The family Stuart/Stewart and Fitzalan





Part 2



Robert II, King of Scots (see Part 1) had issue:


[by 1st m.]:


1a) John=Robert III, King of Scots (ca 1337-Dundonald Castle 4 Apr 1406, bur Paisley Abbey); 1367 Annabella Drummond (d.Scone 1401, bur Dunfermline Abbey)


1b) David, Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick (24 Oct 1378-Falkland 26 Mar 1402, bur Lindores Abbey); m.Bothwell Feb 1400 Lady Marjorie Douglas (d.shortly before 10 May 1421)


2b) Robert, d.young


3b) James I, King of Scots (Dunfermline Dec 1394-murdered at Perth 21 Feb 1437, bur there); m.St.Mary Overy, Southwark 2 Feb 1424 Joan Beaufort (d.15 Jul 1445)


1c) Alexander, Duke of Rothesay, b.Holyrood 16 Oct 1430, infant


2c) James II, King of Scots (Holyrood 16 Oct bursting of cannon at siege of Roxburgh 3 Aug 1460, bur Holyrood); m.Holyrood 3 Jul 1449 Marie of Geldern (d.1 Dec 1463, bur Holy Trinity Church, Edinburgh)


1d) James III, King of Scots (St.Andrew’s Castle May 1452-murdered in a cottage at Milltown, nr Bannockburn, following the battle of Sauchieburn 11 Jun 1488, bur Cambuskenneth Abbey); m.Holyrood 13 Jul 1469 Margaret of Denmark (23 Jun 1456-Stirling 14 Jul 1486, bur Cambuskenneth Abbey)


1e) James IV, King of Scots (17 Mar 1473-k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513, bur Sheen Abbey); m.Holyrood 8 Aug 1503 Margaret of England (29 Nov 1489-Methven Castle 18 Oct 1541, bur St.John’s Abbey, Perth)


1f) James, Duke of Rothesay (Holyrood 21 Feb 1507-Stirling Castle 27 Feb 1508)


2f) Arthur, Duke of Rothesay (Holyrood 20 Oct 1509-Edinburgh Castle 14 Jul 1510)


3f) James V, King of Scots (Linlithgow 10 Apr 1512-Falkland Castle 14 Dec 1542, bur Holyrood); m.1st Notre Dame, Paris 1 Jan 1538 Madeleine of France (St.Germain-en-Laye 10 Aug 1520-Holyrood 7 Jul 1537, bur there); m.2nd St.Andrews 12 Jun 1538 Marie de Guise (Bar-le-Duc 22 Nov 1515-Edinburgh Castle 10 Jun 1560, bur Rheims)


1g) James, Duke of Rothesay (St.Andrews 22 May 1540-St.Andrews Apr 1541, bur Holyrood)


2g) Arthur, Duke of Albany (Falkland Castle Apr 1541-d.aged 8 days, bur Holyrood)


3g) Mary, Queen of Scots, abdicated 1567 (Linlithgow 7 Dec 1542-beheaded at Fotheringhay Castle 8 Feb 1587, bur Peterbrough Cathedral, then Westminster Abbey); m.1st Notre Dame, Paris 24 Apr 1558 King François II of France (d.Orléans 5 Dec 1560); m.2nd Holyrood 29 Jul 1565 Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (below); m.3rd Holyrood 15 May 1567 James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell, Duke of Orkney (d.Malmö 14 Apr 1578)


4g) [illegitimate by Eupheme Elphinstone] Robert, cr Earl of Orkney 1581 (1533-4 Feb 1593); 14 Dec 1561 Lady Jean Kennedy (d.Sep 1598)


1h) Henry, Master of Orkney, 3 Nov 1566, d.1589/90


2h) Patrick, 2nd Earl of Orkney (1568/9-beheaded at Edinburgh 6 Feb 1615); m.1595/8 Margaret Livingstone


1i) [illegitimate] Robert, beheaded at Edinburgh 6 Jan 1615


2i) [illegitimate] Catherine; may have been wife of John Sinclair of Ulbster


3h) John, cr Earl of Carrick (in Orkney) 1628, d.1643/6; m.Chelsea 26 Oct 1604 Lady Elizabeth Howard (d.1646)


