TALBOT, Earls of Shrewsbury





Note: This does not include the families of Talbot of Malahide, or of Castle Talbot, whose relationship, if any, to this family is unclear.


Part 1



Gilbert Talbot, summoned 1332 as Lord Talbot (b.18 Oct 1276, d.Eccleswall 24 Feb 1346); m.Anne, dau of William le Botiler


1a) Richard Talbot, 2nd Lord Talbot (ca 1305-23 Oct 1356); m.1326/7 Elizabeth (1 Nov 1299-20 Nov 1372), dau of John Comyn, Lord of Badenoch, by Joan de Valence


1b) Gilbert, 3rd Lord Talbot (ca 1332-d.of Plague at Roales, Spain ca 1387); m.1st by 8 Sep 1352 Pernel (d.ca 1368) dau of James Butler, Earl of Ormond; m.2nd by 16 Nov 1379 Joan (dsp), dau of Ralph de Stafford, Earl of Stafford, and widow of John Cherleton, Lord Cherleton


1c) Richard, 4th Lord Talbot, summoned 1384/7 as Lord Talbot of Blackmere and 1387/93 as Lord Talbot of Godriche Castell (ca 1361-London 8/9 Sep 1396); m.by 23 Aug 1383 Ankaret, suo jure Baroness Strange of Blackmere (d.1 Jun 1413), dau of John Lestrange, 4th Lord Strange of Blackmere


1d) Gilbert, 5th Lord Talbot (1383-Rouen 19 Oct 1418); m.ca 1415 Beatriz (d.25 Dec 1447), a Portuguese lady; he had previously been engaged to Joan Plantagenet, who died before they could consummate the marriage


1e) Ankaret, 6th Baroness Talbot (d.13 Dec 1421, t 5)


2d) John, 7th Lord Talbot, 8th Lord Trange, summoned 1409/21 as Lord Furnivalle, cr 1442 Earl of Salop, alias Shrewsbury, cr 1446 Earl of Waterford [in the Peerage of Ireland], cr 1434 Comte de Clermont by King Henry VI (ca 1384-k.a.Chtillon 17 Jul 1453); m.1st by 12 Mar 1407 Maud, suo jure Baroness Furnivalle (ca 1392-ca 1423), dau of Thomas Neville, Lord Furnivalle, by Joan, suo jure Baroness Furnivalle; m.2nd Warwick Castle 6 Sep 1425 Margaret (1404-14 Jun 1467) dau of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick


[by 1st m.]:


1e) Thomas (dvp)


2e) John, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (ca 1413-k.a.Northampton 10 Jul 1460); m.by Mar 1445 Elizabeth (d.8 Sep 1473) dau of James Butler, 4th Earl of Ormond; he had been earlier affianced to Katherine, dau of Sir Edward Burnell, and widow of Sir John Ratcliffe, but seems not to have married her


1f) John, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (12 Dec 1448-Coventry 28 Jun 1473); m.ca 1467 Katharine (d.26 Dec 1476) dau of Humphrey Stafford, Duke of Buckingham


1g) George, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (Shifnal, Salop 1468-Wingfield Manor, co Derby 26 Jul 1538); m.1st by 27 Jun 1481 Anne, dau of William Hastings, Lord Hastings; m.2nd ca 1512 Elizabeth Walden (d.Jul 1567)


1h) Henry, dvp


2h) Francis, 5th Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (Sheffield Castle 1500-Sheffield Manor 28 Sep 1560); m.1st by 30 Nov 1523 Mary (d.29 Mar 1538) dau of Thomas Dacre, 2nd Lord Dacre, and of Elizabeth, suo jure Baroness Greystoke; m.2nd by Aug 1553 Grace (d.Aug 1558), dau of Robert Shakerley, and widow of Francis Carless


1i) George 6th Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (ca 1522-Sheffield Manor 18 Nov 1590); m.1st London 28 Apr 1539 Lady Gertrude Manners (d.1567); m.2nd Sheffield 9 Feb 1568 Elizabeth, ne Hardwick [“Bess of Hardwick”], widow, inter alia, of Sir William Cavendish; all issue by 1st m.


