Sir Edward Montagu (d.10 Feb 1556); m.1st a dau of William Lane, of Orlingbury; m.2nd a dau of George Kirkham, of Warmington; m.3rd Ellen Roper (d.1563)


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Ralph (d.young)


2a) Thomas (d.young)


3a) Robert (d.young)


4a) Dorothy; m.Edward Watson, of Rockingham Castle


5a) Anne; m.John Rouse, of Rouse Lench, Worcs.


6a) Amelia; m.George Lynne


[by 3rd m.]:


7a) Sir Edward (d.26 Jan 1602); m.Elizabeth Harington


1b) Edward, cr Lord Montagu of Boughton 1621 (ca 1562-d.a prisoner in the Savoy, London 15 Jun 1644); m.1st at Weekley before 21 Sep 1585 Elizabeth Jeffrey (d.6 Dec 1611); m.2nd Weekley 24 Feb 1612 Frances Cotton (d.1620); m.3rd London 16 Feb 1625 Anne Lady Hare, née Crouch (d.11 Jul 1648)


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Elizabeth (bap 22 Nov 1586-30 Nov 1654); m.Robert Bertie, Earl of Lindsey (ca 1582-d.23 Oct 1642 of wounds received in battle at Edgehill)


[by 2nd m.]:


2c) Christopher (d.1641)


3c) Edward, 2nd Lord Montagu, of Boughton (Weekley 11 Jul 1616-10 Jan 1684); m.Anne Winwood (d.Aug 1642)


1d) Edward, battle with Dutch fleet off Bergen, Norway Aug 1665)


2d) RALPH, 3rd Lord Montagu of Boughton, cr 1689 Earl of Montagu and Viscount Monthermer, 1705 Duke of Montagu and Marquess of Monthermer (1638-Montagu House, London 9 Mar 1709); m.1st Titchfield 24 Aug 1673 Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley, Dowager Countess of Northumberland (d.Boughton 19 Sep 1690); m.2nd 8 Sep 1692 Lady Elizabeth Cavendish, Dowager Duchess of Albemarle (22 Feb 1654-Newcastle House 28 Aug 1734)


1e) Ralph (b.8 Aug 1679, 1689)


2e) Winwood ( Flanders ca 1 May 1702)


3e) JOHN, 2nd Duke of Montagu, etc. (Boughton 29 Mar 1690-London 6 Jul 1749); m.20 Mar 1705 Lady Mary Churchill (15 Jul 1689-14 May 1751)


1f) Isabella (d.1786); m.1st William Montagu, 2nd Duke of Manchester (below); m.2nd 1743 Edward Hussey, later Hussey-Montagu, cr 1762 Lord Beaulieu, cr 1784 Earl of Beaulieu (1720-London 25 Nov 1802)


2f) Mary (ca 1711-1 May 1775); m.London 7 Jul 1730 George Brudenell, later Montagu, 4th Earl of Cardigan, cr 1766 Duke of Montagu, cr 1786 Lord Montagu, of Boughton, with remainder to the younger sons of his daughter (Cardigan House 26 Jul 1712-Walton, Northants 23 May 1790)


1g) John Brudenell, Lord Brudenell, cr 1762 Lord Montagu of Boughton (London 18 Mar 1735-11 Apr 1770)


2g) Elizabeth (29 May 1743-Richmond, Surrey 21 Nov 1827); m.Montagu House 2 May 1767 Henry Scott, 3rd Duke of Buccleuch & 5th Duke of Queensberry (2 Sep 1746-Dalkeith 11 Jan 1812); the Boughton estate and other Montagu properties were inherited by their issue, and the Dukes of Buccleuch took the additional surname “Montagu”


4e) Anne; m.1st Aexander Popham, of Littlecote; m.2nd Lt-Gen Hervey


3d) Elizabeth; m.Sir Daniel Harvey


4c) William; m.Mary Aubrey


1d) William; m.Anne Evelyn


2d) Elizabeth; m.1st William Drake; m.2nd Samuel Trotman, of Syston Court, Glocs


5c) Frances (bap 8 Aug 1613-19 May 1671); m.Barnwell Castle 1628 John Manners, 8th Earl of Rutland (Aylestone, Leics 10 Jun 1604-Nether Haddon 29 Sep 1679)


2b) Sir Walter (d.22 May 1615); m.Anne Morgan


3b) Henry ( infant)


