The WALPOLES and some of their relatives;

The Shorters and Philippses;

and, The Manns of Linton



Section 1, Walpole:



Sir Edward Walpole, of Houghton (d.1667), m.1649 Susan Crane [dau. of Sir Robert Crane, Bt.] and had issue:


1a) Robert, of Houghton (1650-1700); m.1671 Mary Burwell (ca 1655-1711)


1b) Mary (1673-1701); m.1689 Charles Turner, of Warham [cr Baronet 1727] (d.24 Nov 1738)


1c) Elizabeth Turner; m.John Fowle, of Brome


2c) John Turner (d.1724); m. ___ Emerton


1d) Maria Turner


2d) Anna Carolina Turner; m.John Playters


1e) Sir John Playters, 8th Bt. (d.Ingatestone 26 May 1791)


2e) Sir Charles Playters, 9th Bt. (d.Hainford, Norfolk 1806)


3e) Elizabeth Playters; m.1758 John Norris


3d) Dorothy Walpole Turner; m.Horace Hamond (below)


3c) Anne Turner (1691-1768); m.Rev. Maurice Suckling


1d) Catherine Suckling (1725-1767); m.1749 Rev. Edmund Nelson (d.1802)


1e) Maurice Nelson (24 May 1753-24 Apr 1801)


2e) William Nelson, cr 1805 Earl Nelson and Viscount Merton, with remainder, after his own male heirs, to the heirs male of his sisters (20 Apr 1757-28 Feb 1835); m.1st 9 Nov 1786 Sarah Yonge (d.13 Apr 1828); m.2nd 26 Mar 1829 Hilare Barlow (d.22 Dec 1857)


1f) Horatio Nelson, Viscount Merton (26 Oct 1788-17 Jan 1808)


2f) Charlotte Mary Nelson, 2nd Duchess of Bront (d.29 Jan 1874); m.3 Jul 1810 Samuel Hood, 2nd Viscount Bridport (7 Dec 1788-6 Jan 1868) issue


3e) Horatio Nelson, cr 1798 Lord Nelson of the Nile, cr 1801 Viscount Nelson, cr 1801 Duke of Bront ( Battle of Trafalgar 21 Oct 1805); m.22 Mar 1787 Mrs Frances Nisbet, ne Woolward (d.6 May 1831)


4e) Rev. Suckling Nelson (5 Jan 1764-1799)


4e) Susannah Nelson (d.16 Jul 1813); m.5 Aug 1780 Thomas Bolton (d.17 Oct 1834); issue, several children, of whom the elder son succeeded as 2nd Earl Nelson


5e) Anne Nelson


6e) Catherine Nelson (d.28 Mar 1842); m.26 Feb 1787 George Matcham (d.3 Feb 1833)


2d) Maurice Suckling (1726-1778); m.Hon. Mary Walpole (below)


3d) William Suckling (1730-1798); m.1760 Elizabeth Browne


1e) William Suckling (27 Apr 1762-1833); m.Wybrew Flora Davey, nat.dau of William, Duke of Cumberland --> issue


2b) Edward (1674-1698)


3b) Burwell (1675-1690)


4b) Sir Robert, Prime Minister 1715-7 and 1721-42, cr 1742 Earl of Orford, Viscount Walpole and Baron of Houghton (Houghton 26 Aug 1676-London 18 Mar 1745); m.1st London 30 Jul 1700 Catherine Shorter (ca 1682-London 20 Aug 1737) [dau. of John Shorter (himself son of Sir John Shorter, Lord Mayor of London) by Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Erasmus Philipps, 3rd Bt., and sister of Charlotte Shorter, Lady Conway [mother of 1st Marquess of Hertford]; m.2nd 1738 Maria Skerrett (d.4 Jun 1738)


1c) Robert, 2nd Earl of Orford, cr 1723 Lord Walpole of Walpole, with remainder to his male issue, to his brothers and theirs, and then to the heirs male of his grandfather (1701-31 Mar 1751); m.Petrockstow, Devon 1724 Margaret Rolle (17 Jan 1709-Pisa 13 Jan 1781), who succeeded 1760 Baroness Clinton


1d) George, 3rd Earl of Orford (2 Apr 1730-5 Dec 1791)


2c) Catherine (1703-1722)


3c) Mary (1705-Aix 2 Jan 1732); m.London 14 Sep 1723 George Cholmondeley, 3rd Earl of Cholmondeley (2 Jan 1703-10 Jun 1770)


1d) George Cholmondeley, Viscount Malpas (London 17 Oct 1724-15 Mar 1764); m.19 Jan 1747 Hester Edwardes (d.Hampton Court Palace 3 Sep 1794)


1e) George James Cholmondeley, 4th Earl of Cholmondeley, cr 1815 Marquess of Cholmondeley and Earl of Rocksavage (Hardingstone, Northants 11 May 1749-London 10 Apr 1827); m.London 25 Apr 1791 Lady Georgiana Charlotte Bertie (7 Aug 1764-23 Jun 1838)


1f) George Horatio, 2nd Marquess of Cholmondeley (Paris 16 Jan 1792-Cholmondeley Castle 8 May 1870); m.1st Gibraltar 20 Oct 1812 Caroline Campbell (8 Jan 1795-Cholmondeley House 12 Oct 1815); m.2nd London 11 May 1830 Lady Susan Caroline Somerset (10 Apr 1804-Thornycroft House, Leatherhead, Surrey 4 Feb 1886)


