Leslie, Earls of Rothes

Leslie-Melville, Earls of Leven and Melville






Part 1-A


Leslie, Earls of Rothes


The family of Leslie has many branches, including that of the Earls of Leven (see Part 2), but this section will begin with the 1st Earl of Rothes



George Leslie, cr 1445 Lord Leslie, cr 1457 Earl of Rothes, d.1489/90; m.1st Margaret Lundin [Lundy?]; m.(div 1459) Christian Haliburton; m.3rd Elizabeth Campbell


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Margaret; m.Alexander Cumming of Earnside


[by 2nd m.]:


2a) Sir Andrew, Master of Rothes, d.by 3 Aug 1473; m.Elizabeth (d.1508), dau of William Sinclair, Earl of Orkney and Caithness


1b) John, of Balmain, Master of Rothes, d.before 23 Jun 1481; m.by 16 Jan 1478 Janet Keith


2b) George, 2nd Earl of Rothes, d.between 24 Feb and 31 Mar 1513; m.1484/8 Janet (d.before 10 Jul 1494), dau of George Douglas, Earl of Angus, and widow of David Scott of Buccleuch


1c) Walter, Master of Rothes, d.before 2 Mar 1507


3b) William, 3rd Earl of Rothes, k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513; m. Margaret [or Janet] Balfour, per Burke’s and Scots Peerage; Cokayne notes this in a footnote, but in the main text says only that the earl married, possibly twice


1c) George, 4th Earl of Rothes, d.Dieppe 1558; m.1st by 1517 (div 1520) Margaret, nat. dau of 3rd Lord Crichton by Princess Margaret Stewart; m.2nd Elizabeth (d.1527), dau of Andrew, Lord Gray, and widow of Earl of Huntly and of Lord Glamis; m.3rd by 29 Jan 1530 Agnes (d.1541/3), dau of Sir John Somerville, and widow of Lord Fleming; m.4th by 10 Apr 1543 Isabel, dau of ___ Lundy, and widow of Earl of Crawford; he contracted to marry 5thly Christian, dau of ___ Wood, widow of George Strang


1d) [ex 1] Norman, Master of Rothes, d.Montreuil of wounds received at Renti 31 Aug 1554; m.ca Feb 1541 Isobel, dau of Lord Lindsay of the Byres; his honors were forfeited due to his part in the murder of Cardinal Beaton


1e) [illegitimate, legitimized 1554] Robert


2e) [illegitimate, legitimized 1554] John


2d) [ex 1] William fl 1573; he was bypassed for the titles, apparently because of limited involvement in the murder of Cardinal Beaton, but was probably de jure 5th Earl of Rothes


3d) [ex 1] Robert, probably de jure 6th Earl of Rothes, d.22 Sep 1588; m.Hon. Janet Elphinstone (16 Mar 1535-1598/9) issue, Leslies of Findrassie, who were probably de jure Earls of Rothes; Cokayne says he was from 1st m.; Burke’s says he was from 4th m.; Scots Peerage says he was certainly the son of Margaret Crichton, and notes that one source says he was born 1541, during a brief reunion of his parents, but goes on to cit other evidence that he must have been much older than someone born in 1541


4d) [ex 1, per Scots Peerage] Janet, d.Kirkcaldy 17 Dec 1591; m.1st David Crichton (d.ca 1553); m.2nd by 15 May 1557 John Grant of Freuchie (d.1585); m.3rd by 6 Aug 1587 James Elphinstone


5d) [ex 1, per Scots Peerage; ex 3 per other sources] Helen, d.26 Oct 1594; m.1st Gilbert Seton; m.2nd by 30 Apr 1567 Mark Ker


6d) [ex 3] Andrew, de facto 5th Earl of Rothes, d.ca 1611; m.1st ca 1547 Grizel Hamilton; m.2nd after 3 Oct 1573 Jean (d.ca 1591), dau of Lord Ruthven, and widow of Lord Methven; m.3rd 1592 Janet Durie; after the forfeiture of his half-brother Norman he was called Master of Rothes, and was acknowledged as Earl on his father’s death, though his other half-brothers may have been de jure Earls


[by 1st m.]:


1e) James, Lord Leslie and Master of Rothes, d.ca 1607; m.1st Margaret, dau of lord Lindsay of the Byres; m.2nd 1594 Catherine, dau of Lord Drumond


[by 1st m.]:


1f) James, d.1604


2f) George, dvp


3f) Margaret, d.12 Jun 1620; m.John Moray


4f) Isabel; m.1st 1597 Robert Lundie of that Ilk (d.Oct 1602); m.2nd Sir George Hamilton


5f) Euphemia, d.by Jun 1613


6f) Agnes, d.by 24 Feb 1609; m.1605 Andrew Wardlaw


7f) Grizel, d.6 Sep 1606; m.1601 Alexander Seton, Earl of Dunfermline (1555-Pinkie 16 Jun 1622)


[by 2nd m.]:


8f) [ex 2] John, 6th Earl of Rothes (ca 1600-Richmond, Surrey 23 Aug 1641); m.1614 Lady Anna Erskine (d.2 May 1640)


1g) Mary; m.1635 Hugh Montgomerie, 7th Earl of Eglinton (30 Mar 1613-Eglintoun Feb 1669)


2g) Margaret, d.Feb 1688; m.1st 1636 Alexander Leslie, Lord Balgonie (d.soon after 12 Jan 1644); m.2nd 1646 Francis Scott, 2nd Earl of Buccleuch (21 Dec 1626-Dalkeith 25 Nov 1651); m.3rd Sheriffhall 13 Jan 1653 David Wemyss, 2nd Earl of Wemyss (6 Sep 1610-Wemyss Castle Jul 1679)


3g) John, 7th Earl of Rothes, cr 1680 Duke of Rothes, Marquess of Bambreich, Earl of Leslie, Viscount of Lugtoun, Lord Auchmutye and Caskieberrie (ca 1630-Holyroodhouse 26 Jul 1681); m.1648 Lady Anne Lindsay; in 1663 he had surrendered the earldom and barony and received a re-grant thereof, with remainder after the heirs male of his body to the eldest heir female of his body


