TALBOT, Earls of Shrewsbury





Note: This does not include the families of Talbot of Malahide, or of Castle Talbot, whose relationship, if any, to this family is unclear.


Part 1



Gilbert Talbot, summoned 1332 as Lord Talbot (b.18 Oct 1276, d.Eccleswall 24 Feb 1346); m.Anne, dau of William le Botiler


1a) Richard Talbot, 2nd Lord Talbot (ca 1305-23 Oct 1356); m.1326/7 Elizabeth (1 Nov 1299-20 Nov 1372), dau of John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, by Joan de Valence


1b) Gilbert, 3rd Lord Talbot (ca 1332-d.of Plague at Roales, Spain ca 1387); m.1st by 8 Sep 1352 Pernel (d.ca 1368) dau of James Butler, Earl of Ormond; m.2nd by 16 Nov 1379 Joan (dsp), dau of Ralph de Stafford, Earl of Stafford, and widow of John Cherleton, Lord Cherleton


1c) Richard, 4th Lord Talbot, summoned 1384/7 as Lord Talbot of Blackmere and 1387/93 as Lord Talbot of Godriche Castell (ca 1361-London 8/9 Sep 1396); m.by 23 Aug 1383 Ankaret, suo jure Baroness Strange of Blackmere (d.1 Jun 1413), dau of John Lestrange, 4th Lord Strange of Blackmere


1d) Gilbert, 5th Lord Talbot (1383-Rouen 19 Oct 1418); m.ca 1415 Beatriz (d.25 Dec 1447), a Portuguese lady; he had previously been engaged to Joan Plantagenet, who died before they could consummate the marriage


1e) Ankaret, 6th Baroness Talbot (d.13 Dec 1421, t 5)


2d) John, 7th Lord Talbot, 8th Lord Trange, summoned 1409/21 as Lord Furnivalle, cr 1442 Earl of Salop, alias Shrewsbury, cr 1446 Earl of Waterford [in the Peerage of Ireland], cr 1434 Comte de Clermont by King Henry VI (ca 1384-k.a.Chtillon 17 Jul 1453); m.1st by 12 Mar 1407 Maud, suo jure Baroness Furnivalle (ca 1392-ca 1423), dau of Thomas Neville, Lord Furnivalle, by Joan, suo jure Baroness Furnivalle; m.2nd Warwick Castle 6 Sep 1425 Margaret (1404-14 Jun 1467) dau of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick


[by 1st m.]:


1e) Thomas (dvp)


2e) John, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (ca 1413-k.a.Northampton 10 Jul 1460); m.by Mar 1445 Elizabeth (d.8 Sep 1473) dau of James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormond


1f) John, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (12 Dec 1448-Coventry 28 Jun 1473); m.ca 1467 Katharine (d.26 Dec 1476) dau of Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham


1g) George, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (Shifnal, Salop 1468-Wingfield Manor, co Derby 26 Jul 1538); m.1st by 27 Jun 1481 Anne, dau of William Hastings, Lord Hastings; m.2nd ca 1512 Elizabeth Walden (d.Jul 1567)


1h) Henry, dvp


2h) Francis, 5th Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (Sheffield Castle 1500-Sheffield Manor 28 Sep 1560); m.1st by 30 Nov 1523 Mary (d.29 Mar 1538) dau of Thomas Dacre, 2nd Lord Dacre, and of Elizabeth, suo jure Baroness Greystoke; m.2nd by Aug 1553 Grace (d.Aug 1558), dau of Robert Shakerley, and widow of Francis Carless


1i) George 6th Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (ca 1522-Sheffield Manor 18 Nov 1590); m.1st London 28 Apr 1539 Lady Gertrude Manners (d.1567); m.2nd Sheffield 9 Feb 1568 Elizabeth, ne Hardwick [“Bess of Hardwick”], widow, inter alia, of Sir William Cavendish


1j) Francis, Lord Talbot (ca 1550-1582); m.Baynard’s Castle, London 17 Feb 1563 Lady Anne Herbert


2j) Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (20 Nov 1552-London 8 May 1616); m.9 Feb 1568 Mary Cavendish (d.1632), dau of his stepmother; on his death the Baronies of Talbot, Furnivalle and Strange of Blackmere fell into abeyance


