Part 1



Robert Fitzharding, feudal lord of Berkeley, d.1171; m.Eve ___ and had issue:


1a) Maurice FitzRobert Fitzharding, feudal lord of Berkeley (ca 1120-16 Jun 1190); m.1153/4 Alice, dau of Roger de Berkeley [who completed the building of Berkeley Castle, but was deprived of it due to the Stephen-Matilda wars]


1b) Robert de Berkeley, feudal lord of Berkeley (ca 1165-13 May 1220); m.1st Julian (d.15 Nov 1217), daughter of Robert de Pont de l’Arche by Maud, sister of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke; m.2nd 1218 Lucy ___ (d.18 Jan 1234)


2b) Thomas de Berkeley, feudal lord of Berkeley (ca 1170-29 Nov 1243); 1217 Joan, dau of Sir Ralph de Somery by Margaret, sister of William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke


1c) Maurice de Berkeley, feudal lord of Berkeley (1218-4 Apr 1281); 12 Jul 1247 Isabel ( 1276/7) dau of Richard Fitzroy, nat. son of King John


1d) Maurice ( a tournament at Kenilworth 1279)


2d) Thomas de Berkeley, feudal lord of Berkeley, summoned 1295 as Lord Berkeley (Berkeley 1245-Berkeley 23 Jul 1321); m.1267 Joan (d.19 Mar 1310) dau of William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby


1e) Maurice, 2nd Lord Berkeley (Apr 1281-d.a prisoner at Wallingford Castle 31 May 1326); m.1st ca 1289 Eve (d.5 Dec 1314) dau of Eudes la Zouche


1f) Thomas, 3rd Lord Berkeley (d.27 Oct 1361); m.1st ca 1320 Margaret (d.5 May 1337) dau of Roger Mortimer, Earl of March; m.2nd Charfield 30 May 1347 Katharine (d.13 Mar 1385), widow of Sir Piers le Veel, dau of Sir John Clivedon, of Charfield


1g) Maurice, 4th Lord Berkeley (1330-Berkeley Castle 8 Jun 1368); m.Aug 1338 Elizabeth (d.13 Jul 1389), dau Hugh Despencer


1h) Thomas, 5th Lord Berkeley (Berkeley Castle 5 Jan 1353-13 Jul 1417); m.Wingrave, Bucks Nov 1367 Margaret (d.20 Mar 1392) dau of Warin de Lisle, Lord Lisle


1i) Elizabeth de jure Baroness Berkeley, Baroness Lisle and Baroness Teyes, d.28 Dec 1422; m.Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick (d.Rouen 30 Apr 1439); by modern law, the barony cr 1295 should have devolved on her and her heirs


2h) Sir James, d.1405; m.Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Bluet, of Raglan


1i) James Berkeley, summoned 1421 as Baron Berkeley [it is not clear whether it was believed that he was entitled to the 1295 Barony as heir of entail, or that this was a Barony by Tenure as owner of Berkeley Castle, but by modern doctrine it is considered a new barony] (Raglan ca 1394-Berkleley Castle Nov 1463); m.1st a dau of Sir John St.John; m.2nd 1415 a dau of Sir Humphrey Stafford; m.3rd 1423/4 Isabel (d.27 Sep 1452), widow of William Ferrers, dau of Thomas de Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk; m.4th 1457 Joan, dau of John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury; all issue was by 3rd m., for whom see Part 2


3h) Sir John


4h) Maurice; m.Joan ___


1i) Maurice


5h) Catharine

6h) Agnes

7h) Elizabeth


2g) [ex 1] Thomas

3g) [ex 1] Roger

4g) [ex 1] Alphonsus

5g) [ex 1] Joan; m.Sir Reginald Cobham

6g) [ex 2] Thomas (27 Jun 1348- d.young)

7g) [ex 2] Maurice (27 Mat 1349- d.young)

8g) [ex 2] Edmund (10 Jul 1350-d.young)

7g) [ex 2] John (1351- ) issue, Berkeleys of Beverstone


2f) Sir Maurice; m.Margaret ___


1g) Thomas or Maurice, d.1361; m.Catherine, dau of John de Botetourt, Lord Botetourt; in 1407 her heirs became heirs to 1/3 moiety of the Barony of Botetourt


