The family Stuart/Stewart and Fitzalan





Part 3



Sir Alexander Stewart, of Darnley (see Part 1) had issue:


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Sir John, of Darnley, sn d’Aubigny, k.a.Orléans 12 Feb 1429, bur Orléans Cathedral; m.Elizabeth, dau of Duncan, Earl of Lennox


1b) Sir Alan, of Darnley, Boyd of Kilmarnock 1439; 1429 Catherine Seton ( 7 Feb 1478)


1c) Sir John, cr ca 1460 Lord Darnley, recognized ca 1488 as Earl of Lennox, d.8 Jul/11 Sep 1495; 1438 Margaret Montgomery


1d) Matthew, 2nd Earl of Lennox, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m.1st by 13 Jun 1480 Margaret Lyle; m.2nd ca 1494 Elizabeth Hamilton (fl Apr 1531); all issue by 2d m.


1e) John, 3rd Earl of Lennox, murdered by Sir James Hamilton 4 Sep 1526; 1512 Lady Elizabeth Stuart


1f) Matthew, 4th Earl of Lennox (Dunbarton Castle 21 Sep James Cadell at Stirling 4 Sep 1571 in an attack by Earl of Huntly on the Parliament sitting there); m.St.James’s Palace 29 Jun 1544 Lady Margaret Douglas (half-sister of King James V)


1g) Henry (6 Feb 1545-29 Nov 1545)


2g) Henry, Lord Darnley, cr Duke of Albany 1565, King of Scots 1565 (7 Dec 1545-murdered at the Kirk of Field 10 Feb 1567); m.Holyrood 29 Jul 1565 Mary, Queen of Scots


1h) King James I & VI of England and Scotland (Edinburgh Castle 19 Jun 1566-Theobalds Park 27 Mar 1625); m.Oslo 23 Nov 1589 Anne Pss of Denmark (Skanderborg Castle 14 Oct 1574-Hampton Court Palace 4 Mar 1619)


1i) Henry Frederick Pr of Wales (Stirling Castle 19 Feb 1594-St.James's Palace 6 Nov 1612


2i) King Charles I of England and Scotland (Dunfermline 19 Nov 1600-executed at Whitehall 30 Jan 1649); m.Canterbury 13 Jun 1625 Henrietta Maria of France (Louvre 25 Nov 1609-Colombe 31 Aug 1669)


1j) Charles James, Duke of Cornwall & Rothesay, b.and d.Greenwich Palace 13 May 1629


2j) King Charles II of England and Scotland (St.James's Palace 29 May 1630-Whitehall 6 Feb 1685); m.Portsmouth 21 May 1662 Catherine Infta of Portugal (Vila Vicosa 25 Nov 1638-Lisbon 31 Dec 1705)


1k) James Crofts "Scott", Duke of Monmouth and Buccleuch, b.9 Mar 1649, beheaded at Tower of London 15 Jul 1685; m.20 Apr 1663 Anne Scott, Css of Buccleuch (b.11 Feb 1651, d.6 Feb 1732)


1l) Charles Scott, Earl of Doncaster, b.24 Aug 1672, d.10 Feb 1674


2l) James Scott, Earl of Dalkeith, b.23 May 1674, d.London 19 Mar 1705; m.2 Jan 1694 Lady Henrietta Hyde (d.30 May 1730)


1m) Francis Scott, 2nd Duke of Buccleuch, b.11 Jan 1695, d.22 Apr 1751; m.1st London 5 Apr 1720 Lady Jean Douglas (d.Langley 31 Aug 1729); m.2nd London 4 Sep 1744 Alice Powell (d.5 Dec 1765)


1n) Francis Scott, Earl of Dalkeith, b.19 Feb 1721, d.Adderbury, Oxon 1 Apr 1750; m.London 2 Oct 1742 Lady Caroline Campbell (b.Sudbrooke, Surrey 17 Nov 1717, d.Sudbrooke 11 Jan 1794)


1o) John Scott, Lord Scott of Whitchester, b.3 Jun 1745, d.31 Jan 1749


2o) Henry Scott, 3rd Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry, b.29 Sep 1746, d.Dalkeith 11 Jan 1812; m.Montagu House 2 May 1767 Lady Elizabeth Montagu (b.29 May 1743, d.Richmond, Surrey 21 Nov 1827)


1p) George Scott, Earl of Dalkeith, b.25 Mar 1768, d.29 May 1768


2p) Charles William Henry Montagu Scott, 4th Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry, b.London 24 May 1772, d.Lisbon 20 Apr 1819; m.London 24 Mar 1795 Hon.Catharine Townshend (b.29 Nov 1773, d.Dalkeith House 24 Aug 1814)


  1q) George Henry Scott, Lord Scott of Whitchester, b.Dalkeith House 2 Jan 1798, d.there 11 Mar 1808


  2q) Walter Francis Montagu-Douglas-Scott, 5th Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry, b.Dalkeith House 25 Nov 1806, d.Bowhill 16 Apr 1884; m.London 13 Aug 1829 Lady Charlotte Thynne (b.10 Apr 1811, d.Ditton Park, Bucks 18 Mar 1895); for his issue, see here