1k) Mary (dsp Mar 1649); m.4 Nov 1604 3rd Earl of Pembroke


2k) Elizabeth (dsp 7 Dec 1651); m.by Sep 1602 8th Earl of Kent


3k) Alathea, 1651 , de jure and suo jure Baroness Furnivalle, Strange of Blackmere, and Talbot (d.Amsterdam 24 May 1654); m.Sep 1606 Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel (7 Jul 1585-Padua 4 Oct 1646)


3j) Edward, 8th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (1561-London 8 Feb 1618); m.1583 Hon, Jane Ogle (d.1626)


4j) Henry; m.Elizabeth Reyner


1k) Gertrude (d.1649); m.8 Jan 1601 Robert Pierrepont, Earl of Kingston (6 Aug 1584-25 Jul 1643)


5j) Mary; m.Sir George Savile, Bt.


2i) Anne (d.3 Feb 1584); m.1st John Braye, 2nd Lord Braye (d.19 Nov 1557 of wounds received at St.Quintin); m.2nd Sheffield 18 Nov 1561 Thomas Wharton, Lord Wharton (d.Henlaugh 23 Aug 1568)


3h) [ex 1] Elizabeth; m.William Dacre, 3rd Lord Dacre and Greystoke (29 Apr 1500-Kirkoswald 18 Nov 1563)


4h) [ex 1] Margaret; m.Henry Clifford [later, Earl of Cumberland] (1493-22 Apr 1542)


5h) [ex 2] Anne (18 Mar 1524-London 18 Jul 1588); m.1st Peter Compton; m.2nd ca May 1552 William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke (ca 1506-Hampton Court 17 Mar 1570)


2f) Sir James (d.2 Sep 1471)


3f) Rev. Christopher


4f) Sir Gilbert, of Grafton (d.19 Sep 1518); m.1st Elizabeth, dau of 7th Lord Greystock, and widow of 5th Lord Scrope; m.2nd Etheldreda, dau of William Landwade Cotton, and widow of Thomas Barton and of Richard Gardiner


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Sir Gilbert, of Grafton (d.22 Oct 1542); m.1st Anne Paston; m.2nd Elizabeth Wynter (dsp)


1h) Margaret; m.Sir Robert Newport


2h) Elizabeth; m.Sir John Lyttelton


3h) Mary; m.Sir Thomas Astley, of Patshull


2g) Sir Humphrey (dsp in Holy Land)


[by 2nd m.]:


3g) Sir John, of Albrighton (d.10 Sep 1549); m.1st Margaret Troutbeck; m.2nd Elizabeth Wrottesley (d.10 May 1558); for his issue, see Part 2


5f) Anne; m.Sir Henry Vernon


3e) Sir Christopher


4e) Catherine; m.Sir Nicholas Eyton


[by 2nd m.]:


5e) John, cr 1444 Lord Lisle [his mother being a co-heir to an older barony of that name], cr 1451 Viscount Lisle (ca 1426-k.a.with his father 17 Jul 1453); m.Joan (d.15 Jul 1464), dau of Thomas Chedder, and widow of Richard Stafford


1f) Thomas, 2nd Viscount Lisle (k.a.Nibley Green 20 Mar 1470); m.Sep 1466 Margaret, dau of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke


2f) Elizabeth, 1475 3rd Baroness Lisle (d.1500); m.Sir Edward Grey, cr 1475 Viscount Lisle (d.17 Jul 1492); the Barony of Lisle continued in their issue


3f) Margaret (d.ca 1475); m.Sir George Vere


6e) Sir Humphrey (d.1492)


7e) Sir Lewis


8e) Joane; m.1st 1457 James Berkeley, Lord Berkeley (Raglan ca 1394-Berkeley Castle Nov 1463); m.2nd 1487 Edmund Hungerford


9e) Elizabeth (d.1506/7); m.John Mowbray, 4th Duke of Norfolk (18 Oct 1444-Framlingham Castle 16/17 Jan 1476)


3d) Richard, Archbishop of Dublin


2c) Elizabeth (d.10 Jan 1402); m.by 3 Feb 1380 Henry Grey, 5th Lord Grey de Wilton (d.22 Apr 1396)





