Sir John Tufton, of Hothfield, cr Baronet 1611 (d.2 Apr 1624), m.1st Olympia Blore; m.2nd Terling, Essex 10 Dec 1575 Christian Browne, and had issue:


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Anne; m.Sir Francis Tresham, of Rushton


2a) Elizabeth (d.young)


3a) Margaret; m.Sir Thomas Carill


[by 2nd m.]:


4a) Sir Nicholas, cr 1626 Lord Tufton of Tufton, cr 1628 Earl of the Isle of Thanet (1577/8-Sapcote 1 Jul 1631); m.Lady Frances Cecil (1581-Rainham 12 Jun 1653)


1b) William (bap 6 Feb 1605, infant)


2b) John, 2nd Earl of Thanet (15 Dec 1608-Thanet House 7 May 1664); m.London 21 Apr 1629 Lady Margaret Sackville (Dorset House 2 Jul 1614-14 Aug 1676)


1c) Nicholas, 3rd Earl of Thanet, suc 1678 as 15th Lord de Clifford, title to which came through his maternal grandmother (Bolebrooke House, Sussex 7 Aug 1631-24 Nov 1679); m.London 11 Apr 1664 Lady Elizabeth Boyle (d.London 1 Sep 1725)


2c) John, 4th Earl of Thanet (Wilton 7 Aug 1638-Skipton Castle 27 Apr 1680)


3c) Richard, 5th Earl of Thanet (Thanet House 30 May 1640-8 Mar 1684)


4c) Thomas, 6th Earl of Thanet (Thanet House 30 Aug 1644-30 Jul 1729); m.14 Aug 1684 Lady Catharine Cavendish (14 Jan 1665-20 Apr 1712)


1d) John (b.and d.Thanet House 29 Apr 1686)


2d) Thomas (b.and d.Hothfield House 19 Nov 1690)


3d) John (Leeds Castle 1691-23 Sep 1691)


4d) Catherine (24 Apr 1693-13 Feb 1734); m.21 Mar 1709 Edward Watson, Viscount Sondes (ca 1687-20 Mar 1722); the barony of de Clifford was eventually brought out of abeyance for one of their descendants


5d) Anne (9 Aug 1693 [sic, CP, but conflicts with sister’s birthdate]-22 Mar 1757); m.London 12 Feb 1709 James Cecil, 5th Earl of Salisbury (8 Jun 1691-9 Oct 1728)


6d) Margaret, 1734 19th Baroness de Clifford (16 Jun 1700-Holkham 28 Feb 1775); m.3 Jul 1718 Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester (d.20 Apr 1759)


7d) Mary (6 Jul 1701-d.from fire at Bill Hill, Berks 12 Feb 1785); m.1st 17 Feb 1718 Anthony Grey, Earl of Harold (21 Feb 1696-Wrest, Beds 21 Jul 1723); m.2nd 16 May 1736 John Leveson-Gower, Earl Gower (10 Aug 1694-25 Dec 1754)


8d) Isabella; m.Lord Nassau Paulett (d.1741); m.2nd Sir Francis Blake Delaval (1727-1771)


5c) Sackville (d.30 Mar 1721); m.Elizabeth Wilbraham


1d) John (25 May 1687-23 Feb 1690)


2d) Sackville, 7th Earl of Thanet (11 May 1688-4 Dec 1753); m.London 11 Jun 1722 Lady Mary Saville (28 Sep 1700-30 Jul 1751)


1e) Sackville, 8th Earl of Thanet (Aug 1733-Nice 27 Mar 1786); m.Grantham 30 Jul 1767 Lady Mary Sackville (1 Apr 1746-30 Sep 1778)


1f) Sackville, 9th Earl of Thanet (Hothfield Place 30 Jun 1769-Chalons 24 Jan 1825); m.London 28 Feb 1811 Anne Charlotte de Bojanovitz (d.Hothfield Place 15 Feb 1819)


2f) Charles, 10th Earl of Thanet (Hothfield Place 10 Sep 1770-Hothfield Place 20 Apr 1832)


3f) Henry, 11th Earl of Thanet (2 Jan 1775-London 12 Jun 1849)


1g) [illegitimate] Richard, cr Baronet 1851, suc to most of the Tufton estates (1813-20 Jun 1871); m.22 Aug 1843 Adelaide Amelie Lacour (d.13 Apr 1902) issue, including an elder son who was cr 1881 Lord Hothfield, a title still extant


4f) Elizabeth (d.16 Sep 1849)


5f) Caroline (d.3 Nov 1832); m.26 Jul 1792 Joseph Foster Barham (d.28 Sep 1832)


2e) Mary (d.1806); m.Sir William Duncan, Bt. (d.Sep 1774)


3e) Charlotte (d.1803)


6c) George (d.1670)


7c) Anne (d.young)


8c) Margaret (13 Jul 1636- ); m.18 Jul 1653 George Coventry, Lord Coventry (ca 1628-London 15 Dec 1680)


9c) Frances; m.Henry Drax


10c) Cicely (2 Jun explosion at Cornet Castle 30 Dec 1672); m.London 12 Feb 1667 Christopher Hatton, 2nd Lord Hatton [later, Viscount Hatton] (1632-1706)


11c) Mary; m.Sir William Walter, of Saresden, 2nd Bt. (d.5 Mar 1693)


12c) Anne (d.22 Nov 1713); m.Sir Samuel Grimston, 3rd Bt. (7 Jan 1643-Oct 1700)


3b) Cecil


1c) Sir Charles


4b) Elizabeth (d.24 Jan 1622); m.Sir Edward Dering [later, Bt.] (28 Jan 1598-22 Jun 1644)


5b) Dorothy; m.Sir Ralph Assheton


6b) Mary; m.Sir Edward Bisshop, Bt.


7b) Diana; m.Sir Robert Curzon


8b) Christian; m.William Milward


5a) Sir Humphrey, of The Mote, cr Baronet 1641 (d.Bobbing Place Oct 1659); m.Margaret Morley


1b) Humphrey (d.3 Aug 1641)


2b) Sir John, 2nd Bt. (d.14 Oct 1685); m.1st Hon. Margaret Wotton; m.2nd Mary Altham


3b) Charles


4b) Francis


5b) Henry


6b) Christian


7b) Olipmia; m.Sir William Wray, of Ashby, Bt. (d.1670)


8b) Cecilia


6a) Sir William, of Vintners, cr Baronet 1622 (d.Barbadoes [where he was governor] 1650); m.Anne Cave (d.1649)


1b) Sir Benedict, 2nd Bt.


2b) Sir Charles, 3rd Bt.


3b) Vere; m.1st Sir Thomas Beaumont, of Gracedieu, 3rd Bt. (d.7 Jul 1686); m.2nd George Lane


7a) Mary (d.1659); 1612 Henry Constable, Viscount Dunbar (ca 1588-d.1645 of wounds received at Scarborough Castle)