The early generations of the Gordon family are a bit vague in many of the sources., though it seems clear that the many branches of the family descend from one Sir Adam Gordon. Among the most important branches are the Gordons of Lochinvar, Viscounts Kenmure; the Gordons of Haddo, Earls of Aberdeen; and the Gordons of Pitlurg. This page will deal only with the branch of the Earls and Marquesses of Huntly, Dukes of Gordon, who are actually descended from the Setons in the male line.



Alexander Seton, son of William Seton, of that Ilk, married in 1408 Elizabeth, daughter of John Gordon, of Gordon and Huntly. Inheriting these important Gordon lands, he is sometimes considered to have been created Lord Gordon. He died 1440/1, and she on 16 Mar 1439. They had issue:


1a) Alexander Seton, later [ca 1457] Gordon, cr 1444/5 Earl of Huntly (d.Huntly 15 Jul 1470); m.1st ca 1427 (annulled) Gille Hay; m.2nd Elizabeth Crichton; the children of 2nd marriage all took surname Gordon, while the son of the 1st remained a Seton


1b) [by 1st m.]: Sir Alexander Seton, of Touch issue


2b) [by 2nd m.]: George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly (d.Stirling 1501); m.1st (div) Elizabeth Dunbar, Dowager Countess of Moray; m.2nd (div 1471) Pss Annabel of Scotland; m.3rd 1471 Elizabeth Hay


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Alexander, 3rd Earl of Huntly (d.Perth 21 Jan 1524); m.1st Lady Janet Stewart (d.Strathbogie 27 Oct 1510); m.2nd 1511 Elizabeth, Lady Glamis, ne Gray (d.1526)


1d) George


2d) John, Lord Gordon (d.Abbey of Kinloss 5 Dec 1517); m.Nov 1512 Margaret Stewart, illegitimate dau. of King James IV


1e) George, 4th Earl of Huntly (1513-Corrichie 22 Oct 1562); m.27 Mar 1530 Elizabeth Keith


1f) Alexander, Lord Gordon (d.Edinburgh 1552/3); m.ca 1546 Lady Barbara Hamilton


2f) George, 5th Earl of Huntly (d.Strathbogie 19 Oct 1576); m.1558/9 Lady Anne Hamilton


1g) George, 6th Earl of Huntly, cr 1599 Marquess of Huntly, Earl of Enzie, and Lord Gordon of Badenoch (ca 1563-Dundee 13 Jun 1636); m.Holyrood 21 Jul 1588 Lady Henrietta Stuart (France 1573-France 2 Sep 1642)


1h) George, 2nd Marquess of Huntly (beheaded at Edinburgh 22 Mar 1649); m.1607 Lady Anne Douglas (1594-Aberdeen 14 Jun 1638)


1i) George, Lord Gordon (k.a.Alford 2 Jul 1645)


2i) James, Viscount Aboyne (d.Paris Feb 1649)


3i) Lewis, 3rd Marquess of Huntly (d.Dec 1653); m.Oct 1644 Mary Grant (fl 1707)


1j) GEORGE, 4th Marquess of Huntly, cr 1684 Duke of Gordon, Marquess of Huntly, Earl of Huntly and Enzie, etc. (1649-Leith 7 Dec 1716); m.Oct 1676 Lady Elizabeth Howard (d.Edinburgh 16 Jul 1732)


1k) ALEXANDER, 2nd Duke of Gordon, etc. (ca 1678-28 Nov 1728); m.ca 1707 Lady Henrietta Mordaunt (d.Prestonhall 11 Oct 1760)


1l) COSMO GEORGE, 3rd Duke of Gordon (ca 1721-Breteuil 5 Aug 1752); m.Dunkeld 3 Sep 1741 Lady Catherine Gordon (20 Oct 1718-10 Dec 1779)


1m) ALEXANDER, 4th Duke of Gordon (1743-London 17 Jun 1827); m.1st Ayton 23 Oct 1767 Jane Maxwell (Edinburgh 1748-London 14 Apr 1812); m.2nd Jul 1820 Jane Christie (d.17 Jun 1824), by whom he had had four children before marriage


1n) GEORGE, 5th Duke of Gordon (Edinburgh 2 Feb 1770-London 28 May 1836); m.11 Dec 1813 Elizabeth Brodie (London 20 Jun 1794-Huntly Lodge, Strathbogie 31 Jan 1864)


2n) Alexander (d.8 Jan 1808)


3n) Charlotte (Gordon Castle 20 Sep 1768-London 5 May 1842); m.Gordon Castle 9 Sep 1789 Charles Lennox, 4th Duke of Richmond and Lennox (9 Sep 1764-Canada 28 Aug 1818); their issue succeeded to Gordon Castle, added the surname Gordon, and were cr Dukes of Gordon