2f) William Henry Hugh, 3rd Marquess of Cholmondeley (London 31 Mar 1800-Houghton Hall 16 Dec 1884); m.Cholmondeley House 28 Feb 1825 Marcia Emma Georgiana Arbuthnot (below) issue


3f) Lady Charlotte Georgiana Cholmondeley (d.24 Jun 1828); m.18 May 1818 Hugh Seymour (d.2 Dec 1821) issue


2e) Hon. Hester Cholmondeley (1755-1828); m.6 Sep 1773 William Clapcott Lisle


1f) Marcia Mary Anne Lisle; m.23 Feb 1799 Rt. Hon. Charles Arbuthnot


1g) Marcia Emma Georgiana Arbuthnot; m.28 Feb 1825 William Henry Hugh Cholmondeley, 3rd Marquess of Cholmondeley (above)


2d) Rev. Robert Cholmondeley (1 Nov 1727-5 Jun 1804); m.30 Nov 1746 Mary Woffington (d.4 Apr 1811)


1e) George James Cholmondeley (22 Feb 1752-1830); m.1st 17 Aug 1790 Marcia Pitt (d.May 1808); m.2nd 10 May 1814 Catherine Francis (d.11 Sep 1823); m.3rd 4 Oct 1825 Hon. Mary Elizabeth Townshend issue


2e) Henrietta Maria Cholmondeley (1754-1806)


3e) Robert Francis Cholmondeley (1756-1777)


4e) Hester Frances Cholmondeley (1763-10 Jan 1844); m.3 Dec 1783 Sir William Bellingham, Bt. (d.27 Oct 1826)


4c) Sir Edward (1706-1784); he had issue by Dorothy Clement (ca 1715-ca 1739):


1d) Laura (1734-27 Jul 1813); m.13 Sep 1758 Rt.Rev. Hon. Frederick Keppel, Bp of Exeter (19 Jan 1728-27 Dec 1777)


1e) Frederick Keppel, of Lexham Hall (12 Nov 1762-12 Apr 1830); m.5 Aug 1796 Louisa Clive (d.16 Mar 1832)


1f) Frederick Walpole Keppel, of Lexham Hall (23 May 1797-24 Dec 1858); m.22 Jul 1848 Mary Anne Hodgkinson (d.12 Jan 1880) issue


2f) Rev.William Arnold Walpole Keppel, of Lexham Hall (7 Oct 1804-26 Nov 1888); m.7 Sep 1830 Frances Georgiana Sophia Marsham (d.7 Jun 1883) issue


2e) Laura Keppel (14 Mar 1765-Dawlish, Devon 10 Jun 1798); m.1784 George Ferdinand Fitzroy, 2d Lord Southampton (7 Aug 1761-24 Jun 1810) issue


3e) Charlotte Augusta Keppel (6 Jun 1771-18__); m.24 Dec 1802 Robert Foote, of Charlton Place (1783- )


4e) Anna Maria Keppel (d.1836); m.1790 Lt-Gen William Stapleton (7 Jun 1770-1826)


1f) John Horace Thomas Stapleton, d.7 Nov 1836; m.1st 2 Jun 1814 Hon.Georgiana Maria Fitzroy; m.2d 8 Jul 1834 Charlotte Georgiana Ponsonby


2d) Maria (1736-Brompton 22 Aug 1807); m.1st 1759 James Waldegrave, 2nd Earl Waldegrave (1715-1763); m.2nd 1766 Pr William Henry of Great Britain and Ireland, Duke of Gloucester (1743-1805)


1e) Lady Elizabeth Laura Waldegrave (25 Mar 1760-Strawberry Hill 29 Jan 1816); m.Gloucester House, London 5 May 1782 George Waldegrave, 4th Earl Waldegrave (23 Nov 1751-22 Oct 1789)


1f) George Waldegrave, 5th Earl Waldegrave (13 Jun 1784-accidentally drowned while bathing in the Thames 29 Jun 1794)


2f) John James Waldegrave, 6th Earl Waldegrave (31 Jul 1785-Strawberry Hill 31 Jul 1835); m.Paris 30 Oct 1815 Anne King (1790-Sutton Place, Surrey 22 Aug 1852) issue


3f) Hon.Edward William Waldegrave (29 Aug 1787-drowned at sea 22 Jan 1809)


4f) William Waldegrave, 8th Earl Waldegrave (Navestock 27 Oct 1788-Hastings 24 Oct 1859); m.1st 10 Aug 1812 Elizabeth Whitbread (20 Dec 1791-London 1 Mar 1843); m.2d London 8 Dec 1846 Sarah Whitear (d.Hastings 18 Apr 1873) issue


5f) Lady Maria Wilhelmina Waldegrave (d.20 Feb 1805); m.26 Jan 1804 Nathaniel Micklethwait


2e) Lady Charlotte Maria Waldegrave (11 Oct 1761-1 Feb 1808); m.1782 (1784?) George Henry Fitzroy, 4th Duke of Grafton issue


3e) Lady Anne Horatia Waldegrave (1762-12 Jun 1801); m.2 Apr 1786 Lord Hugh Seymour issue


4e) Pss Sophia Matilda of Great Britain, etc, (Gloucester House 29 May 1773-Ranger's House, Blackheath 29 Nov 1844)


5e) Pss Caroline of Great Britain, etc (Gloucester House 24 Jun 1774-Gloucester House 14 Mar 1775)