1i) Margaret; m.Sir John Mennes


4h) Sir James, of Tullas


1i) Robert, of Eday; m.Lady Jane Gordon


1j) Robert, of Eday; m.Isabella Graem


1k) Jane; m.Robert Richan


2i) John à issue


3i) Mary; m.Alexander Bothwell of Glencorse


4i) Margaret


5i) Jean; m.1st George Crichton; m.2nd Frederick Lyon


5h) Sir Robert


6h) Elizabeth; m.James Sinclair


7h) Mary; m.Patrick, 6th Lord Gray


8h) Jean; m.1st Sir Patrick Leslie, Lord Lindores; m.2nd Robert, Lord Melville of Monymail


9h) Barbara; m.Hugh Halcro


__h) The Scots Peerage lists at least ten illegitimate children of the Earl


5g) [illegitimate by Catherine Carmichael] John Stewart, cr Lord Darnley 1562 (ca 1531-Inverness Oct/Nov 1563); m.Crichton Castle 11 Jan 1562 Lady Jean Hepburn


1h) Francis, cr Earl of Bothwell 1581, attainted 1592 (1563-ca 1612); 1 Jul 1592 Lady Margaret Douglas (d.1640, bur Eckford)


1i) Francis Stewart; m.Lady Isabel Seton (30 Nov 1593-    )


1j) Charles (1618-    )


2j) Margaret


2i) John


1j) Francis


2j) Margaret; m.Sir John Home, of Renton


3i) Henry


4i) Elizabeth; m.Hon James Cranstoun


5i) Margaret; m.Alan, 5th Lord Cathcart


6i) Helen; m.John Macfarlane of Macfarlane


6g) [illegitimate by Margaret Erskine] James Stewart, cr 1562 Earl of Moray (ca 1531-assasinated at Linlithgow by James Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh 21 Jan 1570); m.8 Feb 1562 Lady Agnes Keith


1h) Elizabeth, Css of Moray, d.18 Nov 1591; m.James Stuart, 2nd Lord Doune (below); their issue succeeded as Earls of Moray


2h) Annabel, Nov 1572


3h) Margaret; 27 Jun 1584 Francis Hay, 9th Earl of Erroll


4f) Alexander, Duke of Ross (Stirling Castle 30 Apr 1514-Stirling Castle 18 Dec 1515, bur Cambuskenneth Abbey)


5f) a dau, b.and d.Holyrood 15 Jul 1508


6f) a dau, b.and 1513


7f) [by Margaret Drummond] Margaret; m.1st John, Lord Gordon; m.2nd Sir John Drummond, of Innerpeffry


8f) [by Margaret Boyd] Alexander, Archbishop of St.Andrews


9f) [by Margaret Boyd] Catherine fl 5 Jul 1554; 10 Dec 1507 James Douglas, 3rd Earl of Morton (d.Dec 1548)


10f) [by Agnes Stewart] Joan; m.1523/4 Malcolm, 3rd Lord Fleming (ca 1494-k.a.Pinkie 10 Sep 1547)


2e) James, Duke of Ross, Marquess of Ormond, Earl of Edirdale (Mar 1476-12 Jan 1504, bur St.Andrews Cathedral)


3e) John, Earl of Mar (Dec 1479-11 Mar 1503)


2d) Alexander, Duke of Albany ca 1458 (ca a tournament at Paris 1485, bur there); m.1st (div 1478) Lady Catherine Sinclair; m.2nd 10 Feb 1480 Anne de La Tour d’Auvergne (d.13 Oct 1512, bur Carmelite Monastery of La Rochette, Savoy)


1e) [by 1st m.] Alexander, declared illegitimate by Act of Parliamant 13 Nov 1516, Bp of Moray, d.19 Dec 1537 (bur Scone)