4b) Henry, cr 1620 Viscount Mandeville and Lord Kimbolton, cr 1626 Earl of Manchester (ca 1563-7 Nov 1642); m.1st 1 Jun 1601 Catherine Spencer (d.7 Dec 1612); m.2nd Anne, Lady Halliday, née Wincoll; m.3rd Totteridge, Herts 26 Apr 1620 Mrs Margaret Hare, née Crouch (d.1653)


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Edward, 2nd Earl of Manchester (1602-Whitehall 7 May 1671); m.1st 6 Feb 1623 Susanna Hill (d.Jan 1625); m.2nd Stoke Newington 1 Jul 1626 Lady Anne Rich (d.14 Feb 1642); m.3rd London 20 Dec 1642 Essex, Lady Bevill, née Cheke (d.Twickenham 28 Sep 1658); m.4th Eleanor, Dowager Countess of Warwick, née Wortley (d.London 20 Jan 1667); m.5th Lady Margaret Russell, Dowager Countess of Carlisle (d.Nov 1676)


[by 2nd m.]:


1d) Robert, 3rd Earl of Manchester (1634-Montpellier 14 Mar 1683); m.London 27 Jun 1655 Anne Yelverton (d.1698)


1e) Edward, d. an infant


2e) Henry, d. an infant


3e) CHARLES, 4th Earl of Manchester, cr 1719 Duke of Manchester (ca 1662-London 20 Jan 1722); m.Hale, Hants 26 Feb 1691 Hon. Dodington Greville (20 Feb 1672-Kimbolton 6 Feb 1721)


1f) WILLIAM, 2nd Duke of Manchester (Apr 1700-Bath 21 Oct 1739); m.16 Apr 1723 Lady Isabella Montagu (above)


2f) ROBERT, 3rd Duke of Manchester (ca 1710-10 May 1762); m.3 Apr 1735 Harriet Dunch (d.London 25 Feb 1755)


1g) Caroline (19 Feb 1736-1818); m.17 Jul 1775 Charles Herbert


2g) GEORGE, 4th Duke of Manchester (6 Apr 1737-Brighton 2 Sep 1788); m.London 23 Oct 1762 Elizabeth Dashwood (d.London 26 Jun 1832)


1h) George (11 Nov 1763-23 Feb 1772)


2h) George James (31 Jul 1769-17 May 1770)


3h) Caroline Maria (10 Aug 1770-Petersham 24 Mar 1847); m.Kensington Palace 24 Jul 1790 James Graham, 3rd Duke of Montrose (8 Sep 1755-London 30 Dec 1836)


4h) WILLIAM, 5th Duke of Manchester (London 21 Oct 1771-Rome 18 Mar 1843); m.Eaton, nr Edinburgh 7 Oct 1793 Lady Susan Gordon (2 Feb 1774-Bedfont Lodge 26 Aug 1828)


1i) Jane (5 Nov 1794-27 Sep 1815)


2i) Elizabeth (11 Dec 1795-9 Jan 1857); m.10 Aug 1819 Thomas Steele (d.8 May 1845)


3i) Susan (18 Sep 1797-Edinburgh 5 Mar 1870); m.Huntly Lodge 28 Mar 1816 George Hay, 8th Marquess of Tweeddale (Bonnington 1 Feb 1787-Yester 10 Oct 1876)


4i) GEORGE, 6th Duke of Manchester; for him and his issue, see here


5i) William Francis (5 Aug 1800-30 Mar 1842); m.Apr 1830 Emily Dupré (1804-5 Dec 1848)


1j) William (Feb 1831-4 Jul 1831)


2j) Emily (10 Jun 1832-25 May 1905); m.23 Nov 1865 John Cromie, of Cromore (d.17 Jan 1879)


3j) Francis Dupré (7 Feb 1834-k.a.Alma 20 Sep 1854)


4j) Louisa Katherine (18 Jun 1835-30 Oct 1901); m.19 Jul 1859 Rev. Owen Luttrel Mansel (24 Jan 1827-12 Jul 1900)


6i) Georgiana Frederica (16 Mar 1803-30 Jul 1892); m.11 Oct 1823 Evan Baillie, of Dochfour (1 Apr 1798-Apr 1883)