  3q) Lord John Montagu-Scott, b.13 Jul 1809, d.3 Jan 1860; m.11 Mar 1836 Alice Anne Spottiswoode (d.12 Mar 1900)


  4q) Lady Charlotte Montagu-Scott, b.Dalkeith House 16 Jul 1799, d.Rome 29 Feb 1828; m.Montagu House 4 Jul 1822 James Thomas Stopford, Viscount Stopford [later, 4th Earl of Courtown] (1794-1858)


  5q) Lady Isabella Mary Montagu-Scott (1800-9 Oct 1829); m.9 Oct 1823 Hon.Peregrine Francis Cust (13 Aug 1791-1873)


  6q) Lady Margaret Montagu-Scott (12 Jun 1811-London 5 Jun 1846); m.London 7 Feb 1832 Charles Marsham, 3d Earl of Romney (1808-1874)


  7q) Lady Harriet Montagu-Scott (1814-16 Feb 1870); m.29 Mar 1842 Rev.Edward Moore (1814-    )


3p) Henry James Montagu-Scott, 2d Lord Montagu of Boughton, b.London 16 Dec 1776, d.London 30 Oct 1845; m.Dalkeith House 22 Nov 1804 Hon.Jane Margaret Douglas (b.21 Dec 1779, d.Ditton Park 8 Jan 1859)


  1q) Hon.Lucy Elizabeth Montagu-Scott, b.14 Nov 1805, d.the Hirsel 15 May 1877; m.Ditton Park 4 Dec 1832 Cospatrick Alexander Home, 11th Earl of Home (1799-1881)


  2q) Hon.Caroline Georgiana Montagu-Scott, d.5 Dec 1891; m.5 Mar 1836 George William Hope, of Luffness (1808-1863)


  3q) Hon.Mary Margaret Scott-Montagu (1807-30 Jul 1885); m.9 Jul 1840 Frederick Clinton (28 Aug 1804-9 Nov 1870)


4p) Lady Mary Scott (London 21 May 1769-Courtown House 21 Apr 1823; m.London 29 Jan 1791 James George Stopford, 3d Earl of Courtown (London 15 Aug 1765-the Cloisters, Windsor Castle 15 Jun 1835)


5p) Lady Elizabeth Scott, b.London 10 Oct 1770, d.the Hirsel 29 Jun 1837; m.Dalkeith House 9 Nov 1798 Alexander Home, 10th Earl of Home (1769-1841)


6p) Lady Caroline Scott, b.London 6 Jul 1774, d.Bute House, Petersham 29 Apr 1854; m.Richmond 13 Aug 1803 Charles Douglas, 6th Marquess of Queensberry (1777-1837)


7p) Lady Harriet Scott (London 1 Dec 1780-London 18 Apr 1833); m.Dalkeith House 1 Dec 1806 William Kerr, 6th Marquess of Lothian (1763-1824)


3o) Lord James Scott, b.1 Mar 1749


4o) Lady Caroline Scott, b.29 Sep 1743


5o) Lady Frances Scott (26 Jul 1750-May 1817); m.London 13 May 1783 Archibald James Edward Douglas, Lord Douglas of Douglas (Paris 10 Jul 1748-Bothwell Castle 26 Dec 1827)


3l) Henry Scott, Lord Deloraine, b.1676, d.25 Dec 1730; m.1st 1693 Anne Duncombe (d.22 Oct 1720); m.2d 14 Mar 1726 Mary Howard (b.Winchester 1700, d.London 12 Nov 1744)


1m) Francis Scott, 2nd Earl of Deloraine (5 Oct 1710-Bath 11 May 1739); m.1st 29 Oct 1732 Mary Lister (d.16 Jun 1737); m.2nd Cockerington 6 Jul 1737 Mary Scrope (15 Jun 1713-Lincoln 11 Mar 1767)


1n) [by 1st m.] Lady Mary Scott; m.Joshua Scrope


2m) Henry Scott, 3rd Earl of Deloraine, b.11 Feb 1712, d.Acton 31 Jan 1740; m.Elizabeth Fenwick


1n) Henry Scott, 4th Earl of Deloraine (8 Feb 1737-London 10 Sep 1807); m.London 16 Nov 1763 Frances Heath ( a convent in France 1782)


2n) Hon. John Scott, b.6 Oct 1738, d.London 31 Dec 1788; m.1757 Isabella Young (d.17 Aug 1791)


1o) John Scott, America 1799


3m) Lady Georgiana Scott (Feb 1727-London 13 Oct 1809); m.19 Aug 1747 James Peachey, Lord Selsey (d.1 Feb 1808)


4m) Lady Henrietta Scott, b.1728; m.Nicholas Boyce


4l) Lord Francis Scott (1678-1679)