1h) Sir Maurice, d.1400; m.Joanna, dau of Sir John Dinham


1i) Maurice, of Stoke Gifford, d.1464; m.Ellen, dau of William Montfort


1j) Sir William, of Stoke Gifford, d.1501; m.Ann, dau of Sir Humphrey Stafford


1k) Richard, of Stoke Gifford, d.1514; m.Elizabeth, dau of Humphrey Coningsby; for his issue see Part 3


2k) Katharine; m.Maurice, de jure 4th Lord Berkeley (see Part 2)


2h) Edmund


3h) John


2g) Isabel


3f) John issue, Berkeleys of Shropshire


4f) Eudo


5f) Peter


6f) Millicent=Ela; 1313 John Mautravers, Lord Mautravers (ca 1290-16 Feb 1364)


7f) Isabel; m.1st Berkeley Castle Jun 1328 Robert de Clifford, 3rd Lord Clifford (5 Nov 1305-20 May 1344); m.2nd Thomas de Musgrave, Lord Musgrave ( 1385)


2e) Thomas


1f) a son


2f) Sir Thomas; m.Isabel, dau of Sir John Hamelin, of Wymondham


1g) Sir John, of Wymondham; m.Joan ___


1h) Sir John, of Wymondham, d.1374; m.Elizabeth ___


1i) Sir John, of Wymondham; m.___


1j) Sir Lawrence, of Wymondham (k.a.France 1458); m.Joan, sister of Sir Robert Woodford


1k)Sir Thomas, of Wymondham (d.1488); m.Petronell, dau of William Brokesby


1l) Sir Maurice, of Wymondham, d.1522; m.Margaret, dau of Sir John Byron, and widow of Sir William Atherton


1m) Sir Thomas, of Wymondham; m.Margaret, dau of Thomas de la Laund


1n) Maurice, of Wymondham; m.Margaret, dau of Sir John Harrington


1o) John, of Wymondham


2o) Elizabeth; m.1st Robert Pakenham; m.2nd Richard Livesey


2n) William, of Wymondham; m.Mary, dau of Roobert Baude


1o) Maurice, of Wymondham, d.1600; m.Mary Hall


1p) Sir Henry, of Wymondham, cr Baronet 1611, dsp ca 1630; m.1st ___ Mynne; m.2nd Katharine Beaumont


2p) Eleanor (1563- ); m.___ Wingfield


2k) Elizabeth; m.Sir William Hussey


3k) Alice; m.Thomas Woodford


2i) Thomas; m.___


3i) Lawrence


3e) John


4e) James, a bishop


5e) Isabel


6e) Margaret; m.1st Thomas Fitzmaurice; m.2nd Raynald Russel


3d) Robert


1e) John


1f) Margaret; m.John Yate


3b) Maud; m.Helias Giffard






Part 2



James Berkeley, 1st Lord Berkeley (see Part 1) had issue:


1a) William, 2nd Lord Berkeley, cr 1481 Viscount Berkeley, cr 1483 Earl of Nottingham, cr 1489 Marquess of Berkeley (Berkeley Castle 1426-Westminster 14 Feb 1492); m.1st 1466 (div) Elizabeth, dau of Reynold West, Lord de la Warr; m.2nd Nov 1468 Joan (d.24 Feb 1485) widow of Sir William Willoughby, dau of Thomas Strangways; m.3rd ca 1486 Anne (d.10 Sep 1497) dau of Sir Thomas Fiennes; in 1487 he settled Berkeley Castle and other estates on his own issue, but then on the King and his heirs male before his own other heirs; the next three de jure Lords Berkeley were never summoned [possibly under an assumption that the Barony went with the castle], and it was not until the 7th Lord, on the death of Edward VI, that possession of Berkeley Castle was regained


1b) [ex 2] Thomas, d.young

2b) [ex 2] Catherine, d.young


2a) Maurice, de jure 3rd Lord Berkeley (d.Sep 1506); m.1465 Isabel (d.1516), dau of Philip Mead


