Ulick Bourke [or de Burgh], lord of Clanricarde, cr 1543 Earl of Clanricarde and Baron of Dunkellin (d.19 Oct 1544) m.1st Grace McCoghlan, née O’Carroll; m.2nd Honora Bourke; m.3rd Maria Lynch; though he was separated from 1st wife, apparently they never divorced and she was still lving when he married his 3rd wife


1a) [ex 1] Richard, 2nd Earl of Clanricarde (d.24 Jul 1582); m.1st (div) Lady Margaret O’Brien; m.2nd 24 Nov 1553 another Lady Margaret O’Brien (d.1568); m.3rd 1568 Gille, Lady Dunboyne, née MacCarty


1b) [ex 1] Ulick, 3rd Earl of Clanricarde (d.20 May 1601); m.Athenry 25 Nov 1564 Honora Burke


1c) Richard (d.young)


2c) Richard, 4th Earl of Clanricarde, cr 1624 Viscount Tunbridge and Baron of Somerhill, cr 1628 Earl of St.Albans, and also Viscount Galway and Baron of Imanney with remainder of the last 2 titles to heirs male of 3rd Earl of Clanricarde (d.12 Nov 1635); 8 Apr 1603 Frances, Countess of Essex, née Walsingham (d.1632)


1d) Ulick, 1635 5th Earl of Clanricarde, 2nd Earl of St.Albans, etc, 1650 3rd Viscount Bourke of Clanmories, cr 1646 Marquess of Clanricarde (d.Somerhill Jul 1657); m.Dec 1622 Lady Anne Compton (d.17 Aug 1675)


1e) Margaret (d.Somerhill 14 Aug 1698); m.1st ca 1660 Charles MacCarty, Viscount Muskerry ( sea 3 Jun 1665); m.2nd 1676 Robert Villiers, alias Danvers, called Viscount Purbeck (d.Liège Apr 1684); m.3rd Robert Feilding (d.12 May 1712)


2d) Mary; m.Hon. Edward Butler


3d) Honora (19 Aug 1610-10 Mar 1662); m.1st Garrett McCoghlan, of Cloneknose (d.17 Apr 1629); m.2nd 1633 John Paulet, 5th Marquess of Winchester (ca 1598-5 Mar 1675)


3c) Sir Thomas; m.Mrs Ursula Brabazon, née Malby


4c) Sir William (d.2 Feb 1625); m.Joan O’Shaughnessy


1d) Richard, 6th Earl of Clanricarde and Baron Dunkellin, 4th Viscount Bourke of Clanmories, and apparently 3rd Viscount Galway and Baron of Imanney [though these last 2 titles never assumed, and usually considered dormant or extinct] (d.Aug 1666); m.Lady Elizabeth Butler


1e) Mary; m.Sir John Burke, of Derrymacloghny


2e) Margaret; m.Garrett Moore


2d) William, 7th Earl of Clanricarde and Baron Dunkellin, 5th Viscount Bourke of Clanmories, and apparently 4th Viscount Galway and Baron of Imanney [though these last 2 titles never assumed, and usually considered dormant or extinct] (d.Oct 1687); m.1st Lettice Shirley (ca 1617-1655); m.2nd Lady Helen Fitzgerald, née MacCarty ( 1722)


[by 1st m.]:


1e) Richard, 8th Earl of Clanricarde, etc (d.1702/4); m.1st 22 Jan 1670 Elizabeth Bagnall; may have m.2nd Anne, Countess of Warwick, née Cheke


1f) son (fl 20 Feb 1680)


2f) Dorothy; m.Alexander Pendarves, of Roscrowe


2e) John, 9th Earl of Clanricarde, etc (1642-17 Oct 1722); m.Oct 1684 Mary Talbot (d.27 Jun 1711)


1f) Michael, 10th Earl of Clanricarde, etc (d.Dublin 29 Nov 1726); m.19 Sep 1714 Mrs Anne Parker, née Smith (d.London 1 Jan 1733)


1g) John Smith, 11th Earl of Clanricarde, etc, resumed old use of DE BURGH as surname (11 Nov 1720-Portumna Castle 21 Apr 1782); m.1 Jul 1740 Hester Amelia Vincent (d.Corhampton, Hants 29 Dec 1803)


1h) Henry, 12th Earl of Clanricarde, etc, cr 1789 Marquess of Clanricarde (8 Jan 1743-Portumna Castle 8 Dec 1797); m.London 17 Mar 1785 Lady Urania Anne Paulet (d.Sydney Lodge 27 Dec 1843)


2h) John Thomas, 13th Earl of Clanricarde, etc, cr 1800 Earl of Clanricarde with remainder to male issue, then to his daus and their heirs male (22 Sep 1744-Dublin 27 Jul 1808); m.17 Mar 1799 Elizabeth Burke (d.Dublin 26 Mar 1854)


1i) Hester Catherine (16 Jan 1800-17 Feb 1878); m.Dublin 4 Mar 1816 Howe Peter Browne, 2nd Marquess of Sligo (18 May 1788-Tunbridge Wells 26 Jan 1845); their issue eventually succeeded to the 1800 Earldom of Clanricarde