4n) Madelina (d.1847); m.1st 2 Apr 1789 Sir Robert Sinclair, Bt; m.2nd 25 Nov 1805 Charles Fyshe Palmer, of Luckley Park


5n) Susan (2 Feb 1774-Bedfont Lodge 26 Aug 1828); m.7 Oct 1793 William Montagu, 5th Duke of Manchester (London 21 Oct 1771-Rome 18 Mar 1843)


6n) Louisa (d.1850); m.17 Apr 1797 Charles Cornwallis, 2nd Marquess Cornwallis


7n) Georgiana (Gordon Castle 18 Jul 1781-Nice 24 Feb 1853); m.23 Jun 1803 John Russell, 6th Duke of Bedford (6 Jul 1766, d.Doune of Rothiemurchus 20 Oct 1839)


2m) William (d.1823); m.13 Feb 1781 Hon. Frances Irvine


1n) Frances (d.2 Sep 1831)


3m) George (d.1 Nov 1793)


4m) Susan (d.11 Dec 1814); m.1st London 28 May 1767 John Fane, 9th Earl of Westmorland (5 May 1728-25 Apr 1774); m.2nd London 28 Dec 1778 John Woodford (d.Edinburgh 18 Apr 1800)


5m) Anne; m.1782 Rev. Alexander Chalmers


6m) Catherine; m.Thomas Booker


2l) Charles (d.26 Apr 1780)


3l) Lewis (d.15 Jun 1754)


4l) Adam (d.13 Aug 1801); m.2 Sep 1767 Jane, Dowager Duchess of Atholl, ne Drummond


5l) Henrietta (d.17 Feb 1789)


6l) Mary (d.26 Jul 1782)


7l) Anne (d.Edinburgh 22 Jun 1791); m.9 Dec 1729 William Gordon, 2nd Earl of Aberdeen (1679-Edinburgh 30 Mar 1745)


8l) Betty; m. Rev. John Skelly


9l) Jean (d.17 Jan 1792)


10l) Catherine (d.Edinburgh 21 Jan 1786); m.Preston Hall 13 Sep 1745 Francis Charteris, known as Earl of Wemyss (21 Oct 1723-Gosford 24 Aug 1808)


2k) Jane; m.Hon. James Drummond


2j) Anne; m.Cte de Crolly


3j) Mary (d.St.Germain-en-Laye 1726); m.1st 1667 Adam Urquhart, of Meldrum (1635-Edinburgh 10 Nov 1684); m.2nd ca Jan 1686 James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth, Jacobite Duke of Perth (7 Jul 1648-St.Germain-en-Laye 11 May 1716)


4j) Jean; m.James Seton, 4th Earl of Dunfermline (d.St.Germain-en-Laye 26 Dec 1694)


4i) Charles, cr 1660 Earl of Aboyne and Lord Gordon of Strathavon and Glenlivet (d.Mar 1681); m.1st Margaret Irvine (d.Dec 1662); m.2nd Lady Elizabeth Lyon


1j) Charles, 2nd Earl of Aboyne (d.Apr 1702); m.Lady Elizabeth Lyon (d.Jan 1739)


1k) John, 3rd Earl of Aboyne (d.Charlton-Aboyne 7 Apr 1732); m.20 Jun 1724 Grace Lockhart (d.Darnaway 17 Nov 1738)


1l) Charles, 4th Earl of Aboyne (ca 1726-Edinburgh 28 Dec 1794); m.1st Edinburgh 22 Apr 1759 Lady Margaret Stewart (d.Aboyne Castle 12 Aug 1762); m.2nd London 14 May 1774 Lady Mary Douglas (d.Edinburgh 25 Dec 1816)


1m) George, 5th Earl of Aboyne, 9th Marquess of Huntly (Edinburgh 28 Jun 1761-London 17 Jun 1853); m.Stepney 4 Apr 1791 Catherine Anne Cope (1771-16 Nov 1832)


1n) Charles, 10th Marquess of Huntly (Orton 4 Jan 1792-Orton 18 Sep 1863); m.1st Royal Lodge, Windsor 20 Mar 1826 Lady Elizabeth Henrietta Conyngham (16 Feb 1799-Orton 24 Aug 1839); m.2nd London 10 Apr 1844 Maria Antoinetta Pegus (d.Orton 10 Aug 1893) issue, includig the extant Marquesses of Huntly


2n) Rev. George (27 Jan 1794-25 Sep 1862); m.29 Jul 1851 Charlotte Anne Vaughan (d.23 Aug 1879)