1b) Maurice, de jure 4th Lord Berkeley (1467-Calais 12 Sep 1523); m.Katherine, dau of Sir William Berkeley of Stoke Gifford


2b) Thomas, de jure 5th Lord Berkeley (1472-Mangotsfield, Bristol 22 Jan 1533); m.1st 1505 Eleanor (d.1525), widow of John Ingleby, and dau of Sir Marmaduke Constable; m.2nd 1526 Cicely, widow of Richard Rowdon, dau of ___ Arnold


1c) Thomas, 6th Lord Berkeley (Hovingham 1505-19 Sep 1534); m.1st 1526 Mary (dsp Mar 1533) dau of George Hastings, Earl of Huntigdon; m.2nd Apr 1533 Anne (d.Oct 1564) dau of Sir John Savage


1d) Henry, 7th Lord Berkeley (26 Nov 1534-Callowdon 26 Nov 1613); m.1st Kenninghall, Norfolk Sep 1554 Katharine (d.Callowdon 7 Apr 1596) dau of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey; m.2nd London 9 Mar 1598 Jane (d.London 3 Jan 1618) widow of Sir Roger Townshend, and dau of Sir Michael Stanhope


1e) Sir Thomas (11 Jul 1575-22 Nov 1611); m.Elizabeth (d.23 Apr 1635) dau of George Cary, 2nd Lord Hunsdon


1f) George, 8th Lord Berkeley (Low Leyton, Essex 7 Oct 1601-London 10 Aug 1658); m.London 13 Apr 1614 Elizabeth, dau of Sir Michael Stanhope


1g) Charles, drowned on passage to France 27 Jan 1641


2g) Elizabeth, d.9 Nov 1661; m.Edward Cook


3g) George, 9th Lord Berkeley, cr 1679 Earl of Berkeley and Viscount Dursley (d.14 Oct 1698); m.Morden, Surrey 11 Aug 1646 Elizabeth (d.1708) dau of John Massingberd


1h) Charles, 2nd Earl of Berkeley (8 Apr 1649-Berkeley Castle 24 Sep 1710); 1677 Elizabeth (d.30 Jul 1719) dau of Baptist Noel, Viscount Campden


1i) Charles, Viscount Dursley (17 Jun 1679-Cranford May 1699)


2i) Elizabeth [the famed Lady Betty Germain] (1680-1769); m.Sir John Germain (1650-1718)


3i) James, 3rd Earl of Berkeley (d.Aubigny, France 17 Aug 1736); 13 Feb 1711 Lady Louisa Lennox (24 Dec 1694-15 Jan 1717)


1j) Augustus Berkeley, 4th Earl of Berkeley (18 Feb 1716-Berkeley 9 Jan 1755); m.7 May 1744 Elizabeth Drax (d.29 Jun 1792)


1k) Frederick Augustus Berkeley, 5th Earl of Berkeley (24 May 1745-8 Aug 1810); m.Mary Cole (d.Cranford 30 Oct 1844); there was much dispute as to whether this marriage occurred; per Collins’ Perrage, they married at Berkeley on 30 Mar 1785 and again at Lambeth on 16 May 1796; it was finally established as having legally occurred only on 16 May 1796; some of their children were thus illegitimate, and the legitimacy of others was in dispute until 1891; most of the estates went to the eldest, illegitimate, son


1l) William Fitzhardinge Berkeley, cr 1841 Earl Fitzhardinge (26 Dec 1786-Berkeley Castle 10 Oct 1857)


2l) Maurice Frederick Fitzhardinge Berkeley, cr 1861 Lord Fitzhardinge (3 Jan 1788-Berkeley Castle 17 Oct 1867); m.1st 4 Dec 1823 Lady Charlotte Lennox; m.2d 30 Sep 1834 Lady Charlotte Reynolds-Moreton (Nov 1806-London 2 Jul 1881)


1m) Frederica Charlotte FitzHardinge Berkeley (15 Apr 1825-Hampton Court Palace 25 Nov 1920); m.Wotton-under-Edge, Glocs 2 Apr 1845 Robert Francis Gifford, 2d Lord Gifford (19 Mar 1817-13 May 1872)