1h) Margaret, 8th Countess of Rothes and Baroness Leslie, d.20 Aug 1700; m.8 Oct 1674 Charles Hamilton, 5th Earl of Haddington (1 Jul 1650-Leslie House, co Fife May 1685); he executed a resignation of his titles and received a re-grant, whereby the Earldom of Haddington would go to his younger sons, to keep his titles separate from the Earldom of Rothes


1i) Anna (bap 25 Aug 1676- )


2i) John Hamilton, later Leslie, 9th Earl of Rothes and Lord Leslie (bap 21 Aug 1679-Leslie 9 May 1722); m.Leslie 29 Apr 1697 Lady Jean Hay (d.Leslie 4 Sep 1731)


1j) John, 10th Earl of Rothes (ca 1698-10 Dec 1767); m.1st London 25 May 1741 Hannah Howard (d.Dublin 26 Apr 1761); m.2nd Tynninghame 27 Jun 1763 Mary Lloyd (d.Exeter 14 Jan 1820)


1k) John, 11th Earl of Rothes (London 19 Oct 1744-Leslie 18 Jun 1773); m.4 Apr 1768 Jane Maitland (21 Dec 1748-Kildrochet House, co Wigtown May 1817)


2k) Charles Howard, d.18 Aug 1762, aged 15


3k) Jane Elizabeth, 12th Countess of Rothes (5 May 1750-London 2 Jun 1810); m.1st London 2 Jan 1766 George Raymond Evelyn (d.Brighton 23 Dec 1770); m.2nd Brighton 30 Oct 1772 Sir Lucas Pepys, Bt. –cr 1784] (24 May 1742-London 17 Jun 1830); for her issue see Part 1-B, below


4k) Mary (29 Aug 1753-Kedleston Park 21 Mar 1799); m.Esher 5 Nov 1770 William Charles Colyear, 3rd Earl of Portmore (ca 1747-London 15 Nov 1823)


2j) Charles, d.London 16 Aug 1769


3j) Thomas (ca 1701-London 17 Mar 1772); m.ca 1753 NN


1k) Catherine


4j) James, d.Clapton 24 Sep 1761


5j) David (26 Sep 1705-d.young)


6j) William, d.London 29 Jan 1764


7j) Jane (24 Jun 1707-Edinburgh 18 Mar 1771)


8j) Mary, d. an infant


9j) Francis (20 Jun 1709-d.young)


10j) Margaret (5 Nov 1710-Edinburgh 23 Feb 1767)


11j) Andrew (4 Aug 1712-Haddington 27 Aug 1776)


12j) Anne (9 Sep 1714-d.young)


3i) Thomas, suc his father as Earl of Haddington issue


4i) Charles, d.young


2h) Christian (1661-Edinburgh 21 Apr 1710); m.1st James Graham, 3rd Marquess of Montrose (20 Oct 1657-25 Apr 1684); m.2nd May 1687 Sir John Bruce of Kinross and Balcaskie, 2nd Bt. (d.Glasgow 14 Mar 1710)


9f) Jean; m.Alexander [or Duncan] Menzies of Weem


2e) Patrick, cr 1600 or 1606 Lord Lindores, d.1608; m.Jean (fl 1642), dau of Robert Stewart, Earl of Orkney


1f) Patrick, 2nd Lord Lindores, d.Pitcairly 8 Aug 1649; actually he seems to have been cr Lord Lindores ca 1600 but must have resigned the title before 1606 when his father was certainly so called


2f) James, 3rd Lord Lindores, d.1665/7; m.1st Mary, dau of Lord Gray; m.2nd ___ Clepburn; per Cokayne, he may also have m.Elizabeth Yorke; per Scots Peerage he may have also m. ___ Ormiston; Scots Peerage says there is no positive evidence of any of these marriages


1g) [ex 1] John, 4th Lord Lindores, bur 17 Jan 1706; m.1st 31 Jul 1669 Marion, dau of James Ogilvie, Earl of Airlie, and widow of Lord Coupar; m.2nd 6 Sep 1695 Jean, ne Gibson, widow of Sir Hugh MacCulloch


1h) David, 5th Lord Lindores, d.Jul 1719; m.Margaret, dau of Hon. Archibald Stuart, widow of Sir Archibald Stewart, Bt.


2g) [ex 2] Jean fl 1736; m.1st John Stewart, of Innernytie; m.2nd by 1684 John Bruce, of Blairhall


3f) Robert; m.NN issue, extinct


4f) Ludovick


5f) David, cr 1661 Baron Newark, d.Feb 1682; m.Anna [or Jane] Yorke (bur 28 Feb 1713)


1g) David, 2nd Lord Newark, d.15 May 1694; m.26 May 1670 Elizabeth Stewart (bur 17 Jan 1714)


1h) Jean, d.21 Feb 1740; m.Sir Alexander Anstruther; she assumed the title 3rd Baroness Newark, and her descendants continued using it until even after it was ruled in 1793 that the title expired with the 2nd Lord, apparently on the grounds of a supposed re-grant which included her in te remainder; no such re-grant has been found


2h) Mary


3h) Elizabeth (5 Oct 1675-Edinburgh 8 Apr 1760)


4h) Grizel; m.1722 Thomas Drummond


5h) Christian, d.Edinburgh 21 Aug 1752; m.Thomas Graham of Balgowan


2g) Elizabeth; m.by 22 Apr 1686 Sir Archibald Kennedy, of Culzean, Bt. (d.1710)


3g) Helen


4g) Anna


5g) Joanna


6g) Mary, d.Edinburgh 24 Mar 1748; m.1st Sir Francis Kinloch, of Gilmerton, 2nd Bt. (bur 11 Sep 1699); m.2nd Sir Alexander Ogilvy of Forglen


7g) Margaret, d.19 Apr 1755; m.1696 Hon. James Campbell


6f) Margaret [Helen?], d.1668; m.1622 John Drummond, 2nd Lord Maderty (d.1649/51)


7f) Elizabeth; m.1628 Sir James Sinclair of Mey, Bt. (d.1662)