7i) Caroline Catherine (27 Sep 1804-10 Sep 1892); m.13 Feb 1828 John Hales Calcraft (13 Sep 1796-13 Mar 1880)


8i) Emily (17 Sep 1806-2 Feb 1827)


5h) Frederick (8 Nov 1774-4 Oct 1827)


6h) Anna Maria (29 Oct 1777-12 Apr 1796)


7h) Emily (18 Mar 1783-1 Apr 1838)


3g) Louisa (Jul 1740-    )


4g) Charles Greville (1741-Jan 1784); m.20 Sep 1765 Elizabeth Bulmer (d.29 Dec 1774)


1h)  Charles


2h) Caroline


3f) Anne


4f) Charlotte, d.14 Sep 1759; m.11 Jun 1724 Pattee Byng, 2nd Viscount Torrington (bap 1699-23 Jan 1747)


5f) Dodington (ca fire at her house in London 8 Jan 1774)


6f) Elizabeth


4e) Robert, d.1693


5e) Heneage, d.Venice 1698


6e) Anne (d.London 19 Oct 1720); 1682 James Howard, 3rd Earl of Suffolk (bap 10 Feb 1620-7 Jan 1689)


7e) Elizabeth, d.15 Mar 1730; m.Sir James Montagu (1666-1723; below)


8e) Catherine, d.3 Jan 1733; m.Samuel Edwin (1671-1722)


9e) Eleanor, d.3 Jul 1695


2d) Frances; m.Henry Saunderson


3d) Anne (d.1689); m.Robert Rich, 5th Earl of Warwick & Holland (ca 1620-1675)


[by 3rd m.]:


4d) Edward


5d) Henry, d.1681


6d) Charles


7d) Thomas, d.1674


8d) Sidney


9d) George


10d) Essex; m.Henry Ingram, Viscount Irvine (bap 8 Apr 1641-1666)


11d) Lucy


2c) Walter (d.1670)


3c) James, of Lackham, Wilts (d.Feb 1665); m.11 Nov 1635 Mary Baynard


1d) Walter


2d) James, of Lackham (d.1675); m.Diana Hungerford


1e) Edward, of Lackham (d.1710)


2e) James, of Lackham (d.4 Aug 1747); m.1716 Elizabeth Eyles


1f) James, of Lackham (d.25 Apr 1790); m.1744 Elizabeth Hedges à issue, extinct in male line 1905


2f) Edward (d.1798); m.1st 16 Apr 1745 Ann Wroughton; m.2nd 15 Apr 1754 Joanna Magdalena van Harthals, née Bolwark (d.21 Feb 1799) à issue, extant in male line, in remainder to Earldom of Manchester


3f) John (1719-Sep 1795); m.11 Dec 1748 Sophia Wroughton (d.14 Apr 1802) à issue, extant in male line, in remainder to Earldom of Manchester


3e) Anthony


4e) Robert


3d) George


4d) Robert


5d) Henry


6d) Sidney


7d) Edward


8d) Charles


9d) William


10d) Mary; m.Thomas Ewer, of Bushy Hall, Herts


4c) Henry


5c) Elizabeth; m.1st Sir Lewis Mansel, 2nd Bt. ( 1638); m.2nd Sir Edward Sebright, Bt.


6c) Lucy (d.Feb 1682); m.Hugh Hare, Lord Coleraine (d.Totteridge, Herts 2 Oct 1667)


7c) Theodosia


[by 3rd m.]:


8c) George (ca 1622-1681); m.Elizabeth Irby


1d) Edward (1649-    ); m.Elizabeth Pelham (d.1723)


1e) George, 2nd Lord Halifax, cr 1715 Earl of Halifax and Viscount Sunbury (d.9 May 1739); m.1st 8 Apr 1706 Ricarda Posthuma Saltonstall (d.1711); m.2nd Lady Mary Lumley (14 Dec 1690-10 Dec 1726)


[by 1st m.]:


1f) Lucy (ca 1709-1734); m.Francis North, Earl of Guilford (1704-1790)


[by 2nd m.]:


2f) George, 2nd Earl of Halifax (6 Oct 1716-8 Jun 1771); m.2 Jul 1741 Ann Dunk, or Richards (d.Horton 13 Oct 1753)


1g) Anne (1742-1761)


2g) Frances (1743-1764)


3g) Elizabeth (1745-1768); m.John, 5th Earl of Sandwich (below)