Part 2


Sir John Talbot, of Albrighton (see Part 1) had issue:

[by 1st m.]:


1a) Sir John, of Grafton and Albrighton (d.6 Jun 1555); m.Frances Giffard


1b) Sir John, of Grafton (d.29 Jan 1611); m.1st Catherine Petre; m.2nd Hon. Margaret Windsor (dsp)


1c) George, 9th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (19 Dec 1566-2 Apr 1630)


2c) John (d.1607); m.Eleanor Baskerville


1d) John, 10th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (d.8 Feb 1654); m.1st by 1619 Mary Fortescue (d.1635/6); m.2nd by 15 Feb 1648 Hon. Frances Arundell (d.1652)


1e) George, called Lord Talbot [though apparently no such Barony was in his or his father’s possession] (ca 1620-7 Mar 1642); m.Jan 1639 Hon. Mary Herbert (1623- )


1f) Mary (fl 1649, d.young)


2e) Francis, 11th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (ca 1623-Arundel House 16 Mar 1668); m.1st Anne Simeon; m.2nd London 10 Jan 1659 Lady Anna Maria Brudenell (d.20 Apr 1702)


1f) [ex 1] Conyers (d.young)


2f) [ex 1] George (d.young)


3f) Charles, 12th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford, cr 1694 Duke of Shrewsbury and Marquess of Alton (24 Jul 1660-Warwick House, London 1 Feb 1718); m.Augsburg Sep 1705 Adelaide Roffeni, ne Paleoti (d.29 Jun 1726)


4f) John (1645-k.in duel with Duke of Grafton 2 Feb 1686)


5f) Mary; m.John Stonor, of Stonor (22 Mar 1656-1687)


3e) Gilbert (ca 1631-1702); m.Jane Flatsbury


1f) Gilbert, 13th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (11 Jan 1673-22 Jul 1743)


2f) George (d.12 Dec 1733); m.11 Mar 1719 Hon. Mary Fitzwilliam (d.20 Sep 1752)


1g) George, 14th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (Isleworth 11 Dec 1719-Heythrop 21 Jul 1787); m.21 Nov 1743 Hon. Elizabeth Dormer (15 May 1724-Lacock Abbey 11 Aug 1809)


2g) Charles (d.11 Apr 1766); m.1st 23 May 1749 Mary Alwyn (d.8 Jun 1750); m.2nd 7 Apr 1752 Mary Mostyn


1h) Charles, 15th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (London 8 Mar 1753-London 6 Apr 1827); m.Bordeaux 23 Sep 1792 Elizabeth Hoey (d.London 13 Feb 1847)


2h) Barbara (1 Jul 1756-4 Jan 1806); m.9 Apr 1780 Francis Fortescue Turvile


3h) Juliana (3 Mar 1759-19 Feb 1801); m.7 Jun 1784 Michael Bryan


4h) Theresa (31 Jul 1761-1 Jan 1823); m.5 Feb 1793 Robert Selby


5h) George Joseph (23 Nov 1763-7 Jul 1789)


6h) John Joseph (9 Jun 1765-8 Aug 1815); m.1st 29 May 1789 Catherine Clifton (d.May 1791); m.2nd 4 May 1797 Harriet Anne Bedingfeld (d.7 Jun 1839)


1i) John, 16th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (Grafton Manor 18 Mar 1791-Naples 9 Nov 1852); m.Bath 27 Jun 1814 Maria Theresa Talbot (21 May 1795-Paris 8 Jun 1856)


1j) Mary Alathea Beatrix (d.Rome 18 Dec 1858); m.4 Apr 1839 Filippo Andrea Principe Doria Pamphilj Landi (d.19 Mar 1876)


2j) Gwendaline Catherine (d.27 Oct 1840); m.11 May 1835 Marc Antonio Principe Borghese



2i) George Henry (d.19 Jun 1839); m.6 Apr 1829 Augusta St.Paul (d.1841)


1j) John (18 Feb 1`830-23 Apr 1846)


2j) Augusta (5 Jun 1831-London 3 Jul 1862); m.London 22 Jul 1851 Edward George Fitzalan-Howard, Lord Howard of Glossop (London 20 Jan 1819-London 1 Dec 1883)


