The family Stuart/Stewart and Fitzalan





Part 1



Flaad, Seneschal of Dol, in Brittany 1080, was father of:


Alan Fitzflaad ( 1114) who, by his wife, Aveline d’Hesdin, had issue:



1a) William Fitzalan, of Oswestry, d.1160



1b) William Fitzalan, of Oswestry, 1210; m.Isabel de Say, of Clun



1c) William Fitzalan, of Clun and Oswestry, d.1216


2c) John Fitzalan, of Clun and Oswestry, d.1240; m.Isabel d’Aubigny, sister of Hugh, Earl of Arundel



1d) John Fitzalan, of Clun and Oswestry, and of Arundel Castle, d.1267; m.Maud Le Botiller (d.27 Nov 1283)



1e) John Fitzalan, of Clun and Oswestry, and of Arundel Castle (14 Sep 1246-18 Mar 1272); m.Isabel de Mortimer (fl 1300)



1f) Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel (3 Feb 1267-9 Mar 1302); 1285 Alassia of Saluzzo (d.25 Sep 1292, bur Todingham Priory)



1g) Edmund, Earl of Arundel, attainted (Marlborough Castle 1 May 1285-beheaded at Hereford 17 Nov 1326); m.1305 Alice de Warenne (d.1330/8)



1h) Richard, Earl of Arundel 1331 (ca 1313-Arundel 24 Jan 1376); m.1st King’s Chapel at Havering-atte-Bower 9 Feb 1321 (annulled 1344) Isabel le Despencer; m.2d Ditton 5 Feb 1345 Eleanor of Lancaster (d.Arundel 11 Jan 1372)



[issue by 1st m., bastardized by annulment]:


1i) Sir Edmund, 1377; Jul 1349 Sibyl Montagu



1j) Alice; m.Sir Leonard Carew



2i) Philippa; m.Sir Richard Sergeaux


3i) Mary, d.29 Aug 1396; m.1st Lord Strange


[by 2d m.]:


4i) Richard, Earl of Arundel, attainted (1346-beheaded at Cheapside 21 Sep 1397, bur Church of Augustin Friars, Bread Street, London); m.1st ca 1359 Elizabeth de Bohun (d.3 Apr 1385, bur Lewes); m.2d 15 Aug 1390 Philippa Mortimer (Ludlow 21 Nov 1375-Halnaker, Sussex 24 Sep 1401, bur Boxgrove)



1j) Thomas, Earl of Arundel and Surrey 1400 (13 Oct 1381-Arundel 13 Oct 1415); m.Lambeth 26 Nov 1405 Infanta Beatriz of Portugal (d.Bordeaux 23 Oct 1439)


2j) Elizabeth, d.8 Jul 1425; m.1st Sir William de Montagu ( a tilting match at Windsor 6 Aug 1382); m.2d 1384 Thomas de Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk (d.1399); m.3d by 19 Aug 1401 Sir Robert Goushill; m.4th by 3 Jul 1414 Sir Gerard Ufflete


3j) Joan (1375-14 Nov 1435); m.William Beauchamp, Lord Abergavenny (d.8 May 1411)


4j) Margaret; m.Sir Rowland Lenthall


5j) Alice; Mar 1392 John Cherleton, Lord Powis (25 Apr 1362-Pool Castle 19 Oct 1401)



5i) John, Lord Arundel, Lord Maltravers, drowned in the Irish Sea 15/16 Dec 1379; m.17 Feb 1359 Eleanor Maltravers (d.10 Jan 1405)



1j) John (30 Nov 1364-14 Aug 1390, bur Missenden Abbey); 1387 Elizabeth Despencer (d.10/11 Apr 1408)



1k) John, Earl of Arundel 1415 (Ditton Manor 1 Aug 1385-21 Apr 1421, bur Arundel Castle); 1407 Eleanor Berkeley (d.Aug 1455, bur Arundel Castle)



1l) John, Earl of Arundel (Lytchett Mautravers 14 Feb 1408-Beauvais 12 Jun 1435); m.1st (or merely contracted to) Constance Cornwall ( 1429), granddaughter of John of Gaunt; m.2d by 1429 Maud Lovell (d.19 May 1436)



1m) Humphrey, Earl of Arundel (30 Jan 1429-24 Apr 1438)