1f) Margaret; m.1st P Graeme of Inchbrakie; m.2nd Colin Campbell of Glenorchy


2e) Andrew, d.after 1504


3e) John, Duke of Albany (ca 1484-2 Jun 1536); m.8 Jul 1505 Anne de La Tour d’Auvergne (d.St.Saturnin 1524)


4e) Margaret; m.1st Patrick Hamilton (k.a.30 Apr 1520); m.2nd David Roff (d.20 May 1527); m.3rd (div 1531) John Hamilton


3d) David, Earl of Moray, 1455, 18 Jul 1457


4d) John, Earl of Mar (ca Jul 1457-1479)


5d) Mary (May 1453-ca May 1488); m.1st by 26 Apr 1467 Thomas Boyd, Earl of Arran ( 1473); m.2nd by Apr 1474 James, Lord Hamilton (d.16 Nov 1479)


6d) Margaret; she had by William, 3rd Lord Crichton, a natural dau., Margaret, m.three times, including to Earl of Rothes


7d) [illegitimate] John, Lord of Sticks, d.21 Sep 1523; m.Muriel Sutherland (d.1510)


1e) William Steuart, of Sticks


2e) John Steuart, of Sticks and of Ballechin, d.15 Nov 1558; m.Matilda Johnston, Lady Rattray


3e) Patrick, of Sticks and Ballechin, d.1585; m.1553 Elizabeth Buttar


1f) Sir James, of Ballechin, sold Sticks to Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy, d.1627; m.1st Marie Crichton (sister of “the Admirable Crichton”); m.2nd 1597 Elizabeth Rollo


1g) [by 1st m.] Robert, of Ballechin; m.1624 Margaret Campbell


1h) John, of Ballechin, killed by Cromwell’s troops at Dunkeld, being mistaken for the Marquess of Atholl, who thus escaped


2h) Patrick, of Ballechin; m.1st 1659 Elizabeth Lindsay; m.2nd Christian Menzies


1i) Charles, of Ballechin (1661-1733); m.1st 1678 Anne Dow; m.2nd Mrs Jean Reid; all issue by 1st m.


1j) Patrick, dvp; m.Christian Menzies


2j) James, being made prisoner at Preston, died in Newgate 1716


3j) Charles, of Ballechin, d.1764; m.1st 1719 Grizell Mercer; m.2nd N Menzies; all issue by 1st m.


1k) Robert, of Ballechin (1727-21 Sep 1783); m.1759 Isabella Hope (d.1784)


1l) Charles, of Ballechin (22 Jun 1760-28 Nov 1783)


2l) Hope, of Ballechin (26 Jun 1761-18 Jan 1834); m.1803 Louisa Morley


1m) Robert Hope, of Ballechin (7 Jan 1806-8 Apr 1876)


2m) James Charles (13 May 1816-1854)


3m) Sarah, d.5 Oct 1883


4m) Louisa, d.1809


5m) Mary Gavin Elizabeth; m.19 May 1834 John Skinner (d.24 Mar 1844); their eldest son, John, succeeded to Ballechin and changed his name to Steuart


6m) Isabella Margaret, a nun, d.23 Feb 1880


7m) Anne Grace Agnes, d.9 Feb 1885; m.1841 Sir Henry Lacon Anderson


8m) Louisa Wilhelmina, d.1846; m.1845 Maj-Gen Charles William Hudson


3l) Robert; m.Martha Frederick, and had issue


4l) James


5l) Isabella


6l) Grace; m.Charles Steuart of Dalguire


7l) Margaret Douglas (2 Apr 1769-12 May 1833)