1j) Francis, Lord Talbot (ca 1550-1582); m.Baynard’s Castle, London 17 Feb 1563 Lady Anne Herbert


2j) Gilbert, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury & Waterford, etc (20 Nov 1552-London 8 May 1616); m.9 Feb 1568 Mary Cavendish (d.1632), dau of his stepmother; on his death the Baronies of Talbot, Furnivalle and Strange of Blackmere fell into abeyance


1k) George, d. an infant


2k) Mary (dsp Mar 1649); m.4 Nov 1604 William Herbert, 3rd Earl of Pembroke (8 Apr 1580-10 Apr 1630)


3k) Elizabeth (dsp 7 Dec 1651); m.16 Nov 1601 Henry Grey, 8th Earl of Kent (ca 1583-21 Nov 1639)


4k) Alathea, 1651 , de jure and suo jure Baroness Furnivalle, Strange of Blackmere, and Talbot (d.Amsterdam 24 May 1654); m.Sep 1606 Thomas Howard, 21st Earl of Arundel (7 Jul 1585-Padua 4 Oct 1646)


3j) Edward, 8th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (1561-London 8 Feb 1618); m.1583 Hon, Jane Ogle (d.1626)


4j) Henry, d.20 Jan 1596; m.Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Reyner, widow of Sir Thomas Holcroft


1k) Gertrude (d.1649); m.8 Jan 1601 Robert Pierrepont, Earl of Kingston (6 Aug 1584-25 Jul 1643)


2k) Mary, d.6 Mar 1675; m.1st Thomas Holcroft, of Vale Royal; m.2nd 28 Aug 1628 Sir William Armyne, of Osgodby, Bt. (11 Dec 1593-10 Apr 1651)


5j) Catherine, d.1576; m.Henry Herbert, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (d.19 Jan 1601)


6j) Mary; m.Sir George Savile, Bt. (ca 1550-12 Nov 1622)


7j) Grace; m.Henry Cavendish


2i) Thomas


3i) Anne (d.3 Feb 1584); m.1st John Braye, 2nd Lord Braye (d.19 Nov 1557 of wounds received at St.Quintin); m.2nd Sheffield 18 Nov 1561 Thomas Wharton, Lord Wharton (d.Henlaugh 23 Aug 1568)


3h) [ex 1] John, d.an infant


4h) [ex 1] John, d.an infant


5h) [ex 1] William


6h) [ex 1] Richard


7h) [ex 1] Elizabeth; m.William Dacre, 3rd Lord Dacre and Greystoke (29 Apr 1500-Kirkoswald 18 Nov 1563)


8h) [ex 1] Margaret; m.Henry Clifford [later, Earl of Cumberland] (1493-22 Apr 1542)


9h) [ex 1] Anne


10h) [ex 1] Dorothy


11h) [ex 1] Mary, d.1572; m.ca 1524 Henry Percy, 5th Earl of Northumberland (ca 1502-30 Jun 1537)


12h) [ex 2] John, d.young


13h) [ex 2] Anne (18 Mar 1524-London 18 Jul 1588); m.1st Peter Compton; m.2nd ca May 1552 William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke (ca 1506-Hampton Court 17 Mar 1570)


2g) Thomas


[3g) Collins’ Peerage also gives a daughter Anne, said to have married Thomas Butler, Lord Sudley; however, The Complete Peerage, sub Sudeley, says only that Thomas Butler (dvp), son and heir of Ralph, 7th Lord Sudeley, married one Eleanor, sister of a Sir John Talbot]


2f) Sir James (d.2 Sep 1471)


3f) Rev. Christopher


4f) Sir Gilbert, of Grafton (d.19 Sep 1518); m.1st Elizabeth, dau of 7th Lord Greystock, and widow of 5th Lord Scrope; m.2nd Etheldreda, dau of William Landwade Cotton, and widow of Thomas Barton and of Richard Gardiner


[by 1st m.]:


1g) Sir Gilbert, of Grafton (d.22 Oct 1542); m.1st Anne, dau of Sir William Paston by Lady Anne Somerset; m.2nd Elizabeth Wynter (dsp)


1h) Humphrey


2h) Walter


3h) Margaret; m.Sir Robert Newport


4h) Elizabeth; m.Sir John Lyttelton


5h) Mary; m.Sir Thomas Astley, of Patshull


6h) Eleanor; m.Jeffrey Dudley


2g) Sir Humphrey (dsp in Holy Land)


3g) Catherine


4g) Jane


[by 2nd m.]:


5g) Sir John, of Albrighton (d.10 Sep 1549); m.1st Margaret Troutbeck; m.2nd Elizabeth Wrottesley (d.10 May 1558); for his issue, see Part 2


