The present members of this family bear the surname Graham. The children of the Dukes of Montrose bear the title Lord/Lady before their Christian names.



Part 1


Sir Patrick Graham of Dundaff and Kincardine (d.1394/1404) m.1st Matilda ___; m.2nd Egidia Stewart, niece of King Robert II; and had issue:


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Sir William, of Kincardine (d.1424); m.1st NN [maybe Mariota Oliphant]; m.2nd 13 Nov 1413 Princess Mary Stewart, dau. of King Robert III and Dowager Css of Angus


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Alexander (dvp); m.NN


1c) Patrick, cr 1445 Lord Graham (d.1466); m.Christian Erskine


1d) William, 2nd Lord Graham (d.1472); m.Lady Helen Douglas


1e) William, 3rd Lord Graham, cr 1503 Earl of Montrose (1463/4-k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.1st Muthyll 25 Nov 1479 Annabel Drummond [niece of David Lindsay, Earl of Montrose]; m.2nd by 1504 Janet Edmonstone (d.1505/6); m.3rd by 12 Jul 1509 Christian, Lady Dirleton, ne Wawane


[by 1st m.]:


1f) William, 2nd Earl of Montrose (d.Kincardine 24 May 1571); m.Dec 1515 Lady Janet Keith (d.1546/7)


1g) Robert, Lord Graham (k.a.Pinkie 10 Sep 1547); m.Margaret Fleming [granddau.of King James IV]


1h) John, 3rd Earl of Montrose (1548-New Montrose 9 Nov 1608); m.Jean Drummond (d.Mar 1598)


1i) John, 4th Earl of Montrose (1573-Kincardine 14 Nov 1626); m.Lady Margaret Ruthven (d.1618)


1j) James, 5th Earl of Montrose, cr 1644 Marquess of Montrose, Earl of Kincardine, Lord Graham and Mugdock (1612-executed at Edinburgh 21 May 1650); m.Lady Magdalen Carnegie


1k) John, Earl of Kincardine (1630-Feb 1645)


2k) James, 2nd Marquess of Montrose (1633-Mugdock Feb 1669); m.Isabel, Dowager Css of Roxburghe, ne Lady Isabel Douglas (d.16 Dec 1672)


1l) James, 3rd Marquess of Montrose (Glasgow 20 Oct 1657-25 Apr 1684); m.Lady Christian Leslie (1661-Edinburgh 21 Apr 1710)


1m) James, cr 1707 Duke of Montrose, Marquess of Graham and Buchanan, Earl of Kincardine, Viscount of Dundaff, and Lord Aberuthven, Mugdock and Fintrie; for him and his issue, see Part 2, below


2l) Charles (d.Glasgow 25 Feb 1674)


3l) Anne, 14 Feb 1709; m.Alexander Livingston, 3rd Earl of Callendar (d.Dec 1692)


4l) Jane, d.20 Feb 1683; m.1679 Jonathan Urquhart, of Cromarty


5l) Grisel (d.30 Jun 1726); m.Hon. William Cochrane (d.Aug 1717)


3k) Robert (ca 1637- )


4k) David (bap 3 Jan 1638- )


5k) Jean fl 1686


2j) Lilias; m.Sir John Colquhoun, of Luss, Bt.


3j) Elizabeth, infant


4j) Margaret ( 1631); m.Archibald Napier, Lord Napier of Merchistoun (d.Fincastle Nov 1645)


5j) Dorothea, d.16 May 1638; m.Apr 1628 Sir James Rollo


6j) Katherine


7j) Beatrix (bap 7 Mar 1615-7 Nov 1691); m.David Drummond, 3rd Lord Maderty (d.20 Jan 1692)


8j) [illegitimate] Sir Harry


2i) Sir William, of Braco, cr Baronet 1625, 1636; m.Mrs Mary Cunningham, ne Edmonstone


1j) Sir John, 2nd Bt. (d.1647); m.Margaret Campbell


1k) Sir William, 3rd Bt. (d.1689); m.Mary Cowan


1l) Sir James, 4th Bt., 1700; the Baronetcy, with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, probably vests in the Dukes of Montrose


3i) Sir Robert (d.1617)


4i) Lilias; m.John Fleming, 6th Lord Fleming, Earl of Wigtown (1566/7-Apr 1619)


