Part 2.



   Joscelin de Louvain and Agnes de Percy (see Part 1) had issue, who took the surname Percy and inherited the estates of that family:


1a) Henry, 1198; m.Isabel (d.after 1230) dau.of Adam de Brus, of Skleton


1b) William, d.shortly before 28 Jul 1245; m.1st Joan ( 1233) dau.of Sir William Briwere; m.2nd Ellen ( 1281) dau.of Ingram de Baliol


[by 1st m.]:


1c) Joan; m. N de Farington


2c) Agnes; m.Eustace de Baliol


3c) Alice; m.Sir Ralph Bermingham


4c) Anastasia; m.Ranulph ___


[by 2nd m.]:


5c) Sir Henry, d.1272; m.1268 Eleanor (d.after 1282) dau.of John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey


1d) John, b.1270, d.1285/93


2d) Henry, Lord Percy, Regent of England in 1298 (1273-1314); 1294 Eleanor (d.1328) sister of Sir Richard de Arundel


1e) Henry, 2nd Lord Percy (1301-1352); m.Idoine (d.1365) dau.of Robert, Lord Clifford


1f) Henry, 3rd Lord Percy, d.1368; m.1st 1334 Mary (d.1362) dau.of Henry, Earl of Lancaster; m.2nd 1365 Joan (d.1369) dau.of John, 2nd lord Orreby


1g) Henry, 1st Earl of Northumberland, Marshal and Constable of England (10 Nov 1341-19 Feb 1408); m.1st Brancepeth 12 Jul 1358 Margaret (d.May 1372) dau.of Ralph, lord Neville; m.2nd 1381 Maud, Baroness Lucy (d.18 Dec 1398) dau.of Anthony, Lord Lucy; for their descendants, see Part 2a below


2g) Thomas, Earl of Worcester (1343-1403)


1h) [illegitimate]Sir Thomas Percy, living 1418


3g) Mary (1366/7-1394); m.before 12 Jun 1382 John, Lord Ros (d.1393)


2f) Thomas, Bp of Norwich, d.1369


3f) Roger


4f) Robert


5f) William


6f) Margaret, d.1375; m.1st 1340 Sir Robert de Umfraville ( 1347); m.2nd before 25 May 1368 William, Lord Ferrers of Groby


7f) Isabel, 1368; m.before 1327 William, Lord Aton


8f) Maud, 1379; m.John, Lord Neville


9f) Alianora, 1361; m.John, Lord FitzWalter


2e) William


6c) Ingram, of Dalton Percy, d.shortly before 24 Oct 1262


7c) William, of Dalton Percy; m.Eva ___


8c) Walter


9c) Joscelin


10c) Alice


2b) Henry, of Heyshott


2a) Richard, d.1244; m.1st Alice ___; m.2d Agnes, dau.of Geoffrey de Neville


1b) [illegitimate]Henry, of Settle, living 1267


1c) Alexander


3a) Joscelin, 1239


4a) Radulf


5a) Eleanor


6a) Maud; m.before 1204 John de Daiville


7a) Lucy, a nun at Stixwould





Part 2a.



   Henry, Earl of Northumberland (see Part 2) had issue by his 1st m.:


1a) Henry "Hotspur", lord Percy (20 May 1364-k.a.Shrewsbury 21 Jul 1403); m.Elizabeth Mortimer (Usk 12 Feb 1371-20 Apr 1417)


1b) Henry, 2nd Earl of Northumberland, Constable of England (3 Feb 1393-k.a.St.Albans 22 May 1455); 1414 Eleanor Neville


1c) Henry, 3rd Earl of Northumberland (25 Jul 1421-k.a.Towton 29 Mar 1461); 1435 Eleanor de Poynings (d.Feb 1484)


1d) Henry, 4th Earl of Northumberland (1449-murdered at Cock Lodge, nr Topcliffe, Yorks 28 Apr 1489); 1476 Maud Herbert ( 1485)


1e) Henry Algernon, 5th Earl of Northumberland (14 Jan 1478-19 May 1527); m.before 1502 Catherine Spencer (d.1542)


1f) Henry, 6th Earl of Northumberland (1502-Hackney 30 Jun 1537); m.1524 Mary Talbot (d.1572); on his death because of a quirk in the law the title lapsed until revived for his nephew in 1557


2f) Sir Thomas, executed at Tyburn 2 Jun 1537; m.Eleanor Harbottle (d.1567)