8l) Clementina


2k) James, a clerk of the Signet


3k) George, a merchant in Edinburgh


4k) Jean; m.N Stewart of Fincastle


5k) Clementina; m.Sir John Stewart of Grandtully


4j) Elizabeth; m.John Stewart, of Ardsheal


5j) Helen; m.Alexander Menzies, of Woodend


6j) Margaret; m.John Campbell, of Kinloch


7j) Emilia; m.John Stewart, of Bonskeed


8j) Anne; m.David Rattray, of Tullychurran


9j) Jean; m.Sir Lawrence Mercer, of Aldie


2i) Alexander


3i) John, of Keynachin; he had issue


4i) Robert, a writer in the exchequer


5i) George, the Darien expedition


3h) Alexander


1i) Robert, a minister of the Church of Scotland


2i) Alexander, k.a.Malplacquet


2g) [by 1st m.] Elizabeth; m.Duncan Robertson, of Dalcabon


3g) [by 2nd m.] John, of Killichassie


1h) a son


1i) a son


1j) James Steuart, an eminent banker in Edinburgh, settled at Stewartfield


4g) [by 2nd m.] George, ancestor of Steuart, of Loch Clunie


2f) George


3f) John


1g) a son, or sons, from whom descend the Steuarts of Arnaguy


2g) Sibilla; m.Alexander Leslie of Urquhil


3g) Anne; m.George Leslie, ancestor of the Earls of Leven


3c) Margaret (1424-Chalons 16 Aug 1445); m.Tours 24 Jun 1436 Louis, Dauphin [later, King Louis XI of France]


4c) Isabella (1426-1494/9); m.30 Oct 1442 François I, Duc de Bretagne (d.17 Jul 1450)


5c) Joan, 1428, d.after 16 Oct 1486; 15 May 1459 James Douglas, Earl of Morton (d.1493)


6c) Eleanor, d.20 Nov 1480; m.12 Feb 1449 Archduke Sigismund of Austria (d.4 Mar 1496)


7c) Mary, cr ca 1444 Countess of Buchan, d.20 Mar 1465 per ES, or 14 Mar 1478, per CP; m.1444 Wolfart van Borsselen, Cte de Grandpré (d.Ghent 29 Apr 1487)


8c) Annabella; m.1st 14 Dec 1447 (div 1458) Louis, Ct of Geneva; m.2nd shortly before 10 Mar 1459 (div 1471) George Gordon, Earl of Huntly (d.1501)


4b) Margaret, d.1450.6; 1390 Archibald Douglas, Earl of Douglas, Duc de Touraine (k.a.Verneuil 17 Aug 1424)


5b) Mary, d.after 1458; m.1st 1397 George Douglas, Earl of Angus (d.1402); m.2nd 1404 Sir James Kennedy of Dunure ( 8 Nov 1408); m.3rd 13 Nov 1413 Sir William Graham, of Kincardine (d.1424); m.4th 1425 Sir William Edmonstone of Duntreath (d.1462)


6b) [illegitimate] Sir John Stewart, of Ardgowan and Blackhall


1c) a son, ancestor of the Shaw-Stewart Baronets


2c) Margaret fl Aug 1442; 12 Mar 1440 Duncan Campbell, Lord Campbell (d.1453)


2a) Walter, Earl of Fife, d.shortly after 14 Aug 1362; m.Isabel, Css of Fife


3a) Robert, Duke of Albany, etc (ca 1340-3 Sep 1420); m.1st ca 1361 Margaret Graham, Css of Menteith (d.1380); m.2nd ca 1380 Muriella Keith (d.1449)


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Murdoch, Duke of Albany (ca 1362-beheaded at Stirling 25 May 1425); m.17 Feb 1392 Isabella, Css of Lennox (d.1460)


1c) Robert, Master of Fife, 1421


2c) Sir Walter, Master of Fife, Lennox and Menteith, beheaded at Stirling 24 May 1425; he apparently had issue as follows, though some sources listed all his children as being those of his younger brother, James


1d) [by a dau of Duncan, Lord Campbell, whom he is said to have m., though uncanonically] Andrew Stewart, cr 1456 Lord Avandale, dsp 1488; 21 Mar 1466 NN


2d) [by a dau of Duncan, Lord Campbell] Alexander, 1472


3d) [illegitimate] Sir Murdoch, 1472


4d) [illegitimate] Arthur, legitimated 1472 and 1479, 1488


5d) [probably by Janet Erskine, whom he had papal dispensation to marry 1421] Walter, legitimated 1472 and 1479, 1488; m.Elizabeth Arnot