5f) George


6f) Anne; m.Sir Henry Vernon


7f) Margaret; m.Thomas Chaworth


3e) Sir Christopher, d.10 Jul 1460


4e) Catherine; m.Sir Nicholas Eyton


[by 2nd m.]:


5e) John, cr 1444 Lord Lisle [his mother being a co-heir to an older barony of that name], cr 1451 Viscount Lisle (ca 1426-k.a.with his father 17 Jul 1453); m.Joan (d.15 Jul 1464), dau of Thomas Chedder, and widow of Richard Stafford


1f) Thomas, 2nd Viscount Lisle (k.a.Nibley Green 20 Mar 1470); m.Sep 1466 Margaret, dau of William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke


2f) Elizabeth, 1475 3rd Baroness Lisle (d.1500); m.Sir Edward Grey, cr 1475 Viscount Lisle (d.17 Jul 1492); the Barony of Lisle continued in their issue


3f) Margaret (d.ca 1475); m.Sir George Vere


6e) Sir Humphrey (d.1492); m.Mary Champernowne


7e) Sir Lewis


8e) Joane; m.1st 1457 James Berkeley, Lord Berkeley (Raglan ca 1394-Berkeley Castle Nov 1463); m.2nd 1487 Edmund Hungerford


9e) Elizabeth (d.1506/7); m.John Mowbray, 4th Duke of Norfolk (18 Oct 1444-Framlingham Castle 16/17 Jan 1476)


3d) Richard, Archbishop of Dublin


2c) Elizabeth (d.10 Jan 1402); m.by 3 Feb 1380 Henry Grey, 5th Lord Grey de Wilton (d.22 Apr 1396)





Part 2


Sir John Talbot, of Albrighton (see Part 1) had issue:

[by 1st m.]:


1a) Sir John, of Grafton and Albrighton (d.6 Jun 1555); m.Frances Giffard


1b) Sir John, of Grafton (d.29 Jan 1611); m.1st Catherine Petre; m.2nd Hon. Margaret Windsor (dsp 31 Mar 1620)


1c) George, 9th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (19 Dec 1566-2 Apr 1630)


2c) John (d.1607); m.Eleanor Baskerville issue, with 3 other sons and 3 other daus who d. unmarried:


1d) John, 10th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (d.8 Feb 1654); m.1st by 1619 Mary Fortescue (d.1635/6); m.2nd by 15 Feb 1648 Hon. Frances Arundell (d.1652)


1e) George, called Lord Talbot [though apparently no such Barony was in his or his father’s possession] (ca 1620-7 Mar 1642); m.Jan 1639 Hon. Mary Herbert (1623- )


1f) Mary (fl 1649, d.young)


2e) Francis, 11th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (ca 1623-Arundel House 16 Mar 1668); m.1st Anne Conyers; m.2nd London 10 Jan 1659 Lady Anna Maria Brudenell (d.20 Apr 1702)


1f) [ex 1] Conyers (d.young)


2f) [ex 1] George (d.young)


3f) [ex 1] Mary; m.John Stonor, of Stonor (22 Mar 1656-1687)


4f) Charles, 12th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford, cr 1694 Duke of Shrewsbury and Marquess of Alton (24 Jul 1660-Warwick House, London 1 Feb 1718); m.Augsburg Sep 1705 Adelaide Roffeni, ne Paleoti (d.29 Jun 1726)


5f) John (1645-k.in duel with Duke of Grafton 2 Feb 1686)


3e) Edward, k.a.Marston Moor 2 Jul 1644


4e) Gilbert (ca 1631-1702); m.Jane Flatsbury


1f) John


2f) Gilbert, 13th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (11 Jan 1673-22 Jul 1743)


3f) George (d.12 Dec 1733); m.11 Mar 1719 Hon. Mary Fitzwilliam (d.20 Sep 1752)


1g) George, 14th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (Isleworth 11 Dec 1719-Heythrop 21 Jul 1787); m.21 Nov 1743 Hon. Elizabeth Dormer (15 May 1724-Lacock Abbey 11 Aug 1809)


2g) Charles (d.11 Apr 1766); m.1st 23 May 1749 Mary Alwyn (d.8 Jun 1750); m.2nd 7 Apr 1752 Mary Mostyn


1h) Mary (2 Jun 1750-12 Jul 1771)


