Sir Robert de Holand, summoned as Lord Holand 1314 (murdered 7 Oct 1328); m.ca 1311 Maud la Zouche (d.31 May 1349)


1a) Robert, 2nd Lord Holand (d.16 Mar 1373); m.Elizabeth ___


1b) Robert (dvp); m.Joan ___


1c) Maud (d.7 May 1423); m.John Lovel, Lord Lovel (d.10 Sep 1408); the right to the 1314 Barony devolved on their issue


2b) Thomas


3b) Gilbert


4b) John


2a) Thomas, summoned 1353 as Lord Holand, and 1360 as Earl of Kent (d.Dec 1360); m.Joan Plantagenet, Countess of Kent, Baroness Woodstock (d.Wallingford Castle 1385); she m.2nd Edward, Prince of Wales, and was mother of King Richard II


1b) Thomas, 2nd Earl of Kent (d.25 Apr 1397); m.ca 1364 Alice Fitzalan (d.17 Mar 1416)


1c) Thomas, 3rd Earl of Kent, cr 1397 Duke of Surrey (d.Jan 1400); m.ca 1392 Joan de Stafford (d.1442)


2c) Edmund, 4th Earl of Kent (k.a.15 Sep 1408); m.24 Jan 1407 Lucia Visconti (d.14 Apr 1424)


1d) [by Constance Plantagenet, dau.of Edmund, Duke of York] Eleanor; m.James Audley, Lord Audley


3c) Eleanor (d.23 Oct 1405); m.1st Roger Motimer, Earl of March (d.20 Jul 1398); m.2nd Edward Cherleton, Lord Cherleton (d.14 Mar 1421)


4c) Margaret (d.30 Dec 1439); m.1st John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset, Marquess of Dorset (d.21 Apr 1410); m.2nd Pr Thomas of England, Duke of Clarence (29 Sep 1389-k.a.Baugé 22 Mar 1421)


5c) Joan (d.1431); m.1st Pr Edmund of England, Duke of York (5 Jun 1341-Langley 1 Aug 1402); m.2nd William Willoughby, Lord Willoughby (d.4 Dec 1409); m.3rd Henry le Scrope, Lord Scrope of Masham (beheaded at Southampton 5 Aug 1415); m.4th Sir Henry Bromflete, Lord Vesci (d.16 Jan 1469)


6c) Eleanor; m.Thomas Montacute, 4th Earl of Salisbury (d.3 Nov 1428)


7c) Elizabeth (d.4 Jan 1423); m.Sir John Neville (d.ca 1420)


8c) Bridget


2b) Edmund


3b) John, cr 1388 Earl of Huntingdon, cr 1397 Duke of Exeter, but titles forfeited (executed Jan 1400); m.24 Jun 1386 Elizabeth Plantagenet [dau.of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster] (d.24 Nov 1425)


1c) Richard (d.3 Sep 1400)


2c) John, cr 1444 Duke of Exeter (d.5 Aug 1447); m.1st Anne, Dowager Countess of March, née de Stafford (d.Sep 1432); m.2nd Beatriz of Portugal, Dowager Countess of Arundel (d.Bordeaux 23 Oct 1439); m.3rd Anne de Montagu (d.28 Nov 1457)


1d) [by 1st m.] Henry (Tower of London 27 Jun 1430-drowned Sep 1475); m.ca 1447 (div 1472) Anne Plantagenet [dau. of Richard, Duke of York]


1e) Anne; m.Oct 1466 Thomas Grey, later Marquess of Dorset


2d) [by 3rd m.] Anne; m.1st John, Lord Nevill; m.2nd Sir John Nevill


3c) Sir Edward


4c) Constance (d.1437); m.1st Thomas Mowbray, 4th Earl of Nofolk (17 Sep 1385-8 Jun 1405); m.2nd John Grey


4b) Maud; m.1st Hugh de Courtenay; m.2nd Waleran de Luxembourg, Cte de Ligny et de Saint-Pol (1355-château d’Yvoy 22 Apr 1415)


3a) Alan


4a) Sir Otho


5a) Jane; m.1st Sir Edmund Talbot; m.2nd Sir Hugh Dutton; m.3rd Sir John Radclyffe; note: Burke’s Extinct Peerage has Talbot as the first husband and does not mention Radclyffe, but Burke’s Commoners makes Talbot the third husband


6a) Mary; m.Sir John Tempest


7a) Margaret; m.John la Warre


8a) Eleanor; m.John Darcy, Lord Darcy (d.Notton 5 Mar 1366)