8f) Jean; m.John Forbes of Leslie


9f) Janet; m.Sir John Cunningham


10f) Euphemia [or Mary]; m.Sir David Barclay


3e) Sir Andrew, d.Mar 1603


4e) Euphemia; m.ca 1573 James Lindsay, 7th Lord Lindsay of the Byres (1554-5 Nov 1601)


5e) Margaret; m.25 Dec 1575 (div 1587) Archibald Douglas, 8th Earl of Angus (d.4 Aug 1588); note that Cokayne has her as dau of 4th Earl of Rothes by 1st m., and Burke’s has her as dau of 4th Earl of Rothes by 4th m.; Scots Peerage has her as dau of the 5th Earl, and the dates make that most likely


6e) Isabel; m.1577 James Sinclair, Master of Sinclair (d.9 May 1593); note Burke’s says she is from the 3rd m., but Cokayne says from the 1st


[by 2nd m.]:


7e) Margaret; m.Sir William Cunningham of Caprington


8e) Mary, d.Apr 1605; m.Robert Melville, Lord Melville of Monymail (see Part 3 below)


[by 3rd m.]:


9e) George, of Newton, d.Jan 1614


10e) Sir John, of Newton, k.a. Dundee 1 Sep 1651; m.1603 Hon. Elizabeth Gray


1f) John, k.a.Dundee 1 Sep 1651; m.1650 ___ Hay


1g) John, dsp


2f) Andrew, d.1669; m.Margaret Balfour


1g) John, d.29 Jul 1706; m. ___ Spital [Spittal]


1h) Alexander, 6th Lord Lindores, bur 3 Sep 1765; m.Jean Campbell (d.London 25 Feb 1790); he assumed the title on the death of the 5th Lord in 1719 on the assumption that it had been created with remainder to heirs male whatsoever, though there is no proof of that; nevertheless the title was accorded to him, though since the title was disallowed by the next claimant, possibly his own right to it was not good


1i) James Francis [or Francis John], 7th Lord Lindores, d.27 Jun 1775 [per Cokayne, citing sources; Scots Peerage says 30 Jun 1775]


2h) Elizabeth; m.James Spital [Spittal]


3h) Jean


3f) James, d.Oct 1675; m.Janet Dick


1g) John, d.Dec 1714; m. “Mrs Mary Gibb, Lady Ormeston” [per Scots Peerage]


1h) John; m.Janet Arnot


1i) John (1723-1771/4); m.Antonia Barclay


1i) John (1750-4 May 1813); m.22 Mar 1789 Jane Reeve (d.11 Nov 1837); he assumed the title as 8th Lord Lindores in 1775, but his right thereto was apparently disallowed in 1790; it has been unclaimed since his death


2i) David, drowned at sea


3i) Norman, d.young


4i) Elizabeth (5 Mar 1745-1802); m. ___ Hewan


5i) Hughina (15 Mar 1746-Cupar-Fife 22 Apr 1846)


6i) Jane, d.an infant


7i – 9i) three other children, d. as infants


4f) William; m.1644 Margaret Leslie


5f) Elizabeth; m.William Dick


6f) Jean; m.Andrew Dick


11e) Robert


12e) Elizabeth; m.1st David Wemyss; m.2nd 1610 James Ogilvy, Lord Ogilvy of Deskford, 1638 Earl of Findlater (d.1652); note Burke’s has her as dau of the 1st m., but Cokayne and Scots Peerage say she is from the 3rd


7d) [ex 3] Peter


8d) [ex 3] James issue


9d) [ex 3] Euphemia, d.Apr 1588; m.by 18 Aug 1548 George Learmonth of Balcomie (d.Jun 1585); m.2nd John Cunningham


10d) [ex 3, per Cokayne and Scots Peerage, ex 4, per Burke’s] Agnes; m.by 1565 William Douglas, 6th Earl of Morton (d.1606)


11d) Beatrix; m.1561 David Beaton of Creich


12d) [ex 3] Elizabeth; m.Patrick Crichton


? 13d) Margaret, per some sources, but she was likely dau of the 5th Earl (see above)


14d) [illegitimate by Helen Forsyth] Katherine; m.(annulled 1550) Sir Alexander Oliphant


15d) [illegitimate] Walter; m.by Jun 1542 Elizabeth Wardlaw issue


16d) [illegitimate] Robert, legitimated 1557


17d) [illegitimate, or ex 5] Christian; m.1571 James Kincaid (d.Jan 1606)


2c) John, d.1576; m.Euphemia Moncreiff


1d) Joan, d.ca 23 Aug 1579; m.ca 1560 Sir Alexander Dunbar of Cumnock; m.2nd Sir Patrick Gordon of Auchindown


2d) Euphemia, d.4 Mar 1588; m.1572 Alexander Bruce of Earlshall


3d) [illegitimate] James


3c) James, d.13 Oct 1576


4c) Grisel; m.1st ? Walter Heriot; m.2nd ? Henry Wardlaw


3a) Elizabeth, d.1509/11; m.ca 1485 William Hay, 3rd Earl of Erroll (d.14 Jan 1507)


4a) Christian, d.1500/1; m.1458 William Sinclair, 2nd Lord Sinclair (d.shortly after 14 Jul 1487)


5a) Christian [possibly illegitimate]; m.George Leslie, of that Ilk





Part 1-B



Jane Elizabeth Leslie, 12th Countess of Rothes (5 May 1750-London 2 Jun 1810; see Part 1, above); m.1st London 2 Jan 1766 George Raymond Evelyn (d.Brighton 23 Dec 1770); m.2nd Brighton 30 Oct 1772 Sir Lucas Pepys, Bt. [so cr 1784, with a special remainder, failing heirs male of his body, to his brother] (24 May 1742-London 17 Jun 1830)


1a) George William EVELYN, later EVELYN-LESLIE, 13th Earl of Rothes (28 Mar 1768-Bletchworth Castle 11 Feb 1817); m.1st London 23 May 1789 Hon. Henrietta Anne Pelham (d.Brighton 6 Dec 1797); m.2nd Blunham, Beds 21 Aug 1798 Charlotte Julia Campbell (d.21 May 1846)