2h) Charles, 15th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (London 8 Mar 1753-London 6 Apr 1827); m.Bordeaux 23 Sep 1792 Elizabeth Hoey (d.London 13 Feb 1847)


3h) Anne (9 Mar 1754-d.young)


4h) Frances, d.1820


5h) Barbara (1 Jul 1756-4 Jan 1806); m.9 Apr 1780 Francis Fortescue Turvile


6h) Catherine Mary, d.10 Jan 1782


7h) Juliana (3 Mar 1759-19 Feb 1801); m.7 Jun 1784 Michael Bryan


8h) Elizabeth


9h) Theresa (31 Jul 1761-1 Jan 1823); m.5 Feb 1793 Robert Selby


10h) George Joseph (23 Nov 1763-7 Jul 1789)


11h) John Joseph (9 Jun 1765-8 Aug 1815); m.1st 29 May 1789 Catherine Clifton (d.May 1791); m.2nd 4 May 1797 Harriet Anne Bedingfeld (d.7 Jun 1839)


1i) Charles, d.young


2i) John, 16th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (Grafton Manor 18 Mar 1791-Naples 9 Nov 1852); m.Bath 27 Jun 1814 Maria Theresa Talbot (21 May 1795-Paris 8 Jun 1856)


1j) Mary Alathea Beatrix, cr Princess by King of Bavaria (29 May 1815-Rome 18 Dec 1858); m.4 Apr 1839 Filippo Andrea Principe Doria Pamphilj Landi (d.19 Mar 1876)


2j) John (27 Nov 1816-20 Mar 1817)


3j) Gwendaline Catherine (3 Dec 1817-27 Oct 1840); m.11 May 1835 Marc Antonio Principe Borghese


3i) [ex 2] George Henry (d.19 Jun 1839 [or 11 Jun 1839]); m.6 Apr 1829 Augusta St.Paul (d.1841)


1j) John (18 Feb 1830-23 Apr 1846)


2j) Augusta (5 Jun 1831-London 3 Jul 1862); m.London 22 Jul 1851 Edward George Fitzalan-Howard, Lord Howard of Glossop (London 20 Jan 1819-London 1 Dec 1883)


4i) James Cavendish (9 Feb 1802 [1800?]-7 Jul 1827)


5i) Harriet (14 Feb 1803-Brussels 9 Oct 1866); m.19 Oct 1829 John W Searle (d.1861)


6i) Charlotte (7 Sep 1806-Fitzwilliam Lodge, Dublin 21 Nov 1843); m.London 19 Aug 1830 Michael James Robert Dillon, 12th Earl of Roscommon (2 Oct 1798-Fitzwilliam Lodge 15 May 1850)


7i) Susan Margaret


12h) Anne Mary, d.27 Jan 1775


13h) Charlotte Mary, d.1775


3g) John, d.5 Apr 1751


4g) James, bur, Feb 1790


5g) Thomas Joseph, a Catholic Bishop (14 Feb 1727-24 Apr 1795)


6g) Francis (1727-22 Nov 1813); m.1st 20 Apr 1761 Lady Anne Belasyse (dsp 13 Sep 1768); m.2nd 18 May 1772 Margaret Frances Sheldon


1h) George (28 Mar 1773-7 Jun 1773)


2h) Elizabeth Margaret (20 May 1775-16 Oct 1814)


3h) Frances (1 Dec 1777-22 Dec 1795)


4h) Maria (4 Oct 1779-25 Apr 1814); m.22 Sep 1802 James Wheble


5h) Francis William (15 Mar 1781-26 Jun 1820)


6h) Charles Thomas (24 Nov 1782-30 Apr 1838); m.1 Feb 1830 Julia Tichborne (d.4 Jun 1892)


1i) Gilbert John (20 Jun 1831-25 Sep 1838)


2i) Bertram Arthur, 17th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (Tichborne Park 11 Dec 1832-Lisbon 10 Aug 1856)


3i) Annette Mary (3 Jun 1834-1 Jul 1922); m.17 Jan 1855 Sir Humphrey de Trafford, 2nd Bt. (d.4 May 1886)


4i) Gwendaline Elizabeth (7 Jan 1836-3 Sep 1910); m.29 Oct 1857 Edward Henry Petre (d.21 Nov 1902)


7h) Louisa Frances (9 Oct 1784-6 Oct 1864)


8h) Anne Barbara (24 May 1788-5 Feb 1810)


