The families of Pelham and Holles

Dukes of Newcastle, etc.





Section 1: Holles


William Holles, of Houghton, Notts; m.Anne Denzell


1a) Denzell; m.Anne Sheffield


1b) John, cr 1616 Earl of Clare and Lord Houghton [or Haughton] (d.Clare Palace, Nottingham 4 Oct 1637); m.Shelford, Notts 23 May 1591 Anne Stanhope (d.London 18 Nov 1651)


1c) John, 2nd Earl of Clare (Haughton 13 Jun 1595-Haughton 2 Jun 1666); m.London 4 Sep 1626 Hon. Elizabeth Vere (d.Dec 1683)


1d) Gilbert, 3rd Earl of Clare (24 Apr 1633-Warwick House 16 Jan 1689); m.London 9 Jul 1655 Grace Pierrepont (d.1702)


1e) JOHN, 4th Earl of Clare, cr 1694 Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Marquess of Clare (9 Jan 1662-Welbeck 15 Jul 1711); m.1 Mar 1690 Lady Margaret Cavendish [dau.of Henry Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne] (22 Oct 1661-London 24 Dec 1716)


1f) Henrietta Cavendish (11 Feb 1694-9 Dec 1755); m.Wimpole, co Cambridge 31 Aug 1713 Edward Harley, 2nd Earl of Oxford (2 Jun 1689-London 16 Jun 1741); their issue inherited most of the Cavendish estates, such as Welbeck and Bolsover, and passed them into the Cavendish-Bentinck family; the Holles estates mostly went to Thomas Pelham


2e) William, k.a.Luxemburg


3e) Denzell


4e) Elizabeth (d.9 Nov 1725); m.1676 Christopher Vane, Lord Barnard (21 May 1653-28 Oct 1723)


5e) Mary; m.Hugh Boscawen


6e) Ann


7e) Grace; m.Sir Thomas Pelham, Bt. (see Pelham, below)


2d) Anne (d.London Oct 1707); m.Edward Clinton, Lord Clinton (1624-ca 1657)


3d) Elizabeth (d.Kilkea Castle 30 Jun 1666); 1655 Wentworth Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare (1634-5 Mar 1664)


4d) Arabella; m.Sir Edward Rossiter


5d) Susan; m.Sir John Lort, Bt. (d.1673)


6d) Diana; m.Henry Bridges


7d) Penelope; m.Sir James Langham, 2nd Bt. (d.Aug 1699)


2c) Denzell, cr 1661 Lord Holles of Ifield (Houghton 31 Oct 1599-17 Feb 1680); m.1st London 4 Jun 1626 Dorothy Ashley (d.21 Jun 1640); m.2nd 12 Mar 1642 Mrs Jane Freake, Lady Covert, dau. Of Sir John Shurley, of Ifield, Bt. (bap 3 Jan 1597-Paris 1666); m.3rd Westminster Abbey 14 Sep 1666 Mrs Esther Richer, ne Le Lou (d.1684)


1d) Francis, 2nd Lord Holles of Ifield (Dorchester 19 Aug 1627-Aldenham, Herts 1 Mar 1690); m.1st Westminster Abbey 22 Aug 1661 Lucy Carr (d.15 Sep 1667); m.2nd Kensington 9 Jun 1670 Anne Pile (d.London 8 Mar 1682)


1e) Denzell, 3rd Lord Holles of Ifield (26 Apr 1675-24 Jan 1694)


3c) Eleanor ( 1681); m.Oliver Fitzwilliam, Earl of Tyrconell (d.Merrion 10 Apr 1667)


4c) Arabella (d.York 5 Oct 1631); m.London 24 Feb 1625 Thomas Wentworth, Viscount Wentworth [later, Earl of Strafford] (London 13 Apr 1593-executed on Tower Hill 12 May 1641)


2b) Frances; m.Sir Francis Coke, of Trusley (d.1639)





Section 2: Pelham



Sir William Pelham; m.1st Mary Carew; m.2nd Mary Sandys


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Sir Nicholas (d.15 Dec 1559); m.Anne Sackville


1b) Sir John (d.13 Oct 1580); m.Judith St.John


1c) Oliver (d.19 Jan 1584)


2b) Sir Thomas, cr Bt. 1611 (ca 1540-2 Dec 1624); 1589 Mary Walsingham


1c) Sir Thomas, 2nd Bt. (1597-1654); m.1st Mary Wilbraham (d.1634); m.2nd Judith Honeywood (d.1638); m.3rd Margaret Vane


[by 1st m.]:


1d) Sir John, 3rd Bt. (d.1703); m.20 Jan 1647 Lady Lucy Sydney (d.1685)