3n) John Frederick, took additional surname Hallyburton (15 Aug 1799-29 Sep 1878); m.24 Aug 1836 Lady Augusta Kennedy-Erskine, ne Fitzclarence (d.8 Dec 1865)


4n) Henry (31 Aug 1802-28 Aug 1865); m.6 Mar 1827 Louisa Payne (d.17 May 1867) issue


5n) Cecil James (23 Feb 1806-15 Jan 1878); m.23 Apr 1841 Emily Moore (d.26 Apr 1902) issue


6n) Francis Arthur (20 Jan1808-26 Jun 1857); m.17 Apr 1835 Isabel Grant (d.7 Jan 1892)


7n) Mary (16 Oct 1797-13 Jun1825); m.15 Apr 1822 Lord Frederick Seymour (1 Feb 1797-7 Dec 1856)


8n) Catherine Susan (d.14 Dec 1866); m.16 Jun 1814 Charles Compton Cavendish, Lord Chesham (28 Aug 1793-10 Nov 1863)


2m) Catherine (d.young)


3m) Margaret (d.23 May 1786); m.5 May 1783 William Beckford


4m) Douglas, took surname Hallyburton (10 Oct 1777-25 Dec 1841); m.16 Jul 1807 Louisa Leslie (d.2 Oct 1851)


2l) John (19 Jun 1728-30 Oct 1778); m.18 May 1761 Clementina Lockhart (d.31 Mar 1803)


1m) John (8 Jul 1765-1832); m.Nov 1810 Eliza Morris


2m) Grace Margaret (d.1832); m.William Graham, of Mossknowe (d.1832)


3l) Lockhart (1732-Calcutta 24 Mar 1788); m.3 Oct 1770 Hon, Catherine Wallop (d.May 1813)


2k) Helen; m.George Kinnaird


2j) Elizabeth; m.1685 (div 1698) John Mackenzie [later, 2nd Earl of Cromartie] (ca 1656-20 Feb 1731)


5i) Henry


6i) Anne (d.9 Jan 1656); m.James Drummond, 3rd Earl of Perth (d.2 Jun 1675)


7i) Mary; m.Alexander Irvine, of Drum (d.1687)


2h) Adam, of Auchindoun


3h) John, cr 1627 Viscount Melgum and Lord Aboyne (d.Frendraught 9 Oct 1630); m.1626 Lady Sophia Hay (d.12 Mar 1642)


1i) Henrietta


4h) Anne; m.James Stuart, 3rd Earl of Moray (d.Darnaway 6 Aug 1638)


5h) Elizabeth (d.Edinburgh Jul 1616); m.Alexander Hope [later, 2nd Earl of Linlithgow] (d.1648)


6h) Mary (d.1674); m.15 Sep 1632 William Douglas, Marquess of Douglas (1589-19 Feb 1660)


7h) Jane; m.28 Nov 1632 Claud Hamilton, Lord Strabane (d.14 Jun 1638)


2g) Jean; m.ca 1585 George Sinclair, 5th Earl of Caithness (d.Caithness Feb 1643)


3f) Sir John (executed 1562)


4f) Sir Adam (d.1580)


5f) Elizabeth; m.John Stewart, 4th Earl of Atholl (d.24 Apr 1579)


6f) Jean (1546-Dunrobin 14 May 1629); m.1st 24 Feb 1566 (div 1567) James Hepburn, 4th Earl of Bothwell (ca 1535-Draxholm 14 Apr 1578); m.2nd Strathbogie 13 Dec 1573 Alexander Gordon, 12th Earl of Sutherland (d.Dunrobin 6 Dec 1594); m.3rd 1599 Alexander Ogilvy, of Boyne


7f) Margaret (d.Ghent 1 Jan 1606); m.Nov 1558 (div 1574) John Forbes, 8th Lord Forbes (3 Jul 1542-Putachie 29 Jun 1606)


8f) Janet; m.Duncan Stewart, the younger, of Appin


2e) Alexander, Bp of the Isles, and of Galloway, titular Archbp of Athens


3e) James


3d) Alexander, of Strathavon; m.___ Grant


1e) Alexander, of Cluny; m.___ Ogilvie


1f) a dau


2e) John, of Cluny; m.Margaret Gordon


1f) Sir Thomas, of Cluny issue


2f) John, of Brismore; m.___ Gordon issue


4d) William, Bp of Aberdeen


5d) Jane; m.Colin Campbell, 3rd Earl of Argyll (d.1529)