3i) Harriet (d.Brussels 9 Oct 1866); m.19 Oct 1829 John W Searle (d.1861)


4i) Charlotte (d.Fitzwilliam Lodge, Dublin 21 Nov 1843); m.London 19 Aug 1830 Michael James Robert Dillon, 12th Earl of Roscommon (2 Oct 1798-Fitzwilliam Lodge 15 May 1850)


3g) Francis (1727-22 Nov 1813); m.1st 20 Apr 1761 Lady Anne Belasyse (dsp 13 Sep 1768); m.2nd 18 May 1772 Margaret Frances Sheldon


1h) Maria (4 Oct 1779-25 Apr 1814); m.22 Sep 1802 James Wheble


2h) Charles Thomas (24 Nov 1782-30 Apr 1838); m.1 Feb 1830 Julia Tichborne (d.4 Jun 1892)


1i) Bertram Arthur, 17th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (Tichborne Park 11 Dec 1832-Lisbon 10 Aug 1856)


2i) Annette Mary (d.1 Jul 1922); m.17 Jan 1855 Sir Humphrey de Trafford, 2nd Bt. (d.4 May 1886)


3i) Gwendeline Elizabeth (d.3 Sep 1910); m.29 Oct 1857 Edward Henry Petre (d.21 Nov 1902)


4g) Barbara (d.9 Nov 1759); m.30 Jun 1742 James Aston, 5th Lord Aston (23 May 1723-24 Aug 1751)


5g) Mary (18 Aug 1723-18 May 1753); m.9 Aug 1749 Charles Dormer, 8th Lord Dormer (30 Apr 1725-30 Mar 1804)


4e) [ex 1] Mary (d.1711); m.1st Charles Arundell; m.2nd Mervyn Tuchet, 4th Earl of Castlehaven (d.2 Nov 1686)


2a) Anne; m.Thomas Needham


[by 2nd m.]:


3a) Sir John, of Salwarp (d.9 Dec 1581); m.13 Sep 1574 Olive Sherrington


1b) Sherrington, of Salwarp and Lacock (d.1642); m.1st Elizabeth Leighton; m.2nd Mary Washbourne


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Sherrington (d.1677); m.13 Oct 1627 Jane Lyttelton


1d) Sir John, of Lacock (d.Feb 1714); m.1st Elizabeth Keyt; m.2nd Barbara Slingsby


1e) [ex 1] Sherrington (d.1685); m.Anne Lawley


2e) [ex 2] John (d.1681)


3e) [ex 2] Thomas (d.1683)


4e) [ex 2] Anne; m.Sir John Ivory; their son inherited Lacock and Salwarp and took the surname Talbot


5e) [ex 2] Barbara (d.Brandon, Warwickshire 31 Jan 1763); m.London 11 Jul 1689 Henry Yelverton, 15th Lord Grey de Ruthyn, Viscount Longueville (ca 1664-Bath 24 Mar 1704)


6e) [ex 2] Gilberta


2d) Mary; m.Sebright Repington, of Amington


2c) Sir Gilbert


[by 2nd m.]:


3c) George


1d) Catherine; m.Sir Clement Clerke, of Launde Abbey


4c) William, of Whittington (d.27 Mar 1686); m.Mary Doughty (d.1661)


1d) William, Bp of Durham (d.10 Oct 1730); m.1st ca 1682 Catherine King (d.1702); m.2nd 3 Sep 1703 Agnes Hartopp (d.24 Nov 1730)


1e) Charles, cr 1733 Baron Talbot of Hensol (1685-London 14 Feb 1737); m.1708 Cecil Mathews (d.13 Jun 1720)


1f) Charles Richard (1709-27 Sep 1733)


2f) William, 2nd Lord Talbot, cr 1761 Earl Talbot, cr 1780 Baron Dinevor with remainder to his daughter and her heirs male (Worcester 16 May 1710-London 27 Apr 1782); m.London 21 Feb 1734 Mary de Cardonel (d.Great Barrington 5 Apr 1787)