1e) Alexander, 2 Jun 1489


1f) Andrew, cr ca 1499 Lord Avandale, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; 4 Feb 1500 Margaret Kennedy (d.1542)


1g) Andrew, 2nd Lord Avandale, in 1543 exchanged the title for that of Lord Ochiltree, d.1548/9; 22 Aug 1515 Margaret, illeg dau of James Hamilton, Earl of Arran


1h) Andrew, 2nd Lord Ochiltree (ca 1521-1591); m.1st by 27 Oct 1549 Agnes Cunningham; m.2nd 1570/3 Lady Margaret Cunningham (d.Jun 1573)


1i) Andrew, Master of Ochiltree, d.1577/8; m.Margaret Stewart (d.1 Jan 1627), dau of Lord Methven


1j) Andrew, 3d Lord Ochiltree, resigned this title to his cousin in 1615 to raise money, then settled in Ulster and was granted lands there, cr 1619 Lord Castle Stuart (ca 1560-Jan 1629); for his issue see Part 5


2j) Josias, of Bonnyton; m.Mariota Finlayson


1k) Margaret; m.1620 Thomas Kennedy of Bargany


3j) William; m.Marion M’Alexander


4j) John


5j) Anne; m.Andrew, Lord Jedburgh


6j) Margaret; m.Sir John Stewart of Traquair


7j) Margaret; m.Sir Roger Ashton (Aston)


8j) Martha; m.Nichol Rutherford of Hundeley


9j) Mary; m.Sir George Crawford, of Lifnorris


10j) Janet; m.Gilbert Kennedy, of Bargany


11j) Agnes


12j) Susanna


2i) James, of Bothwellmuir, cr 1581 Earl of Arran, attainted 1585, assasinated by Sir James Douglas, of Parkheid, at Symontown 5 Dec 1595; m.6 Jul 1581 Elizabeth, dau of John Stewart, Earl of Athol (d. Sep 1595)


1j) James, bought Ochiltreee from his cousin 1615 and was held to have become Lord Ochiltree, 1659; m.1st by 16 May 1622 Katherine MacDowall; m.2nd Mary Livingston (d.Feb 1683)


1k) [by 1st m.] William, Master of Ochiltree, 12 Jul 1645


2k) [by 2d m.] William, 2nd Lord Ochiltree (ca 1659-Edinburgh Feb 1675)


2j) Henry, of Corrigan, Killyman, Ireland


1k) William


1l) Harry, dsp


2l) Catherine; m.Henry, Lord Methven


3l) Barbara; m.Col. Stuart, of Corrigan


3j) Frederick, dsp


4j) Elizabeth


5j) Marie; m.John Finlayson


3i) Sir William, of Monkton, k.Jul 1588; m.Helen Cunningham


1j) William, d.13 Mar 1610

2j) son

3j) Margaret; m.James Whyte


4i) Sir Henry; 1580 Janet Reid


1j) Adam; m.1610 Maria Ross

2j) Janet; m.James Chalmers


5i) Sir Robert, of Wester Braco; m.1586 Jean Ross


1j) William

2j) Andrew

3j) Archibald

4j) James

5j) Agnes

6j) Helen


6i) Isabel; m.Thomas Kennedy, of Bargany


7i) Margaret; m.1st 1564 John Knox; m.2nd 1574 Sir Andrew Ker


8i) Bethia


2h) Walter


3h) Isobel; m.Duncan Macfarlane of that Ilk


4h) [illegitimate] Sir Robert, legitimized 1542


2g) Henry, cr 1528 Lord Methven, d.soon after 10 Oct 1551; m.1st “Lady Leslie”; m.2nd Margaret of England, Dowager Queen of Scots (d.Methven 18 Oct 1541); m.3rd by 4 Nov 1544 Lady Janet Stewart


1h) [by 1st m.] John, Master of Methven, k.a.Pinkie 10 Sep 1547


2h) [by 2nd m.] a dau, infant


3h) [by 3rd m.] Henry, 2nd Lord Methven, b.before parents’ marriage but legitimated 1551, cannon-shot from Edinburgh Castle 3 Mar 1572; m.Jean Ruthven (d.Sep 1591)