7g) Gilbert, d.an infant


8g) Barbara (d.9 Nov 1759); m.30 Jun 1742 James Aston, 5th Lord Aston (23 May 1723-24 Aug 1751)


9g) Mary (18 Aug 1723-18 May 1753); m.9 Aug 1749 Charles Dormer, 8th Lord Dormer (30 Apr 1725-30 Mar 1804)


10g) Lucy, a nun, d.Jun 1787


4f) Anne; m. ___ Talbot


5e) [ex 1] Frances; m.Sir George Wintour, of Hoddington


6e) [ex 1] Catherine; m.Thomas Whetenall


7e) [ex 1] Mary (d.1711); m.1st Charles Arundell; m.2nd Mervyn Tuchet, 4th Earl of Castlehaven (d.2 Nov 1686)


8e) [ex 2] Thomas, of Longford; m.Anne Yate


1f) John; m.Hon. Catherine Belasyse


9e) [ex 2] John, d.young


10e) [ex 2] Bruno


2d) Catherine; m.James Pool, of Pool


3c) Gertrude, d.young


4c) Anne; m.Thomas Needham, of Shenton


5c) Gertrude; m.Robert Wintour


2b) Joan; m.Sir George Bowes, of Streatlam Castle


2a) Anne; m.Thomas Needham


[by 2nd m.]:


3a) Sir John, of Salwarp (d.9 Dec 1581); m.13 Sep 1574 Olive Sherrington


1b) Sherrington, of Salwarp and Lacock (d.1642); m.1st Elizabeth Leighton; m.2nd Mary Washbourne


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Sherrington (d.1677); m.13 Oct 1627 Jane Lyttelton


1d) Sir John, of Lacock (d.Feb 1714); m.1st Elizabeth Keyt; m.2nd Barbara Slingsby


1e) [ex 1] Sherrington (d.1685); m.Anne Lawley


2e) [ex 2] John (d.1681)


3e) [ex 2] Thomas (d.1683)


4e) [ex 2] Anne; m.Sir John Ivory; their son inherited Lacock and Salwarp and took the surname Talbot


5e) [ex 2] Barbara (d.Brandon, Warwickshire 31 Jan 1763); m.London 11 Jul 1689 Henry Yelverton, 15th Lord Grey de Ruthyn, Viscount Longueville (ca 1664-Bath 24 Mar 1704)


6e) [ex 2] Gilberta


2d) Mary; m.Sebright Repington, of Amington


2c) Sir Gilbert


[by 2nd m.]:


3c) George


1d) Catherine; m.Sir Clement Clerke, of Launde Abbey


4c) Edward


5c) William, of Whittington (d.27 Mar 1686); m.Mary Doughty (d.1661)


1d) William, Bp of Durham (bap. 2 Jul 1658-10 Oct 1730); m.1st ca 1682 Catherine King (d.1702); m.2nd 3 Sep 1703 Agnes Hartopp (d.24 Nov 1730)


1e) Charles, cr 1733 Baron Talbot of Hensol (1685-London 14 Feb 1737); m.1708 Cecil Mathews (d.13 Jun 1720)


1f) Charles Richard (1709-27 Sep 1733)


2f) William, 2nd Lord Talbot, cr 1761 Earl Talbot, cr 1780 Baron Dinevor with remainder to his daughter and her heirs male (Worcester 16 May 1710-London 27 Apr 1782); m.London 21 Feb 1734 Mary de Cardonel (d.Great Barrington 5 Apr 1787)


1g) Cecil, 2nd Baroness Dinevor (London Jul 1735-Dynevor Castle 14 Mar 1793); m.Pendoyton 16 Aug 1756 George Rice, of Newton (d.3 Aug 1779) issue


2g) William (5 Nov 1739-1 Apr 1742)


3f) John (1712-22 Sep 1756); m.1st May 1737 Henrietta Maria Decker (dsp Dec 1747); m.2nd Aug 1748 Hon. Catherine Chetwynd, heiress of Ingestre (d.20 Jan 1785)


1g) John Chetwynd, 3rd Lord Talbot, cr 1784 Earl Talbot and Viscount Ingestre, took surname Chetwynd-Talbot (5 Jan 1750-London 19 May 1793); m.London 7 May 1776 Lady Charlotte Hill (15 May 1754-London 17 Jan 1804)


1h) Charles, 2nd Earl Talbot (London 25 Apr 1777-Ingestre Hall 10 Jan 1849); m.London 28 Aug 1800 Frances Thomasine Lambart (11 Jul 1782-Phoenix Park, Dublin 30 Dec 1819)