2g) Alexander, of Cambuskenneth; m.Marion, Dowager Css of Eglinton, ne Seton


3g) Mungo, of Orchill; m.Marjory Edmonstone issue


4g) William issue


5g) Margaret; m.Robert Erskine, Master of Erskine


6g) Elizabeth; m.George Sinclair, 4th Earl of Caithness (d.Edinburgh 9 Sep 1582)


7g) Agnes; m.15 Apr 1547 Sir William Murray, of Tullibardine


8g) Janet (d.Aug 1547); m.1st 28 Sep 1542 Sir Andrew Murray of Balvaird; m.2nd Sir Harie Graham of Morphie


9g) Christian; m.7 May 1552 Robert Graham of Knockdolian


10g) Nicholas; m.John Moray of Abercairny; some genealogies show her as child of the 1st Earl


2f) Walter issue


[by 2nd m.]:


3f) Margaret; m.Sir John Somerville, of Cambusnettan


4f) Elizabeth; m.1514 Walter, Master of Drummond (d.1518)


5f) Helen; m.Humphrey Colquhoun, the younger, of Luss


[by 3rd m.]:


6f) Patrick, of Inchbrakie issue


7f) Andrew, Bp of Dunblane


8f) Jean; m.David Graham, of Fintry


2e) George, of Callander (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.Elizabeth Oliphant issue, extinct in male line


3e) Patrick


4e) Oliver


5e) Jean; m.John Ogilvy, 2nd Lord Ogilvy of Airlie


6e) Christian; m.1st James Haldane, of Gleneagles; m.2nd Sir Thomas Maule, of Panmure


7e) Agnes; m.Sir Walter Forrester


2d) David


3d) James


4d) Robert


5d) Janet; m.Gilbert Keith


6d) Elizabeth; m.William Livingston of Kilsyth


2c) Alexander


3c) Katherine; m.Sir Humphrey Moray of Abercairney


2b) John


3b) Elizabeth; m.1414 Sir John Stewart, natural son of King Robert II


[by 2nd m.]:


4b) Robert, of Strathcarron and Fintry


1c) Robert Grahams of Fintry


2c) John Grahams of Claverhouse, Viscounts of Dundee


5b) Patrick, Arcbp of St.Andrews


6b) William Graemes of Garvock, Grahams of Balgowan, Lord Lynedoch, etc.


7b) Harry


8b) Walter, of Wallacetown issue


2a) Matilda; m.Sir John Drummond of Concraig


[by 2nd m.]


3a) Sir Patrick, jure uxoris Earl of Strathearn ( Crieff by his brotherin-law, Sir John Drummond, 10 Aug 1413); m.Eupheme Stewart, Countess of Strathearn, granddaughter of King Robert II


1b) Malise, 3rd Earl of Strathearn; the king deprived him of this earldom on the grounds that it was a male fee, and cr him 1427 Earl of Menteith (ca 1407-1485/91); m.1st Janet ___ [possibly de Vere, dau. of an Earl of Oxford] ( 1476); m.2nd Marion Campbell (d.1530)


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Alexander (d.1453/6)


2c) Patrick (dvp after 3 Mar 1482); m.Isobel Erskine


1d) Alexander, 2nd Earl of Menteith (ca 1472-1537); m.Margaret Buchanan


1e) William, 3rd Earl of Menteith (d.1543/4); m.Margaret Cornwall, ne Moubray


1f) John, 4th Earl of Menteith (d.Jan 1565); m.Marion Seton (d.of poison with her 2nd husband, the Earl of Sutherland, at Dunrobin 23 Jun 1567)


1g) William, 5th Earl of Menteith (d.Sep 1578); m.Margaret, Lady Crichton, ne Douglas


1h) John, 6th Earl of Menteith (d.Dec 1598); m.Mary Campbell


1i) William, 7th Earl of Menteith, cr Earl of Airth 1633 (d.1661); m.Agnes Gray


1j) John, Lord Kinpont (ca 1613-murdered at Collace 6 Sep 1644); m.Lady Mary Keith