2l) William, Earl of Arundel (23 Nov 1417-1487); m.after 17 Aug 1438 Joan Nevill (d.shortly before 9 Sep 1462)



1m) Thomas, Earl of Arundel (1450-Downly Park, Singleton, Sussex 25 Oct 1524, bur Arundel); m.Oct 1464 Margaret Widville ( 6 Mar 1491, bur Arundel)



1n) William, Earl of Arundel (ca 1476-23 Jan 1544, bur Arundel); m.1st Elizabeth Willoughby; m.2d 15 Feb 1511 Anne Percy ( 27 Jul 1485, d.1552)



1o) Henry, Earl of Arundel (23 Apr 1512-Arundel House 24 Feb 1580); m.1st Lady Catharine Grey; m.2d 19 Dec 1545 Mary Arundell, dowager Css of Sussex (d.Arundel House 20 Oct 1557)



1p) Henry, Lord Maltravers (1538-Brussels 30 Jun 1556); m.1555 Ann Wentworth (bur Gosfield 10 Jan 1581)


2p) Jane, d.1576; m.John, Lord Lumley (ca 1533-London 11 Apr 1609)


3p) Mary (1540-Arundel House 25 Aug 1557); 30 Mar 1555 Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk (10 Mar 1538-beheaded on Tower Hill 2 Jun 1572)



2o) [by 2d m.] Katherine fl 1552; 1530, but repudiated by him by 1533, Henry Grey, Marquess of Dorset, Duke of Suffolk 1551 (17 Jan 1517-beheaded on Tower Hill 23 Feb 1554)


3o) [by 1st m.] Margaret


4o) [by 1st m.] Elizabeth



2n) Edward


3n) Margaret fl 1493; m.John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln (ca 1462-k.a.Stoke 16 Jun 1487)


4n) Joan; m.George Nevill, Lord Bergavenny (d.1535)



2m) William


3m) George


4m) John


5m) Mary



2k) Edmund


3k) Sir Thomas, of Beechwood



1l) Eleanor; m.Sir Thomas Browne



2j) William, K.G.


3j) Thomas=Edward


4j) Henry


5j) Richard



1k) Joan; m.Sir Thomas Willoughby, of Parham



6j) Joan


7j) Margaret, d.3 Jul 1438; 1394 William, Lord Ros (d.Belvoir 1 Sep 1414)



6i) Thomas, Archbishop of Canterbury and of York, d.19 Feb 1413, bur Canterbury Cathedral


7i) Joan; m.Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford


8i) Alice; m.Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent


9i) Mary; m.John, Lord Strange of Blackmere


10i) Eleanor; m.Robert de Ufford



2h) Alice; m.John de Bohun, Earl of Hereford


3h) Jane; m.Warine Gerrard, Lord L’Isle


4h) Alaive; m.Roger, Lord Strange of Knokin



2g) Sir John, a priest


3g) Maud; m.Philip, Lord Burnel


4g) Margaret; m.William, Lord Boteler of Wemme



2a) Jordan Fitzalan fl 1130; m.Mary N



1b) Jordan


2b) Alan fl 1167; m.Joan N



1c) Jordan, dsp


2c) Olice; m.1st Robert de St.John; m.2d ca 1200 Roger de Monbegon


3c) Alice; m.William Epine



3a) Walter Fitzalan, 1st High Steward of Scotland, d.1177; m.Eochyna de Molle



1b) Alan, High Steward of Scotland, d.1204; m.Eve N



1c) Walter Stewart, High Steward of Scotland, d.1241; m.Beatrice, dau of Earl Gilchrist of Angus



1d) Alexander Stewart, High Steward of Scotland (1214-1283); m.Jean of Bute



1e) James, High Steward of Scotland (ca 1243-1309); m.Gille de Burgh



1f) Walter, High Steward of Scotland (1292-9 Apr 1326); m.1st 1315 Marjory Bruce (d.9 Mar 1316), dau of King Robert I of Scots; m.2d Isabel Graham



1g) [by 1st m.] Robert II, King of Scots 1371 (Paisley 2 Mar 1316-Dundonald Castle 19 Apr 1390); m.1st ca 1347 Elizabeth Mure ( 1355); m.2d ca 1355 Euphemia of Ross (d.1387), dowager Css of Moray; for his issue see Part 2