1i) Henry, 3rd Lord Methven, 1580


4h) [by 3rdm.] Joanna; m.Colin, Earl of Argyll


5h) [by 3rd m.] Dorothea; m.William, Earl of Gowrie


6h) [by 3rd m.] Margaret; m.Andrew, Master of Ochiltree; m.2d Ichtred Macdowall, of Garthland


3g) Sir James, k.a.Dunblane 1547; m.Margaret Lindsay, Dowager Lady Innermeath


1h) James, cr 1581 Lord Doune (ca 1529-20 Jul 1590); m.11 Jan 1564 Lady Margaret Campbell (d.Feb 1572)


1i) James, 2nd Lord Doune, 2nd Earl of Moray jure uxoris, k.7 Feb 1592; m.Elizabeth Stuart, Countess of Moray (above); for their issue see Part 6


2i) Henry, cr 1611 Lord St.Colme, d.12 Jul 1612; 1603 Jean Bellenden (d.19 Jul 1623)


1j) James, 2nd Lord St.Colme, 1620


3i) Archibald fl 1579


4i) John, sentenced to beheading ca 1609 for murdering one John Gibb 1608


5i) Alexander


6i) Mary; m.Sir John Wemyss of Wemyss


7i) Margaret, d.young


8i) Jean, d.1 Jul 1622; m.4 Apr 1596 Simon Fraser, 6th Lord Lovat


2h) Archibald; m.Helen Aichisoune


3h) Henry, of Buchlyvie; 1567 Elizabeth Robertson


1i) James, of Burray; m.Janet, dau of Torquil Macleod, son of Ruaridh Macleod by Barbara Stuart of Burray


1j) Barbara, of Burray; m.William Stewart, of Mains (see part 3)


2i) William


3i) Bernard


4h) Marjory; m.1st James Ross, of Craighton; m.2nd John Lindsay, of Dowhill


5h) Margaret; m.James Ogilvie of Balfour


6h) Elizabeth; 22 May 1558 Robert Crichton of Cluny


4g) Alexander fl 1541


5g) William fl 1548; m.Isabel Kerr


6g) Barbara, of the island of Burray in Orkney; m.1st ca 1535 Sir James Sinlair of Sanday; m.2nd 1541 Ruaridh Macleod of Lewis


7g) Agnes; m.John Boswell of Auchinleck


8g) Anne; m.Bartholomew Crawford of Carse


3c) Sir Alexander, beheaded at Stirling 24 May 1425; 1421 Egidia Douglas, Dowager Css of Orkney


4c) Sir James, 18 May 1451; he fled to Ireland, and apparently left illegitimate issue (though in some earlier sources he is listed as father of the sons of his elder brother, Walter):


1d) [by N Macdonald] James, of Baldorran; m.Annabel Buchanan; for his issue see Part 9


2d) [by N Macdonald] Matilda; m.Sir William Edmonstone of Duntreath


5c) Isabella; m.Sir Walter Buchanan of that Ilk


2b) Mary; m.Sir William Abernethy of Saltoun (d.1420)


3b) Margaret; m.1st ca 1392 Sir John Swinton (k.a.14 Sep 1402); m.2nd Robert Stewart, Lord Lorne


4b) Joan; m.Sir Robert Stewart of Innermeath, Lord Lorn


5b) Isabella; m.1st Alexander Leslie, 7th Earl of Ross (d.8 May 1402); m.2nd Walter Haliburton of Dirleton


[by 2nd m.]:


6b) John, Earl of Buchan (ca 1380-k.a.Verneuil 17 Aug 1424); m.1413 Elizabeth Douglas ( 1451)


1c) Margaret, 8 Jan 1461; 8 Jan 1437 George, Lord Seton


7b) Andrew, 1413


8b) Robert, k.a.Verneuil 17 Aug 1424


9b) Marjory; m.Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochow


10b) Elizabeth; m.Malcolm Fleming of Biggar and Cumbernauld (d.1440)