5l) Lady Anne Scott, b.17 Feb 1675, d.13 Aug 1685


6l) Lady Isabella Scott, d.18 Feb 1748


7l) Lady Charlotte Scott, d.5 Sep 1683


8l) [illegitimate] James Crofts, d.young


9l) [illegitimate] Henriette


10l) [illegitimate] Isabel Crofts


11l) [illegitimate by Lady Wentworth] R. Wentworth Smyth-Stewart, d.1745 aet 66


2k) [illegitimate by Lucy Walter, according to many sources; other sources have expressed doubt that Charles II was her father] Mary, d.1693; m.1st William Sarsfield; m.2nd William Fanshawe; [note:in Philip Hall's article "Charles II's Noble descendants",GMA 22:7,sept 1987,col 487‑500,here col.490‑491,doubts are expressed as to the identity of her father:Mary Crofts was, b.Den Haag .5.1651,eleven months after Charles II's departure for Scotland.He subsequently refused to acknowledge his paternity.In his book on Charles II's mistresses,Brian Masters states that the father was Charles' irish companion, Theobald, 2nd Vt Taaffe, 1st earl of Carlingford +31.12.1677]


3k) [illegitimate by Elizabeth Killegrew (1622-1681)] Charlotte Jemima Henrietta Maria Boyle (1650-London 28 Jul 1684); m.1st James Howard (d.1669); m.2nd 17 Jul 1672 William Paston, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth (1653/4-Epsom 25 Dec 1732)


4k) [illegitimate by Catherine Pegge (d.1678)] Charles Fitzcharles, Earl of Plymouth, b.1657, d.Tangier 17 Oct 1680; m.Wimbledon 19 Sep 1678 Lady Bridget Osborne (d.1718)


5k) [illegitimate by Catherine Pegge (d.1678)] Catherine Fitzcharles, a nun as Sister Cecilia in Dunkirk, d.1759


6k) [illegitimate by Barbara Villiers, Dss of Cleveland (1641-1709)] Charles Fitzroy, 2nd Duke of Cleveland and Southampton, b.London 18 Jun 1662, d.London 9 Sep 1730; m.1st 1671 Mary Wood (d.15 Nov 1680); m.2nd 1694 Anne Pulteney (b.25 Nov 1663, d.20 Feb 1746)


1l) William Fitzroy, 3d Duke of Cleveland & Southampton, b.19 Feb 1698, d.Raby Castle 18 May 1774; m.22 Jan 1732 Lady Henrietta Finch (d.14 Apr 1742)


2l) Lord Charles Fitzroy (1699-1723)


3l) Lord Henry Fitzcharles (1701-1708)


4l) Lady Barbara Fitzroy


5l) Lady Anne Fitzroy; m.Francis Paddy


6l) Lady Grace Fitzroy, b.28 Mar 1697, d.29 Sep 1763; m.2 Sep 1725 Henry Vane, Earl of Darlington (1705-1758)


7l) [?illegitimate,not recognised by her alleged father, ex matre Elisabeth O'Rourke (1660-    )] Catherine (London 1682-Peruwelz 1714); m.1702 Pierre Béroult


7k) [illegitimate by Barbara Villiers, Dss of Cleveland] Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton, b.2 Sep 1663, k.a.Cork 9 Oct 1690; m.Goring House 1 Aug 1672 Lady Isabella Bennett, Css of Arlington (d.Euston 7 Feb 1723)


1l) Charles Fitzroy, 2nd Duke of Grafton, b.Arlington House 25 Oct 1683, d.6 May 1757; m.Chelsea 30 Apr 1713 Lady Henrietta Somerset (b.27 Aug 1690, d.London 9 Aug 1726)


1m) Charles Henry Fitzroy, Earl of Euston, b.13 Apr 1714, d.18 Dec 1715


2m) George Fitzroy, Earl of Euston, b.24 Aug 1715, d.Bath 7 Jul 1747; m.10 Oct 1741 Lady Dorothy Boyle (b.14 May 1724, d.2 May 1742)


3m) Lord Augustus Fitzroy, b.16 Oct 1716, d.28 May 1741; m.Mar 1734 Elizabeth Cosby (d.21 Dec 1788); for his issue, see here


4m) Lord Charles Fitzroy, b.23 Apr 1718, d.29 Jul 1739


5m) Lady Caroline Fitzroy, b.8 Apr 1722, d.28 Jun 1784; m.11 Aug 1746 William Stanhope, 2d Earl of Harrington (1719-1779)


6m) Lady Isabella Fitzroy, b.19 Jul 1726, d.London 10 Nov 1782; m.29 May 1741 Francis Seymour-Conway, Marquess of Hertford (1718-1794)


7m) Lady Harriet Fitzroy, b.8 Jun 1723, d.Aug 1735


8m) [illegitimate] Charles Fitzroy Scudamore (1713-1782); m.Hon.Frances Scudamore (1711-1750)


1n) Frances Scudamore, b.London 10 Feb 1750, d.Holme Lacy 22 Oct 1820; m.London 2 Apr 1771 Charles Howard, 11th Duke of Norfolk (1746-1815)