1b) Henrietta Anne, 14th Countess of Rothes (26 Mar 1790-Leslie House 30 Jan 1819); m.1806 George Gwyther, later Leslie (d.24 Mar 1829)


1c) Henrietta Anne (31 Oct 1807-14 Apr 1832); m.16 Nov 1827 Charles Knight Murray


2c) George William Evelyn LESLIE, 15th Earl of Rothes (8 Nov 1809-Leslie House 10 Mar 1841); m.Malta 7 May 1831 Louisa Anderson-Morshead (d.Leslie House 21 Jan 1886)


1d) Henrietta Anderson Morshead, 17th Countess of Rothes (6 Feb 1832-Leslie House 10 Feb 1886); m.22 Jan 1861 Hon. George Waldegrave, later Waldegrave-Leslie (Harptice Court 30 Sep 1825-Leslie House 8 Jul 1904)


2d) George William Evelyn, 16th Earl of Rothes (Leslie House 4 Feb 1835-Edinburgh 3 Jan 1859)


3c) Mary Elizabeth, 18th Countess of Rothes (9 Jul 1811-London 19 Sep 1893); m.Leslie House 11 Aug 1835 Martin Edward Haworth, later HAWORTH-LESLIE (d.London 2 Nov 1886)


1d) Martin Leslie HAWORTH, later LESLIE (12 Mar 1839-22 Dec 1882); m.10 Jun 1873 Georgina

Frances Studdy (d.29 Jan 1934)


1e) Mary Eleanor (18 Oct 1875-20 Feb 1969)


2e) Norman Evelyn, 19th Earl of Rothes (13 Jul 1877-29 Mar 1927); m.19 Apr 1900 Lucy Nol Martha Edwardes (d.12 Sep 1956)


1f) Malcolm George Dyer-Edwardes, 20th Earl of Rothes (8 Feb 1902-17 May 1975); m.17 Jul 1926 Beryl Violet Dugdale


1g) Ian Lionel Malcolm, 21st Earl of Rothes (10 May 1932-15 Apr 2005); m.8 Jul 1955 Marigold Evans-Bevan


1h) James Malcolm David, 22nd Earl of Rothes, b.4 Jun 1958


2h) Alexander John, b.1962; m.1st 1990 Tina L Gordon; m.2nd 2008 Mrs Francesca Clare MacManaway; m.3rd 2014 Miranda Grant


2g) Jean (26 Aug 1927- ); m.26 Apr 1949 Roderick Robin Mackenzie (1926-8 Nov 2015)


3g) Evelyn (11 Mar 1929-30 Jan 2011); m.14 Jul 1949 Gerard William Mackworth-Young (10 Oct 1926-1984)


1h) Angela Clare Mackworth-Young, b.1951


2h) Susan Charlotte Mackworth-Young; m.1987 (div 1996) Andrew Tribolini


3h) Lucinda Jane Mackworth-Young; m.1st 1981 (div 1984) Charles Lumsden; m.2nd 30 Aug 1986 Oliver Matthew Sells


1i) Hugo William Sells, b.1988


2i) Rosanna Mary Sells


4h) Tessa Natalie Mackworth-Young; m.1986 Michael G Hardingham issue


2f) John Wayland (16 Dec 1909-1991); m.5 Jul 1932 Coral Angela Pinckard (d.1 Apr 2002)


1g) Alastair Pinckard (29 Dec 1934- ); m.18 Dec 1963 Rosemary Barry (17 Feb 1939-2 Jul 2015) issue


2g) Amber Elizabeth (5 May 1939-13 Aug 2018); m.2 Apr 1964 Beresford Robert Winder White issue


3e) Mildred Emily (22 Dec 1878-1971)


4e) Georgina (11 Dec 1879-6 Jul 1941); m.7 Nov 1908 William Blackwood Haden Corser (d.31 Mar 1951)


2d) Edward Courtenay (2 Jul 1840-31 Jan 1911); m.1 Oct 1890 Caroline Edith Biddulph (5 Oct 1862-10 Mar 1948)


1e) Mary Henrietta (26 Sep 1892-4 Jan 1914)


2e) Edward Biddulph (31 Jan 1895- )


3e) Martin Tregenna (2 May 1896-4 Mar 1971); m.1st 21 Dec 1928 Nettie Margaret Harper (d.21 Jul 1943); m.2nd 22 Dec 1945 Joyce Enid Gardner


1f) Mary Haworth (30 Sep 1936- )


4e) Norman Evelyn (26 Jan 1898- ); m.29 Jan 1944 Helen Thomson Robertson


5e) Alice Veronica (14 Aug 1901-2 May 1928)


3d) Henry (19 Apr 1845-15 Mar 1889)


4d) Lydston Horton (2 Sep 1849-16 Apr 1890); m.28 Jun 1881 Elizabeth Anne Reece (d.19 Jun 1898)


5d) Raymond Evelyn (11 Aug 1851-14 Jan 1897)


6d) Mary Euphrasia


7d) Emily Louisa, d.21 Apr 1936; m.25 Apr 1871 James Frederick Cherry (d.1883) issue


8d) Alice Julia (30 Aug 1843-25 Nov 1932)


9d) Grace (30 May 1854-5 Oct 1933); m.10 Apr 1876 John Bazley-White (d.9 Feb 1927) issue


4c) Thomas Jenkins (29 Jun 1813-13 Jul 1849); m.25 Aug 1834 Honora Seward Burrowes (d.Oct 1879 [8 Feb 1880, per Scots Peerage])


5c) Anna Maria (19 Jul 1815-Powderham Rectory 18 Feb 1897); m.Leslie House 6 Jan 1835 Henry Hugh Courtenay, 13th Earl of Devon (15 Jul 1811-29 Jan 1904)


6c) Catherine Caroline (14 Apr 1817-11 Jan 1844); m.1841 John Parker (d.1847)


2b) Amelia (5 Apr 1791-23 Feb 1817)


3b) Mary (9 Nov 1793-11 Jan 1850)


4b) Elizabeth Jane (30 Oct 1799-19 Jan 1861); m.16 Dec 1830 Augustus Wathen (d.3 May 1843)