2g) [by 2d m.] Sir John Stuart, of Ralston



1h) Walter


2h) Margery, 1442; m.1st by 19 Oct 1378 Sir Alexander Lindsay (d.Oct 1381); m.2d by 19 Oct 1384 Sir William Douglas


3h) Gille; m.Patrick Graham of Kincardine (d.1400)


4h) Margaret; m.1388 Sir John Hay of Tullbody (d.1416)



3g) [by 2d m.] Sir Andrew


4g) [by 2d m.] Gille; m.1st 21 Apr 1346 Sir James Lindsay (d.1358); m.2d Sir Hugh Eglinton; m.3d Oct 1378 James Douglas of Dalkeith (d.1420)



2f) John, k.a.1318


3f) Andrew


4f) James, of Durisdeer


5f) Gille; m.Alexander Menzies, of Weem



2e) Sir John Stewart, of Bonkyl, k.a.22 Jul 1298; m.Margaret de Bonkyl



1f) Sir Alexander, of Bonkyl, d.1319



1g) John Stewart, cr Earl of Angus 1329, d.9 Dec 1331; m.Margaret Abernethy



1h) Thomas, 2d Earl of Angus, d.of plague while captive at Dumbarton Castle 1361; m.Margaret Sinclair



1i) Thomas, 3d Earl of Angus, d.1377


2i) Margaret, Css of Angus, d.1417; m.9th Earl of Mar


3i) Elizabeth; m.Sir Alexander Hamilton of Innerwick



2f) Sir Alan, of Dreghorn, k.a.Halidon Hill 19 Jul 1333



1g) Sir John, of Cruikstone, 15 Jan 1369



1h) John


2h) Robert



2g) Walter, d.1371


3g) Sir Alexander Stewart, of Darnley, d.after 26 Aug 1374



1h) Sir Alexander, 5 May 1404; m.1st N Turnbull; m.2d Janet Keith; for his issue see Part 3



4g) Elizabeth; m.John Hamilton [Fitzwalter]



3f) Sir Walter, of Garlies and Dalswinton



1g) Sir John, of Garlies and Dalswinton



1h) Sir Walter, of Garlies and Dalswinton



1i) Marion; m.1st Sir John Stewart (see part 3); m.2d ca 1422 Sir John Forrester of Corstorphine



4f) Sir James, of Pierston, k.a.19 Jul 1333



1g) Sir Robert, 1388



1h) Sir John, of Innermeath and Durrisdeer, lord of Lorn; m.Isabel de Ergadia of Lorn (d.21 Dec 1439)



1i) Robert, Lord Lorn ca 1439, 1449; m.Joan=Margaret Stewart (below) dau of Robert, Duke of Albany



1j) John, Lord Lorn and Innermeath, d.Dunstaffnage 20 Dec 1463 of wounds inflicted by Alan McCoule; m.1st NN; m.2d 1463 N Maclaren



[by 1st m.]:


1k) Isabel; m.Colin, Earl of Argyl


2k) Margaret=Janet; m.Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy


3k) Marion; m.Arthur Campbell, of Otter


[by 2d m., though possibly illegitimate]:


4k) Dugald Stewart, of Appin ( 1498); m.N Macdougall; for his issue see Part 4



2j) Walter, resigned title of Lord Lorn to the Earl of Argyl (his nephew by marriage) and got new title of Lord Innermeath, d.1481/9; m.Margaret Lindsay



1k) Thomas, 2d lord Innermeath, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m.shortly before 23 Jun 1481 Lady Janet Keith



1l) Richard, 3d Lord Innermeath, d.1532; m.Margaret Lindsay



1m) John, 4th Lord Innermeath, d.1569/70; m.Elizabeth Bethune



1n) James, 5th Lord Innermeath, d.14 Feb 1586; m.Helen Ogilvy



1o) John, Earl of Athol 1596, d.Kincardine 1603; m.1st Margaret Lindsay; m.2d Lady Mary Ruthven, Dowager Css of Athol