3f) Frances (d.1788); m.1739 Sir Roger Burgoyne, 6th Bt. (1710-1780)


4f) Anne (ca 1715-1766); m.1750 Joseph Jekyll, of Dallington


5f) Mary (d.1743); m.1740 Sir Danvers Osborn, Bt. (1715-1753)


6f) Elizabeth (d.1789); m.Henry Archer


7f) Barbara (d.1765)


8f) Charlotte (d.1762); m.James Johnston


2e) Lucy (1679-1720); m.1702 John Morley Trevor, of Glynde (1681-1719)


3e) Elizabeth (1680-    ); m.Richard Thoresby


4e) Anne; m.Christopher Wilmot


5e) Grace (ca 1687-1767); m.William Cosby; among other issue, they were grandparents of the 3rd Duke of Grafton


6e) Edward (d.1738); m.Arabella Trevor (d.1734)


1f) George (1713-1780)


2f) Edward (d.1745)


3f) Christopher


4f) John


5f) Sir Charles (d.1777); m.London 15 Feb 1763 Lady Elizabeth Mason, née Villiers, cr 1767 Countess Grandison (d.Spa 29 May 1782)


6f) Arabella (d.1798); m.1750 Nathaniel Wettenhall


7f) Henrietta ( Oct 1755)


2d) Christopher; m.Lady Anne Montagu (below)


3d) Irby


4d) Charles, cr 1700 Lord Halifax, with remainder to his nephew, George, cr 1714 Earl of Halifax and Viscount Sunbury (Horton, Northants 16 Apr 1661-19 May 1715); m.1688 Anne, Dowager Countess of Manchester, née Yelverton (above)


5d) Sir James (1666-1723); m.1st Tufton Wray; m.2nd Elizabeth Montagu (above)


1e) [by 1st m.] Charles (d.29 May 1759); m.Ann Colladon


1f) Frederick (1733-1800)


2f) son


3f) dau


6d) Elizabeth (d.1731); m.Christopher Wandesford, Viscount Castlecomer (1656-1707)


7d) Anne; m.John Lawton, of Lawton (7 May 1656-10 Jun 1736)


9c) Mary, d. an infant


10c) Susan (d.1652); m.Totteridge 14 Dec 1637 George Brydges, 6th Lord Chandos (9 Aug 1620-Feb 1655)


11c) Sidney, b.1627, d. an infant


5b) Sir Charles, d.11 Sep 1625; m.1st Lettice Clifford; m.2nd Mary Whitmore (d.1652)


1c) Elizabeth ( explosion of the powder magazine at Corbet Castle 30 Dec 1672); m.Hackney 8 May 1630 Christopher Hatton, Lord Hatton (ca 1605-Kirby Hall 4 Jul 1670)


2c) Anne ( 1 Feb 1681); m.Hackney 24 Apr 1632 Dudley North, 4th Lord North (1602-24 Jun 1677)


3c) Mary; m.Sir Edward Byshe


6b) James, Bishop of Winchester, etc. (1568-20 Jul 1618)


7b) Sir Sidney (d.25 Sep 1644); m.Paulina Pepys


1c) Henry (16 May 1622-drowned 28 Apr 1625)


2c) Edward, cr 1660 Earl of Sandwich, Viscount Hinchingbrooke, and Baron Montagu of Saint Neots (Barnwell, Northants 27 Jul Battle of Solebay 28 May 1672); m.London 7 Nov 1642 Hon. Jemima Crew (17 Jul 1625-Cotehele 1674)


1d) Edward, 2nd Earl of Sandwich (Hinchingbrooke 3 Jan 1648-1688); m.1668 Lady Anne Boyle (d.14 Sep 1671)


1e) Edward, 3rd Earl of Sandwich (Burlington House 10 Apr 1670-Burlington, Yorks 20 Oct 1729); m.Lady Elizabeth Wilmot (Adderbury 1674-Paris 1 Jul 1757)


1f) Edward Richard, Viscount Hinchingbrooke (7 Jul 1692-Bath 3 Oct 1722); m.12 Apr 1707 Elizabeth Popham (d.London 20 Mar 1761)


1g) Mary, d.young


2g) Elizabeth, d.11 Dec 1672; m.1st Sep 1737 Kelland Courtenay; m.2nd William Smith, actor