1g) Cecil, 2nd Baroness Dinevor (London Jul 1735-Dynevor Castle 14 Mar 1793); m.Pendoyton 16 Aug 1756 George Rice, of Newton (d.3 Aug 1779) issue


2g) William (5 Nov 1739-1 Apr 1742)


3f) John (1712-22 Sep 1756); m.1st May 1737 Henrietta Maria Decker (dsp Dec 1747); m.2nd Aug 1748 Hon. Catherine Chetwynd, heiress of Ingestre (d.20 Jan 1785)


1g) John Chetwynd, 3rd Lord Talbot, cr 1784 Earl Talbot and Viscount Ingestre, took surname Chetwynd-Talbot (5 Jan 1750-London 19 May 1793); m.London 7 May 1776 Lady Charlotte Hill (15 May 1754-London 17 Jan 1804)


1h) Charles, 2nd Earl Talbot (London 25 Apr 1777-Ingestre Hall 10 Jan 1849); m.London 28 Aug 1800 Frances Thomasine Lambart (11 Jul 1782-Phoenix Park, Dublin 30 Dec 1819)


1i) Frances Charlotte (17 May 1801-Ingestre 4 Oct 1823); m.Cirencester 5 Apr 1821 William Legge, 4th Earl of Dartmouth (29 Nov 1784-Patshull 22 Nov 1853)


2i) Charles Thomas, Viscount Ingestre (11 Jul 1802-Vienna 23 May 1826)


3i) Henry John, 3rd Earl Talbot, 1856 18th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (Ingestre 8 Nov 1803-Newbottle Abbey 4 Jun 1868); m.London 8 Nov 1828 Lady Sarah Elizabeth Beresford (10 Nov 1807-Ashridge Park 13 Oct 1884)


1j) Charles John, 19th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford, 4th Earl Talbot (Gumley, Leics 13 Apr 1830-London 11 May 1877); m.London 15 Feb 1855 Anna Theresa Cockerell (Calcutta 20 Sep 1836-London 29 Jul 1912)


1k) Theresa Susey Helen (6 Jun 1856-London 16 Mar 1919); m.2 Oct 1875 Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 6th Marquess of Londonderry (16 Jul 1852-8 Feb 1915)


2k) Guendolen Theresa (d.20 Jan 1937); m.1st 18 Jan 1877 Edward Chaplin (d.23 Dec 1883); m.2nd 4 Oct 1887 Archibald Cosmo Little (d.8 Jan 1934)


3k) Muriel Frances Louisa (1 Aug 1859-London 2 Mar 1925); m.1st 23 Dec 1876 William Reginald Duncombe, Viscount Helmsley (1 Aug 1852-24 Dec 1881); m.2nd 6 Jun 1885 Hugh Darby Annesley Owen (d.12 Mar 1908)


4k) Charles Henry John, 20th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford, 5th Earl Talbot (London 13 Nov 1860-Ingestre 17 May 1921); m.21 Jun and 26 Jul 1882 Mrs Ellen Mary Mundy, ne Palmer-Morewood (d.Putney 23 Aug 1940)


1l) Charles John Alton, Viscount Ingestre (Alton Towers 8 Sep 1882-London 8 Jan 1915); m.London 23 Apr 1904 Winifred Constance Hester Paget (d.18 Apr 1965)


1m) Ursula Winifred (12 Sep 1907-k.in air accident 26 Aug 1966); m.1st 8 Nov 1930 Hector Stewart (d.6 Mar 1935); m.2nd 22 Apr 1942 (div 1952) Michael Burton Stewart (d.16 May 1962); m.3rd 10 Apr 1954 Patrick Hamilton (d.23 Sep 1962); m.4th 14 Dec 1964 William Leonard James (k.with wife)


2m) Victoria Audrey Beatrice (13 Mar 1910- ); m.1st 3 Mar 1932 (div 1936) Edward John Stanley, 6th Lord Stanley of Alderley (9 Oct 1907-3 Mar 1971); m.2nd 20 Dec 1945 Gwyn Rhyse Francis Morris (d.1982)


3m) Joan (30 Oct 1911-2 Jun 1974); m.27 May 1937Francis Howard Bickerton (d.21 Aug 1954)