2m) Francis William FitzHardinge Berkeley, 2d Lord FitzHardinge (16 Nov 1826-London 28 Jun 1896); m.East Clandon, Surrey 24 Nov 1857 Georgina Holme-Summer (d.Thornbury Castle 30 Jul 1897)


3m) Charles Paget FitzHardinge Berkeley, 3d Lord FitzHardinge (19 Apr 1830-Berkeley Castle 5 Dec 1916); m.London 6 Dec 1856 Louisa Elizabeth Lindow (d.15 Nov 1902)


4m) Fenella Fitzhardinge (1832-20 Nov 1903); m.12 Apr 1851 Henry Armytage (1 Feb 1828-18 Apr 1901)


3l) Augustus Fitzhardinge Berkeley (26 Mar 1789-1872); m.Oct 1815 Mary Dashwood-King


1m) Emily Anna Fitzhardinge Berkeley (d.13 Nov 1820)


2m) Georgina Mary Fitzhardinge Berkeley (d.4 Apr 1867); m.1842 St.Vincent William Ricketts (24 Nov 1807-26 Mar 1866)


4l) Francis Ducie Berkeley, d.Mar 1792


5l) Maria Futzhardinge Berkeley, d.May 1793


6l) Henrietta Fitzhardinge Berkeley, d.Dec 1793


7l) Francis Henry Fitzhardinge Berkeley (7 Dec 1794- )


8l) Thomas Moreton Fitzhardinge Berkeley, de jure 6th Earl of Berkeley (Cranford 19 Oct 1796-Cranford 27 Aug 1882)


9l) George Charles Grantley Fitzhardinge (10 Feb 1800- )


10l) Mary Henriette Fitzhardinge Berkeley (4 Oct 1801-19 Nov 1873)


11l) Caroline Fitzhardinge Berkeley (12 Apr 1803-20 Jan 1886); m.24 Dec 1829 James Maxse (d.3 Mar 1864)


12l) Craven Fitzhardinge Berkeley (May 1805-1 Jul 1855); m.1st 10 Sep 1839 Augusta St.Paul (d.25 May 1841); m.2d 27 Aug 1845 Charlotte Onslow (d.25 Jan 1897)


1m) Louisa Mary Berkeley, 15th Bss Berkeley (28 May 1840-10 Dec 1899); m.3 Apr 1872 Maj-Gen Gustavus Hamilton Lockwood Milman (d.28 Mar 1915)


1n) Eva Mary Fitzhardinge, 16th Bss Berkeley (4 Mar 1875-4 Dec 1964); m.5 Aug 1903 Frank Wigram Foley (d.7 Oct 1949)


1o) Mary Lalle Foley Berkeley, 17th Bss Berkeley (9 Oct 1905-1992)


2o) Hon.Cynthia Ella Foley (31 Jan 1909-1991); m.4 Aug 1937 Ernest Adolphus Leopold Gueterbock (d.1984)


1p) Anthony Fitzhardinge Gueterbock, 18th Lord Berkeley (b.20 Sep 1939); m.1st 10 Jul 1965 (div 1999) Diana Christine Townsend; m.2d 1999 Rosalind Julia Georgina Clarke issue


13l) Emily Elizabeth Berkeley (30 Apr 1807-30 Mar 1895); m.10 Aug 1839 Sydney Augustus Capel (d.1872)


2k) James (25 Jul 1747-1748)


3k – 5k) Louisa, Elizabeth and Frances, triplets, all born 28 Jul 1749, d.soon after christening


6k) Georgiana Augusta (Cranford 18 Sep 1749-Bristol 24 Jan 1820); m.1st London 27 Apr 1766 George Forbes, 5th Earl of Granard (2 Apr 1740-16 Apr 1780); m.2nd Dublin Jan 1781 Rev.Samuel Little


7k) Elizabeth (Spring Gardens 17 Dec 1750-Naples 13 Jan 1828); m.1st 30 May 1767 William Craven, 6th Lord Craven (11 Sep 1738-26 Sep 1791); m.2d 13 Oct 1791 Karl Alexander, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1736-1806)