8k) [illegitimate by Barbara Villiers, Dss of Cleveland] George Fitzroy, Duke of Northumberland (London 28 Dec 1665-Epsom 28 Jun 1716); m.1st 1686 Catherine Wheatley (d.25 May 1714); m.2d 1715 Mary Dutton (d.Frogmore 27 Aug 1738)


9k) [illegitimate by Barbara Villiers, Dss of Cleveland] Anne Fitzroy (25 Feb 1662-16 May 1722); m.16 May 1674 (separated 1688) Thomas Lennard, Earl of Sussex (d.30 Oct 1715)


10k) [illegitimate by Barbara Villiers, Dss of Cleveland] Charlotte Fitzroy, b.5 Sep 1664, d.London 17 Feb 1718; m.6 Feb 1677 Edward Henry Lee, Earl of Lichfield


11k) [illegitimate by Barbara Villiers, Dss of Cleveland] Barbara Fitzroy, a nun, b.16 Jul 1672, d.6 May 1737


12k) [illegitimate by Eleanor [Nell] Gwynne] Charles Beauclerk, Duke of St.Albans, b.London 8 May 1670, d.Bath 10 May 1726; m.17 Apr 1694 Lady Diana de Vere (d.15 Jan 1742); for his issue, see here


13k) [illegitimate by Eleanor Gwynne] James Beauclerk (25 Dec 1671-France Sep 1680)


14k) [illegitimate by Mary Davis] Mary Tudor (16 Oct 1673-Paris 5 Nov 1726); m.1st 18 Aug 1687 Edward Radclyffe, 2nd Earl of Derwentwater (d.1705); m.2nd 23 May 1705 Henry Graham (d.7 Jan 1707); m.3rd 26 Aug 1707 James Rooke


15k) [illegitimate by Louise de Kéroualle Dss of Portsmouth] Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond & Lennox, b.London 29 Jul 1672, d.Goodwood 27 May 1723; 8 Jan 1693 Hon.Anne Brudenell (d.Whitehall 9 Dec 1722)


1l) Charles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond & Lennox (Goodwood 18 May 1701-Godalming 8 Aug 1750); m.The Hague 4 Dec 1719 Lady Sarah Cadogan (18 Sep 1706-25 Aug 1751)


1m) Charles Lennox, Earl of March, b.9 Sep 1730, d.Nov 1730


2m) Charles Lennox, 3rd Duke of Richmond & Lennox, b.London 22 Feb 1735, d.29 Dec 1806; m.London 1 Apr 1757 Lady Mary Bruce (d.Goodwood 7 Nov 1796)


1n) Henriette Anne LeClerck


2n) Lauriette LeClerck


3n) [illegitimate by “Miss Mary Blazard, now called Mrs. Bennett”] Caroline Bennett; m.Henry Edward Napier


3m) Lord George Lennox, d.1805; m.25 Dec 1759 Lady Louisa Kerr (d.1830)


1n) Charles Lennox, 4th Duke of Richmond and Lennox, b.9 Sep 1764, Canada 28 Aug 1819, where he was Governor-General; m.Gordon Castle 9 Sep 1789 Lady Charlotte Gordon (b.Gordon Castle 20 Sep 1768, d.London 5 May 1842); for his issue, see here


2n) Maria Louisa Lennox, d.Jul 1843


3n) Emilia Charlotte Lennox, d.19 Oct 1832; m.1784 Adm Hon.Sir George Cranfield Berkeley (1753-1818)


4n) Georgiana Lennox, b.Goodwood 6 Dec 1765, d.London 20 Jan 1841; m.1 Apr 1789 Henry Bathurst, 3rd Earl Bathurst (1762-1834)


4m) Lady Georgina Lennox, Bss Holland (27 Mar 1723-Holland House 24 Jul 1774); m.London 2 May 1744 Henry Fox, Lord Holland (1705-1 Jul 1774)


5m) Lady Emilia Lennox, b.6 Oct 1731, d.London 27 Mar 1814; m.1st London 7 Feb 1747 James Fitzgerald, Duke of Leinster (29 May 1722-19 Nov 1773); m.2nd 1774 William Ogilvy (1740-18 Nov 1832)


6m) Lady Louisa Lennox (London 24 Nov 1743-1821); m.1758 Rt.Hon.Thomas Conolly (1738-21 Apr 1803)


7m) Lady Sarah Lennox (14 Feb 1745-Aug 1826); m.1st 1762 (div 1770) Sir Thomas Bunbury, 6th Bt. (1740-1821); m.2nd 27 Aug 1781 Hon.George Napier (11 Mar 1751-13 Oct 1804)


8m) Lady Cecily Lennox (20 Mar 1750-13 Nov 1769)


2l) Lady Louisa Lennox, b.24 Dec 1694, d.15 Jan 1716; m.13 Feb 1711 James Berkeley, 3d Earl of Berkeley (d.1736)


3l) Lady Anne Lennox, b.24 Jun 1703, d.London 20 Oct 1789; m.Caversham, Oxon 21 Feb 1722 William Anne Keppel, 2d Earl of Albemarle (5 Jun 1702-22 Dec 1754)