4a) Alexander, Earl of Buchan, “the Wolf of Badenoch”, d.after 1405/6; 24 Jul 1482 Euphemia, Css of Ross (d.afte 5 Sep 1394)


1b) [illegitimate] Sir Alexander Stewart, Earl of Mar, d.25/26 Jul 1435; m.1st 5 Dec 1404/2 Jan 1405 Isabel Douglas, Countess of Mar (d.Aug/Sep 1408); m.2nd 1409/10 Marie van Hoorn ( Jun 1436)


1c) [illegitimate] Sir Thomas Stewart, Master of Mar, dvpsp; m.Elizabeth Douglas, Dowager Css of Buchan


2b) [illegitimate by Mariot Athyn] Margaret; m.1389 Robert, 6th Earl of Sutherland ( 1427)


3b) [illegitimate] Sir Andrew Stewart, of Strathaven


1c) Sir Walter, legitimated 1472


1d) Andrew, of Tanachie; m.Marie Cumyn; à issue, Stewart, of Tanachie


4b) [illegitimate] James; m.Janet Menzies


1c) John, of Fothergill, d.Garth Castle 10 Dec 1475, bur Dunkeld Cathedral; m.Marion N


1d) Niel, of Fothergill, Garth, d.Garth Castle 3 Jan 1499; m.Elizabeth Stewart


1e) Niel, of Fothergill and Garth, d.1554; m.Lady Christian Stewart


1f) John, dsp 1577


2d) Alexander, of Bonskeid, d.1501 à issue, Stewart and Stewart-Robertson, of Bonskeid and Edradynate


2c) a dau; m.P Rattray


5a) Margaret; 1350 John Macdonald, Lord of the Isles (d.Ardtornish Castle 1387)


6a) Marjorie; m.1st John de Dunbar, Earl of Moray (d.York 1392); m.2nd ca 1403 Sir Alexander Keith


7a) Elizabeth; 7 Nov 1372 Sir Thomas Hay


8a) Isabella; m.1st ca 1371 James, 2nd Earl of Douglas (k.a.Otternurn 18 Aug 1388); m.2nd by 1390 Sir John Edmonstone


9a) Jean; m.1st Sir John Keith; m.2nd by 4 Oct 1376 Sir John Lyon (k.a.4 Nov 1382); m.3rd 1384 Sir James Sandilands of Calder


[by 2nd m.]:


10a) David, Earl of Strathearn, 1356/60, 15 Mar 1390; m.a dau of Sir Alexander Lindsay


1b) Euphemia, Css of Strathearn and Caithness, 1375, d.1434; m.1st by Dec 1406 Patrick Graham, of Kilpont (k.a.10 Aug 1413); m.2nd Sir Patrick Dunbar


11a) Walter, Earl of Caithness, Earl of Athol, beheaded at Stirling 26 Mar 1437 for his part in the murder of King James I; 19 Oct 1378 Margareet Barclay ( 1 Aug 1404)


1b) David, dvp in England; m.NN


1c) Sir Robert, Master of Athol, one of the assasins of King James I; beheaded at Edinburgh Mar 1437


2b) Alan, Earl of Caithness, k.a.Inverlochy 1431


12a) Egidia; m.1387 Sir William Douglas of Nithsdale


13a) Elizabeth [not, per Cokayne, Katherine or Jean]; m.David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford (d.Feb 1407)


14a) [illegitimate] Thomas, Archdeacon of St.Andrews


15a) [illegitimate] John Stewart, d.1445/9; m.Monet Sympil


1b) James, d.1454/64


2b) William, 1465; m.Margaret Stewart


1c) James, d.1477


1d) James, 1488


2d) Ninian, 1539; m.1st N Campbell; m.2nd ca 10 Aug 1506 Janet Dunlop; m.3rd ca 15 Oct 1516 Elizabeth Blair (fl 30 Jul 1529)