8k) Adm Hon.Sir George Cranfield Berkeley (10 Aug 1753-1818); m.1784 Emily Charlotte Lennox


1l) Gen Sir George Frederick Henry Berkeley (9 Jul 1785-25 Sep 1857); m.Mar 1815 Lucy Sutton (d.13 Feb 1870)


1m) Caroline Mary Berkeley (27 Dec 1815-29 Dec 1882); m.30 Sep 1838 Gen Randal Rumley (d.13 Sep 1884)


2m) Charles Assheton Fitzhardinge Berkeley (10 Oct sea 25 Sep 1858)


3m) Alexander Henry Hastings Berkeley (19 Aug 1824-8 Jun 1854)


4m) George Lennox Rawdon Berkeley, 7th Earl of Berkeley (25 Feb 1827-London 27 Aug 1888); m.22 Feb 1860 Cecily Drummond, Lady Pellew (d.1 Nov 1914)


1n) Randal Mowbray Thomas Berkeley, 8th Earl of Berkeley (30 Jan 1865-15 Jan 1942); m.1st 9 Aug 1887 Kate Brand (d.Foxcombe 29 Mar 1898); m.2d 8 Nov 1924 Mary Lloyd Lowell (d.Assisi 11 Aug 1975)


2n) [born before marriage, but apparently Lord Berkeley's son by Cecily Drummond] Hastings George Fitzhardinge Berkeley; m.Aline Carla Harris


1o) Sir Lennox Randal Berkeley (12 May 1903-26 Dec 1989); m.1946 Elizabeth Freda Bernstein (d.21 Feb 2016)


1p) Michael Fitzhardinge Berkeley, 2013 Lord Berkeley of Knighton (b.1948); m.1979 Deborah Jane Coltman-Rogers (b.1938)


2p) Julian Lennox Berkeley (b.1950)


3p) Nicholas Eadnoth Berkeley (b.1956)


1q) Flora Eve Berkeley (b.1979)


2q) Jack Hastings Berkeley (b.1984)

2l) Louisa Emily Anne Berkeley (Ashling 19 Mar 1788-Hampton Court Palace 2 Nov 1877); m.1st Halifax Aug 1807 Adm Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy, Bt. (5 Apr 1869-20 Sep 1839); m.2nd London 2 Oct 1840 Charles Rose Ellis, Lord Seaford (19 Dec 1771-Wood End 1 Jul 1845)


3l) Georgiana Mary Berkeley (4 Jul 1793-1878); m.Feb 1811 Adm of the Fleet Sir George Francis Seymour (1787-1870)


4l) Mary Caroline Berkeley (18 Jun 1795-Euston Hall 10 Sep 1873); m.Lisbon 12 Jun 1812 Henry FitzRoy, 5th Duke of Grafton (1790-1863)


5l) Grenville Charles Lennox Berkeley (30 Mar 1806-30 Mar 1896); m.15 May 1827 Augusta Elizabeth Leigh (d.4 May 1877)


1m) Alice Berkeley (1829- )


2m) Georgina Louisa Berkeley (1831-22 Dec 1919); m.1877 Sydney Kerr Buller Atherley (28 Nov 1837-27 Feb 1878)


2j) Elizabeth (d.Sep 1749); m.11 Feb 1729 Anthony Henley


3j) Louisa, d.young


4i) Henry (1683-Bath 23 May 1736); m.Mary Cornewall (d.Bath 25 Apr 1741)


1j) Henry, k.a. Fontenoy 11 May 1745


2j) Lionel Spencer; m.Margaret Whitfield


1k) Velters Cornewall

2k) Henry Nicholas Lionel

3k) James

4k) George


3j) Elizabeth, d.young

4j) Mary, d.10 Mar 1755; m.Charles Morton

5j) Lucy, d.young

6j) Elizabeth; m. ___ Martin

7j) Isabella Bernardina


5i) George (1692-29 Oct 1746); m.Henrietta, Dowager Css of Suffolk, ne Hobart (d.26 Jul 1767), mistress of King George II


6i) Mary; m.Thomas Chambers, of Hanworth; one of their daus. m.Earl Temple; another m.Lord Vere of Hanworth


7i) Penelope [Diana?]