2i) Ulick John, 14th Earl of Clanricarde, etc, cr 1825 Marquess of Clanricarde, cr 1826 Baron Somerhill (Belmont, Hants 20 Dec 1802-London 10 Apr 1874); m.Gloucester Lodge 4 Apr 1825 Harriet Canning (13 Apr 1804-8 Jan 1876)


1j) Elizabeth Joan (22 Feb 1826-Goldsborough Hall 26 Feb 1854); m.17 Jul 1845 Viscount Lascelles [later, Earl of Harewood] (18 Jun 1824-24 Jun 1892); their issue inherited most of the Clanricarde estates


2j) Ulick Canning, Lord Dunkellin (London 12 Jul 1827-London 16 Aug 1867)


3j) Emily Charlotte (19 Oct 1828-London 10 Oct 1912); m.London 20 Jul 1853 Richard Edmund St.Lawrence Boyle, 9th Earl of Cork and Orrery (18 Apr 1829-22 Jun 1904)


4j) Catherine (17 Nov 1829-9 Apr 1895); m.8 Aug 1850 John Weyland


5j) Margaret Anne (20 May 1831-31 Mar 1888); m.6 Mar 1856 Wentworth Blackett Beaumont [later, Lord Allendale] (11 Apr 1829-13 Feb 1907)


6j) Hubert George DE BURGH-CANNING, 2nd Marquess of Clanricarde, etc (30 Nov 1832-12 Apr 1916)


7j) Harriet Augusta (15 Feb 1834-18 Jan 1901); m.3 Mar 1859 Thomas Frederick Charles Vernon-Wentworth, of Wentworth Castle (20 Oct 1831-1 Jan 1902)


3i) Emily (13 Aug 1807-Dublin 4 Dec 1842); m.9 Jan 1826 Thomas St.Lawrence, 3rd Earl of Howth (16 Aug 1803-France 4 Feb 1874)


3h) Hester Amelia; m.William Trenchard


4h) Margaret Augusta; m.Luke Dillon


2g) Anne (d.Jan 1794); m.1735 Denis Daly, of Raford (d.14 Mar 1791)


3g) Mary; m.George Jennings


2f) John (d.Aug 1718); m.Mary Burke


3f) Ulick (d.4 Dec 1762)


4f) Thomas (d.1764); m.Mary Eustace


1g) Letitia; m.15 Feb 1776 John Whyte, of Leixlip


5f) Edward (d.7 Mar 1743 of wounds received in action at Campo Santo)


6f) William (k.a.Fontenoy 11 May 1745)


7f) Letitia; m.Sir Festus Burke, of Glinsk


8f) Bridget (d.16 Jul 1779); m.1720 Richard Dillon, 9th Viscount Dillon (1688-Feb 1737)


9f) Honora; m.John Kelly, of Clonlyon


10f) Mary; m.Garrett Moore


3e) Thomas (k.a.Buda)


[by 2nd m.]:


4e) Ulick, cr 1687 Viscount of Galway and Baron of Tyaquin (ca 1670-k.a.Aughrim 12 Jul 1691); m.30 Jul 1688 Hon. Frances Lane (4 Dec 1674-17 Dec 1713)


5e) William


6e) Margaret (1673-Kilcash 19 Jul 1744); m.1st 1689 Bryan Magennis, 5th Viscount Magennis (d.Hungary Sep 1692); m.2nd 1696 Thomas Butler, of Kilcash ( 1738)


7e) Honor (d.Pezénas, Languedoc 16 Jan 1698); m.1st ca 9 Jan 1690 Patrick Sarsfield, [Jacobite] Earl of Lucan (k.a.Landen, Flanders 29 Jul 1693); m.2nd 26 Mar 1695 James Fitzjames, Duke of Berwick (21 Aug 1670-k.a.12 Jun 1734)


5c) [possibly illegitimate by Martha Frannas] John, of Dunsandle, ct 1629 Viscount Bourke of Clanmories, with remainder to heirs male of his body, and then heirs male of the 3rd Earl of Clanricarde (d.Dunsandle 16 Nov 1633); m.Katherine Brabazon


1d) Thomas, 2nd Viscount Bourke ( 1650); 1633 Hon. Margaret Fleming


6c) Edmond, of Kilcornan (d.22 Jun 1639); m.Katherine St.Lawrence à issue


2b) [ex 2, but considered illegitimate, being born while his father’s 1st wife living] John, claimed the earldom of Clanricarde, cr 1583 Baron of Leitrim (ca 1557-killed by his brother, 3rd Earl, at Ballyfontan 11 Nov 1583); he may have m.1st ___ Barnewall (dsp), and 2nd Johanna O’Carroll


1c) Redmond, titular 2nd Lord Leitrim, though his parent’s marriage declared void; he was living in Spain 1615


1d) Ellis; m.Richard Finglass, of Wespalstown


2c) John (k.a.Ballynasloe Dec 1599)


3c) Thomas


4c) William


2a) [ex 3] John, claimed earldom 1568


3a) [illegitimate] Thomas “the Athlete”, elected head of clan on his father’’s death, but deposed and killed 1545


4a) [illegitimate] Redmond,d.1595


1b) Ulick


5a) [illegitimate] Edmund, d.1597