1k) William, 2nd Earl of Airth, 8th Earl of Menteith (ca 1634-12 Sep 1694); m.1st Nov 1661 (div 1684) Anne Hewes; m.2nd Edinburgh 4 Apr 1685 Catherine Bruce (d.1692); on his death his titles went into dormancy or abeyance, it not being entirely clear whether they went to heirs general or heirs male


2k) Mary (d.1720); m.8 Oct 1662 Sir John Allardice, of Allardice issue


3k) Elizabeth (d.1672); m.1663 Sir William Graham, of Gartmore, Bt. issue


2j) James


1k) Helen; m.Sir Arthur Rawdon, of Moira, 2nd Bt. (17 Oct 1662-17 Oct 1695)


3j) Margaret; m.Alexander Stewart, Lord Garlies (ca 1609-1638)


4j) Mary (d.28 Jan 1653); m.Sir John Campbell, of Glenorchy, 4th Bt. (d.Jun 1686)


2i) James; m.Lady Margaret Erskine


1j) Marion; m.Walter Graham, of Gartur


3i) Christian; m.Sir John Blackadder, of Tulliallan


2h) George, d.Apr 1617; m.Grisel Stirling


1i) John


3h) Helen


2g) George ( 1585); m._____


1h) James, of Rednock ( 1610)


2h) Dougall


3h) John, of Rednock


1i) Marion; m.John Graham of Duchray (d.1700, t 100)


2i) Ann; m.1644 Alexander Colquhoun of Camstradden


3i) Elizabeth;m.John Macfarlane


4i) Mary


4h) Walter


5h) Archibald


3g) Mary; m.John Buchanan of Buchanan


2f) Walter


3f) Robert, of Gartmore


4f) Gilbert, of Gartmore issue, extinct in male line


5f) Andrew


6f) Margaret; m.21 Apr 1541 Archibald Campbell, 4th Earl of Argyll (d.1558)


7f) Christian; m.William Livingstone of Kilsyth


2e) Walter issue


2d) Henry


3d) Thomas


[by 2nd m.]:


3c) John issue, the Grahams of Netherby, of Esk, etc, and of the Grahams, Viscounts Preston


4c) Walter issue


5c) [illegitimate] John


2b) Euphemia (d.1468); m.1st Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Douglas, Duc de Touraine (d.Restalrig 26 Jun 1439); m.2nd 1441 James Hamilton, Lord Hamilton (d.6 Nov 1479)


3b) Elizabeth; m.Sir John Lyon, of Glamis


4a) Sir Robert, of Kilpont, the assassin of King James (executed at Stirling 1437) issue


5a) David


6a) Alexander




Part 2



JAMES Graham, 4th Marquess of Montrose, etc., 1684, cr Duke of Montrose, etc., 1707 (1682-London 7 Jan 1742; see Part 1, above); m.Lady Christian Carnegie (d.Edinburgh 25 May 1744)


1a) James, Earl of Kincardine (7 Apr 1703-2 Mar 1704)


2a) David, Marquess of Graham, cr 1702 Earl Graham and Baron Graham of Belford, with a remainder including his brothers William and George (8 Jun 1705-Cley, Norfolk 30 Sep 1731)


3a) Christian (29 Oct 1706-30 May 1711)


4a) Elizabeth (23 Apr 1708-17 Feb 1711)


5a) John (9 Apr 1709-19 Mar 1710)


6a) Janes (26 Mar 1710-3 Apr 1711)


7a) Thomas (7 Mar 1711-27 Dec 1711)


8a) WILLIAM, 2nd Earl Graham, 2nd Duke of Montrose, etc. (Kincardine 27 Aug 1712-Twickenham 23 Sep 1790); m.London 28 Oct 1742 Lady Lucy Manners (1717-London 18 Jun 1788)


1b) Lucy (London 28 Jul 1751-Bothwell Castle 13 Feb 1780); m.London 13 Jun 1771 Archibald James Edward Douglas, Lord Douglas of Douglas (Paris 10 Jul 1748-Bothwell Castle 26 Dec 1827)


2b) JAMES, 3rd Duke of Montrose, etc. (8 Sep 1755-London 30 Dec 1836); m.1st London 3 Mar 1785 Lady Jemima Elizabeth Ashburnham (1 Jan 1762-London 18 Sep 1786); m.2nd Kensington Palace 24 Jul 1790 Lady Caroline Maria Montagu (10 Aug 1770-Petersham 24 Mar 1847)


