Sir William Cowper, of Ratlin Cort, Kent, cr Baronet 1642 (d.10 Dec 1664), m.Martha Master, and had issue:


1a) John (dvp); m.Martha Hewkley


1b) Sir William, 2nd Bt. (d.1706); m.Sarah Holled (d.3 Feb 1719)


1c) Sir William, 3rd Bt., cr 1706 Lord Cowper of Wingham, cr 1718 Earl Cowper and Viscount Fordwich (ca 1665-Cole Green 10 Oct 1723); m.1st ca 1686 Judith Booth (d.2 Apr 1705); m.2nd Sep 1706 Mary Clavering (1685-5 Feb 1724)


1d) William, 2nd Earl Cowper, took surname Clavering-Cowper 1762 (13 Aug 1709-Cole Green 18 Sep 1764); m.1st 27 Jun 1732 Lady Henrietta Nassau de Auverquerque (d.23 Sep 1747); m.2nd 1 May 1750 Lady Georgiana Caroline Spencer, née Carteret (d.Richmond 21 Aug 1780; note: The Complete Peerage gives the date as 25 August 1780, but a footnote in the Yale Edition of the Walpole Correspondence shows that it was the 21st, citing The London Chronicle as well as letters by Walpole and by Lady Mary Coke)


1e) Caroline (20 Jun 1733-2 Jun 1773); m.24 Jul 1753 Henry Seymour, of Redland Court (d.1805)


2e) George Nassau, 3rd Earl Cowper, cr 1778 a Prince of the Empire, with remainder to heirs male of his body, in recognition of his representation of the Nassaus of Auverquerque (26 Aug 1738-Florence 22 Dec 1789); m.Florence 2 Jun 1775 Hannah Anne Gore (d.Florence 5 Sep 1826)


1f) George Augustus, 4th Earl Cowper (Florence 9 Aug 1776-Cole Green 12 Feb 1799)


2f) Peter Leopold Louis Francis Nassau, 5th Earl Cowper (Florence 6 May 1778-Putney, Surrey 21 Jul 1837); m.Melbourne House 20 Jul 1805 Hon. Emily Mary Lamb (21 Apr 1787-Brocket Hall, Hants 11 Sep 1869); she was sister to the Prime Minister, Viscount Melbourne, and she m.2ndly the Prime Minister, Viscount Palmerston


1g) George Augustus Frederick, 6th Earl Cowper (London 26 Jun 1806-Maidstone 15 Apr 1856); m.London 7 Oct 1833 Lady Anne Florence de Grey (London 8 Jun 1806-London 23 Jul 1880); she suc in 1859 as Baroness Lucas of Crudwell


1h) Francis Thomas de Grey, 7th Earl Cowper, suc. mother as Lord Lucas of Crudwell, suc to Baronies of Dingwall and Butler of Moore Park on the reversal of attainder of an ancestor (London 11 Jun 1834-Panshanger 19 Jul 1905); m.London 25 Oct 1870 Lady Katrine Cecilia Compton (Castle Ashby 26 Jul 1845-Cannes 23 Mar 1913)


2h) Henry Frederick (18 Apr 1836-10 Nov 1887)


3h) Henrietta Emily Mary (26 Mar 1838-28 Jun 1853)


4h) Florence Amabell (4 Dec 1840-26 Apr 1886); m.9 Aug 1871 Hon. Auberon Edward William Molyneux Herbert; the baronies of Lucas and Dingwall devolved on their heirs


5h) Adine Eliza Anne (17 Mar 1843-20 Oct 1868); m.29 Sep 1866 Hon. Julian Henry Charles Fane (d.19 Apr 1870)


6h) Amabel Frederica Henrietta Cowper (24 Mar 1846-15 Oct 1906); m.18 Nov 1873 Lord Walter Talbot Kerr


2g) Emily Caroline Catherine Frances (6 Nov 1810-London 15 Oct 1872); m.London 16 Jun 1830 Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury (London 28 Apr 1801-Folkestone 1 Oct 1885)


3g) William Francis, took surname Copwer-Temple 1869 on inheriting Broadlands and other Palmerston estates, cr 1880 Lord Mount-Temple (Brocket Hall 13 Dec 1811-Broadlands 16 Oct 1888); m.1st London 27 Jun 1843 Harriet Alicia Gurney (d.North Runton 28 Aug 1843); m.2nd London 21 Nov 1848 Georgiana Tollemache (d.Babbacombe, Devon 17 Oct 1901)


4g) Charles Spencer (9 Jun 1816-30 Mar 1879); m.1st 1 Sep 1852 Harriet, Css d’Orsay, née Lady Harriet Anne Gardiner (d.17 Dec 1869); m.2nd 11 Apr 1871 Jessie Mary McLean


1h) Mary Harriette (1853-30 Jul 1854)


5g) Frances Elizabeth (London 9 Feb 1820-Cannes 26 Mar 1880); m.London 27 Apr 1841 Robert Jocelyn, Viscount Jocelyn (20 Feb 1816-London 12 Aug 1854)


3f) Edward Spencer (Florence 16 Jul 1779-Nice 1 Feb 1823); m.1808 Catharine Philipps


2d) Very Rev. Spencer, Dean of Durham (d.25 Mar 1774); m.19 May 1743 Hon. Dorothy Townshend (1714-1776)


3d) Sarah (d.11 Dec 1758)


4d) Anne (d.26 Mar 1750); m.1731 James Edward Colleton, of Haynes Hill


2c) Sir Spencer (1669-10 Dec 1728); m.1st Pennington Goodeve; m.2nd Mrs Theodora Stepney; all issue was by 1st m.


1d) William (d.Feb 1740); m._____


1e) William (ca 1722-27 Aug 1769); m. ___ Madan, his first cousin


2e) Spencer (ca 1726-13 Mar 1797); m.____


1f) Henry


2d) Rev. John (d.10 Jul 1756); m.1st Anne Donne (d.1737); m.2nd NN


1e) William, the poet (15 Nov 1731-25 Apr 1800)


2e) Rev. John (1737-10 May 1770)


3d) Ashley (d.1788); m._____


1e) Harriet (d.10 Jan 1807); m.Sir Thomas Hesketh, Bt. (21 Jan 1728-4 Mar 1778)


2e) Elizabeth Charlotta; m.24 Apr 1759 Sir Archer Croft, 3rd Bt. (d.30 Nov 1790)


3e) Theodora Jane


4d) Judith; m.Martin Madan


2b) Martha (d.young)


2a) Sir Edward (5 Aug 1614-10 Nov 1685)


3a) Sir William


1b) Sir John à issue


4a) Spencer (d.6 Nov 1676)


5a) James; m.Mary Wroth


6a) Henry (d.young)


7a) Mary


8a) Martha (d.6 Nov 1681); m.John Hitson [Huitson] (d.13 Apr 1689)


9a) Anne; m.John Richmond