6e) Pr William of Great Britain, etc, Duke of Gloucester (Rome 15 Jan 1776-Bagshot Park 30 Nov 1834); m.1816 Pss Mary of Great Britain, etc (1776-1857)


3d) Edward (1737-1771)


4d) Charlotte (9 Dec 1738-Ham House 5 Sep 1789); m.London 2 Oct 1760 Lionel Tollemache, 5th Earl of Dysart (6 Aug 1734-23 Feb 1799)


5c) Horace [Horatio], 4th Earl of Orford (5 Oct 1717-London 2 Mar 1797)


6c) [by Carey Daye (d.1791)] Catherine (1724-1775)


7c) [by 2nd wife, before marriage] Mary, received patent as daughter of an Earl 1742 (1725-1801); m.1746 Charles Churchill (1720-1812); he was natural son of General Charles Churchill (1679-1745), who was himself the natural son of General Charles Churchill (1656-1714), brother of 1st Duke of Marlborough


1d) Charles Churchill (1747-1783/5)


2d) Robert Churchill (1748- )


3d) George Churchill (d.1808)


4d) Mary Churchill (1750- ); m.10 May 1777 (div 1796) Charles Sloane Cadogan, 3rd Lord Cadogan [later, Earl Cadogan] (29 Sep 1728-3 Apr 1807)


1e) Hon. Henry Cadogan (26 Feb 1780-k.a.Vittoria 21 Jun 1813)


2e) George Cadogan, 3rd Earl Cadogan (5 May 1783-15 Sep 1864); m.4 Apr 1810 Honoria Louisa Blake (d.12 Sep 1845) issue


3e) Lady Emily Cadogan; m.2 Jun 1802 Very Rev. Hon. Gerald Valerian Wellesley (7 Dec 1770-24 Oct 1848) issue


4e) Lady Charlotte Cadogan (d.8 Jul 1853); m.1st 20 Sep 1803 (div 1810) Hon. Henry Wellesley [later, Lord Cowley] (20 Jan 1773-27 Apr 1847); m.2nd 1810 Henry William Paget, Marquess of Anglesey (17 May 1768-29 Apr 1854) issue


5d) Horatio Churchill (1759-1817); m.1783 Harriot Ann Modigliani (d.1840)


6d) Henry Churchill


7d) Sophia Churchill (d.9 Nov 1797); m.1781 Horatio Walpole, 2nd Earl of Orford (below)


5b) Horatio, cr 1756 Lord Walpole of Wolterton (8 Dec 1678-5 Feb 1757); m.21 Jun 1720 Mary Magdalen Lombard (d.9 Mar 1783)


1c) Horatio, 2nd Lord Walpole of Wolterton, 4th Lord Walpole of Walpole, cr 1806 Earl of Orford (12 Jun 1723-London 24 Feb 1809); m.12 May 1748 Lady Rachel Cavendish (7 Jun 1727-London 7 May 1805)


1d) Horatio, 2nd Earl of Orford (13 Jun 1752-15 Jun 1822); m.1st London 27 Jul 1781 Sophia Churchill (above); m.2nd London 28 Jul 1806 Mrs Catherine Chamberlayne, ne Tunstall (d.London 18 May 1807)


1e) Horatio, 3rd Earl of Orford (London 14 Jun 1783-Wolterton Hall 29 Dce 1858); m.London 23 Jul 1812 Mary Fawkener (1788-London 4 Feb 1860)


1f) Horatio William, 4th Earl of Orford (London 18 Apr 1813-7 Dec 1894); m.London 11 Nov 1841 Harriet Bettina Frances Pellew (d.Florence 9 Nov 1886)


1g) Dorothy Elizabeth Mary (d.Naples 19 Jan 1921); m.Florence 25 Feb 1868 Ernesto del Balzo, Duca di Caprigliano (Naples 11 Apr 1845-Naples 15 Jul 1930)


2g) Maude Mary (d.2 Jun 1874); m.11 Nov 1871 Cte Salvatore Griefeo e Gravana, Pr Palagonia


2f) Henry (1 May 1818-6 Nov 1876); m.3 Jul 1845 Cecilia Elizabeth Macalister (d.20 May1887)


3f) Frederick (18 Sep 1822-1 Apr 1876); m.12 Feb 1852 Laura Sophia Frances Walpole (below)


1g) Robert Horace, 5th Earl of Orford (10 Jul 1854-Manurewa, New Zealand 27 Sep 1931); m.1st 17 May 1888 Louise Melissa Corbin (d.Wolterton Hall 4 May 1909); m.2nd Netley St.Matthew 15 Sep 1917 Emily Gladys Oakes


1h) Horatio Corbin (9 Jan 1891-20 May 1893)


2h) Dorothy Rachel Melissa (11 Mar 1889-4 Dec 1959); m.22 Jun 1916 (div 1933) Arthur Hobart Mills (d.18 Feb 1955)


3h) Gladys Grace Sophia (4 Sep 1918-9 Jun 1919)


4h) Anne Sophia (11 Dec 1919- ); m.1st 25 Nov 1939 Joseph Eric Palmer (d.1980); m.2nd 1990 Robert James Berry


2g) Clare Horatio (21 Nov 1858-6 May 1906); m.Ann Gardner


1h) Amye; m.Hugh Wheelwright Davis


3g) Amye Rachel (d.23 Jan 1935); m.16 Apr 1872 Henry Charles Manners-Sutton, 4th Viscount Canterbury (11 Jul 1839-19 Feb 1914)


