and some of their descendants




Sir George Villiers, of Brokesby (d.4 Jan 1606); m.1st Audrey Sanders (d.1 May 1588); m.2nd Mary Beaumont, cr 1618 Countess of Buckingham, for life (d.London 19 Apr 1632); they had issue:


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Sir William, cr Baronet 1619 (ca 1575-12 Jun 1629); m.1st Anne Griffin; m.2nd ca 1614 Hon. Elizabeth Fiennes; m.3rd by 1618 Rebecca Roper (bap 17 Jan 1591-1661)


1b) Sir George, 2nd Bt. (Feb 1620-1682); m.1st Boarstall, Bucks 17 Jun 1641 Penelope [Margaret?] Denham [Dynham] (d.1668); m.2nd Mary Golding (d.London 14 Nov 1699)


1c) Sir William, 3rd Bt. (1645-27 Feb 1712); m.Chelsea 16 Apr 1668 Anne Potts (d.31 Jul 1711)


2c) Penelope; m.Sir William Jesson


1d) Penelope Jesson; m.George Hewett, of Stretton, Leics


2d) Anne Jesson; m.Sir James Robinson, Bt.


2b) Audrey; m.Sir John Chernocke, of Hulcote, Bt. (d.Mar 1680)


1c) Sir Villiers Chernocke, 2nd Bt. (d.Nov 1694); m.Anne Pynsent issue, extinct in male line 1779


3b) Mary (d.1688); m.London 25 Feb 1656 George Sondes, Earl of Feversham (Nov 1599-16 Apr 1677)


1c) Lady Mary Sondes (d.1709); m.1675 Lewis de Duras [Durfort], Lord Duras of Holdenby, 2nd Earl of Feversham [under remainder of his father-in-law’s title] (1641-19 Apr 1709)


2c) Lady Catherine Sondes (d.21 Mar 1696); m.Jul 1677 Lewis Watson, 3rd Lord Rockingham [later, Earl of Rockingham, Viscount Sondes, and Baron of Throwley] (29 Dec 1655-19 Mar 1724)


4b) Catherine (d.1678); m.Philip Herbert, 5th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (d.11 Dec 1669)


1c) Philip Herbert , 7th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (d.29 Aug 1683); m.17 Dec 1674 Henriette Mauricette de Penancoet [sister of the Duchess of Portsmouth] (d.Paris Nov 1728)


1d) Lady Charlotte Herbert (d.Reigate 13 Nov 1733); m.1st 17 Jul 1688 John, Lord Jeffreys (d.London 9 May 1702); m.2nd 28 Aug 1703 Thomas Windsor, Viscount Windsor (d.Jun 1738) issue


2c) Thomas Herbert, 8th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (d.London 22 Jan 1733); m.1st 26 Jul 1684 Margaret Sawyer (d.Werrington, Devon 17 Nov 1706); m.2nd London 21 Sep 1708 Barbara, Lady Arundell of Trerice, ne Slingsby (d.1 Aug 1722); m.3rd 14 Jun 1725 Hon. Mary Howe (d.Fulham 12 Sep 1749) issue


3c) Lady Susan Herbert; m.1667 John Poulett, 3rd Lord Poulett (ca 1642-1679) issue


4c) Lady Mary Herbert; m.Sir John Posthumous Sydenham, 2nd Bt. (d.1696)


1d) John (dvp)


2d) Sir Philip Sydenham, 3rd Bt. (d.16 Oct 1739)


3d) Mary (d.1698)


5c) Catherine; m.Sir John Williams, of Llangibby, 2nd Bt. (d.Nov 1704)


2a) Sir Edward (d.7 Sep 1626); m.Barbara St.John (d.1672); she was niece of Oliver St.John, Viscount Grandison, which title had a remainder to Barbara’s heirs male


1b) William, 2nd Viscount Grandison ( Oxford 30 Sep 1643 of wounds received at Bristol on 24 Jul 1643); m.London 31 Oct 1639 Hon. Mary Bayning [she later married Charles Villiers, 2nd Earl of Anglesey (below)


1c) Barbara, mistress of King Charles II, cr 1670 Duchess of Cleveland, Countess of Southampton and Baroness Nonsuch (ca 1641-Chiswick 9 Oct 1709); m.London 14 Apr 1659 Roger Palmer, Earl of Castlemaine (d.Oswestry 28 Jul 1705); m.2nd (annulled 1707) Robert Feilding issue by the King; her daughter Anne, Countess of Sussex, is supposed by some to be daughter of Lord Chesterfield, but both the King and Lord Castlemaine acknowledged her as theirs


