Sir John Tufton, of Hothfield, cr Baronet 1611 (d.2 Apr 1624), m.1st Olympia Blore; m.2nd Terling, Essex 10 Dec 1575 Christian Browne, and had issue:


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Anne; m.Sir Francis Tresham, of Rushton


2a) Elizabeth (d.young)


3a) Margaret; m.Sir Thomas Carill


[by 2nd m.]:


4a) Sir Nicholas, cr 1626 Lord Tufton of Tufton, cr 1628 Earl of the Isle of Thanet (1577/8-Sapcote 1 Jul 1631); m.Lady Frances Cecil (1581-Rainham 12 Jun 1653)


1b) William (bap 6 Feb 1605, infant)


2b) John, 2nd Earl of Thanet (15 Dec 1608-Thanet House 7 May 1664); m.London 21 Apr 1629 Lady Margaret Sackville (Dorset House 2 Jul 1614-14 Aug 1676)


1c) Nicholas, 3rd Earl of Thanet, suc 1678 as 15th Lord de Clifford, title to which came through his maternal grandmother (Bolebrooke House, Sussex 7 Aug 1631-24 Nov 1679); m.London 11 Apr 1664 Lady Elizabeth Boyle (d.London 1 Sep 1725)


2c) John, 4th Earl of Thanet (Wilton 7 Aug 1638-Skipton Castle 27 Apr 1680)


3c) Richard, 5th Earl of Thanet (Thanet House 30 May 1640-8 Mar 1684)


4c) Thomas, 6th Earl of Thanet (Thanet House 30 Aug 1644-30 Jul 1729); m.14 Aug 1684 Lady Catharine Cavendish (14 Jan 1665-20 Apr 1712)


1d) John, Lord Clifford and Lord Tufton (b.and d.Thanet House 29 Apr 1686)


2d) Thomas, Lord Clifford and Lord Tufton (b.and d.Hothfield House 19 Nov 1690)


3d) John, Lord Clifford and Lord Tufton (Leeds Castle 1691-23 Sep 1691)


4d) Catherine (24 Apr 1693-13 Feb 1734); m.21 Mar 1709 Edward Watson, Viscount Sondes (ca 1687-20 Mar 1722); the barony of de Clifford was eventually brought out of abeyance for one of their descendants


5d) Anne (9 Aug 1693 [sic, CP, but conflicts with sister’s birthdate]-22 Mar 1757); m.London 12 Feb 1709 James Cecil, 5th Earl of Salisbury (8 Jun 1691-9 Oct 1728)


6d) Margaret, 1734 19th Baroness de Clifford (16 Jun 1700-Holkham 28 Feb 1775); m.3 Jul 1718 Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester (17 Jun 1697-Holkham 20 Apr 1759)


7d) Mary (6 Jul 1701-d.from fire at Bill Hill, Berks 12 Feb 1785); m.1st 17 Feb 1718 Anthony Grey, Earl of Harold (21 Feb 1696-Wrest, Beds 21 Jul 1723); m.2nd 16 May 1736 John Leveson-Gower, Earl Gower (10 Aug 1694-25 Dec 1754)


8d) Isabella; m.1st Lord Nassau Paulett (d.1741); m.2nd Sir Francis Blake Delaval (1727-1771)


5c) Sackville (11 Jun 1646-30 Mar 1721); m.Elizabeth Wilbraham (d.29 Apr 1714)


1d) John (25 May 1687-23 Feb 1690)


2d) Sackville, 7th Earl of Thanet (11 May 1688-4 Dec 1753); m.London 11 Jun 1722 Lady Mary Saville (28 Sep 1700-30 Jul 1751)


1e) Mary (14 May 1723-15 Jul 1806); m.1763 Sir William Duncan, Bt. (d.Sep 1774)


2e) John, Lord Tufton (1725-3 Jun 1734)


3e) Charlotte (Sep 1728-12 Dec 1803)


4e) Sackville, 8th Earl of Thanet (Aug 1733-Nice 27 Mar 1786); m.Grantham 30 Jul 1767 Lady Mary Sackville (1 Apr 1746-30 Sep 1778)


1f) Elizabeth (2 May 1768-16 Sep 1849)