1i) Frances Charlotte (17 May 1801-Ingestre 4 Oct 1823); m.Cirencester 5 Apr 1821 William Legge, 4th Earl of Dartmouth (29 Nov 1784-Patshull 22 Nov 1853)


2i) Charles Thomas, Viscount Ingestre (11 Jul 1802-Vienna 23 May 1826)


3i) Henry John, 3rd Earl Talbot, 1856 18th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (Ingestre 8 Nov 1803-Newbottle Abbey 4 Jun 1868); m.London 8 Nov 1828 Lady Sarah Elizabeth Beresford (10 Nov 1807-Ashridge Park 13 Oct 1884)


1j) Charles John, 19th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford, 4th Earl Talbot (Gumley, Leics 13 Apr 1830-London 11 May 1877); m.London 15 Feb 1855 Anna Theresa Cockerell (Calcutta 20 Sep 1836-London 29 Jul 1912)


1k) Theresa Susey Helen (6 Jun 1856-London 16 Mar 1919); m.2 Oct 1875 Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 6th Marquess of Londonderry (16 Jul 1852-8 Feb 1915)


2k) Guendolen Theresa (17 Jan 1858-20 Jan 1937); m.1st 18 Jan 1877 Edward Chaplin (d.23 Dec 1883); m.2nd 4 Oct 1887 Archibald Cosmo Little (d.8 Jan 1934)


3k) Muriel Frances Louisa (1 Aug 1859-London 2 Mar 1925); m.1st 23 Dec 1876 William Reginald Duncombe, Viscount Helmsley (1 Aug 1852-24 Dec 1881); m.2nd 6 Jun 1885 Hugh Darby Annesley Owen (d.12 Mar 1908)


4k) Charles Henry John, 20th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford, 5th Earl Talbot (London 13 Nov 1860-Ingestre 17 May 1921); m.21 Jun and 26 Jul 1882 Mrs Ellen Mary Mundy, ne Palmer-Morewood (d.Putney 23 Aug 1940)


1l) Charles John Alton, Viscount Ingestre (Alton Towers 8 Sep 1882-London 8 Jan 1915); m.London 23 Apr 1904 Winifred Constance Hester Paget (d.18 Apr 1965)


1m) Ursula Winifred (12 Sep 1907-k.in air accident 26 Aug 1966); m.1st 8 Nov 1930 Hector Stewart (d.6 Mar 1935); m.2nd 22 Apr 1942 (div 1952) Michael Burton Stewart (d.16 May 1962); m.3rd 10 Apr 1954 Patrick Hamilton (d.23 Sep 1962); m.4th 14 Dec 1964 William Leonard James (k.with wife)


2m) Victoria Audrey Beatrice (13 Mar 1910- ); m.1st 3 Mar 1932 (div 1936) Edward John Stanley, 6th Lord Stanley of Alderley (9 Oct 1907-3 Mar 1971); m.2nd 20 Dec 1945 Gwyn Rhyse Francis Morris (d.1982)


3m) Joan (30 Oct 1911-2 Jun 1974); m.27 May 1937Francis Howard Bickerton (d.21 Aug 1954)


4m) John George Charles Henry Alton Alexander, 21st Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford and 6th Earl Talbot (1 Dec 1914-1980); m.1st 24 Feb 1936 (div 1963) Nadine Muriel Crofton (d.19 Feb 2003); m.2nd 18 Oct 1963 Doris Aileen Mortlock (d.1993)


1n) Charlotte Sarah Alexandra, b.18 Nov 1938; m.20 Jul 1965 Camillo Cavazza dei Conti Cavazza (d.1981)


2n) Josephine Sylvia-Rose, b.23 May 1940; m.24 Apr 1965 Stafford Antony Saint


3n) Catherine Laura, b.4 Aug 1945; m.10 Oct 1966 Richard Sebastian Endicott Chamberlain


4n) Marguerite Mary, b.12 Jun 1950; m.1st 21 Jul 1970 (div 1984) Guy William Brisbane; m.2nd 1984 Andrew Wynne


5n) Charles Henry John Benedict Crofton Chetwynd Chetwynd-Talbot, 22nd Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford and 7th Earl Talbot, b.18 Dec 1952; m.5 Jan 1974 Deborah Jane Hutchinson