5b) Charlotte Julia (16 Jul 1801-Shrub Hill 2 Jan 1802)


6b) Georgiana (2 May 1803-16 Nov 1814 [15 Nov per Scots Peerage])


2a) Hon. Sir Charles LESLIE, 2nd Bt. (Brighton 28 Sep 1774-4 Feb 1833)


3a) Lady Harriet LESLIE [or PEPYS] (1 Jun 1777-Powderham Castle 16 Dec 1839); m.London 29 Nov 1804 William Courtenay, 10th Earl of Devon (19 Jun 1777-19 Mar 1859)


4a) Rev. Hon. Sir Henry LESLIE, 4th Bt. (Brighton 21 Sep 1783-Juniper Hill 8 Jul 1849); m.15 Feb 1816 Elizabeth Jane Oakes (d.12 Dec 1816); on his death the Baronetcy passed to his paternal cousin, Lord Cottenham


5a) Mary, d.an infant






Part 2: Leslie, Earls of Leven



Alexander Leslie of Balgonie, cr 1641 Earl of Leven and Lord Balgonie (ca 1580-Balgonie 4 Apr 1661); m.ca 1610 Agnes Renton (d.Inchmartin 26 Jun 1651)


1a) Gustavus, dvpsp


2a) Alexander, Lord Balgonie, d.soon after 12 Jan 1644; m.1636 Lady Margaret Leslie (d.Feb 1688)


1b) Alexander, 2nd Earl of Leven (ca 1637-Balgonie 15 Jul 1664); m.Naworth Castle 30 Dec 1656 Margaret Howard (d.Edinburgh 30 Sep 1664), sister of Earl of Carlisle; in 1665 he resigned his titles and received a re-grant thereof, with a special remainder to 1) heirs male of his body, then 2) to heirs female of his body, then 3) to the second son of the Earl [later, Duke] of Rothes (who dspm), then 4) to the second son of his sister Catherine and the heirs male of his body, then 5) to the second son of his mother by the Earl of Wemyss and heirs male of his body, then 6) to his own heirs male whatsoever, and finally 7) to his heirs and assignees whatsoever


1c) Margaret, 3rd Countess of Leven, d.6 Nov 1674; m.1674 Hon. Francis Montgomerie (d.Jan 1729)


2c) Anna


3c) Catherine, 4th Countess of Leven (1663/4-21 Jan 1676); on her death, with the first two remainders in the re-grant of 1665 being exhausted, the titles went into dormancy until the death of the Duke of Rothes in 1681 without male issue, when the 3rd remainder expired; whereupon David Melville succeeded as 5th Earl of Leven under the 4th remainder (see Part 3 below)


2b) Catherine, d.2 Apr 1713; m.18 Jan 1655 George Melville, Earl of Melville (see Part 3, below); the Earldom of Leven devolved on their son


3b) Agnes, d.young


3a) Barbara; m.Sir John Ruthven of Dunglass


4a) Margaret [Janet?], d.24 Nov 1640; m.1639 James Crichton [later, 1642, Viscount Frendraught] (ca 1620-1664/5)


5a) Anne; m.1st by 30 Jun 1642 Hugh Fraser, Master of Lovat (d.1643); m.2nd Sir Ralph Delaval, of Seaton Delaval


6a) Christian, d.Dec 1689; m.Walter Dundas, of that Ilk


7a) Mary; m.1643 William Cranstoun, 3rd Lord Cranstoun (d.after 1664, but by 1680)






Part 3: Melville, Earls of Melville; and Leslie-Melville, Earls of Leven and Melville



Sir John Melvile, of Raith, executed 1549; m.; m.1st 1503 ___ Wemyss; m.2nd ca 1525 Helen Napier (d.ca 1588); he is said to have had numerous issue by 1st m., of whom the sons dvp, but the sources do not name most of them


[by 1st m.]:


William, dvp ca 1547; m.3 Apr 1541 Margaret Douglas (f.1584)


[by 2nd m.]:


2a) John, of Raith, d.13 Jan 1605; m.1st 1563 Isobel Lundie; m.2nd 1570 Margaret Bonar (d.Oct 1574); m.3rd Grisell Meldrum (d.Oct 1597)


[by 1st m.]:


1b) John, of Raith (ca 1563/4-17 Jan 1626); m.Margaret Scott


1c) John, suc 1635 as 3rd Lord Melville, d.22 May 1643; m.1627 Anne Erskine


1d) George, 4th Lord Melville, cr 1690 Earl of Melville, Viscount of Kirkcaldy, Lord Raith, Monymaill and Balwearie (1636-20 May 1707); m.Wemyss 18 Jan 1655 Lady Catherine Leslie (d.2 Apr 1713; see Part 2, above)


1e) Alexander, Lord Raith (23 Dec 1655-27 Mar 1698 [26 Mar per Scots Peerage]); m.1689 Barbara Dundas (d.23 Feb 1719) 2 sons, d.as infants


2e) John (28 May 1657-d.young)


3e) Margaret (28 Oct 1658- ); m.Robert Balfour, 4th Lord Balfour of Burleigh (d.Jul 1713)


4e) David (5 May 1660-6 Jun 1728), suc 1681 as 5th Earl of Leven [under the special remainder; see Part 2, above] and took surname LESLIE, suc 1707 as 2nd Earl of Melville; m.1691 Lady Anne Wemyss (18 Oct 1675-Edinburgh Castle 9 Jan 1702)


1f) Mary (Jul 1692-1710); m.1708 William Gordon, Lord Haddo, later 2nd Earl of Aberdeen (bap 22 Dec 1679-Edinburgh 30 Mar 1745)


2f) George, Lord Balgonie (Jan 1695-20 Aug 1721); m.Aug 1716 Lady Margaret Carnegie (6 Dec 1697-7 Jul 1722)


1g) David, 6th Earl of Leven and 3rd Earl of Melville (17 Dec 1717-Jun 1729)


2g) Anne (7 Apr 1721-1723)