2b) John, 3rd Viscount Grandison (d.9 Nov 1659); m.Catherine Clarke


3b) George, 4th Viscount Grandison (d.16 Dec 1699); m.1st Lady Mary Leigh (below); m.2nd 14 Nov 1674 Mary, Lady Starling, ne Garford (d.1700)


1c) Edward (d.1693); m.Mar 1677 Catherine Fitzgerald, cr 1700 Viscountess Grandison (d.26 Dec 1725)


1d) George ( infant)


2d) John, 5th Viscount Grandison, cr 1721 Earl of Grandison (ca 1684-London 14 May 1766); m.Feb 1706 Frances Cary (d.17 Jan 1768)


1e) James, Lord Villiers (d.London 12 Dec 1732); m.London 10 Jul 1728 Jane Butler (d.France 20 Dec 1751)


2e) William, Lord Villiers (10 Jan 1715-Waterford 16 Dec 1739)


3e) Elizabeth, cr 1746 Viscountess Grandison of Dromana (d.Spa 29 May 1782); m.1st 12 Jun 1739 Aland John Mason (d.26 Mar 1759); m.2nd 15 Feb 1763 Sir Charles Montague (d.1777)


1f) George Mason, took surname Mason-Villiers, 2nd Viscount Grandison (13 Jul 1751-London 14 Jul 1800); m.London 10 Feb 1772 Lady Gertrude Seymour-Conway (9 Oct 1750-Switzerland Sep 1793)


1g) Hon. Gertrude Emilia Villiers (28 Mar 1778-Aug 1809); m.1 Jul 1802 Lord Henry Stuart (d.19 Aug 1809)


1h) Henry Villiers-Stuart, Lord Stuart de Decies (London 8 Jun 1803-Dromana 23 Jan 1874); he was alleged to have 1826 Theresia Pauline Ott (d.Wiesbaden 7 Aug 1867), of Vienna, but no proof was ever found; their son was:


1i) Henry Windsor Villiers-Stuart, of Dromana (13 Sep 1827-12 Oct 1895); m.3 Aug 1865 Mary Power (d.14 Sep 1907) issue, see Bute


3d) William


4d) Mary; m.Brig-Gen Stuart


5d) Harriet; m.Robert Pitt issue, including the Earl of Chatham


2c) William (d.7 Sep 1723); m.1702 Katherine Villiers (below)


3c) Audrey; m.Richard Harrison, of Balls Park (d.1726)


1d) Edward Harrison, of Balls Park (1674-28 Nov 1732); m.Frances Bray issue, 1 son, 3 daus; one dau. m.3rd Viscount Townshend


2d) George Harrison, of Balls Park (1680-2 Dec 1759); m.Mary Feilde


3d) Thomas Harrison (1681- )


4c) dau; m.Skinner Byde


4b) Christopher (bap 8 Apr 1619, d.young)


5b) Sir Edward (bap 15 Apr 1620-1689); m.1st Lady Frances Howard (d.1677); m.2nd 25 Feb 1684 Martha Love (d.1738)


1c) Edward, cr 1691 Viscount Villiers of Dartford and Lord Villiers of Hoo, cr 1697 Earl of Jersey (ca 1656-25 Aug 1711); m.Barbara Chiffinch (d.Paris 22 Jul 1735)


1d) William, 2nd Earl of Jersey (ca 1682-Castlethorpe, Bucks 13 Jul 1721); m.22 Mar 1705 Judith Herne issue, the extant Earls of Jersey and Clarendon


2d) Henry (d.May 1743)


3d) Mary (d.17 Jan 1735); m.1st Thomas Thynne (d.24 Apr 1710); m.2nd 1711 George Granville, Lord Lansdowne (d.30 Jan 1735) issue


2c) Henry (d.18 Aug 1708); m.NN


1d) Henry (d.29 May 1753); m.1st Arabella Rossiter; m.2nd Mary Fowke


2d) Catherine (d.1 Oct 1772); m.17 Jan 1727 John Craster, of Craster (d.31 Dec 1763)


1e) George Craster, of Craster (6 Dec 1735-dsp 8 May 1772); m.Feb 1757 Olive Sharp (d.Dec 1769)


3c) Elizabeth, mistress of King William III (d.19 Apr 1733); m.26 Nov 1695 George Hamilton, Earl of Orkney (d.29 Jan 1737) issue


4c) Katherine; m.1st 20 Jul 1685 Louis Jacques de Vasseur, Marquis de Puissar (d.1701); m.2nd William Villiers (above)