4f) Rachel Katherine (d.21 Jun 1854); m.24 Feb 1842 4th Earl of Mexborough


5f) Dorothy Fanny (d,24 Mar 1913); m.2 Dec 1847 Reginald Henry Nevill (d.11 Sep 1878)


2e) Maria (d.6 Dec 1870); m.9 Aug 1817 Martin John West


3e) Harriet (d.18 Apr 1875); m.17 Apr 1817 Sir William Hoste, Bt. (d.6 Dec 1828)


4e) Georgiana Mary (d.16 Jan 1859); m.6 Feb 1827 Rev. Joseph Wolff (d.2 May 1862)


5e) Catharine; m.25 Jul 1822 Henry Lawes Long, of Hampton Lodge


2d) George (20 Jun 1758-May 1835)


3d) Mary; m.4 Aug 1777 Thomas Hussey


2c) Mary (1726-1766); m.Maurice Suckling (above)


3c) Thomas (1727-1803); m.1st 1750 Elizabeth Vanneck (d.1760); m.2nd 1787 Jeanne-Marguerite Batailhe de Montval, Marquise de Villegagnon (1731-1821)


1d) Thomas (23 May 1755-3 Nov 1840); m.1 Dec 1803 Lady Margaret Perceval (d.12 Dec 1854)


1e) Rev. Thomas (30 Sep 1805-8 Feb 1881); m.15 Jan 1833 Margaret Harriet Isabella Mitchell (d.29 Jun 1876)


1f) Henry Spencer, took surname Vade-Walpole (10 Mar 1837-1 Mar 1913); m.19 Jul 1877 Mrs Frances Selina Chamberlayne, ne Bourke (d.17 Sep 1924)


1g) Thomas Henry Bourke (2 Sep 1879-k.a.20 Sep 1915)


2g) Horatio Spencer, resumed surname Walpole (19 Jun 1881-k.a.9 Apr 1918); m.3 Jul 1906 Dorothea Frances Molyneux Montgomerie (d.10 Jan 1971)


1h) Robert Henry Montgomerie, 9th Lord Walpole of Walpole, 7th Lord Walpole of Wolterton (25 Apr 1913-1989); m.14 Jul 1937 Nancy Louisa Jones (d.16 Jun 2002)


1i) Robert Horatio, 10th Lord Walpole (b.8 Dec 1938); m.1st 1962 (div 1979) Sybil Judith Schofeld (d.1993); m.2nd 1980 Laurel Celia Ball


1j) Alice Louise (b.1963); m.1990 Angel Cesar Carro


2j) Emma Judith (b.1964); m.1998 Timothy Walsh


3j) Jonathan Robert Hugh (b.1967); m.2006 Eilen Margaret Sean Quinn


4j) Benedict Thomas Orford (b.1969); m.2000 Eleanor Hawkes


1k) Thomas Charles Orford


2k) Albert Vincent Horatio


3k) Dorothea Isobel Ann


5j) Roger Horatio Calibut (b.1980); m.2008 Lesley Rosalind Janet Walker


6j) Henry William (b.1982)


7j) Grace Mary (b.1986)


2i) Mary (19 Nov 1948-20 Nov 1948)


3i) Phillida Ann (b.1950); m.1st 1973 (div 1981) Clive Grainger Morgan-Evans; m.2nd 1983 Anthony Hurn


4i) Jonathan Henry (27 Jul 1951-26 Jan 1961)


2h) Pamela Frances (22 Feb 1908-19__)


2f) Horatio John Thomas (26 Jul 1842-28 Feb 1924)


3f) Ralph Charles (5 Jun 1844-20 Feb 1928); m.21 Jun 1924 Mrs Emily Le Merchant, ne Fraser


4f) Henrietta Elizabeth (d.17 Jan 1916); m.15 Apr 1856 John James Charles Irby


2e) Spencer Horatio (1 Sep 1806-22 May 1898); m.6 Oct 1835 Isabella Perceval (d.16 Jul 1886) issue, extant in male line


3e) Sir Robert (1 Dec 1808-12 Jul 1876); m.29 Jan 1846 Gertrude Ford (d.22 Nov 1903)


1f) Robert Edmund (11 Jan 1847-28 Apr 1867)


2f) George (16 Feb 1848-26 Nov 1872)


3f) Spencer Charles (10 Feb 1852-2 Feb 1934); m.23 Dec 1885 Jessie Madeline Nicholas (d.3 Oct 1926)


1g) Geraldine Edith (d.21 Sep 1955)


2g) Madeline Rachel (2 Feb 1889-19__); m.26 Aug 1926 Rev. Arthur Hugh Rawlins Robinson (d.25 Dec 1945)


3g) Lucy Gertrude (d.19__)


4f) Geraldine Frances (d.24 Dec 1876); m.10 Oct 1872 Sir Colman Battie Rashleigh, 3rd Bt. (11 Mar 1846-28 Oct 1907)


5f) William Henry (27 Apr 1862-31 Jan 1902); m.20 Sep 1893 Minnie Thomason


6f) Catherine Lucy (2 Aug 1865-4 Mar 1944)


7f) Gertrude Margaret (12 Feb 1867-16 Jun 1955)


4e) John, took surname Vade-Walpole (23 Apr 1810-30 Jan 1892); m.17 May 1841 Henrietta Smith (d.8 Jan 1899)