1p) [by 1st m.] John, 2d Earl of Athol, d.1625; m.Lady Mary Stuart


2p) [by 1st m.] Margaret; m.Sir James Stewart of Ballechin



2o) Margaret; m.Sir William Ruthven


3o) Janet; m.Alexander Cuming


4o) Grizel; m.Thomas Gordon, of Cluny



2n) John


3n) Alexander



2l) Marion; m.Patrick Ogilvy of Inchmartin



3j) Alan


4j) David


5j) Robert


6j) a dau; m.Robert, Lord Erskine


7j) a dau; m.John, Lord Lindsay of the Byres



2i) Archibald fl 1452


3i) Sir James, “the Black Knight of Lorn”; m.Joan Beaufort, Dowager Queen of Scots



1j) John, cr Earl of Athol ca 1457, d.Laighwood 15 Sep 1512, bur Dunkeld Cathedral; m.1st 1459/60 Margaret Douglas ( 1475); m.2d by 19 Apr 1475 Eleanor Sinclair (d.21 Mar 1518, bur Dunkeld Cathedral)



1k) John, 2d Earl of Athol, d.1521; m.Lady Janet Campbell ( 2 Feb 1546)



1l) John, 3d Earl of Athol (6 Oct 1507-1542); m.1st by Oct 1533 Grizel Rattray; m.2d 1542 Jean Forbes



1m) John, 4th Earl of Athol, d.24 Apr 1579; m.1st by 26 May 1547 Lady Elizabeth Gordon ( 1557); m.2d ca 1557 Margaret Fleming (fl 15 Aug 1584)



1n) John, 5th Earl of Athol (Dunkeld 22 May 1563-Perth 25 Aug 1595); m.Perth 24 Jan 1580 Lady Mary Ruthven (who later married John Stewart, new Earl of Athol (above))



1o) Dorothea, 6 Aug 1628; m.Sep 1604 William Murray, 2d Earl of Tullibardine (ca 1574-London 1627)


2o) Mary; m.1st ca 1603 John Stewart, 2d Earl of Athol (above); m.2d Capt. Peter Rollock


3o) Jean, d.Newbattle 19 Jul 1623; 1603 Henry Stewart, Lord St.Colme (d.12 Jul 1612); m.2d Nicol Bellenden


4o) Anne, 15 Oct 1635; 1604 Andrew Stewart, 2d Lord Castle Stewart (d.30 Mar 1639)



2n) [by 2d m.] Grizell; m.Dec 1581 David Lindsay, 11th Earl of Crawford (ca 1557-Cupar Oct/Nov 1607)


3n) [by 2d m.] Jean; m.Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy


4n) [by 2d m.] Anne=Mary; 1587 Francis Hay, 9th Earl of Erroll (1564-1631)


5n) [by 1st m.] Elizabeth, d.1590/5; m.1st ca 1567 Hugh Fraser, Lord Lovat (d.1577); m.2d 6 Dec 1578 (div 1581) Robert Stuart, Earl of Lennox and March; m.3d 6 Jul 1581 James Stewart, Earl of Arran


6n) [by 1st m.] Margaret, d.Apr/Jul 1618; 3 Aug 1574 George Abernethy, 7th Lord Saltoun (ca 1555-27 Apr 1590)



2m) [by 1st m.] Sir James, of Balveny


3m) [by 1st m.] Helen; m.John Grant, of Grant


4m) [by 1st m.] Helen; m.Walter Wood, of Balbegno


5m) [by 1st m.] Elizabeth; m.Thomas Stewart, of Grandtully


6m) [by 2d m.] Barbara; m.James Menzies, of Weem


7m) [by 2d m.] Jean; m.John Otterburn, of Redhall; m.2d George Crawford, of Leifnerris



2l) Isabel; m.Kenneth Mackenzie, of Kintail


3l) Elizabeth; m.William Sutherland, of Duffus


4l) Helen; m.John, 6th Lord Lindsay of the Byres


5l) Janet; m.1st Alexander, Master of Sutherland; m.2d Sir Hugh Kennedy; m.3d Henry, Lord Methven; m.4th Patrick, Lord Ruthven