4m) John George Charles Henry Alton Alexander, 21st Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford and 6th Earl Talbot (1 Dec 1914-1980); m.1st 24 Feb 1936 (div 1963) Nadine Muriel Crofton (d.19 Feb 2003); m.2nd 18 Oct 1963 Doris Aileen Mortlock (d.1993)


1n) Charlotte Sarah Alexandra, b.18 Nov 1938; m.20 Jul 1965 Camillo Cavazza dei Conti Cavazza (d.1981)


2n) Josephine Sylvia-Rose, b.23 May 1940; m.24 Apr 1965 Stafford Antony Saint


3n) Catherine Laura, b.4 Aug 1945; m.10 Oct 1966 Richard Sebastian Endicott Chamberlain


4n) Marguerite Mary, b.12 Jun 1950; m.1st 21 Jul 1970 (div 1984) Guy William Brisbane; m.2nd 1984 Andrew Wynne


5n) Charles Henry John Benedict Crofton Chetwynd Chetwynd-Talbot, 22nd Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford and 7th Earl Talbot, b.18 Dec 1952; m.5 Jan 1974 Deborah Jane Hutchinson


1o) James Richard Charles John, Viscount Ingestre, b.1978; m.2006 Polly Elizabeth Blackie


1p) Matilda Elisabetta Deborah, b.2008

2p) Rose Constance Hester, b.2010

3p) Flora Winifred Meliora, b.2011


2o) Edward William Henry Alexander, b.1981; m.2010 Alexandra Rose Myers


3o) Victoria Jane, b.1975; m.2005 Daniel James Goodall


6n) Paul Anthony Alexander Bueno, b.1957; m.1982 Sarah Elizabeth Bradley


1o) Harry Alexander, b.1985

2o) Jack Anthony Alton, b.1987

3o) Rory Arthur Alton, b.1995


2l) Nellie Viola Castalia Florence (3 Jul 1885-23 Jul 1951); m.1st 19 Dec 1907 (div 1916) Reginald Edward Gore (d.12 Sep 1963); m.2nd 16 Aug 1916 Walter Arnold Conduitt (d.1956)


2j) Victoria Susan (d.8 Jun 1856)


3j) Walter Cecil, took surname Carpenter (27 Mar 1834-13 May 1904); m.1st 27 Oct 1869 Maria Georgiana Mundy (d.25 Apr 1876); m.2nd 10 Feb 1887 Hon. Beatrice de Grey (d.16 Oct 1927)


1k) Sarah Marie (21 Apr 1876-21 Sep 1957); m.7 Aug 1907 Christopher Hatton Turnor (d.19 Aug 1940)


4j) Constance Harriet Mahonesa (15 Jun 1836-Blickling Hall 10 Oct 1901); m.Ingestre 12 Aug 1857 William Schomberg Robert Kerr, 8th Marquess of Lothian (12 Aug 1832-6 Jul 1870)


5j) Gertrude Frances (21 Mar 1840-Berkhamsted House 30 Sep 1906); m.Westminster Abbey 19 Aug 1874 George Robert Charles Herbert, 13th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (6 Jul 1850-3 May 1895)


6j) Sir Reginald Arthur James (11 Jul 1841-15 Jan 1929); m.8 May 1877 Margaret Jane Stuart-Wortley (d.6 Oct 1937)


7j) Adelaide (8 Jul 1844-16 Mar 1917); m.Ford Castle 22 Jun 1868 Adelbert Wellington Brownlow Cust, 3rd Earl Brownlow (19 Aug 1844-17 Mar 1921)


8j) Alfred (14 Sep 1848-9 May 1913); m.28 Jun 1882 Hon. Emily Augusta Louisa de Grey (d.26 Jan 1912)


1k) Humphrey John (8 Oct 1883-6 Feb 1944)


2k) Geoffrey Richard Henry (29 Mar 1888-k.on active service 29 Jun 1916)


3k) Bridget Elizabeth (d.29 Nov 1971)


4k) Kathleen (d.2 Jul 1958)


4i) Rev. Arthur (12 Nov 1805-13 Jan 1884); m.1st 17 Jul 1832 Harriet Hervey-Aston (d.6 Feb 1845); m.2nd 19 Oct 1854 Mary Elizabeth Masterman (d.30 Sep 1896) issue, extant in the male line