1f) Thomas Arthur (Jun 1845-19 May 1858)


5e) Charles, took surname Vade-Walpole (16 Aug 1813-2 Nov 1891); m.13 May 1846 Annette Provost (d.3 Apr 1885)


1f) Charles George, resumed surname Walpole (7 Sep 1848-24 May 1926); m.1st 18 Aug 1877 Maria Elizabeth Ford (d.24 Sep 1914); m.2nd 19 Jan 1922 Mrs Marie Bowles Seton, ne Wallace (d.5 Feb 1928)


1g) Charles Archibald (25 Mar 1881-2 Jan 1943); m.16 Dec 1927 (div 193) Dorothea Hume de Falloux Critchley-Salmonson


2g) John Robsart (26 Dec 1882-k.a.1 Jul 1916)


3g) Kathleen Cypria (2 Oct 1884-20 Dec 1922); m.11 Feb 1920 Denis Arthur Turpin

6e) Catherine Margaret (d.18 Mar 1876); m.8 Apr 1861 Baron de Teissier


7e) Sophia Frances (d.8 Feb 1900); m.21 Ag 1849 Rev. Edward Riou Berens (d.31 Jul 1867)


2d) Catherine Margaret (1756-1816)


3d) Lambert Theodore (28 Dec 1757-1798); m.11 Jan 1788 Hon. Margaret Clive (d.Jun 1814)


4d) Elizabeth (1759-1842)


4c) Richard (5 Dec 1728-18 Aug 1798); m.2 Nov 1757 Margaret Vanneck (d.9 May 1818)


1d) Richard (16 Jun 1762-15 Aug 1811); m.23 Jan 1792 Elizabeth Hammet


2d) Robert (1768-18 May 1834)


3d) Edward (1770-1 Oct 1844)


4d) Mary Rachel (d.16 Sep 1827); m.4 Jan 1798 Rev. Ashton Vade (d.26 May 1720)


5d) Caroline (d.21 Dec 1841); m.12 May 1787 Hon. George Henry Nevill (d.7 Aug 1844)


5c) Susan (1730-1732)


6c) Henrietta Louisa (1731- )


7c) Anne (1733- )


8c) Caroline (1734-1737)


9c) Robert (1736-1810); m.1st 1780 Diana Grossett (d.1784); m.2nd 1785 Sophia Stert (1769-1829)


1d) Rev. Robert (8 Aug 1781-16 Apr 1856); m.6 Feb 1811 Caroline Frances Hyde (d.11 Dec 1840)


1e) Reginald Robert (8 Dec 1817-28 Jul 1880); m.1st 1 May 1849 Anne Eliza Heaton (d.18 Nov 1854); m.2nd 17 Jan 1856 Mrs Caroline Watts, ne Apthorp (d.22 Feb 1899)


1f) [by 1st m.] Emily Jessie Horatia; m.29 Oct 1879 John Lynch Fletcher


2f) [by 2nd m.] Diana Caroline (d.13 May 1891); m.18 Apr 1876 James Boughey Monk Lingard-Monk (d.19 Aug 1906)


3f) Regina Caroline; m.17 Jul 1883 Thomas Dewhurst Lingard (d.14 Jan 1925)


4f) Caroline Emily; m.20 Jan 1881 William Martin Cunningham (d.7 Feb 1924)


2e) Rev. Robert Seymour (20 Sep 1820-1910); m.11 Aug 1848 Elizabeth Apthorp


1f) Horatio Frederick William Seymour (4 Dec 1850-17 Dec 1887); m.1877 Laura Anne Coombe


1g) Robert Somerset George Reginald (25 Aug 1878-19__)


2g) Horace Henry Vade (5 Apr 1883-19__)


2f) Herbert Reginald Robert Seymour (6 Dec 1853-2 Jul 1928); m.23 Aug 1882 Jane Sophia Kent (d.1916)


1g) Beatrice Adelaide (d.18 Nov 1964); m.16 Mar 1912 Kenneth Stuart Cross


2g) Florence Louise (1885-19__)


3g) Lucy Apthorp (1887-19__); m.1912 Robert Balcombe Beggs (d.10 Mar 1954)


4g) Gladys (d.12 Dec 1969)


5g) Agnes Jane (1893-19__); m.3 Dec 1918 Theodore Beggs (d.1940)


6g) Francis Seymour (1895-199__)


3f) Rt. Rev. George Henry Somerset, Bp of Edinburgh (9 Nov 1854-4 Mar 1929); m.12 Sep 1882 Mildred Helen Barham (d.23 Jun 1925)


1g) Sir Hugh Seymour, the author (13 Mar 1884-1 Jun 1941)


2g) Dorothea Elizabeth (20 Feb 1887-16 Nov 1959)


3g) Robert Henry (18 Jan 1892-6 May 1963)


2d) Henry (2 Oct 1787-29 Jan 1854); m.21 Aug 1834 Elizabeth Carpenter Smith (d.19 Apr 1879)


1e) Henry (23 Jan 1836-1 May 1878); m.1871 Sempe Georgina Templeton


1f) Henry (1873- )


2e) Eliza (d.29 May 1917)


3d) Edward (2 Jun 1791-31 Oct 1857); m.24 Jan 1815 Ann Theresa Gildermeester (d.15 Jan 1878)


1e) Horatio Edward (27 Feb 1820-22 Jan 1892)