2c) Adam, Lord of Aboyne (d.17 Mar 1538); m.1500 Elizabeth, 10th Countess of Sutherland (d.Aboyne Castle Sep 1535); though they inherited the Sutherland estates and titles, their descendants kept the surname Gordon for several generations


1d) Alexander, Master of Sutherland (d.Dunrobin 15 Jan 1530); m.Lady Janet Stewart


1e) John, 11th Earl of Sutherland (1525-d.of poison at Dunrobin 23 Jun 1567); m.1st 1545/6 Elizabeth, Dowager Countess of Moray, ne Campbell; m.2nd ca 1548 Helen, Dowager Countess of Erroll, ne Stewart (d.ca 1564); m.3rd Marion, Dowager Countess of Menteith, ne Seton (d.of poison at Dunrobin 23 Jun 1567); all issue was by 2nd m.


1f) John, Master of Sutherland (d.an infant)


2f) Alexander, 12th Earl of Sutherland (Darnaway Castle 1552-Dunrobin 6 Dec 1594); m.1st ca 1567 (div 1572) Lady Barbara Sinclair; m.2nd Strathbogie 13 Dec 1573 Lady Jean Gordon, divorced Css of Bothwell (d.Dunrobin 14 May 1629); all issue by 2nd m.


1g) John, 13th Earl of Sutherland (20 Jul 1576-Dornoch 11 Sep 1615); m.Edinburgh 5 Feb 1600 Hon. Agnes Elphinstone (27 Oct 1579-Crakaig 18 Sep 1617)


1h) Patrick, Master of Sutherland (b.1604, d.young)


2h) Alexander (d.young)


3h) Robert (d.young)


4h) John, 14th Earl of Sutherland (9 Mar 1609-14 Oct 1679); m.1st Seton 14 Feb 1632 Lady Jean Drummond (d.Edinburgh 29 Dec 1637); m.2nd 24 Jan 1639 Hon. Anne Fraser (1619-Dunrobin 29 Jul 1658)


1i) John, Lord Strathnaver (Dornoch 21 Nov 1632-Dornoch 14 Oct 1637)


2i) George, 15th Earl of Sutherland (Dornoch 2 Nov 1633-Edinburgh 4 Mar 1703); m.Edinburgh 11 Aug 1659 Lady Jean Wemyss (d.Rosebank, Inveresk 5 Jan 1715)


1j) John Gordon, later, Sutherland, 16th Earl of Sutherland (1661-Chelsea 27 Jun 1733); m.1st Paisley 28 Apr 1680 Hon. Helen Cochrane (d.1690); m.2nd Lady Katherine Tollemache (d.ca 1705); m.3rd London 12 Aug 1727 Frances Hodgson (d.London 15 Dec 1732)


1k) William Sutherland, Lord Strathnaver (1683-19 Jul 1720); m.Katharine Morison (d.Edinburgh 21 Mar 1765)


1l) John Sutherland, Lord Strathnaver (Nov 1706-Dec 1720)


2l) William Sutherland, 17th Earl of Sutherland (2 Oct 1708-Montauban 7 Dec 1750); m.Lady Elizabeth Wemyss (d.Dunrobin 20 Feb 1747)


1m) William Sutherland, 18th Earl of Sutherland (28 May 1735-Bath 16 Jun 1766); m.Edinburgh 14 Apr 1761 Mary Maxwell (d.Bath 1 Jun 1766)


1n) Catherine (London 24 May 1764-Dunrobin 3 Jan 1766)


2n) Elizabeth, 19th Countess of Sutherland (Leven Lodge 24 May 1765-Hamilton Place, London 29 Jan 1839); m.London 4 Sep 1785 George Granville Leveson-Gower, 2nd Marquess of Stafford, cr 1833 Duke of Sutherland


2m) Elizabeth (d.24 Jan 1803); m.29 Aug 1757 James Wemyss of Wemyss


3l) George (d.13 Mar 1736)


4l) Helen (d.7 Jan 1791); m.12 Apr 1740 Sir James Colquhoun of Luss, Bt. (22 Feb 1714-18 Nov 1786)


5l) Janet Sutherland (d.9 Jun 1795); m.24 Oct 1740 George Sinclair, of Ulbster


2k) Jean (d.11 Feb 1747); m.31 Aug 1702 James, Lord Maitland (d.1709)


3i) Robert (31 Dec 1635-1671); m.Hon. Jane Mackay


4i) Jean (10 Oct 1634- ); m.Robert Stewart, of Eday


5h) Adam (15 May 1613-k.a.Nordlingen 27 Aug 1634)