3j) James II & VII, King of England and Scotland, b.St.James's Palace 14 Oct 1633, d.St.Germain-en-Laye 6 Sep 1701; m.1st Breda 24 Nov 1659 Lady Anne Hyde (b.Cranbourne Lodge 12 Mar 1638, d.St.James's Palace 31 Mar 1671); m.2nd Dover 21 Nov 1673 Maria Beatrice Eleonora d'Este Pss of Modena (b.Modena 25 Sep 1658, d.St.Germain-en-Laye 7 May 1718)


1k) Charles Pr of England and Scotland, Duke of Cambridge, b.Worcester House 22 Oct 1660, d.Whitehall 5 May 1661


2k) James Pr of England and Scotland, Duke of Cambridge, b.St.James's Palace 12 Jul 1663, d.Richmond Palace 20 Jun 1667


3k) Charles Pr of England and Scotland, Duke of Kendal, b.St.James's Palace 4 Jul 1666, d.there 22 May 1667


4k) Edgar Pr of England and Scotland, Duke of Cambridge, b.St.James's Palace 14 Sep 1667, d.Richmond Palace 8 Jun 1671


5k) Charles Pr of England and Scotland, Duke of Cambridge, b.and d.St.James's Palace 1677


6k) James Francis Edward Pr of England and Scotland, Pr of Wales, b.St.James's Palace 10 Jun 1688, d.Rome 1 Jan 1766; m.Monte Fiascone 3 Sep 1719 Clementine Sobieska (b.18 Jul 1702, d.Rome 18 Jan 1735)


1l) Charles Edward Pr of England and Scotland, b.Rome 31 Dec 1720, d.Rome 31 Jan 1788; m.Macerata 17 Apr 1772 Luise Pss zu Stolberg-Gedern (b.Mons 20 Sep 1752, d.Florence 29 Jan 1824)


1m) [illegitimate by Clementina Walkinshaw] Charlotte Stuart, titular Duchess of Albany (Liège 29 Oct 1753-Bologna 17 Nov 1789); she had illegitimate issue by Ferdinand de Rohan, archbishop of Cambrai 1781/1801 (7 Nov 1739-Paris 31 Oct 1813)


2l) Henry Benedict Pr of England and Scotland, Cardinal, titular Duke of York, b.Rome 6 Mar 1725, d.Frascati 13 Jul 1807


7k) Mary II, Queen of England and Scotland, b.St.James's Palace 30 Apr 1662, d.Kensington Palace 28 Dec 1694; m.St.James's Palace 4 Nov 1677 William III, King of England and Scotland, Pr of Orange Ct of Nassau Stattholder of the Netherlands (b.The Hague 4 Nov 1650, d.Kensington Palace 8 Mar 1702)


8k) Anne, Queen of Great Britain, b.St.James's Palace 6 Feb 1665, d.Kensington Palace 1 Aug 1714; m.Chapel Royal, St.James's Palace 28 Jul 1683 George Pr of Denmark (b.Copenhagen 2 Apr 1653, d.Kensington Palace 28 Oct 1708)


9k) Henrietta Pss of England and Scotland, b.Whitehall 13 Jan 1669, d.St.James's Palace 15 Nov 1669


10k) Catherine Pss of England and Scotland, b.Whitehall 9 Feb 1671, d.St.James's Palace 5 Dec 1671


11k) Catherine Laura Pss of England and Scotland, b.St.James's Palace 10 Jan 1675, d.there 3 Oct 1675


12k) Isabella Pss of England and Scotland, b.St.James's Palace 18 Aug 1676, d.there 2 Mar 1681


13k) Charlotte Maria Pss of England and Scotland, b.St.James's Palace 16 Aug 1682, d.there 6 Oct 1682


14k) Louisa Maria Theresa Pss of England and Scotland, b.St.Germain-en-Laye 28 Jun 1692, d.there 8 Apr 1712


15k) [illegitimate by Arabella Churchill] James Fitzjames, Duke of Berwick, b.21 Aug 1670, k.a.Philippsburg 12 Jun 1734; m.1st St.Germain-en-Laye 26 Mar 1695 Lady Honora de Burgh, Dowager Css of Lucan (d.Pezénas 16 Jan 1698); m.2nd Paris 18 Apr 1700 Anne Bulkeley (d.12 Jun 1751); for his issue, see here


16k) [illegitimate by Arabella Churchill] Henry Fitzjames, Duke of Albemarle, b.6 Aug 1673, d.Bagnols Dec 1702; m.20 Jul 1700 Marie Gabrielle d'Audibert ( 1675, d.St.Germain-en-Laye 15 May 1741)


1l) Marie de Fitzjames, a nun, fl 20 Jun 1707


17k) [illegitimate by Arabella Churchill] Henrietta Fitzjames, b.1670, d.3 Apr 1730; m.1st 29 Nov 1683 Henry, Lord Waldegrave (1661-1690); m.2nd 1695 Piers Butler, Viscount Galmoyle (1652-1697)