5i) John (31 May 1806-26 May 1852); m.30 Aug 1830 Hon. Caroline Jane Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie (d.12 Jun 1876) issue, extant in the male line


6i) Cecil (Ingestre 17 Apr 1808-Rome 13 May 1877); m.London 19 Jul 1831 John William Robert Kerr, 7th Marquess of Lothian (Newbottle Abbey 1 Feb 1794-Blickling House, Norfolk 14 Nov 1841)


7i) Rev. George Gustavus (19 Mar 1810-8 Sep 1896); m.25 Jun 1842 Emily Sarah Elwes (d.21 Nov 1876) issue, extinct in the male line


8i) Rev. William Whitworth (17 Jan 1814-3 Jul 1888); m.4 Jul 1843 Eleanora Julia Coventry (d.15 Dec 1897) issue, extinct in the male line


9i) Rt. Rev. Msgr. Gilbert (28 Apr 1816-13 Dec 1896)


10i) Wellington Patrick Manvers (12 Dec 1817-23 Sep 1898); m.11 Oct 1860 Lady Emma Charlotte Stanley (d.23 Aug 1928) issue, extant in the male line


11i) Gerald (3 Oct 1819-13 Feb 1885); m.1840 Margaret Mackay (d.8 Dec 1894) issue, extant in the male line


2h) Rev. John (4 Apr 1779-8 Feb 1825)


2g) Rev. George; m.Anne Beauclerk (5 Nov 1749-1809)


4f) Rev. George (d.19 Nov 1782); m.3 Jan 1761 Hon. Anne Bouverie (d.31 Dec 1813)


1g) George (25 Mar 1763-7 Apr 1836); m.4 Jan 1789 Charlotte Elizabeth Drake (d.1817)


1h) Mary Anne; m.18 May 1815 Sir Francis Lawley, 7th Bt. (d.30 Jan 1851)


2h) Charlotte; m.27 Jun 1818 William Mount (d.10 Apr 1869)


2g) Very Rev. Charles, Dean of Salisbury (26 Oct 1769-28 Feb 1823); m.27 Jun 1796 Lady Elizabeth Somerset (11 Feb 1773-5 May 1836)


1h) Rev. Henry George (28 Jun 1798-10 Mar 1867); m.1 Aug 1835 Mary Elizabeth Ponsonby (d.14 Sep 1838) issue, extinct in male line


2h) Sir Charles (1 Nov 1801-8 Aug 1876); m.11 Dec 1838 Mrs Charlotte Georgiana Stapleton, ne Ponsonby (d.7 Sep 1883) issue, extant in male line, some of whom took surname Talbot-Ponsonby


3h) George (19 Aug 1809-2 Feb 1871); m.1st 26 Jun 1836 Frances West (d.30 Jul 1861); m.2nd 29 Apr 1863 Mrs Angelina Daniel issue, extant in male line


2e) Rev. Edward, Archdeacon of Berkshire (1693-9 Dec 1720)


3e) Sherrington (1699- ); m.1st Elizabeth Medgett; m.2nd Eleanor Dixton; m.3rd Charlotte Freeman


1f) [ex 1] Rev. William (1718-2 Mar 1774)


2f) [ex 1] Sir Charles Henry, cr Baronet 1790 (d.30 Jun 1798); m.1749 Anne Hassel


1g) Sir Charles, 2nd Bt. (d.Nov 1812)


2g) Sir George, 3rd Bt. (14 Mar 1763-10 Jun 1850); m.1787 Anna Preston


3f) [ex 2] Indiana; m.9 Feb 1773 Lewes Peake Garland (d.1780)


4e) Catherine; m.Exton Sayer


5e) Henrietta Maria; m.Charles Trimnell, Bp of Winchester


2d) Catherine; m.Walter Littleton; m.2nd Lancelot Blackburn, Archbishop of York


3d) Frances; m.Samuel Jewkes


2b) John; m.Mary Trimnel


1c) John; m.Margaret Gower


3b) Thomas; m.Magdalen Wyvill


1c) Robert; m.Anne Sheldon


1d) Thomas


2d) Gilbert


3d) George