1e) Sir Thomas, 4th Bt., cr 1706 Lord Pelham of Laughton (ca 1650-23 Feb 1712); m.1st 18 Mar 1680 Elizabeth Jones (d.1681); m.2nd 1686 Lady Grace Holles (above)


[by 1st m.]:


1f) Elizabeth (d.11 May 1711); m.3 Jul 1698 Charles, 2nd Viscount Townshend (d.21 Jun 1738)


[by 2nd m.]:


2f) Sir THOMAS, 5th Bt., took surname Pelham-Holles, inherited most of the estates of his maternal uncle, the Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (above), and was cr 1714 Earl of Clare and Viscount Haughton, and cr 1715 Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Marquess of Clare, both with special remainders to his brother, Henry; cr 1756 Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne, with remainder to his nephew, the Earl of Lincoln, cr 1762 Lord Pelham of Stanmer, with remainder to his heir male; Prime Minister 1754-6, 1757-62 (1 Jul 1693-London 17 Nov 1768)


3f) Rt.Hon. Henry, long-time Prime Minister (1696-6 Mar 1754); m.29 Oct 1726 Lady Catherine Manners (d.18 Feb 1780)


1g) Catherine (24 Jul 1727-27 Jul 1760); m.London 16 Oct 1744 her first cousin Henry Fiennes Clinton, 9th Earl of Lincoln, who later succeeded their mutual uncle as 2nd Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne


2g) Grace (18 Aug 1728-31 Jul 1777); m.12 Oct 1752 Lewis Watson, Lord Sondes (28 Nov 1728-30 Mar 1795)


3g) Thomas (1729-1739)


4g) Lucy (ca 1729-1740)


5g) Henry (1736-1739)


6g) Dorothy, infant ca 1740


4f) Frances (d.27 Jun 1756); m.31 May 1715 Christopher Wandesford, 2nd Viscount Castlecomer (d.23 Jun 1719)


5f) Lucy (d.Weybridge 20 Jul 1726); m.16 May 1717 Henry Clinton, 7th Earl of Lincoln (1684-Oatlands 7 Sep 1728)


6f) Margaret (d.23 Nov 1758); m.16 Mar 1727 Sir John Shelley, 4th Bt. (d.6 Sep 1771)


2e) Henry, of Stanmer (d.1 Apr 1721); m.Frances Bine


1f) Henry, of Stanmer (1694-1725)


2f) Thomas, of Stanmer (d.1737); m.Annetta Bridges


1g) Thomas, 2nd Lord Pelham of Stanmer, cr 1801 Earl of Chichester (28 Feb 1728-8 Jan 1805); m.15 Jun 1754 Anne Frankland (d.5 Mar 1813) issue, the extant Earls of Chichester


2g) Harriet (d.31 Aug 1768); m.1st 18 May 1748 Hon. Richard Temple (d.8 Aug 1749); m.2nd 5 Feb 1753 George Nevill, Earl of Abergavenny (24 Jun 1727-10 Sep 1785)


3f) Grace; m.William Poole


4f) Frances (d.30 Apr 1760); m.Sir Francis Poole, 2nd Bt.


5f) Lucy (15 Jan 1696-25 May 1730); m.Talbot Yelverton, Earl of Sussex (2 May 1690-Bath 27 Oct 1731)


6f) Elizabeth; m.Thomas Pelham


3e) Elizabeth (d.13 Jul 1723); m.1st 30 May 1678 Edward Montagu; m.2nd Thomas Woodcock (d.3 Jul 1732)


4e) Lucy (d.1721); m.14 Oct 1679 Gervase, Lord Pierrepont of Hanslope (d.22 May 1715)


2d) Judith; m.Sir John Monson


[by 3rd m.]:


3d) Sir Nicholas; m.Jane Huxley issue, extinct in the male line 1838, now represented by the Thursby-Pelhams


4d) Philadelphia (d.13 Aug 1685); m.8 Jul 1673 Francis Howard, 5th Lord Howard of Effingham (1643-30 Mar 1695)


5d) Elizabeth; m.Chrales Pelham, of Brocklesby


2c) Judith (1590-Hunsdon 1629); m.Henry Carey, Earl of Dover (ca 1580-1666)


2a) Anthony, of Buxsted (d.22 Nov 1566); m.Margaret ___ ; note: Burke’s Commoners has Anthony as brother of the Sir William whom Burke’s Peerage has as his father, as here; he had issue, the Pelhams of Compton Valence, and the Pelhams of Swineshead


[by 2nd m.]:


3a) Sir William (d.24 Nov 1587); m.1st Lady Eleanor Nevill; m.2nd NN issue, the Pelhams of Brocklesby, extinct in the male line 1763; a descendant of the last male’s sister took the name Pelham and was cr Lord Yarborough, and was ancestor of the Pelham Earls of Yarborough


4a) Sir Edmund (d.4 Jun 1606); m.NN issue