Part 1: Granville



Sir Bernard Granville, of Bideford, devon, and of Stow, Cornwall; m.Elizabeth Bevil, and had issue:


1a) Sir Bevil, of Stow and Bideford (ca 1596-k.a.Lansdowne Hill 5 Jul 1643); m.Grace Smith


1b) Richard (1620-    )


2b) Elizabeth (1621-    ); m.Kilkhampton 17 Nov 1645 Sir Peter Prideaux, of Netherton, 3rd Bt. (1626-22 Nov 1705)


3b) Grace (1624-    ); m.Robert Fortescue, of Filleigh


4b) John, cr 1661 Earl of Bath, Viscount Granville of Lansdown, and Lord Granville of Kilkhampton and Bideford (29 Aug 1628-London Aug 1701); Oct 1652 Jane Wyche (d.3 Feb 1692)


1c) Charles, 2nd Earl of Bath (1661-shot himself to death at London 4 Sep 1701); m.1st London 22 May 1678 Lady Martha Osborne (d.11 Sep 1689); m.2nd London 10 Mar 1691 Isabella de Nassau (d.30 Jan 1692)


1d) William Henry, 3rd Earl of Bath (30 Jan 1692-London 17 May 1711)


2c) Jane, d.27 Feb 1696; m.Sir William Leveson-Gower, 4th Bt. (d.Dec 1691)


3c) Catherine; m.Craven Peyton


4c) John, cr 1703 Lord Granville of Potheridge (London 12 Apr 1665-3 Dec 1707); m.15 Apr 1703 Rebecca, Marchioness of Worcester, née Child (d.Richmond 17 Jul 1712)


5c) Grace, cr 1715 Countess Granville and Viscountess Carteret (ca 1667-18 Oct 1744); m.George Carteret, Lord Carteret (Jul 1667-22 Sep 1695)


5b) Bridget (1629-    ); m.1st Sir Simon Leach; m.2nd Sir Thomas Higgins


6b) Bernard (1630-1701); m.Anne Morley


1c) Sir Bevil (d.1706)


2c) George, cr 1712 Lord Lansdown of Biddeford, cr 1721, by the Pretender, Duke of Albemarle, Marquess Monk and Fitzhemon, Earl of Bath, etc., with remainder to his brother Bernard (1667-London 30 Jan 1735); m.Dec 1711 Lady Mary Thynne, née Villiers (d.17 Jan 1735)


1d) Anne


2d) Mary; m.William Graham, of Platten


3d) Grace (d.Witley 1 Nov 1769); m.London 29 Mar 1740 Thomas Foley [later, Lord Foley] (8 Aug 1716-18 Nov 1777)


4d) Elizabeth


3c) Bernard, of Buckland, Glocs (d.1723); m.Mary Westcombe (d.1747)


1d) Bernard, of Calwich Abbey (d.1775)


2d) Rev. Bevil; m.Mary Anne Rose


3d) Mary, the famous diarist (1700-1788); m.1st Alexander Pendarves; m.2nd Very Rev. Patrick Delany, Dean of Down


4d) Anne (1707-    ); m.Gloucester 1740 John D’Ewes, of Wellesbourne; their son took the surname Granville and was ancestor of the Granvilles of Wellesbourne


4c) Anne (d.1 Mar 1730); m.Sir John Stanley, of Grange Gorman, Bt. (d.30 Nov 1744)


5c) Elizabeth


7b) Joane (1635-    ); m.Richard Thornhill


8b) Dennis, Dean of Durham (1637-    ); m.Anne Cosyn


2a) Sir Richard (d.Ghent 16__); m.Mary Fitz


1b) son (executed by the Commonwealth)


2b) Elizabeth; m.William Lenard


3a) John


4a) Roger (drowned on active service)


5a) Gertrude; m.Christopher Harris




Part 2: Carteret



Sir Philip Carteret, lord of Saint Ouen; m.Rachel Paulet, and had issue:


1a) Sir Philip (1583-    ); m.Anne Dowse


1b) Sir Philip


1c) Sir Philip, of Saint Ouen cr Baronet; m.Anne Dumasque


1d) Sir Philip, 2nd Bt. (d.1693); m.Elizabeth Carteret


1e) Sir Charles, 3rd Bt. (d.1715); his estates were inherited by Lord Carteret


2c) Elizabeth; m.Sir George Carteret, Bt. (below)


2b) Francis


1c) Anne; m.James Corbet, seigneur of Rosel


1d) Elizabeth Corbet; m.Charles Lempriere, seigneur of Diélament; their issue became heirs to ¼ of the Carteret Saint Ouen estates on the death of Robert, Earl Granville


2a) Helier; m.Elizabeth Dumaresq


1b) Sir George, cr Baronet 1645 (1599-13 Jan 1679); m.Elizabeth Carteret (above)


1c) Sir Philip ( sea, Solebay 28 May 1672); m.Lady Jemima Montagu


1d) Sir George, 2nd Bt., cr 1681 Lord Carteret of Hawnes (Jul 1667-22 Sep 1695); m.Lady Grace Granville, cr 1714 Countess Granville and Viscountess Carteret (ca 1667-18 Oct 1744)


1e) John, 2nd Lord Carteret and 2nd Earl Granville (22 Apr 1690-Bath 2 Jan 1763); m.1st Longleat 17 Oct 1710 Frances Worsley, a granddau. of 1st Lord Weymouth (6 Mar 1694-Hanover 20 Jun 1743); m.2nd 14 Apr 1744 Lady Sophia Fermor (29 May 1721-7 Oct 1745)


[by 1st m.]:


1f) Grace (8 Jul 1713-23 Jul 1755); m.London 22 Jul 1729 Lionel Tollemache, 4th Earl of Dysart (Helmingham 1 May 1708-10 Mar 1770)


2f) Luisa (d.25 Dec 1736); m.3 Jul 1733 Thomas Thynne, 2nd Viscount Weymouth (21 May 1710-13 Jan 1751); their younger son inherited most of the Carteret estates and was cr Lord Carteret


3f) Georgiana Carolina (d.21 Aug 1780); m.1st 14 Feb 1734 John Spencer, of Althorp (13 May 1708-19 Jun 1746); m.2nd 1 May 1750 William Cowper, 2nd Earl Cowper (13 Aug 1709-18 Sep 1764)


4f) Robert, 3rd Earl Granville (21 Sep 1721-13 Feb 1776); m.Elisabeth N (d.29 Sep 1766)


5f) Frances (d.25 Dec 1788); m.24 May 1748 Charles Hay, 4th Marquess of Tweeddale (ca 1695-9 Dec 1762)


6f) Frances


7f) George


8f) John


[by 2nd m.]:


9f) Sophia (26 Aug 1745-5 Jan 1771); m.London 19 Jul 1779 William Petty, Earl of Shelburne [later, Marquess of Lansdowne, a title apparently selected because of her descent from the Granvilles] (Dublin 2 May 1737-London 7 May 1805)


2e) Philip


3e) Jemima


2d) Philip ( sea 1693)


3d) Edward (1671-1739); m.Bridget Exton


1e) Anne; m.Philip Cavendish


2c) James


3c) George (d.1656)


4c) Anne; m.Sir Nicholas Slanning, of Maristow, Bt.


5c) Caroline; m.Sir Thomas Scot, of Scot’s Hall


6c) Louisa Margaretta; m.Sir Robert Atkins, of Sapperton


3a) Rachel; m.1st __ de Beauvoir; m.2nd ___ de Vic


4a) Judith; m.Sir Brian Johnson