3g) Edward, d.young


4g) John, 4th Earl of Sandwich (13 Nov 1718-London 30 Apr 1792); m.London 3 Mar 1741 Hon. Dorothy Fane (22 Mar 1717-Barnes, Surrey 17 Jul 1797)


1h) John, 5th Earl of Sandwich (26 Jan 1744-London 6 Jun 1814); m.1st London 1 Mar 1766 Lady Elizabeth Montagu (above); m.2nd Hackwood, Hants 25 Apr 1772 Lady Mary Henrietta Powlett (Oct 1753-30 Mar 1779)


[by 1st m.]:


1i) John George, Lord Montagu (3 Apr 1767-London 29 Nov 1790); m.3 Mar 1790 Dorothy Charlotte Beckingham (d.Hampton Court 10 Aug 1821)


2i) Caroline (8 May 1768-Jul 1782)


[by 2nd m.]:


3i) George John, 6th Earl of Sandwich (4 Feb 1773-Albano, nr Rome 21 May 1818); m.London 9 Jul 1804 Lady Mary Anne Julia Louisa Harriet Lowry-Corry (3 Apr 1781-London 19 Apr 1862)


1j) Harriet Mary (14 May 1805-4 May 1857); m.12 Apr 1823 William Bingham Baring, 2nd Lord Ashburton (Jun 1799-23 Mar 1864)


2j) Catherine Caroline (London 7 Oct 1808-Paris 30 Apr 1834); m.London 1 Dec 1831 Cte Alexandre Walewski (Walewice 4 May 1810-Strasbourg 27 Sep 1868), son of Emperor Napoléon I


3j) John William, 7th Earl of Sandwich (London 8 Nov 1811-London 3 Mar 1884); m.1st London 6 Sep 1838 Lady Mary Paget (Uxbridge House 16 Jun 1812-London 20 Feb 1859); m.2nd Cobham, Surrey 27 Dec 1865 Lady Blanche Egerton (22 Feb 1832-20 Mar 1894)


1k) Edward George Henry, 8th Earl of Sandwich (Uxbridge House 13 Jul 1839-Hinchingbrooke 26 Jun 1916)


2k) Victor Alexander (20 Apr 1841-30 Jan 1915); m.28 Nov 1867 Lady Agneta Harriet Yorke (13 Dec 1838-12 Mar 1819)


1l) Mary Sophie (4 Jul 1870-31 Jan 1946)


2l) Olga Blanche (29 Aug 1873-4 Aug 1951)


3l) George Charles, 9th Earl of Sandwich (29 Dec 1874-15 Jun 1962); m.1st 25 Jul 1905 Alberta Sturges (d.23 Oct 1951); m.2nd 12 Dec 1952 Ella Lilian Sully (d.1986)


1m) Alexander Victor Edward Paulet, 10th Earl of Sandwich. Disclaimed titles 1964 (2 May 1906-25 Feb 1995); m.1st 27 Jul 1934 (div 1958) Maud Rosemary Peto (d.26 Oct 1998); m.2nd 7 Jun 1962 (annulled 1965) Lady Anne Cavendish à issue, including:


1n) John Edward Hollister, 11th Earl of Sandwich (b.11 Apr 1943); m.1 Jul 1968 Susan Caroline Hayman à issue


2m) Wiliam Drogo Sturges (29 May plane crash on active service 26 Jan 1940); m.1st 19 Feb 1931 (div 1935) Tanis Eva Bulkeley Guinness (d.1993); m.2nd 5 Mar 1935 Hon. Janet Gladys Aitken à issue


3m) Mary Faith (1 May 1911-16 Feb 1983); m.1st 5 Feb 1938 (div 1940) Philip Booth Nesbitt (d.1953); m.2nd 18 Mar 1948 Sir Michael Culme-Seymour, 5th Bt.