5c) Barbara (d.19 Sep 1708); m.John Berkeley, 4th Viscount FitzHardinge (d.19 Dec 1712)


6c) Frances/Anne (d.Nov 1688); m.Feb 1678 Hans Willem Bentinck, Earl of Portland (d.23 Nov 1709) issue


7c) Henrietta (d.1 Feb 1720); m.23 May 1695 John Campbell, 2nd Earl of Breadalbane (d.23 Feb 1752) issue


8c) Mary (d.17 Apr 1753); m.Apr 1691 William O’Brien, 3rd Earl of Inchiquin (d.24 Dec 1719) issue


6b) Barbara (bap 1 Jun 1622, d.London 13 Dec 1681); m.1st Hon. Richard Wenman (d.1646); m.2nd 1651 James Howard, 3rd Earl of Suffolk (1620-7 Jan 1689) issue, a daughter by 2nd marriage


7b) Elizabeth (d.Dec 1654); m.Robert Douglas, 8th Earl of Morton (d.12 Nov 1649) issue


8b) Eleanor (d.1685)


3a) Elizabeth; m.John Boteler, Lord Boteler, of Brantfield (d.27 May 1637)


1b) William Boteler, 2nd Lord Boteler of Brantfield (d.1647)


2b) Hon. Audrey Boteler (d.16 Sep 1652); m.1st Sir Francis Anderson (d.22 Dec 1616); m.2nd 1617/8 Francis Leigh, Earl of Chichester (d.Apscourt, Surrey 21 Dec 1653)


1c) Lady Elizabeth Leigh; 1642 Thomas Wriothesley, 4th Earl of Southampton, 2nd Earl of Chichester (10 Mar 1608-16 May 1667)


1d) Lady Audrey Wriothesley


2d) Lady Penelope Wriothesley


3d) Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley (d.Boughton 19 Sep 1690); m.1st Josceline Percy, 11th Earl of Northumberland (d.21 May 1670); m.2nd Titchfield 24 Aug 1673 Ralph Montagu, Duke of Montagu (1638-Montagu House, London 9 Mar 1709) issue by both marriages


4d) Lady Penelope Wriothesley


2c) Lady Mary Leigh; m.George Villiers, 4th Viscount Grandison (above)


3b) Hon. Helena Boteler; m.Sir John Drake, of Ashe (d.1636)


1c) Sir John Drake, cr Bt. 1660 (d.1669); m.1st Jane Yonge; m.2nd Dionysia Strode (d.1697) issue


2c) George Drake (d.1664)


3c) Thomas Drake (d.Ireland 1659)


4c) Henry Drake (d.1688); m.1st NN; m.2nd 1682 Anne Yeo issue


5c) Dorothy Drake; m.William Yardley


6c) Mary Drake


7c) Eleanora Drake; m.John Briscoe


8c) Elizabeth Drake; m.Sir Winston Churchill (1620- )


1d) John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough (d.16 Jun 1722); m.1 Oct 1678 Sarah Jennings (d.18 Oct 1744) issue


2d) George Churchill (1653-8 May 1710)


3d) Charles Churchill (d.1714); m.1702 Mary Gould illegitimate issue


4d) Arabella Churchill, mistress of King James II (d.1714); m.Charles Godfrey issue by her marriage and also by the King


9c) Gertrude Drake


10c) Ivanna Drake


11c) Jane Drake; m.William Yonge


12c) Anne Drake; m.Sir Richard Strode, of Newnham and Chalmington


4b) Hon. Jane Boteler; m.1st 4 Jul 1621 James Ley, Earl of Marlborough (ca 1552-London 14 Mar 1629); m.2nd 1629 William Ashburnham


5b) Hon. Olive Boteler; m.Endymion Porter, of Wandsworth (d.1649)


1c) George Porter (d.11 Dec 1683); m.Lady Diana Covert, ne Goring issue


2c) Charles Porter (k.a.1640)


3c) Philip Porter


4c) Thomas Porter; m.1st Lady Anne Blount (below); m.2nd Anne Canning


5c) James Porter; m.Anne, Lady Audeley, ne Daniell


6b) Hon. Mary Boteler (d.1634); m.30 Nov 1623 Edward, Lord Howard of Escrick (d.24 Apr 1675) issue


7b) Hon. Anne Boteler (d.Newport House 26 May 1669); m.Mountjoy Blount, Earl of Newport (ca 1597-St.Aldates, Oxford 12 Feb 1666); m.2nd 1667 Thomas Weston, 4th Earl of Portland (d.Louvain May 1688)


1c) Mountjoy [George] Blount, 2nd Earl of Newport (Newport House ca 1630-Newport House 1675)