18k) [illegitimate by Arabella Churchill] Arabella Fitzjames, a nun, b.1674, d.7 Nov 1704


19k) [illegitimate by Catherine Sedley] Catherine Darnley, d.14 Mar 1743; m.1st Westminster Abbey 28 Oct 1699 James Annesley, 3rd Earl of Anglesey (d.1702); m.2nd 16 Mar 1706 John Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham (d.1721)


4j) Henry Pr of England and Scotland, Duke of Gloucester, b.Oatlands, Surrey 8 Jul 1640, d.Whitehall 13 Sep 1660


5j) Mary, Pss Royal of England and Scotland, b.St.James's Palace 4 Nov 1631, d.Whitehall 24 Dec 1660; m.Chapel Royal, Whitehall 2 May 1641 Willem II Pr of Orange, Ct of Nassau, Stattholder of the Netherlands (d.27 Oct 1650)


6j) Elizabeth Pss of England and Scotland, b.St.James's Palace 29 Dec 1635, d.Carisbrooke Castle 8 Sep 1650


7j) Anne Pss of England and Scotland, b.St.James's Palace 17 Mar 1637, d.Richmond Palace 5 Nov 1640


8j) Catherine Pss of England and Scotland, b.and d.Whitehall 29 Jun 1639


9j) Henrietta Anne Pss of England and Scotland, b.Bedford House, Exeter 16 Jun 1644, d.St.Cloud 30 Jun 1670; m.Paris 31 Mar 1661 Philippe Duc d'Orléans (d.1701)


3i) Robert Pr of Scotland, Duke of Kintyre, b.Dunfermline 18 Jan 1602, d.there 27 May 1602


4i) Elizabeth Stuart, Pss of England and Scotland, b.Dunfermline 19 Aug 1596, d.Leicester House, London 13 Feb 1662; m.Chapel Royal, Whitehall 14 Feb 1613 Friedrich V Kfst von der Pfalz, King of Bohemia 1619 (b.Amberg 16 Aug 1596, d.Mentz 29 Nov 1632)


5i) Pss Margaret of Scotland, b.Dalkeith Palace 24 Dec 1598, d.Linlithgow Mar 1600


6i) Pss Mary of Scotland and England, b.Greenwich Palace 8 Apr 1605, d.Stanwell Park 16 Sep 1607


7i) Pss Sophia of Scotland and England, b.and d.Greenwich Palace Jun 1606


3g) Charles, 5th Earl of Lennox (ca 1556-London 1576); m.1574 Elizabeth Cavendish (d.just before 21 Jan 1582)


1h) Arabella (1575-Tower of London 27 Sep 1615); m.22 Jun 1610 William Seymour, 2nd Duke of Somerset (d.24 Oct 1660)


2f) Robert, Bp of Caithness 1543, 1563-80, cr 1578 Earl of Lennox and Lord Darnley; resigned those titles and cr 1580 Earl of March and Lord of Dunbar (ca 1517-St.Andrews 29 Aug 1586); m.6 Dec 1578 (div 1581) Lady Elizabeth Stewart, Lady Lovat


1g) [illegitimate] Margaret; m.Robert Algeo, of Easter Walkinshaw


3f) John, sn d’Aubigny, d.31 May 1567; 1542 Anne de la Queille (test 4 Dec 1579)


1g) Esmé, sn d’Aubigny, cr 1580 Earl of Lennox, etc, cr 1581 Duke of Lennox, Earl of Darnley, etc (ca 1542-Paris 26 May 1583); m.1572 Catherine de Balsac (d.1631/2)


1h) Ludovic, 2nd Duke of Lennox, cr 1623 Duke of Richmond (29 Sep 1574-St.Andrew’s, Holborn 16 Feb 1624, bur Westminster Abbey); m.1st by 11 Sep 1586 Lady Sophia Ruthven ( Jun 1590); m.2nd 1598 Jane Campbell (d.shortly before 15 Dec 1610); m.3rd 16 Jun 1621Frances Howard (d.Exeter House, Strand 8 Oct 1639, bur Westminster Abbey)


2h) Esmé, 3rd Duke of Lennox, cr Earl of March 1619 (1579-Kirkby, Northants 30 Jul 1624, bur Westminster Abbey); m.1609 Katherine Clifton, Baroness Clifton [later Css of Abercorn] (d.Paisley 21 Aug 1637)


1i) James, 4th Duke of Lennox, cr 1641 Duke of Richmond (Blackfriars 6 Apr 1612-30 Mar 1655, bur Westminster Abbey); m.3 Aug 1637 Lady Mary Villiers (bap St.Martin’s-in-the Fields 30 Mar 1622-bur Westminster Abbey 28 Nov 1685)


1j) Esmé, 5th Duke of Lennox and Richmond (London 2 Nov 1649-Paris 10 Aug 1660)


2j) Mary (bap 10 Jul 1651-bur 19 Aug 1667); 16 Mar 1667 Richard Butler, Earl of Arran (d.25 Jan 1686)