1o) James Richard Charles John, Viscount Ingestre, b.1978; m.2006 Polly Elizabeth Blackie


1p) Matilda Elisabetta Deborah, b.2008

2p) Rose Constance Hester, b.2010

3p) Flora Winifred Meliora, b.2011


2o) Edward William Henry Alexander, b.1981; m.2010 Alexandra Rose Myers


3o) Victoria Jane, b.1975; m.2005 Daniel James Goodall


6n) Paul Anthony Alexander Bueno, b.1957; m.1982 Sarah Elizabeth Bradley


1o) Harry Alexander, b.1985

2o) Jack Anthony Alton, b.1987

3o) Rory Arthur Alton, b.1995


2l) Nellie Viola Castalia Florence (3 Jul 1885-23 Jul 1951); m.1st 19 Dec 1907 (div 1916) Reginald Edward Gore (d.12 Sep 1963); m.2nd 16 Aug 1916 Walter Arnold Conduitt (d.1956)


2j) Victoria Susan (27 Feb 1831-8 Jun 1856)


3j) Sherrington Henry (28 Jul 1832-26 Mar 1833)


4j) Walter Cecil, took surname Carpenter (27 Mar 1834-13 May 1904); m.1st 27 Oct 1869 Maria Georgiana Mundy (d.25 Apr 1876); m.2nd 10 Feb 1887 Hon. Beatrice de Grey (d.16 Oct 1927)


1k) Sarah Marie (21 Apr 1876-21 Sep 1957); m.7 Aug 1907 Christopher Hatton Turnor (d.19 Aug 1940)


5j) Constance Harriet Mahonesa (15 Jun 1836-Blickling Hall 10 Oct 1901); m.Ingestre 12 Aug 1857 William Schomberg Robert Kerr, 8th Marquess of Lothian (12 Aug 1832-6 Jul 1870)


6j) Gertrude Frances (21 Mar 1840-Berkhamsted House 30 Sep 1906); m.Westminster Abbey 19 Aug 1874 George Robert Charles Herbert, 13th Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery (6 Jul 1850-3 May 1895)


7j) Sir Reginald Arthur James (11 Jul 1841-15 Jan 1929); m.8 May 1877 Margaret Jane Stuart-Wortley (d.6 Oct 1937)


8j) Adelaide (8 Jul 1844-16 Mar 1917); m.Ford Castle 22 Jun 1868 Adelbert Wellington Brownlow Cust, 3rd Earl Brownlow (19 Aug 1844-17 Mar 1921)


9j) Edith (13 Feb 1847-2 Sep 1847)


10j) Alfred (14 Sep 1848-9 May 1913); m.28 Jun 1882 Hon. Emily Augusta Louisa de Grey (d.26 Jan 1912)


1k) Humphrey John (8 Oct 1883-6 Feb 1944)


2k) Bridget Elizabeth (15 Jan 1885-29 Nov 1971)


3k) Geoffrey Richard Henry (29 Mar 1888-k.on active service 29 Jun 1916)


4k) Kathleen (22 Nov 1893-2 Jul 1958)


4i) Rev. Arthur (12 Nov 1805-13 Jan 1884); m.1st 17 Jul 1832 Harriet Hervey-Aston (d.6 Feb 1845); m.2nd 19 Oct 1854 Mary Elizabeth Masterman (d.30 Sep 1896) issue, extant in the male line


5i) John (31 May 1806-26 May 1852); m.30 Aug 1830 Hon. Caroline Jane Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie (d.12 Jun 1876) issue, extant in the male line


6i) Cecil (Ingestre 17 Apr 1808-Rome 13 May 1877); m.London 19 Jul 1831 John William Robert Kerr, 7th Marquess of Lothian (Newbottle Abbey 1 Feb 1794-Blickling House, Norfolk 14 Nov 1841)


7i) Rev. George Gustavus (19 Mar 1810-8 Sep 1896); m.25 Jun 1842 Emily Sarah Elwes (d.21 Nov 1876) issue, extinct in the male line


8i) Walter (13 Oct 1812-21 Apr 1818)


9i) Rev. William Whitworth (17 Jan 1814-3 Jul 1888); m.4 Jul 1843 Eleanora Julia Coventry (d.15 Dec 1897) issue, extinct in the male line


10i) Rt. Rev. Msgr. Gilbert (28 Apr 1816-13 Dec 1896)