2e) Frederick Goulburn (30 May 1829-3 Sep 1901); m.15 Jan 1864 Amalie Trafford Haughton Binns (d.7 Oct 1895)


1f) Horace Henry Maximilian (18 Sep 1867-23 Jul 1910)


2f) Gwendolen Anna (19 Oct 1864-19 Apr 1934)


3f) Maud Josephine Charlotte (11 Oct 1865-10 Dec 1944)


4f) Adeline Mary “Kenyon-Williams” (d.7 Jul 1929); m.1898 William Edwin Williams (d.17 Apr 1914)


5f) Mary Pauline (d.31 Mar 1944); m.1 Sep 1917 P. Burd Jagger


3e) Josephine Maria (d.20 Mar 1907); m.1860 Baron Henry Maximilian van Tuyll de Serooskerken (d.1888)


4d) Francis (1 Jan 1795-9 Jan 1861); m.8 May 1828 Elizabeth Knight (d.8 Aug 1860)


1e) Horatio Andrew (21 Feb 1829-20 Jan 1855)


2e) Laura Sophia Frances (d.26 Jan 1901); m.12 Feb 1852 Hon. Frederick Walpole (above)


5d) John (14 Jul 1797-4 Jan 1864)


6d) Horatio (27 Aug 1799-Apr 1886); m.22 Jul 1835 Fanny Sophia Conway (d.18 Apr 1873)


1e) Horatio (1837-1873)


2e) Henry (15 Nov 1846- )


6b) Galfridus (1684-1726); m.Cornelia Hays


7b) Dorothy (18 Sep 1686-29 Mar 1726); m.1713 Charles Townshend, Viscount Townshend (18 Apr 1675-21 Jun 1738)


1c) Hon. Dorothy Townshend (1714-1776); m.1743 Very Rev. Spencer Cowper, Dean of Durham (d.25 Mar 1774)


2c) Hon. George Townshend (1715-1769)


3c) Hon. Augustus Townshend (ca 1716-1746)


4c) Hon. Horatio Townshend (ca 1717-1764)


5c) Hon. Richard Townshend


6c) Very Rev. Hon. Edward Townshend, Dean of Norwich (25 Oct 1719-27 Jan 1765); m.11 May 1747 Mary Price (ca 1729-21 Feb 1816)


1d) Rev. Edward Townshend (d.1822); m.23 Mar 1789 Louisa Sarah Milner (d.7 Mar 1853)


2d) Mary Townshend


3d) Elizabeth Townshend (ca 1750-1798); m.Rev. W W Driffield


4d) Charlotte Townshend; m.1st 1773 John Norris (d.1777); m.2nd 1779 Thomas Fauquier; a dau. by the 1st m. married Lord Wodehouse


7c) Hon. Mary Townshend (ca 1720-1776); m.1753 Gen. Edward Cornwallis (1713-14 Jan 1776)


8b) Susan (1687-1763); m.1707 Anthony Hammond, of Wootton (d.7 Feb 1743)


1c) Richard Hamond (d.1776)


2c) Robert Hamond (d.1750); m.Elizabeth Swan


1d) Anthony Hamond, of Westacre; m.1st Polly Amelia Payne; m.2nd Sarah Case


1e) [by 1st m.] a son


2e) [by 2nd m.] Philip Hamond, of Westacre (d.Jul 1824); m.1803 Anne Packe issue


3e) Susan Hamond; m.Henry Elwes, of Colesbourne issue


3c) Susan Hamond; m.James Hoste


1d) Susan Hoste; m.Henry Cornish Henley


4c) Horace Hamond (1718-1786); m.Dorothy Walpole Turner (above)


1d) Susan Hamond (d.1800); m.Joseph Farington (1747-1821)


2a) Horatio (d.17 Oct 1717); m.Lady Anne Coke, ne Osborne


3a) Edward (d.1688)


4a) Anne (d.1691); m.Montfort Spelman


5a) Dorothy (d.1694)


6a) Mary; m.John Wilson


7a) Elizabeth; m.1665 James Hoste, of Sandringham




Section 2, Shorter and Philipps



Sir Erasmus Philipps, of Picton Castle, 3rd Bt. (ca 1623-18 Jan 1697); m.1st Lady Cecily Finch; m.2nd 1660 Catharine D’Arcy ( 1713)


[by 1st m.]:


1a) son (d.young)


2a) Anne; m.1st Thomas Bowen, of Trelloyne; m.2nd Thomas Hayward, of Rudbaxton


[by 2nd m.]:


3a) Edward (d.15 Apr 1694); m.Elizabeth Cannon (d.17 Aug 1706)


4a) Sir John, 4th Bt. (1666-London 5 Jan 1737); m.12 Dec 1697 Mary Smith (Surat, India 16__-Bath 18 Nov 1722)


1b) Sir Erasmus, 5th Bt. (1699-drowned in the Avon near Bath 15 Oct 1743)


2b) Sir John, 6th Bt. (1700-23 Jun 1764); m.Whitehall Chapel 22 Sep 1725 Elizabeth Shepherd (d.28 Sep 1788)


1c) Sir Richard, 7th Bt., cr 1776 Lord Milford (Kilgetty 1744-Picton Castle 28 Nov 1823); m.2 Jun 1764 Mary Philipps (d.Picton Castle 26 Aug 1815); on his death the estates went to descendants of his cousin Mary Philippa Artemisia (below), and the Baronetcy to an even more distant cousin