6l) Isabel; m.James Herring, of Lethendy and Glasclune


7l) Jean; m.James Arbuthnot, of Arbuthnot



2k) [by 2d m.] Andrew, Bp of Caithness 1518, d.1542


3k) [by 2d m.] Jean; m.Sir John Gordon of Pitlurg


4k) [by 2d m.] Catherine; m.John, Lord Forbes


5k) [by 2d m.] Elspeth; 1510 Robert Innes of Innermarky


6k) [by 2d m.] Marjory; m.Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy


7k) [by 2d m.] Margaret; m.William Murray, of Tullibardine


8k) [by 2d m.] Isabel; m.Alexander Robertson of Struan


9k) [by 2d m.] Anne; m.John, Earl of Lennox


10k) [by 2d m.] Margaret; m.R. Robertson


11k) [by 1st m.] Janet; m.Alexander Gordon, Earl of Huntly


12k) [by 1st m.] Elizabeth; m.Andrew, Lord Gray



2j) James, cr Earl of Buchan 1469, d.1497/1500; 1 Mar 1467 Margaret Ogilvy



1k) Alexander, 2d Earl of Buchan, d.1505; m.1st by 20 Mar 1491 Isabel Ogilvy; m.2d by 1499 Margaret Ruthven (d.1548)



1l) [by 2d m.] John, 3d Earl of Buchan, d.1551; m.Margaret Scrymgeour



1m) John, Master of Buchan, d.10 Sep 1547; m.1st Lady Mary Stewart; m.2d by 15 May 1547 Margaret Ogilvy (d.shortly after 26 Dec 1549)



1n) Christian, Countess of Buchan, d.Aberdeen 20 Sep 1580; m.Robert Douglas, Earl of Buchan



2m) James; m.Christian Strang



1n) James


2n) Alexander


3n) a dau


4n) a dau



2k) Margaret; m.George Gordon, of Abergeldie


3k) a dau; m.Alexander Abernethy, Lord Saltoun (d.1527)


4k) [illegitimate by Margaret Murray (of Philiphaugh)] Agnes, legitimated 1552, d.Feb 1557; m.1st soon after 28 Aug 1511 Adam Hepburn, 2d Earl of Bothwell (ca 1492-k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.2d 3 Jun 1514 Alexander, 3d Lord Home (d.8 Oct 1516); m.3d 1520/5 Robert, Lord Maxwell (d.9 Jul 1546); m.4th by 13 Dec 1549 Cuthbert Ramsay; Agnes had an illegitimate daughter by King James IV


5k) [illegitimate by Margaret Murray (of Philiphaugh)] James Stuart, of Traquair, legitimated 1489, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m.Katharine Rutherford; for his issue see Part 8



3j) Andrew, Bp of Moray



5f) Sir John, of Pearston and Daldar, k.a.Halidon Hill 19 Jul 1333


6f) Isabella, d.after 15 Jul 1351; m.Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray (d.20 Jul 1332)



3e) Elizabeth; m.Sir William Douglas



2d) John, k.a.Damiette 1249


3d) Walter, Earl of Menteith, 12 Apr 1296; m.Mary of Menteith



1e) Alexander, Earl of Menteith, d.1297/1306; m.Maud N



1f) Alan, Earl of Menteith, 13 Mar 1309; m.Marjory N



1g) Mary, recognized as Css of Menteith on the death of her uncle, 29 Apr 1360; 1334 Sir John Graham (executed 28 Feb 1347)



2f) Peter fl 1296


3f) Murdoch, Earl of Menteith, k.a.1332/3; m.Alice N


4f) Alexander Menteith



2e) John de Menteith, 1323; m.NN



1f) John, of Strathgartney and Arran, 1344; m.Ellen of Mar


2f) Walter, of Rusky and Kerse; he had issue of whom I have incomplete details (families of Menteith, Stuart-Menteth, and Dalyell of the Binns)


3f) Joan, d.after 21 Mar 1367; m.1st ca 1323 Malise, Earl of Strathearn ( 1329); m.2d John Campbell, Earl of Athol (k.a.19 Jul 1333); m.3d ca 1339 Maurice Moray, Earl of Strathearn (k.a.17 Oct 1346); m.4th 9 Nov 1347 William, Earl of Sutherland ( 1370)



4d) Elizabeth; m.Maldoum, Earl of Lennox


5d) Euphemia, 1267; 1213 Patrick, Earl of Dunbar (d.1248)


6d) Margaret; m.Neil, Earl of Carrick (d.1256)


7d) a dau; m.Donald, Lord of the Isles



2c) David fl 1220


3c) Leonard


4c) Aveline; abducted by and probably m.Duncan MacGilbert, Earl of Carrick