11i) Wellington Patrick Manvers (12 Dec 1817-23 Sep 1898); m.11 Oct 1860 Lady Emma Charlotte Stanley (d.23 Aug 1928) issue, extant in the male line


12i) Gerald (3 Oct 1819-13 Feb 1885); m.1840 Margaret Mackay (d.8 Dec 1894) issue, extant in the male line


2h) Rev. John (4 Apr 1779-8 Feb 1825)


2g) Charles, d.1804


3g) William Henry, d.1782


4g) Rev. George; m.Anne Beauclerk (5 Nov 1749-1809)


4f) Rev. George (d.19 Nov 1782); m.3 Jan 1761 Hon. Anne Bouverie (d.31 Dec 1813)


1g) George (25 Mar 1763-7 Apr 1836); m.4 Jan 1789 Charlotte Elizabeth Drake (d.1817)


1h) Mary Anne; m.18 May 1815 Sir Francis Lawley, 7th Bt. (d.30 Jan 1851)


2h) Charlotte; m.27 Jun 1818 William Mount (d.10 Apr 1869)


3h) Isabella, d.9 Oct 1869


4h) Jane Elizabeth


2g) Cecil (25 Mar 1708-24 Feb 1832); m.John Edmund Chamberlayne


3g) Very Rev. Charles, Dean of Salisbury (26 Oct 1769-28 Feb 1823); m.27 Jun 1796 Lady Elizabeth Somerset (11 Feb 1773-5 May 1836)


1h) Anne Eliza (22 Aug 1797-1870)


2h) Rev. Henry George (28 Jun 1798-10 Mar 1867); m.1 Aug 1835 Mary Elizabeth Ponsonby (d.14 Sep 1838) issue, extinct in male line


3h) Elizabeth (1800-20 Apr 1852)


4h) Sir Charles (1 Nov 1801-8 Aug 1876); m.11 Dec 1838 Mrs Charlotte Georgiana Stapleton, ne Ponsonby (d.7 Sep 1883) issue, extant in male line, some of whom took surname Talbot-Ponsonby


5h) Frances Cecil (1802-7 Nov 1855); m.31 Dec 1829 Hon. Philip Abbot (d.8 Jan 1835)


6h) Maria Charlotte, d.1827; m.16 May 1826 Henry Every


7h) Georgiana Elizabeth (8 May 1806-3 Jun 1885); m.4 Sep 1828 Rev. Augustus Clayton (d.1871)


8h) Catherine, d.22 Aug 1875


9h) George (19 Aug 1809-2 Feb 1871); m.1st 26 Jun 1836 Frances West (d.30 Jul 1861); m.2nd 29 Apr 1863 Mrs Angelina Daniel issue, extant in male line


10h) Edward Fitzroy (6 Mar 1812-5 Oct 1890)


11h) Arthur (18 Aug 1816-13 Oct 1881)


4g) Louisa (1 Dec 1772- ); m.13 Jun 1797 William Agar


2e) Rev. Edward, Archdeacon of Berkshire (1693-9 Dec 1720)


3e) Sherrington (1699- ); m.1st Elizabeth Medgett; m.2nd Eleanor Dixton; m.3rd Charlotte Freeman


1f) [ex 1] Rev. William (1718-2 Mar 1774)


2f) [ex 1] Sir Charles Henry, cr Baronet 1790 (d.30 Jun 1798); m.1749 Anne Hassel


1g) Sir Charles, 2nd Bt. (d.Nov 1812)


2g) Sir George, 3rd Bt. (14 Mar 1763-10 Jun 1850); m.1787 Anna Preston


1h) Mary Anne


2h) Charlotte Georgina


3g) Amelia Anne


4g) Catherine Jane; m.Rev. Josiah Labord


5g) Charlotte Mary; m.George Horsley


6g) Anne Elizabeth


3f) [ex 2] Indiana; m.9 Feb 1773 Lewes Peake Garland (d.1780)


4e) Henry


5e) Catherine; m.Exton Sayer


6e) Henrietta Maria; m.Charles Trimnell, Bp of Winchester


2d) Catherine; m.Walter Littleton; m.2nd Lancelot Blackburn, Archbishop of York


3d) Frances; m.Samuel Jewkes


6c) Francis


2b) John; m.Mary Trimnel


1c) John; m.Margaret Gower


3b) Thomas; m.Magdalen Wyvill


1c) Robert; m.Anne Sheldon


1d) Thomas


2d) Gilbert


3d) George