3f) Alexander, 7th Earl of Leven and Melville (ca 1699-Balcarres 2 Sep 1754); m.1st 23 Feb 1721 Mary Erskine (d.12 Jul 1723); m.2nd 21 Mar 1726 Elizabeth Monypenny (d.Edinburgh 15 Mar 1783)


1g) David, 8th Earl of Leven and Melville (4 Mar 1722-Edinburgh 9 Jun 1802); m.Edinburgh 29 Jul 1747 Wilhelmina Nisbet (d.Melville House, co. Fife 10 May 1798)


1h) Alexander, from 1805 took surname Leslie-Melville, 9th Earl of Leven and Melville (7 Nov 1749-Melville House 22 Feb 1820); m.Clapham 12 Aug 1784 Jane Thornton (11 Feb 1757-Melville House 13 Feb 1818)


1i) David, 10th Earl of Leven and Melville (Spring Gardens 22 Jun 1785-Melville House 8 Oct 1860); m.Edinburgh 21 Jun 1824 Elizabeth Anne Campbell (d.Monimail 8 Nov 1863)


1j) Elizabeth Jane (13 May 1825-25 Jan 1892); m.2 Nov 1858 Thomas Robert Brooke Cartwright, later Leslie-Melville-Cartwright (1830-23 Jan 1921)


2j) Anna Maria (28 Dec 1826-8 Dec 1874); m.Paris 26 Apr 1865 Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, 9th Bt. (8 Mar 1818-15 Jan 1878)


3j) Susan Lucy (1828-8 Jun 1910)


4j) a son, b.and d.16 Oct 1829


5j) Alexander, Lord Balgonie (Melville House 19 Nov 1831-Roehampton House, Surrey 29 Aug 1857)


6j) David Archibald (14 Oct 1833-20 Oct 1854)


7j) Emily Eleanor (May 1840-11 Nov 1882); m.28 Mar 1864 John Glencairn Carter Hamilton, later Lord Hamilton of Dalzell (16 Nov 1829-15 Oct 1900)


2i) John Thornton, 10th Earl of Leven and Melville (18 Dec 1786-Glenferness 16 Sep 1876); m.1st London 15 Sep 1812 Harriet Thornton (d.London 26 Jul 1832); m.2nd Sophia Thornton (d.Roehampton House 28 Jun 1887)


1j) Harriet Jane (17 Jul 1813-11 Jan 1818)


2j) Emily Maria (28 Nov 1815-10 Mar 1896); m.18 Nov 1858 Robert Williams (23 Jan 1811-7 Jun 1890 [1891 per Scots Peerage])


3j) Alexander, 11th Earl of Leven and Melville (11 Jan 1817-Glenferness 22 Oct 1889)


4j) Henry John (5 Nov 1818-Apr 1821)


5j) Anna Maria (7 Feb 1821-25 Sep 1836)


6j) Harriet Rosa (5 Dec 1822-20 Apr 1850)


7j) Alfred John (5 Jun 1826-Penang 25 May 1851)


8j) Julia Louisa (4 Mar 1829-24 Oct 1870); m.29 Mar 1869 Robert Richardson-Robertson (14 Nov 1809-1 Nov 1883)


9j) Adelaide Harriet (10 Aug 1831-10 Feb 1898)


10j) Ronald Ruthven, 13th Earl of Leven and Melville (Roehampton 19 Dec 1835-Glenferness 21 Aug 1906); m.London 7 May 1885 Hon. Emma Selina Portman (London 5 Apr 1863-1 Mar 1941)


1k) John David, 14th Earl of Leven and Melville (5 Apr 1886-11 Jun 1913)


2k) Constance Betty (7 Aug 1888-13 Aug 1922)


3k) Archibald Alexander, 15th Earl of Leven and Melville (6 Aug 1890-15 Jan 1947); m.3 Sep 1918 Lady Rosamond Foljambe (1893-12 Apr 1974)


1l) Jean Elizabeth (25 Jun 1921-Inverness 8 Mar 2010)


2l) Alexander Robert, 16th Earl of Leven and Melville (13 May 1924-7 Apr 2012); m.30 Apr 1953 Susan Steuart-Menzies (30 Mar 1933- )


1m) David Alexander, Lord Balgonie (26 Jan 1954-k.in skiing accident 14 Feb 2007); m.1981 Julia Clare Critchley


1n) Alexander Ian, 17th Earl of Leven and 14th Earl of Melville, b.29 Nov 1984


2n) Louisa Clare, b.1987


2m) Jane Catherine, b.1956; m.1977 Philip Mark Gurney Hudson


3m) Archibald Ronald, b.1957; m.1987 Julia Mary Greville Fox 3 daus


3l) George David (13 May 1924-23 Jun 1997); m.30 Apr 1955 Diana Mary Houldsworth (7 Aug 1929-25 Nov 2017) issue


1m) James Hugh, b.1960; m.1987 Clare Jean Heywood-Lonsdale issue


2m) Annabel Clare, b.1956; m.1979 Nigel Rudolph Savory


4l) Ronald Jocelyn (22 Nov 1926-1987); m.17 May 1962 Ruth Duckworth issue


5l) Alan Duncan (11 Oct 1928- ); m.1 Nov 1997 Mrs Sally Haywood, ne Watts


4k) David William (23 May 1892-10 Dec 1938); m.1st 6 Mar 1914 (div 1928) Susanna Elizabeth Johanna Sleigh; m.2nd 1929 Eleanor Mary Barrell Abrahall (d.1974)


1l) Gillian Mary (24 Sep 1930- ); m.1st 9 Sep 1950 (div) Peter Riley; m.2nd Martin Dowling


2l) John David (28 Feb 1933-1984); m.1st 14 Jul 1961 (div 1964) Lady Zinnia Denison (25 Nov 1937-13 Jul 1997); m.2nd 1964 Betty McDonnell (1927-23 Sep 2005)


5k) Ian (14 Aug 1894-10 Feb 1967); m.26 Aug 1915 Charlotte Isobel Stirling (d.7 Nov 1968)


1l) Judith Betty (26 Oct 1916-1983); m.2 Sep 1939 (div 1961) Frederick Anthony Hamilton Wills, 2nd Lord Dulverton (10 Dec 1915-1992)