1c) James [William?], Earl of Kincardine (4 Sep 1786-29 Apr 1787)


2c) Georgiana Charlotte (3 Jun 1791-13 Feb 1835); m.26 Jul 1814 George William Finch-Hatton, 10th Earl of Winchilsea and Nottingham (Kirby Hall 19 May 1791-Haverholme Priory 8 Jan 1858)


3c) Caroline (30 Sep 1792-24 Mar 1875)


4c) Lucy (Buchanan 25 Sep 1793-Walcot 16 Sep 1875); m.9 Feb 1818 Edward Herbert, 2nd Earl of Powis (22 Mar 1785-Powis Castle 17 Jan 1848)


5c) JAMES, 4th Duke of Montrose, etc. (London 16 Jul 1799-Cannes 30 Dec 1874); m.London 15 Oct 1836 Hon. Caroline Agnes Horsley-Beresford (14 Mar 1818-London 16 Nov 1894)


1d) Agnes Caroline (19 Apr 1839-8 May 1873); m.15 Sep 1859 John Murray, of Touchadam and Polmaise (26 Jul 1831-11 Aug 1903)


2d) Beatrice Violet (13 Feb 1842-29 Feb 1932); m.16 Dec 1863 Algernon William Fulke Greville, 2nd Lord Greville (London 11 Feb 1841-London 2 Dec 1909)


3d) James John, Marquess of Graham (London 7 Feb 1845-London 31 Jan 1846)


4d) James, Marquess of Graham (London 22 Jun 1847-London 3 Apr 1872)


5d) DOUGLAS Beresford Malise Ronald Graham, 5th Duke of Montrose, etc (Buchanan Castle 7 Nov 1852-Glasgow 10 Dec 1925); m.London 24 Jul 1876 Violet Graham (Netherby 10 Sep 1854-21 Nov 1940)


1e) JAMES, 6th Duke of Montrose (London 1 May 1878-Auchmar, Drymen, Glasgow 20 Jan 1954); m.London 14 Jun 1906 Lady Mary Douglas-Hamilton (London 1 Nov 1884-21 Feb 1957)


1f) JAMES Angus, 7th Duke of Montrose, etc (London 2 May 1907-10 Feb 1992); m.1st Edinburgh 20 Oct 1930 (div 1950) Isobel Veronica Seller (Glasgow 13 Oct 1907-1990); m.2nd Salisbury, South Rhodesia 17 Apr 1952 Susan Mary Semple (Zanzibar 15 Nov 1928-13 Mar 2014)


1g) Fiona Mary (Cam-Allt, Fintry, Stirlingshire 1 Jan 1932-21 May 2017); m.1 Oct 1966 Peter Alexander O'Brien Hannon (d.21 Mar 2017); Note: According to GHdA Lady Fiona and her brother, the 8th Duke, were born at Cam-Allt; other reports state that they were born in Salisbury, Rhodesia]


2g) JAMES, 8th Duke of Montrose (b.Cam-Allt [or, Salisbury, Rhodesia] 6 Apr 1935); m.31 Jan 1970 Catherine Elizabeth MacDonell Young (Wiinipeg 25 Sep 1935-Larbert, Forth Valley Royal Hospital 29 Oct 2014)


1h) Hermione Elizabeth (b.20 Jul 1971); m.1998 Christopher John Thornhill


2h) James Alexander Norman, Marquess of Graham (b.16 Aug 1973); m.2004 Cecilia Manfredi


3h) Ronald John Christopher (b.13 Oct 1975)


3g) Cairistiona (Kirstie) Anne (b.Salisbury, Rhodesia 7 Jan 1955); m.High Kirk of Edinburgh, St Giles', 8 May 1982 Philip Patrick Saggers


4g) Donald Alasdair (b.28 Oct 1956); m.1981 Bride Donalda Elspeth Cameron


1h) Caitriana Mary Alice (b.1984)


2h) Alasdair John Cameron (1986-1988)


3h) Violet Elizabeth Helen (b.1992)


4h) Jennie Alexandra Cameron (b.1993)


5h) Finlay Donald Cameron (b.1998)