2f) Sackville, 9th Earl of Thanet (Hothfield Place 30 Jun 1769-Chalons 24 Jan 1825); m.London 28 Feb 1811 Anne Charlotte de Bojanovitz (d.Hothfield Place 15 Feb 1819)


3f) Charles, 10th Earl of Thanet (Hothfield Place 10 Sep 1770-Hothfield Place 20 Apr 1832)


4f) Caroline (8 Oct 1771-3 Nov 1832); m.26 Jul 1792 Joseph Foster Barham (d.28 Sep 1832)


5f) John (22 Nov 1773-28 May 1799)


6f) Henry, 11th Earl of Thanet (2 Jan 1775-London 12 Jun 1849)


1g) [illegitimate] Richard, cr Baronet 1851, suc to most of the Tufton estates (1813-20 Jun 1871); m.22 Aug 1843 Adelaide Amelie Lacour (d.13 Apr 1902) issue, including an elder son who was cr 1881 Lord Hothfield, a title still extant


7f) Edward William (16 Nov 1777-drowned in the Thames 1 Jul 1786)


3d) Wilbraham

4d) John, d.22 Sep 1727

5d) Richard

6d) Thomas

7d) Elizabeth, d. an infant

8d) Catherine

9d) Elizabeth

10d) Christian

11d) Margaret

12d) Mary, d..24 Jul 1758


6c) George (30 Jun 1650-12 Feb 1670)


7c) Anne (d.young)


8c) Margaret (13 Jul 1636- ); m.18 Jul 1653 George Coventry, 3rd Lord Coventry (ca 1628-London 15 Dec 1680)


9c) Frances; m.Henry Drax


10c) Cicely (2 Jun explosion at Cornet Castle 30 Dec 1672); m.London 12 Feb 1667 Christopher Hatton, 2nd Lord Hatton [later, Viscount Hatton] (1632-1706)


11c) Mary; m.Sir William Walter, of Saresden, 2nd Bt. (d.5 Mar 1693)


12c) Anne (d.22 Nov 1713); m.Sir Samuel Grimston, 3rd Bt. (7 Jan 1643-Oct 1700)


3b) Nicholas, d. an infant


4b) Cecil, d.19 Jun 1682; m.Mary Lloyd


1c) Sir Charles


1d) Cecil


4b) Elizabeth (d.24 Jan 1622); m.Sir Edward Dering [later, Bt.] (28 Jan 1598-22 Jun 1644)


5b) Frances


6b) Dorothy; m.Sir Ralph Assheton


7b) Mary; m.Sir Edward Bisshop, Bt.


8b) Anne, d.young


9b) Alice, d.young


10b) Diana; m.Sir Robert Curzon


11b) Cecilie


12b) Christian; m.William Milward


5a) John


6a) Sir Humphrey, of The Mote, cr Baronet 1641 (d.Bobbing Place Oct 1659); m.Margaret Morley


1b) Humphrey (d.3 Aug 1641)


2b) Sir John, 2nd Bt. (d.14 Oct 1685); m.1st Hon. Margaret Wotton; m.2nd Mary Altham


3b) Charles


4b) Francis


5b) Henry


6b) Christian


7b) Olipmia; m.Sir William Wray, of Ashby, Bt. (d.1670)


8b) Cecilia


7a) Richard, d.4 Oct 1631; m.Chrysogon Morley


1b) John, d.24 Jan 1649


1c) Sir Richard


2b) Mary


3b) Christian; m.Sir Robert Huddleston


8a) Sir William, of Vintners, cr Baronet 1622 (d.Barbadoes [where he was governor] 1650); m.Anne Cave (d.1649)


1b) Sir Benedict, 2nd Bt.


2b) Sir Charles, 3rd Bt.


3b) Vere; m.1st Sir Thomas Beaumont, of Gracedieu, 3rd Bt. (d.7 Jul 1686); m.2nd George Lane


9a) Thomas, d.1667


10a) Cecily, d.1653; m.1st Sir Edward Hungerford; m.2nd after 26 Oct 1608 Francis Manners, 6th Earl of Rutland (1578-Bishops Stortford 17 Dec 1632)


11a) Mary (d.1659); 1612 Henry Constable, Viscount Dunbar (ca 1588-d.1645 of wounds received at Scarborough Castle)


12a) Anne, d.young


13a) Elizabeth, d.young