2l) Michael Ian (12 Aug 1918-22 Jan 1997); m.31 Jul 1943 Cynthia Hambro (13 Feb 1922-1986)


1m) Ian Hamish (22 Aug 1944- ); m.30 Mar 1968 Lady Elizabeth Compton (b.7 Dec 1944) issue


2m) Pamela, b.1947


3m) Fiona Evelyn, b.1950; m.1973 James Campbell David Brodie (d.2006)


3l) Helen (6 Mar 1921-15 Jun 1946); m.14 Jun 1941 John Hugh Gilbert Wyld (d.1 Sep 1999)


4l) Elizabeth Marion (9 Apr 1928-25 Jan 2003); m.27 Mar 1952 Michael Edward Joicey, 4th Lord Joicey (28 Feb 1925-Jun 1993)


11j) Norman (5 Feb 1839-13 Nov 1923); m.4 Dec 1861 Georgina Ball (d.30 Dec 1922)


1k) Galfrid John (11 Nov 1863-25 Oct 1910); m.2 Sep 1895 Nora French Stead (d.17 Jun 1924)


1l) Norman Victor (30 May 1896-7 Jan 1974); m.15 Aug 1918 Dorothe Stead (d.1982)


1m) Xenia Winifred (18 May 1919-12 Aug 1984); m.28 Sep 1939 John Michael Richmond Paton


2m) Joan Frances Ruth (1 Mar 1922-2 Dec 2014); m.1st 18 Jan 1941 (div 1954) Norman Henry Gibbs (d.1990); m.2nd 6 Oct 1955 Richard John Marshall Amphlett (d.1978)


3m) Anne (13 Dec 1929-3 Jul 2014); m.1953 (div 1977) Matthew Joseph McDermott


2l) Sylvia Beryl (1899-1989); m.6 Sep 1924 Ren Lara (d.194_)


3l) Kenneth (30 Nov 1901-13 Oct 1943)


2k) Florence Evelyn, d.Malta 31 May 1864


3k) Kathleen Mabel, d.8 Jan 1958; m.16 Jan 1894 Charles Henry Farrer (16 Jan 1872-10 Jun 1927)


12j) Clara Sophia [Anna Sophia, per Lodge] (5 Jul 1843-11 Dec 1898)


13j) Ernest (20 Jan 1845 [per Lodge; 1843, per Scots Peerage, but that conflicts with preceding sister]-1 Sep 1862)


14j) Florence Lucy (15 Aug 1848-22 Jul 1930)


3i) William Henry (19 May 1788-9 Apr 1856)


4i) Lucy (10 Dec 1789-11 Feb 1791)


5i) Rev. Robert Samuel (1793-24 Oct 1826)


6i) Lucy (26 Jan 1794--23 Dec 1865); m.14 Jul 1824 Henry Smith (12 Dec 1794-7 Feb 1874)


7i) Jane Elizabeth (16 May 1796-25 Apr 1848); m.13 Oct 1816 Francis Pym, of Hazells Hall (22 Jun 1790-23 Feb 1860)


8i) Marianne (30 Nov 1797-22 Mar 1823); m.28 Aug 1822 Abel Smith (d.23 Feb 1859)


9i) Alexander (18 Jun 1800-19 Nov 1881); m.19 Oct 1825 Charlotte Smith (d.26 Apr 1879)


1j) Charlotte Elizabeth (7 Aug 1826-27 Nov 1892); m.2 May 1866 William Elphinstone Malcolm (d.30 Dec 1907)


2j) Marianne (21 Nov 1827-1899); m.27 Jan 1852 Francis Brown Douglas (d.Melville, Ladybank, Fife 8 Aug 1885)


3j) Alexander Samuel (28 Jul 1829-27 Jan 1919); m.30 Sep 1858 Hon. Albinia Frances Brodrick (d.18 Mar 1918)


1k) Emma Charlotte (11 Aug 1859-29 Aug 1946); m.16 Jun 1887 Rev John Otter Stephens (d.14 Aug 1925)


2k) Albinia Harriet (27 Oxct 1861-22 Jan 1956); m.25 May 1886 Edward Henry Evans Lombe (24 Sep 1861-5 Apr 1952)


3k) Lucy Victoria (30 Apr 1863-10 May 1957); m.13 Nov 1890 Claude George Melville Pym (10 Aug 1860-2 Sep 1944)


4k) Edith Mary (11 Aug 1864-18 Apr 1950); m.30 May 1901 Thomas Walter Bacon (16 Sep 1863-2 Dec 1950)


5k) Constance Alice (14 May 1870-11 Feb 1962); m.22 Jun 1893 Sir Nicholas Henry Bacon, 12th & 13th Bt. (22 Oct 1857-1 Jan 1947)


6k) Alexander Brodrick (19 Dec 1872-8 Oct 1941); m.25 Mar 1905 Aileen Harvey-Kelly (d.25 Jul 1941)


1l) Alexander Ronald (13 Dec 1905-d.on active service 12 Jun 1942); m.29 Apr 1937 Mry Henriette Dallinges


7k) Charles le Despencer (23 Jan 1877-31 Jan 1929); m.1911 Rose Chesney (d.13 Dec 1968)


4j) William David (9 Jan 1831-May 1839)


5j) Caroline (16 Jul 1832-10 Feb 1926); m.9 Oct 1879 Very Rev William Robert Fremantle (30 Aug 1807-8 Mar 1895)


6j) Henry (14 Oct 1833-Dec 1840)


7j) Charles (21 Feb 1835-26 Nov 1906)


8j) Lucy Sophia (1 Feb 1837-7 Feb 1902); m.28 Oct 1857 Rev Henry Wright (14 Jan 1833-13 Aug 1880)


9j) Rev. Frederick Abel (17 Sep 1838-14 Apr 1908); m.9 Jun 1869 Susan Georgina Wardlaw-Ramsay (d.19 Jul 1922)


1k) Annie Louisa (2 Aug 1871-26 Apr 1938)


2k) Lucy Mabel (4 Oct 1873-10 Aug 1961)


3k) Eleanor (19 Sep 1875-11 Mar 1958)