1g) Thomas, 7th Earl of Northumberland from 1557 (1528-beheaded at York 22 Aug 1572); m.12 Jun 1558 Anne Somerset (d.Namur 1591)


1h) Thomas, Lord Percy, d.1560


2h) Elizabeth; m.Richard Woodroffe


3h) Lucy; m.Sir Edward Stanley


4h) Jane; m.Lord Henry Seymour


5h) Mary, a nun in Brussels


2g) Henry, 8th Earl of Northumberland ( The Tower 20/21 Jun 1585); m.1562 Catherine Nevill (d.28 Oct 1596)


1h) Henry, 9th Earl of Northumberland (1564-5 Nov 1632); m.1594 Lady Dorothy Devereux (d.3 Aug 1619)


1i) Henry, Lord Percy, d.May 1596


2i) Henry, Lord Percy (20 Jun 1596-May 1597)


3i) Algernon, 10th Earl of Northumberland (Essex House 29 Sep 1602-13 Oct 1668); m.1st before 1630 Lady Anne Cecil (1612-Dorset House 6 Dec 1637); m.2nd 1 Oct 1642 Lady Elizabeth Howard (d.11 Mar 1705)


1j) Josceline, 11th Earl of Northumberland (4 Jul 1644-Turin May 1670); m.23 Dec 1662 Lady Elizabeth Wriothesley (d.Boughton 19 Sep 1690)


1k) Henry, Lord Percy (2 Feb 1669-18 Dec 1669)


2k) Elizabeth (Petworth 26 Jan 1667-Northumberland House 23 Nov 1722); m.1st 1679 Henry Cavendish, Earl of Ogle (d.1680); m.2nd 1681 Thomas Thynne (d.1682); m.3rd Montagu House 30 May 1682 Charles Seymour, 6th Duke of Somerset (Preshute 13 Aug 1662-Petworth 2 Dec 1748)


4i) Henry (1604-1659)


5i) Dorothy (1598-1659); 1615 Robert Sydney, Earl of Leicester (d.1677)


6i) Lucy (1599-1660); m.1617 James Hay, Earl of Carlisle (d.1636)


2h) Thomas, d.1587


3h) William, d.1648


4h) Sir Charles, d.1628


5h) Sir Richard, d.1648/9


6h) Sir Alan, d.1613


7h) Sir Josceline, d.1631


8h) George, d.1632


9h) Lucy; m.1st Sir John Wotton; m.2nd Sir Hugh Owen


10h) Eleanor, d.1650; m.before 1600 William Herbert, Lord Powis (d.1656)


3f) Ingelram, d.1538


1g) [illegitimate] Isabel; m.Henry Tempest,of Broughton


4f) Margaret, d.1540; 1516 Henry Clifford, Earl of Cumberland (d.1542)


[?5f)? Burke’s and other sources have here a dau, Maud, Lord Conyers, but no such marriage is listed in the Conyers article in Cokayne]


2e) Sir William, d.shortly before 19 Sep 1540; m.before 1516 Agnes Constable


3e) Josceline, d.1532; he left descendants


4e) Eleanor, d.1530; m.1490 Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham (d.1521)


5e) Elizabeth, d.after 20 May 1512; m.Henry, Lord Scrope (d.1506)


6e) Maud, d.after 1520; m.Sir Ralph Rither (d.1520)


7e) Anne, d.1552; m.1511 William FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel (d.1544)


2c) Thomas, Lord Egremont (1422-1460)


1d) John, 2nd Lord Egremont (1459-1497)


3c) Sir Ralph, d.1464; m.Eleanor de Acton; they had descendants extinct in the male line 1611


4c) Katherine, b.1423; m.before 1459 Edmund Grey, Earl of Kent (d.1490)


2b) Elizabeth, d.1437; m.1st 1412 John, Lord Clifford (d.1422); m.2d 1426 Ralph Neville, Earl of Westmorleand (d.1484)


2a) Sir Thomas, d.1388; m.1376 Elizabeth of Strathbogie (d.after 1416)


1b) Sir Henry, of Atholl, d.1432; m.Elizabeth ___ (d.1440/1)


1c) Elizabeth, d.1455; m.1st Thomas Burgh; m.2nd Sir William Lucy


2c) Margaret, d.1464; m.1st before 5 May 1434 Henry, Lord Grey of Codnor; m.2nd Sir Richard de Vere


3a) Sir Ralph, d.1397; m.Philippa of Strathbogie (d.1395)