5g) Calum Ian (b.22 Jul 1958); m.1st 1991 Catherine Beatrice Fraser-Mackenzie (28 Mar 1966-2008); m.2nd St.Mollo's Church, Shiskine, Isle of Arran 3 Aug 2013 Mrs Estelle Baynes


1h) Iain Angus (b.21 Feb 1995)


2h) Euan Douglas (b.24 May 1996)


3h) Christabel Emily (b.2001)


6g) Lilias Catriona Maighearad (b.16 Feb 1960); m.1990 Jonathan Dillon Bell (b.1960)


2f) Mary Helen Alma (London 11 Apr 1909-7 Feb 1999); m.London 21 Apr 1931 John Perceval Townshend Boscawen (14 Feb 1906-9 Oct 1972)


3f) Ronald Malise Hamilton (Brodick Castle 20 Sep 1912-11 Jun 1978); m.16 Sep 1938 Nancy Edith Baker


4f) Jean Sibyl Violet (Edinburgh 7 Nov 1920-13 Oct 2017); m.8 Oct 1947 (div 1957) John Patrick Ilbert Fforde (d.1993)


2e) Helen Violet (London 1 Jul 1879-27 Aug 1945)


3e) Hermione Emily (Buchanan Castle 22 Feb 1882-3 Mar 1978); m.Sir Donald Walter Cameron, of Lochiel (4 Nov 1876-11 Oct 1951)


4e) Douglas Malise (Buchanan Castle 14 Oct 1883-20 Nov 1974); m.London 29 Jul 1919 Hon Rachel Mary Holland (1 Mar 1891-6 Jun 1977)


1f) Ivar Malise (11 Aug 1920-2 Dec 2016); m.1 Aug 1958 (div 1973) Isabel Mary Ewart


1g) Alistair David (b.1 Oct 1959); m.1989 Janet Deans Rankin


1h) Helen Rankin (b.1995)


2h) Fiona Ewart (b.1998)


2g) Lucy Helen (1 Feb 1963-12 Dec 2015); m.4 Jan 1997 Jeremy Charles Hawes


2f) Euan Douglas (29 Jul 1924-14 Dec 2007); m.1st 3 Jun 1954 (div 1972) Pauline Laetitia Tennant (6 Feb 1929-6 Dec 2008); m.2nd 1972 (div 1996) Caroline Esther Middleton


1g) Sarah Caroline (b.1973); m.Sep 2009 Ivor Braka (b.1955)


2g) Alexandra Katherine (b.1976); m.2007 Anthony Daniel Gibson


5e) Alastair Mungo (Buchanan Castle 12 May 1886-26 Nov 1976); m.1st London 4 May 1916 Lady Muriel Bathurst (3 Sep 1894-Ipswich 18 Jan 1936); m.2nd 24 Oct 1944 Sheelah Violet Edgeworth Reade (London 12 Jul 1903-8 Mar 1985)


1f) Lilias Violet (London 6 Mar 1917-Sep 2008)


2f) Margaret Christina (b.London 3 Jul 1919); m.18 Jun 1960 Thomas Colin Ernest Campbell-Preston (d.1999)


3f) Ian James Alastair (Chantry Farm, Suffolk 12 Nov 1923-1 Aug 2017)


4f) Robin Angus (Chantry Farm 27 Nov 1926-1 Aug 2010); m.Clare ____


1g) Anna


2g) Lorna


3g) Polly


4g) Robert


6d) Alma Imogen Leonora Carlotta (7 Sep 1854-10 May 1932); m.Cowes 27 Jul 1872 Gavin Campbell, Marquess of Breadalbane (Fermoy 9 Apr 1851-19 Oct 1922)


6c) Martha (26 Jan 1802-d.young)


7c) Emily (23 Jun 1805-1 Jan 1900); m.16 Aug 1832 Edward Tomas Foley, of Stoke Edith (21 Dec 1791-30 Mar 1846)


8c) Montagu William (2 Feb 1807-21 Jun 1878); m.14 Feb 1867 Hon. Harriet Anne Bateman (5 Jul 1823-18 Apr 1884)


9a) Margaret (5 Jun 1714-1 Apr 1729)


10a) George (26 Sep 1715-Bath 2 Jan 1747)