4k) Ruthven Wardlaw (27 Jul 1879-5 Dec 1928)


5k) Henry William (9 Jun 1881-26 Aug 1915)


6k) Malcolm Alexander (11 Dec 1882-12 Dec 1946); m.6 Sep 1924 Ruth Ellen Dowker (d.1982)


1l) Eleanor Constance (5 Jul 1926- ); m.9 May 1953 David William Metcalfe


2l) Margaret Wardlaw (29 Nov 1928- )


7k) Douglas Montague (12 Feb 1886-26 Aug 1886)


10j) Emily (20 Jun 1840-2 Apr 1912)


11j) Arthur Henry (12 Mar 1842-21 Apr 1922)


12j) Louisa Jane (Jul 1846-31 Jan 1897)


2h) William (8 Aug 1751-k.a. nr Princeton, New Jersey 3 Jan 1777)


3h) Jane (1 Apr 1753-28 Oct 1829); m.9 Nov 1775 Sir John Wishart Stuart, Bt. (d.5 Dec 1810)


4h) David (13 Jan 1755-21 Oct 1838); m.16 Jan 1787 Rebecca Gillies


5h) Mary Elizabeth (4 Mar 1757-1820); m.Nov 1776 James Ruthven, 5th Lord Ruthven of Freeland (16 Dec 1733-27 Dec 1789)


6h) John, took surname Cuming (20 Nov 1759-Nov 1824); m.13 Sep 1816 Jane Cuming


7h) Charlotte (22 Sep 1761-26 Oct 1830)


8h) George (21 Apr 1766-8 Mar 1812); m.27 Nov 1802 Jacomina Gertrude van der Graaff


1i) Mary Christiana (10 Nov 1803-6 Nov 1892)


2g) [ex 2] George, d.young


3g) Anne (27 Feb 1730-Edinburgh 8 Nov 1779); m.Melville House 1748 George Carnegie, 6th Earl of Northesk (Edinburgh Castle 2 Aug 1716-Ethie 22 Jan 1792)


4g) Alexander (1731-Beechwood, nr Edinburgh 27 Dec 1794); m.23 Dec 1760 Mary Margaret Tullideph (d.14 Oct 1761)


1h) Mary Anne; m.30 Apr 1787 John Rutherford


5g) Elizabeth (Mar 1735-d.young)


6g) Elizabeth (Jul 1737-Edinburgh 10 Apr 1788); m.Gayfield 10 Jun 1767 John Hope, 2nd Earl of Hopetoun (Hopetoun House 7 Sep 1704-Hopetoun House 10 Feb 1781)


7g) Mary fl 1818; m.James Walker, of Innerdovat


4f) James fl 1738


5f) Margaret (Mar 1696-d.young)


5e) Mary (7 May 1662-d.young)


6e) George (24 Sep 1664-d.young)


7e) James, of Balgarvie (18 Dec 1665-1706); m.Elizabeth Moncreiff 3 sons, 4 daus, of whom:


1f) George, of Balgarvie


2f) Margaret; m.Mar 1719 John Erskine of Carnock and Cardross (d.1 Mar 1768)


8e) Anna (8 Mar 1668-d.young)


9e) John (24 Apr 1670-d.young)


10e) Katherine (1 Jun 1671-d.young)


11e) Charles (27 Dec 1673-d.young)


12e) John (26 Sep 1677-d.young)


2d) John, d.by 1675


3d) James, d.ca 1706; m.1673 Anne Burnett


4d) Isabel, d.young


5d) Jean, d.1645/50


6d) Anna; m.Thomas Boyd


7d) Catherine, bur 18 Mar 1692


2c) James; m.Mrs Jean Seton, ne Sinclair


3c) David, d.by 25 Dec 1644


4c) Thomas, of Murdocairnie (ca 1602- ); m.Jean Gourlay 3 sons (at least one of whom had issue), 3 daus, of whom:


1d) Jane; m.John Whyte, of Bennochy


5c) Jean; m.1623 Michael Balfour


6c) Elspeth/ Elizabeth; m.1616 Robert Murray


7c) Bethia, d.Kinglassie Jul 1652; m.1634 JohnTraill


8c) Eupheme


9c) Margaret; m.1632 James Scrimgeour


2b) Margaret; m.1585 James Wemyss of Bogie


3b) Isobel, d.Dec 1593; m.1588 George Auchinleck


[by 2nd m.]:


4b) Thomas, d.ca 1642/3


5b) Agnes; m.1604 John Ramsay


6b) Janet; m.George Boswell


7b) a dau


[by 3rd m.]:


8b) James, d.1642/52 2 daus


9b) Alison; m.David Barclay of Touch


10b) Margaret


11b) Christian


12b) Katherine


3a) Robert, of Murdocairnie (ca 1527-Dec 1621) , cr 1616 Lord Melville of Monymail [with special remainder failing heirs male of his body to those of his older brother John]; m.1st by 14 Feb 1564 Catherine Adamson; m.2nd by 1593 Lady Mary Leslie (d.Apr 1605); m.3rd Jean, dau of Robert Stewart, Earl of Orkney, and widow of Lord Lindores (see Part 1 above)


1b) Robert, 2nd Lord Melville, d.Edinburgh 19 Mar 1635; m.1st 1584 Margaret Ker (d.Murdocairnie 24 May 1594); m.2nd by 24 Feb 1601 Jean Hamilton (d.May 1631), widow of Lord Ross


2b) Christian; m.Thomas Oliphant


4a) Sir James, d.13 Nov 1617; m.Christine Boswell issue


5a) David, d.Oct 1594; m.1589 Margaret Douglas


6a) Walter


7a) Sir Andrew, d.May 1617; m.1st Jane Kennedy (drowned 1589); m.2nd Elizabeth Hamilton (fl 1626) issue


8a) William, d.30 Oct 1613; m.by Jul 1594 Anna Lindsay issue


9a) Janet; m.Sir James Kirkaldy


10a) Katherine; m.1st Robert White; m.2nd John Brown


11a) Janet [or Margaret], d.Sep 1603; m.Sir James Johnstone


12a) [illegitimate] John