Donna Anna Caracciolo, Marchesa di Santeramo e Cervinara (1884-1972). She married in 1939 Don Oderisio di Sangro, Principe di Fondi (1915-1990) and is survived by an only son.] (added 12 Oct 2013)





Prince Michel Sapieha Kondenski (son of Prince Adam Sapieha Kondenski and of his wife, Countess Thérèse Sobanska), died at Ohain on 11 July 2013. He had married firstly Myriam de Decker de Brandeken (d.1997), and secondly in 1999 Ghislaine van Cutsem. (added 16 Jul 2013)





Alice Gräfin Mailath, née Princess Sulkowska, died at Peterborough, Ontario, on 16 January.


[She was born at Vienna on 15 June 1933, daughter of Prince Edgar Sulkowski (1905-1997) and his wife, née Ilse Frn von Lichtenberg (1910-1999). In 1956 she married Peter Gf Mailáth de Székhely and is survived by him, their three children, and five grandchildren:  Annabell, Peter, Livia, Casimir and Georg Mailath.] (added 22 Jan 2013)





The engagement was announced between Comte Guillaume d’Ursel (son of Comte Yves d’Ursel and of his wife née Mireille de Decker) and Sybille Cardon de Lichtbuer (daughter of Alain Cardon de Lichtbuer and of his wife née Marie-Noëlle Lamarche). (added 22 Aug 2013)


Alban Mark Emmanuel Miller Mackay (son of Brian Hugh Miller Mackay and Delphine Marie de Maistre) married Margot de Nicolay (daughter of Louis Jean, Comte de Nicolay [himself the son of René, Comte de Nicolay and of Princess Pia Maria of Orléans-Bragança] and of Comtesse Barbara d'Ursel) on 7 September at Château du Lude, France. (added 29 Sep 2013)


Comte Thibault d’Ursel (son of Comte Antoine d’Ursel and of his wife, née Vicky Latour-Demeyne) and his wife, née Désirée Prinzessin von Hohenlohe (daughter of Prince Alfonso zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg and of Heidemarie Balzer [Mme Pierre Garrigue-Guyonnaud]) had their first child, Félicité, on 30 October. (added 19 Nov 2013)