2c) Thomas [Charles] Blount, 3rd Earl of Newport (d.1675); he and his brothers were called “idiots”


3c) Henry Blount, 4th Earl of Newport (d.1679); m.Mrs Susanna Mortimer, ne Briscoe


4c) Lady Isabella Blount (d.1655); m.Nicholas Knollys, called Earl of Banbury (3 Jan 1631-Boughton, Northants 14 Mar 1674)


1d) Anne Knollys; m.Sir John Briscal


5c) Lady Anne Blount; m.Thomas Porter (above)


4a) Frances


[by 2nd m.]:


5a) John, cr 1619 Viscount Purbeck and Baron Stoke (ca 1591-Charlton 18 Feb 1658); m.1st Hampton Court 29 Sep 1617 Frances Coke (d.Oxford 1645); m.2nd Mrs Elizabeth Fortescue, ne Slingsby (d.1695/6); his first wife, who was long separated from him, gave birth to a son, during this marriage but while separate from him; this son was generally acknowledged to have been fathered by Sir Robert Howard, but he and his descendants continued to claim the Viscountcy of Purbeck and, later, the Earldom of Buckingham, but neither was ever allowed to them; for details of them, see Norfolk


6a) GEORGE, cr 1616 Viscount Villiers and Baron Whaddon of Whaddon, cr 1617 Earl of Buckingham with remainder to his brothers John and Christopher, cr 1618 Marquess of Buckingham, cr 1623 Duke of Buckingham and Earl of Coventry (Brokesby 28 Aug 1592-assasinated at Portsmouth 23 Aug 1628); m.16 May 1620 Lady Katherine Manners [later, suo jure Baroness Ros] (d.Waterford Oct 1649)


1b) Charles (17 Nov 1625-16 Mar 1627)


2b) GEORGE, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, etc (30 Jan 1628-Kirkby Moorside, Yorks 16 Apr 1687); m.Bolton Percy, Yorks 15 Sep 1657 Hon. Mary Fairfax (30 Jul 1638-20 Oct 1704)


3b) Francis (k.a.1648)


4b) Mary (d.1685); m.1st Whitehall Jan 1635 Charles Herbert, Lord Herbert (d.Florence Jan 1636); m.2nd Lambeth 3 Aug 1637 James Stuart, Duke of Richmond and Lennox (d.30 Mar 1655); m.3rd Thomas Howard (d.1678) issue by 2nd marriage


7a) Christopher, cr 1623 Earl of Anglesey and Lord Villiers of Daventree (d.Windsor 3 Apr 1630); m.Elizabeth Sheldon (d.12 Apr 1662)


1b) Charles, 2nd Earl of Anglesey (ca 1627-1661); m.London 25 Apr 1648 Mary, Dowager Viscountess Grandison, ne Bayning


2b) Anne ( 1670); m.1st Thomas Savile, Earl of Sussex ( 1659); m.2nd N Barde; m.3rd Richard Pelson


1c) James Savile, 2nd Earl of Sussex (1647-11 Oct 1671); m.Anne Wake


1d) James, Viscount Savile ( infant 1671)


2c) Lady Frances Savile (d.6 Jun 1695); m.Francis Brudenell, Lord Brudenell (d.1698) issue


3c) Anne Pelson (d.Jun 1733); m.James Tuchet, 5th Earl of Castlehaven (d.Winchester 9 Aug 1700) issue


4c) Mary Pelson; m.Edward Cary, of Torr Abbey issue


8a) Susan; 1607 William Feilding, Earl of Denbigh (ca 1582-8 Apr 1643)


1b) Basil Feilding, 2nd Earl of Denbigh (d.28 Nov 1675); m.1st Lady Anne Weston; m.2nd 12 Aug 1639 Barbara Lamb; m.3rd 8 Jul 1641 Lady Elizabeth Bourchier (d.22 Sep 1670); m.4th Dorothy Lane


2b) George Feilding, Earl of Desmond (d.31 Jan 1666); m.17 Apr 1630 Bridget Stanhope issue


3b) Mary Feilding (d.10 May 1638); m.1620 James Hamilton, Duke of Hamilton (executed 9 Mar 1649) issue


4b) Anne Feilding (d.24 Mar 1636); m.25 Dec 1632 Baptist Noel, 3rd Viscount Campden (1612-29 Oct 1682)


5b) Elizabeth Feilding, cr Countess of Guildford (d.Colombes 1667); m.26 Dec 1639 Lewis Boyle, Viscount Boyle of Kinalmeaky (k.a.Liscarroll 3 Sep 1642)