3b) Bulkeley, of Abercover; m.Philippa Adams


1c) Mary Philippa Artemisia; m.James Child; some of their issue took the surname Philipps and inherited many of the Philipps estates


5a) Margaret (d.5 Jan 1756); m.Rev. Griffith Jones (d.8 Apr 1761)


6a) Elizabeth; m.John Shorter [son of Sir John Shorter, Lord Mayor of London, by Elizabeth Birkett]


1b) John


2b) Erasmus (d.23 Nov 1753)


3b) Arthur (d.1753)


4b) Catherine (ca 1682-London 20 Aug 1737); m.London 30 Jul 1700 Sir Robert Walpole [later, Earl of Orford] (see Part 1)


5b) Charlotte (1683-12 Feb 1734); m.Jul 1716 Francis Seymour-Conway, Lord Conway (28 May 1679-Lisburn 3 Feb 1732)


1c) Anne Seymour-Conway; m.10 Mar 1755 John Harris, of Hayne (ca 1690-5 Oct 1767)


2c) Charlotte Seymour-Conway (22 Jul 1717-Sep 1717)


3c) Francis Seymour-Conway, 2nd Lord Conway, cr 1750 Viscount Beauchamp and Earl of Hertford, cr 1793 Earl of Yarmouth and Marquess of Hertford (Lindsey House 5 Jul 1718-Putney 14 Jun 1794); m.29 May 1741 Lady Isabella Fitzroy (19 Jul 1726-London 10 Nov 1782) --> issue


4c) Henry Seymour-Conway (1719-9 Jul 1795); m.19 Dec 1747 Lady Caroline Campbell, Dowager Css of Elgin and Ailesbury (12 Jan 1821-London 17 Jan 1803)


1d) Anne Seymour-Conway (8 Nov 1748-28 May 1828); m.14 Jun 1767 Hon John Damer (suicide 15 Aug 1776)


5c) Arabella Seymour-Conway


6c) George Augustus Seymour-Conway (Aug 1723- )


7c) Arabella Seymour-Conway


6b) David Shorter (1684-1746)





Section 3, Mann


The Mann family was not closely related to the Walpoles, but were related. The Yale Edition of the Horace Walpole Correspondence says that the maternal grandmother of Sir Horace Mann’s grandfather, John Mann, was a Mrs Alston, who was sister of Mrs Burwell, who in turn was the great-grandmother of Sir Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford. Burke’s Extinct Baronetage, printed a century earlier, has the genealogy different. Burke’s, in its article on the Mann Baronetcy, has no John Mann in the line, but instead has Sir Horace as son of Robert Mann, who was in turn son of Thomas Mann, who married Elizabeth Alston. In its article on the Alston Baronetcy, Burke’s shows Elizabeth Alston marrying Thomas Mann, too. This Elizabeth was daughter of William Alston, of Marlesford, Suffolk, by Avise Pitman [daughter of Jeffrey Pitman, of Woodbridge]. William Alston was son of another William Alston by a daughter of ___ Neuce, of Hadham, Herts. Generally speaking, the Yale Walpole is more accurate than other sources. Burke’s Baronetage has other errors in the Mann article, such as the death of Edward Louisa Mann being shown as 1755, which I think is actually the death date of Galfridus Mann, for whom they list no date of death. Because of the confusion, I will begin this genealogy only with Robert Mann, who because of his Walpole connections received many government contracts, and these continued among his sons. The long, monumental correspondence between Horace Walpole and Horace Mann links this family irretrievably with the Walpoles.



Robert Mann, of Linton Place, Kent (d.1752) m. Eleanor Guise, daughter of Christopher Guise, of Abbot’s Court, Glocs, and had issue:


1a) Edward Louisa (1706-16 Dec 1775); he had natural issue by two women:


[by relationship 1]:


1b) Sarah, d.1775; m. Charles Rivington


2b) Eleanor; 1773 Capt. John Rogers


[by Sarah Coleman, alias Wright]:


3b) James, of Egerton Lodge, nr Lenham, and later of Linton (ca 1761-; m.Lucy Mann (below)


1c) Lucy (d.29 Dec 1871); m.12 Apr 1810 Sir Matthew Blakiston, 3rd Bt. (13 May 1783-23 Dec 1862)


2c) Sophia Noel (d.5 Jan 1882); m.3 Apr 1823 Sir Digby Mackworth, 4th Bt. (13 Jun 1789-8 Sep 1857)


4b) Mary, d.1815/8; m.1789 Christopher Neville


2a) Sir Horace, cr Baronet 1755, with remainder to his brother Galfridus and his heirs (d.Florence 6 Nov 1886)


3a) Galfridus, d.20/21 Dec 1756; m.Sarah Gregory


1b) Sir Horace, 2nd Bt. (d.2 Apr 1814); m.1765 Lady Lucy Noel


1c) Lucy; m.1786 James Mann (above)


2c) Emily (1772/4-1847); m.1792 Sir Robert Heron, Bt.