6h) George (9 Feb 1616- ); m.Lady Rose Macdonnell


7h) Elizabeth; m.25 Feb 1619 James Crichton, of Frendraught


8h) Anne (d.at sea Jul 1648); m.Dec 1623 Sir Gilbert Menzies, of Pitfodels


2g) Sir Robert, of Gordonstoun, cr Baronet 1625 (14 May 1580-Mar 1654); m.16 Feb 1613 Louisa Gordon (d.Sep 1680) issue


3g) Sir Alexander (5 Mar 1585- ); m.Margaret Mcleod issue


4g) Jane (1 Nov 1574- ); m.Dec 1589 Hugh Mackay, of Farr


5g) Mary (14 Aug 1582-1605); m.David Ross, of Balnagowan


3f) Jean (d.Jan 1584); m.1st Alexander Innes, of that Ilk; m.2nd Hon. Thomas Gordon


2e) Alexander (d.Elgin 1552)


3e) Janet; m.1537 Sir Patrick Dunbar, of Cumnock


4e) Beatrice; m.William Sinclair, of Dunbeath


2d) John


1e) a dau; m.George Gordon, of Cochlarachie


3d) Adam (k.a.Pinkie 10 Sep 1547)


4d) Gilbert; m.Isabel Sinclair (killed herself in prison in Edinburgh, where she had been condemned for poisoning the 11th Earl and his wife; she had purportedly been urged into this crime by her cousin, the Earl of Caithness)


1e) a son


3c) Sir William (k.a.Flodden 1513)


4c) Sir James, of Letterfourie, ancestor of the Gordon of Letterfourie Baronets


5c) Margaret; m.Patrick Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell (d.18 Oct 1508)


6c) Elizabeth; m.William Keith, 2nd Earl Marischal (d.1526/7)


[by 2nd m.]:


7c) Catherine; m.1st Perkin Warbeck; m.2nd James Strangways; m.3rd Sir Matthew Cradock; m.4th Christopher Ashton


8c) Agnes; m.Gilbert Hay, of Kilmallock


9c) Eleanor; m.John Crichton, of Invernytie


10c) [illegitimate] Agnes; m.Sir James Ogilvy


3b) Sir Alexander, of Abergeldie; m.Beatrice Hay; ancestor of the Gordons of Abergeldie


4b) Adam (d.1528); he had illegitimate issue, whereby he was ancestor of the Gordons of Wardhouse


5b) Janet; m.Sir James Innes, of that Ilk


6b) Margaret (d.1506); m.Hugh Rose, of Kilravock (d.17 Mar 1517)


7b) Christian; m.William Forbes, 3rd Lord Forbes


8b) Elizabeth; m.1st Nicholas Hay, 2nd Earl of Erroll (d.1470); m.2nd John Kennedy, 2nd Lord Kennedy


2a) William (k.a.Brechin 18 May 1452); m.Elizabeth Meldrum; he and his descendants kept the surname Seton


1b) Alexander, of Meldrum (d.ca 1512); m.Muriella Sutherland


1c) William, of Meldrum; m.Elizabeth Leslie


1d) Alexander, of Meldrum; m.1st Agnes Gordon; m.2nd Janet Leith


1e) [by 1st m.] William, of Meldrum; m.1st Janet Gordon; m.2nd Margaret Innes


1f) [by 1st m.] Alexander, of Meldrum; m.1st Elizabeth Irvine; m.2nd Jean Abernethy


1g) [by 1st m.] Alexander (d.1590); m.1584 Christian Fraser


1h) Elizabeth, of Meldrum; m.1st 1610 John Urquhart (d.8 Nov 1631); m.2nd 1634 Alexander Fraser, 11th Lord Saltoun (Mar 1604-Fraserburgh 11 Aug 1693); Meldrum was inherited by the issue of her first marriage


2g) [by 2nd m.] John, of Meldrum (d.1619); m.Lady Grizel Stewart


3g) [by 2nd m.] William, of Meldrum; m.Anne Crichton


4g) [by 2nd m.] Margaret; m. ___ Chalmers, of Balbithan


5g) [by 2nd m.] Isabel; m. ___ Erskine, of Pittodrie


2f) [by 1st m.] John, of Lumphard, Broomhill and Mounie; m.Marjorie Panton


1g) William, of Mounie


3f) [by 1st m.] William, of Slattie


4f) [by 2nd m.] George, of Barra


5f) [by 2nd m.] James, of Bourtie, ancestor of the Setons, of Pitmedden


2e) [by 1st m.] Alexander


3e) [by 2nd m.] John


2c) Katharine; m.William Forbes, of Keldrum


3a) Elizabeth; said in Burke’s to have married Alexander Macdonald, Lord of the Isles, Earl of Ross, but this marriage not mentioned in The Complete Peerage