2i) Henry, sn d’Aubigny (bap 2 Apr 1616-Venice 1632, bur San Giovanni e Paolo, Venice)


3i) George, sn d’Aubigny (17 Jul 1618-k.a.23 Oct 1642); m.1638 Lady Katherine Howard (d.The Hague 1650)


1j) Charles, 6th Duke of Lennox and Richmond (London 7 Mar 1639-drowned at Elsinore 12 Dec 1672, bur Westminster Abbey); m.1st Elizabeth Rogers (d.21 Apr 1661, bur Westminster Abbey); m.2nd 31 Mar 1662 Margaret Banaster (bur Westminster Abbey 6 Jan 1667); m.3rd Mar 1667 Hon. Frances Theresa Stewart (d.15 Oct 1702, bur Westminster Abbey)


1k) a dau, bur 28 Mar 1662


2j) Katherine, Baroness Clifton (bap 5 Dec 1640-2 Nov 1702); m.1st 1664 Henry O’Brien, Lord Ibracken (d.1 Sep 1678); m.2nd 12 Feb 1679 Sir Joseph Williamson (d.3 Oct 1701)


4i) Ludovic, sn d’Aubigny, Cardinal 1665 (14 Oct 1619-3 Nov 1665)


5i) John (23 Oct 1621-k.a.Bramdene 29 Mar 1644)


6i) Bernard (ca 1623-k.a.Rowton Heath, nr Chester 26 Sep 1645)


7i) Elizabeth (17 Jul 1610-23 Jan 1674); m.7 Mar 1626 Henry Frederick Howard, Earl of Arundel (d.17 Apr 1672)


8i) Anna (bap 23 Nov 1614-16 Aug 1646); m.16 Aug 1630 Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus (d.11 Aug 1659)


9i) Frances (19 May 1617-bur 23 Mar 1694); m.10 Jun 1632 Jerome Weston, 2nd Earl of Portland (d.17 Mar 1663)


10i) Margaret, bur 7 Sep 1618


3h) Henriette (1573-2 Sep 1642); m.21 Jul 1588 George Gordon, Marquess of Huntly (d.13 Jun 1636)


4h) Mary, d.11 Aug 1644; m.7 Dec 1592 John Erskine, 19th Earl of Mar (d.14 Dec 1634)


4f) Helen, d.Flanders shortly before 25 Nov 1564; m.1st William Hay, 6th Earl of Erroll (d.Edinburgh 28 Jul 1522); m.2nd by 6 Aug 1548 John Gordon, Earl of Sutherland (d.23 Jun 1567)



2e) Mungo, of Dormantside


3e) Margaret; m.1st by 23 Feb 1509 (div by 26 Oct 1515) John, Lord Fleming; m.2nd by 1 May 1528 Alexander Douglas of Mains


4e) Elizabeth; m.Sir Hugh Campbell, of Loudoun (d.Feb 1562)


5e) Agnes; m.Sir William Edmonstone, of Duntreath


6e) ?Janet; m.Ninian, 3d Lord Ross of Halkhead (d.Feb 1556)


7e) ?Catherine; m.John Colquhoun of Glens


8e) Janet; m.John Mure of Caldwell


2d) William, sn d’Oisson, d.1503


3d) Alexander, d.1508


4d) Robert, sn d’Aubigny, d.1543; m.1st Anne Stuart (below); m.2nd Jacqueline de la Queuille


5d) John, of Henriestoun, sn d’Oisson, d.1512; m.1st by 15 Jul 1486 Mary Semphill; m.2nd Anne Monypeny


1e) [by 1st m.] Margaret; m.John Fraser of Kuoik


6d) Alan, of Cardonald fl 1496


1e) John


1f) James


2f) Alan, Abbot of Crossregal


3f) Margaret; m.Sir John Stewart, of Minto; their son, Walter, was cr Lord Blantyre


7d) Elizabeth; m.Archibald Campbell, Earl of Argyll (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513)


8d) Marion; m.8 May 1472 Hon. Robert Crichton of Kinnoul ( 11 Feb 1492)


9d) Elizabeth; m.1st John Maxwell of Pollock; m.2nd Sir John Colquhoun of Luss (d.1536)


2c) Alexander, of Galston, d.after 113 Mar 1450


2b) Alexander


3b) John, sn d’Aubigny, d.1482; m.1446 Beatrix d’Apchier


1c) Bernard, sn d’Aubigny (ca 1447-15 Jun 1508); m.1st Guillemette de Boucard; m.2nd Anne de Maumont; all issue by 1st m.