3c) Harriet (1772/4-1810); m.29 Jul 1801 John Staunton Rochford, of Clogrenane


2b) Alice (31 May 1775); m.John Apthorpe


3b) Sarah (1740-1761)


4b) Catharine (1742-17 Apr 1811); m.Lambeth Chapel 30 Apr 1771 Rt. Rev. Hon. James Cornwallis, Bp of Lichfield and Coventry [later, 4th Earl Cornwallis] (London 25 Feb 1743-Richmond 20 Jan 1824)


1c) James Cornwallis, 5th Earl Cornwallis, took surname Mann on inheriting Linton (20 Sep 1778-Linton 21 May 1852); m.1st London 18 Dec 1804 Maria Isabella Dickens (d.16 Jan 1823); m.2nd London 22 Jan 1829 Laura Hayes (d.London 3 Aug 1840); m.3rd Croydon 4 Aug 1842 Julia Bacon (d.St.Leonards-on-Sea 4 Nov 1847); Galfridus Mann's will entailed his estate in such a way that if his son Horace died without sons, as did happen, the estate would go to Galfridus' daughters and their heirs by seniority before it went to Horace's daughters


1d) Charles James, Viscount Brome (17 Dec 1813-Linton 27 Dec 1835)


2d) Lady Jemima Isabella Cornwallis, later Mann (d.17 Dec 1836); m.12 Apr 1828 Charles Wykeham-Martin, of Leeds Castle; the Cornwallis title was revived in their issue


3d) [by 2nd m.] Lady Julia Mann (d.1 Sep 1883); m.27 Aug 1862 William Archer Amherst, Viscount Holmesdale, [later, Earl Amherst]; they inherited Linton


5b) Eleanor (d.Clifton Jan 1823); m.31 Mar 1772 Thomas Powis, cr 1797 Lord Lilford (4 May 1743-London 26 Jan 1800)


1c) Thomas Powys, 2nd Lord Lilford (8 Apr 1775-4 Jul 1825); m.5 Dec 1797 Anna Maria Atherton (d.11 Aug 1820) issue


2c) Rev. Hon. Littleton Powys (23 Jan1781-22 Jan 1842); m.24 Jul 1809 Penelope Hatsell (d.22 Nov 1864)


1d) Littleton Powys, later Hatsell-Powys (d.10 Aug 1878)


3c) Rev. Hon. Frederick Powys (13 Mar 1782-21 Dec 1850); m.15 Oct 1807 Mary Gould (d.19 Jan 1837) issue


4c) Hon. Henry Powys (d.of wounds received at Picurina Apr 1812)


5c) Hon. Eleanor Powys (d.10 Dec 1854); m.1800 Rev. Hon. Richard Bruce Stopford


4a) James


5a) Eleanor; m.Sir John Torriano


1b) Eleanor; m.Joseph Martin (1725-1776)


1c) Thomas Martin, of Quy Hall (1749-1821)


2c) Rev. Joseph Martin, of Ham Court (1757-1828); m.1786 Isabella Margaret Sturges


1d) Joseph John Martin, of Ham Court (1790-1873)


2d) Rev. George Martin (1791-1860); m.1st 1825 Lady Charlotte Sophia Eliot (d.1839); m.2nd 1842 Renira Henrietta Bentinck (d.1868) issue


3d) Henry Martin (1792-1843)


4d) Rev. William Martin (1798-1850); m.1828 Jane Champernowne (d.1892) issue


5d) Francis Martin (1799-1810)


6d) Rev. Richard Martin (1802-1888); m.Charlotte Baugh (d.1882)


7d) John Sturges Martin (1803-1839)


8d) Isabella Margaret Martin


9d) Eleanor Martin


10d) Anne Martin


11d) Frances Martin


3c) Charles Martin (1759-1827); m.Elizabeth Williams issue


4c) Rev. George Martin (1764-1796); m.Maria Clarke issue


5c) Eleanor Martin; m.John Foote (below)


6c) Mary, d.1849; m.Rev. Thomas Heberden issue


7c) Anna, d.1791; m.Joseph Smith


6a) Mary; m.Benjamin Hatley Foote (d.Malling Abbey, Kent 1791)


1b) George Talbot Hatley Foote, of Malling Abbey (1745-1821)


2b) John Foote; m.1775 Eleanor Martin (above); he had, with three sons who d. unmarried:


1c) George Foote (1776-drowned 1804)


2c) Eleanor Foote; m. Sir Brook Bridges, Bt.; grandparents of Lord Fitzwalter


3c) Harriet Foote; m. Rev. Edward Bridges


4c) Lucy Mann Foote; m. Col. Locker


5c) Anne Foote


6c) Mary Foote


7a) Catharine (d.9 May 1776); m.Rev. Francis Hender Foote (d.1773)


1b) Francis Foote (d.young)


2b) John Foote, of Charlton Place, Kent (1755-1800); m.Mary Cocket


1c) Robert Foote, of Charlton Place (15 May 1783- ); m.Charlotte Augusta Keppel (see Walpole genealogy above)


2c) Edward James Foote (d.1824) issue, a dau


3c) John Foote; m.Fanny Pengelby issue


4c) Mary Foote; m.1st Daniel Libson; m.2nd Charles Patrick


5c) Adeline Foote; m.Maj. ___ Barrington


3b) Rev. Robert Foote (1757-1805); m.Anne Yate


4b) Sir Edward James Foote (20 Apr 1767- ); m.1st Nina Herries; m.2nd Mary Patton; he had, with two daus from first marriage and four from the second:


1c) Francis Foote; m.1832 Charlotte Hubbell


5b) Caroline Foote (d.1778)


6b) Catherine Foote (ca 1758-1808); m.1st Col. ___ Ross; m.2nd Sir Robert Herries


7b) Mary Foote (d.1789)