1e) Sir James Stewart, d.1570; m.1st Lady Mary Campbell; m.2nd Marion Fairlie


1f) [by 2nd m.] John, of Ardmaleish, 10 Oct 1612; m.1st Mary Campbell; m.2nd ca 23 Jan 1590 Fynegella Macdonald; m.3rd ca 15 Sep 1595 Jean Blair


1g) [by 1st m.] Sir John, of Ardmaleish, d.31 Mar 1619; m.Elizabeth Hepburn


1h) Sir James Stuart, cr Bt 1627, d.London 1662; m.Grizel [or Isabella] Campbell


1i) Sir Dugald, 2nd Bt, d.1672; m.1658 Elizabeth Ruthven


1j) James, cr 1703 Earl of Bute, d.Bath 4 Jun 1710; m.1st ca 1680 Agnes Mackenzie (2 Jan 1663-bur Edinburgh 26 Jul 1693); m.2nd Christian Dundas (d.Edinburgh 25 May 1740) ; for his issue, see here


2j) Dugald, of Blairhall, d.16 Jun 1712; m.10 Mar 1700 Mary, dau and heiress of John Bruce, of Blairhall


1k) James, of Blairhall, d.1762; m.Mary Crawford à 3 sons, 3 daus


2k) John, of Annefield, d.1760; m.Lady Anne Stewart, dau of Earl of Moray à 3 sons, 5 daus


3j) Isobel; m.Jul 1675 Ninian Bannatyne of Kames


4j) Margaret; m.Oct 1684 Dougal Lamont of that Ilk


5j) Barbara; m.Archibald Campbell, of Barbreck


6j) Elizabeth; m.Alexander Stewart of Auchinskeoch


2i) Sir Robert, cr Bt 1707 (ca 1655-1 Oct 1710); m.1st 20 Oct 1685 Violet Hamilton; m.2d 25 Aug 1693 Hon Cecil Hamilton


[by 1st m.]:


1j) Bethia (bap 2 Oct 1686-    )


2j) Agnes (bap 3 Mar 1688-    )


[by 2nd m.]:


3j) Sir Robert, 2nd Bt (ca 1700-4 Mar 1767); m.Jean Calderwood


4j) Hugh


5j) James


6j) May


7j) Anne, d.21 Jul 1773; m.Alexander Munro


8j) Catherine,d.21 Jul 1773; m.Alexander Murray


9j) Margaret; m. __ Lennox of Woodhead


10j) Helen; m.Andrew Lees


11j) Cecil; m.Edward Wright


3i) Elizabeth; m. ? Ninian Bannatyne


4i) Anne; m.1st Alexander Macdonald of Sana; m.2nd Walter Campbell of Skipness


5i) Jane; m.Alexander Campbell, of Skipness


2h) Thomas


2g) [by 3rd m.] James, of Ardinho


1h) John


3g) [by 3rd m.] Grizel


2f) [by 2nd m.] Robert


3f) [by 2nd m.] Alexander


2e) [ex 1] Robert; m.Helen Stewart


1f) William; m.Katherine Frisall


1g) James; m.1st Margaret Stewart; m.2nd Isobal Cunningham


1h) John; m.1608 Elizabeth Stewart


2g) Dugald


2f) Archibald


3e) Archibald


4e) Alexander; m.Elizabeth Tait


5e) [ex 3] Ninian; m.Elizabeth Lindsay


1f) Robert; he was grandfather of Ninian, of Kilcattan, and Archibald, of Ballintoy

2f) Alexander


6e) John; m.Elizabeth Bannatyne

7e) James

8e) William


3d) James; m.Margaret Crawford

4d) Robert; m. a dau of John Lamond

5d) Jonet; m.1st (div) Archibald Campbell, of Skipness (d.1537); m.2nd by 1529 (div 1554) Ninian Bannatyne


2c) William, of Fennock


3c) Alexander


3b) Robert


4b) Andrew à Issue


16a) [illegitimate by Mariota Cardney] Sir John Steuart, d.1466


1b) Walter, of Cluny à issue, Steuart, of Cardney, of Arntullie, and Steuart-Menzies, of Arndilly