4m) Elizabeth (4 Jul 1917-10 Jan 2006)


4l) Helena Leopoldine (16 Apr 1880-14 Dec 1958); m.13 Aug 1904 Sir Thomas Alexander Vans Best (d.24 Nov 1941)


3k) Sydney (12 Aug 1842-4 Apr 1860)


4k) Oliver George Paulet (18 Oct 1844-24 Jan 1893)


5k) Emily Caroline (19 Dec 1846-8 Aug 1931); m.30 May 1870 Rt Hon Sir William Hart Dyke, 7th Bt. (d.3 Jul 1931)


6k) Anne Florence Adelaide (8 Nov 1848-16 Jan 1940); m.5 Dec 1876 Alfred Charles Duncombe (d.22 Feb 1925)


4i) Francis Charles


5i) Mary (27 Feb 1774-4 Oct 1824); m.7 Oct 1796 John Henry Upton, Viscount Templetown (Geneva 8 Nov 1771-Castle Upton 21 Sep 1846)


6i) Henrietta Susannah


7i) [illegitimate] Harriet; m.James Grant


2h) Edward (30 Jun 1744-1752)


3h) William Augustus (1752-Lisbon Jan 1776)


4h) Mary (23 Feb 1748-1761)


[the 4th Earl had the following illegitimate issue by Martha Ray (ca 1745-1779); she is said to have been the Earl’s mistress for seventeen years, bearing nine children, of whom the five below survived; one Rev. James Hackman, having fallen in love with her, proposed to her, but when she rejected him, he murdered her as she was leaving the Covent Garden theatre on 7 Apr 1779]:


5h) Adm. Robert Montagu (1763-1830)


6h) Augusta Montagu (d.1849); m.1789 Francesco Giuseppe Maria Enrico di Viry, Cte di Viry


7h) Basil Montagu (1770-1851)


8h) John Montagu (ca 1771-    )


9h) William Montagu (d.young)


5g) William (1720-10 Feb 1757); m.Charlotte Naylor


2f) Elizabeth ( infant)


2e) Richard (ca 1670-19 Apr 1697)


3e) Elizabeth


2d) Sidney, took surname Wortley (d.11 Nov 1727); m.Anne Wortley


1e) Francis Wortley Montagu


2e) Edward, took surname “Wortley Montagu” (8 Feb 1678-22 Jan 1761); m.12 Aug 1712 Lady Mary Pierrepont (d.21 Aug 1762)


1f) Edward (16 May 1713-29 Apr 1776)


2f) Mary, cr 1761 Baroness Mount Stuart of Wortley (Feb 1718-6 Nov 1794); m.24 Aug 1736 John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute (25 May 1713-10 Mar 1792)


3e) John


4e) Anne


5e) Catherine, d.13 Apr 1761; m.John Orme


3d) Oliver (ca 1655-25 Dec 1689)


4d) Very Rev. John, Dean of Durham (d.25 Feb 1729)


5d) Charles (ca 1658-Breda 1721); m.1st 3 Sep 1685 Elizabeth Forster; m.2nd Sarah Rogers


[by 1st m.]:


1e) James (1687-1748)


[by 2nd m.]:


2e) Edward (1692-1775); m.5 Aug 1742 Elizabeth Robinson (d.25 Aug 1800)


1f) a son, d. an infant 1744


3e) John (d.1734)


4e) Jemima; m.2 Jun 1742 Sidney Meadows, of Conholt (ca 1699-15 Nov 1792)


6d) James


7d) Jemima; m.Sir Philip Carteret (k.28 May 1672)


8d) Paulina


9d) Anne; m.1st Sir Richard Edgecumbe; m.2nd Christopher Montagu (above)


10d) Catherine; m.Nicholas Bacon


3c) Elizabeth; 1640 Sir Gilbert Pickering, Bt. (1611-Oct 1668)


8b) Thomas ( infant)


9b) Lucy; m.Sir William Wray, of Glentworth, Lincs


10b) Susanna; m.Sir Richard Sondes, of Throwley, Kent


11b) Theodosia; m.Sir Henry Capel, of Raineshall, Essex


8a) Roger, fl 1604; m.Alice Smith


9a) Simon; m.Christian Rastlyn [Wastlin]


1b) Elizabeth; m.1st Hugh Hughes ( 1604); m.2nd Rev. Robert White


2b) Margaret; m.Sir Stephen Board


10a) Thomas


11a) William, d.28 Sep 1619


12a) Elizabeth; m.1st William Markham, of Okeham, Northants; m.2nd Richard Cave, of Stanford, Northants


13a) Ellen; m.George Tirrell, of Thornton, Bucks (d.1571)


14a) Isabel; m.Bryan Lascelles


15a) Mary; m.William Watts, of Blakesley, Northants (d.16 Jun 1614)


16a) Margaret; m.Robert Woode


17a) Agnes; m.John Lane, of Walgram, Northants