1d) Guyonne; m.Philippe Braque


2d) Anne, d.1527; m.Robert Stuart, sn d’Aubigny (above)


2a) Sir William, put to death by Sir Henry Percy while a prisoner after the battle of Homildon Hill 14 Sep 1402; m.Isabel Oliver


1b) Sir John, of Dalswinton and Garlies, k.a.1420; 1396 Marion, dau of Sir Walter Stewart of Dalswinton


1c) Sir William, of Dalswinton and Garlies, or after 1479


1d) Sir Alexander, of Garlies, 1500; m.Elizabeth Douglas


1e) John, of Dalswinton, dspvp; m.Elizabeth Shaw


2e) Alexander, of Garlies, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m.Elizabeth Kennedy


1f) Sir Alexander, of Garlies (ca 1507/8-Jan 1581); m.1st ca 1521 Katherine Crichton; m.2nd Margaret Dunbar ( 1552); m.3rd Katherine Stewart (below)


[by 2nd m.]:


1g) Alexander, the Younger of Garlies, the raid on Stirling 1571; m.Catharine Herries


1h) Sir Alexander, of Garlies, d.6 Oct 1596; m.1st Christian Douglas; m.2nd Lady Elizabeth Douglas; all issue by 1st m.


1i) Alexander, cr 1623 Earl of Galloway, d.1649; m.16 Oct 1600 Grisel Gordon; for his issue see Part 10


2i) William, of Mains; m.Barbara Stewart (of Burray)


1j) a son, dvp


2j) a son, dvp


3j) a son, dvp


4j) Sir Archibald, of Burray, cr Bt 1687, d.1689; m.1st Isabel Murray (d.3 Aug 1683); m.2nd 16 Sep 1683 Katherine Rowsay (d.26 Jun 1684)


1k) Sir Archibald, 2nd Bt, d.1704; m.Margaret Stuart


1l) Sir James, 3rd Bt, d.24 Aug 1756 (when the baronetcy devolved, acc to its remainder, on the Earl of Galloway)


5j) Jean; m.Sir James Sinclair


3i) Helen; m.John Douglas, of Stanhouse


4i) Jane; m.James Kennedy, of Culzean


5i) Nicolas; m.John Dunbar, of Mochrum


6i) Barbara; m.Sir T Kirkpatrick


2h) Agnes; m.1577 Sir Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw


3h) Elizabeth; m.1st William Maxwell of Carnsalloch; m.2nd John Johnstone of Newbie; m.3rd Samuel Kirkpatrick


2g) John, d.10 Aug 1592; m.Margaret Stewart [of Barclye]


1h) Alexander, of Physgill (ca 1580-13 Dec 1645); m.Sarah Dunbar


1i) Alexander, of Physgill; m.1st by 1636 Agnes Houston; m.2nd by Mar 1646 Elizabeth Wardlaw


[by 1st m.]:


1j) Alexander, dvpsp


2j) James


[by 2nd m.]:


3j) John,of Physgill, d.1719; m.Agnes Stewart [of Glenturk]


1k) Alexander, d.young


2k) David, d.1711


3k) Robert, d.Physgill 1715; m.1714 Frances Baillie


1l) Agnes, of Physgill, d.23 Dec 1786; 1738 John Hathorn, of Airies; their descendants inherited Physgill and took the name Hathorn-Stewart


4k) William, d.6 Nov 1727


5k) James, 1727


6k) Agnes, of Physgill, d.1732


7k) Elizabeth, dvp; m.1702 Patrick Coltrane of Drummoral


4j) William; m.6 Apr 1686 Mary Luke; he had issue of whom I have no details


5j) Robert


6j) Thomas


2i) John; he had issue of whom I have no details


3i) William, ancestor of Stewart of Stewartfield


4i) Francis


5i) Ludovic, k.a.Palnure Bridge 1654


6i) James; m.Jean Galloway; he had issue of whom I have no details


7i) Anthony, of Balsmith; m.Isobel Murray


8i) Lawrence


2h) John, of Ballymorna


3h) Janet


4h) Margaret; m.Anthony Dunbar of Machermore


3g) Margaret; m.Patrick McKie of Lurg


[by 3rd m.]:


4g) Anthony; m.Barbara Gordon, heiress of Clary


5g) Robert; m.Mary Stewart, heiress of Cardonald


6g) William, of Bargrennan


7g) Helen; m.William Gordon of Murefad


8g) Isabel; m.Thomas MacDowall, of Garthland


3e) Archibald


4e) Agnes; m.4th Lord Maxwell


5e) Janet; m.Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum


2d) Walter, ancestor of the Stewarts of Barclye


1e) Walter, of Barclye


1f) Katherine; m.Sir Alexander Stewart, of Garlies (above)


2f) Margaret; m.John Stewart (ancestor of the Stewarts of Physgill, which see)


3d) Sir Thomas, of Minto, d.1500, ancestor of the Stewarts of Fintalloch


1e) a son


2e) a son


3e) Archibald, of Fintalloch


1f) a son


1g) Archibald, of Fintalloch, 1596


1h) Sir William, of Ramelton, cr Bt 1623, d.1646/7; m.Frances Newcomen; for his issue see part 7


3a) Alexander


4a) Robert


5a) James


6a) Janet; Jul 1391 Sir Thomas Somerville, of Linton and Carnwath (d.Dec 1444)


[by 2nd m.]:


7a) Sir William, k.a.Orléans 12 Feb 1429