2h) Rev. George, d.Oct 1694; m.4 Mar 1689 Jane Cole


1i) Elizabeth (bap 22 Mar 1691-8 Apr 1730); m.John Brome


3h) Elizabeth, 1681; m.William Smith


4h) Theophila (1650-1705); m.1st Sir Kingsmill Lucy, 2nd Bt.; m.2nd Robert Nelson (d.16 Feb 1715)


5h) Arabella; m.William Pulteney


6h) Mary, d.19 May 1719; m.Ford Grey, 3rd Lord Grey of Werke, 1695 Earl of Tankerville (bap 1655-24 Jun 1701); m.2nd 1712 Richard Booth


7h) Henrietta


8h) Arethusa (d.11 Feb 1743); 1688 Charles Boyle, Viscount Dungarvan (d.Londesborough 12 Oct 1694)


2f) Theophila; m.Sir Robert Coke


2e) Ferdinand


3e) Mary; m.John Zouche


4e) Frances (d.29 Dec 1595); 1587 Sir Georg Shirley [later, Baronet]


5e) Joan


6e) Catherine


2d) Elizabeth (1534-1 Sep 1582); 1559 (separated 1564) Thomas Butler, 10th Earl of Ormond (1531-22 Nov 1614)


2c) Maurice; m.Frances Rowdon issue


3c) Muriel [Mary]; m.Sir Robert Throckmorton, of Coughton


4c) Jane; m.Sir Nicholas Poyntz, of Iron Acton


3b) James; m. Mrs Susan Weddall, ne Veal


1c) Mary; m.1st Sir Thomas Perrot; m.2nd Sir Thomas Johnes [Jones]


2c) Anne; m.Sir William Dennis, of Dirham


4b) Joyce; m.William Astley


3a) James, France


4a) Thomas, of Dursley (d.1484); m.Margaret, dau of Richard Guy


1b) Richard, of Dursley; m.Margaret Dyer


1c) William; m.Elizabeth Burghill


1d) Rowland, of Spetchley (d.1 Jun 1611); m.Catherine Heywood


1e) William, of Cotheridge (1582-4 Dec 1658); m.Margaret Chettle (d.29 Sep 1649)


1f) Sir Rowland, of Cotheridge (1613-1696); m.Dorothy Cave


1g) Thomas (d.Megara, Greece 1669)


2g) Elizabeth; m.Henry Green, of Wykin; their son took the surname Berkeley and is represented by the present Berkeleys of Cotheridge


3g) dau; m.Sir Thomas Steele


4g) Rebecca; m.Henry Townsend


5g) Mary; m.Richard Nash


6g) Margaret; m.William Bromley, of Holt Castle


2f) Jane; m.Henry Jeffreys, of Holm Castle


3f) Katherine; m.John Verney, of Kingeston


2e) Sir Robert, of Spetchley (1584-1656); m.Elizabeth Conyers


1f) Thomas, of Spetchley; m.Anne Darell


1g) Robert, of Spetchley (1650-1694); m.Elizabeth Blake


2g) Thomas, of Spetchley (d.1719); m.Elizabeth Holyoke


1h) John, of Spetchley (d.Eddington, Yorks 1741); m.Judith Hagon


1i) Thomas, of Spetchley (d.1742); m.Mary Ferrers


2h) Thomas, of Spetchley (1681- ); m.Mary Davis


1i) Robert, of Spetchley (d.1804); m.1st Anne Wyburn; m.2nd Catherine Fiztherbert; m.3rd Elizabeth Parry


2i) John; m.1st Catherine Bodenham; m.2nd Jane Compton


1j) [ex 1] Robert, of Spetchley; m.1792 Apollonia Lee


1k) Robert (21 May 1794-26 Sep 1874); m.24 Jan 1822 Henrietta Sophia Benfield (d.15 Dec 1857)


1l) Robert, of Spetchley (8 Oct 1823-9 Sep 1897); m.24 Mar 1851 Lady Mary Caroline Browne (d.26 Aug 1924)


1m) Robert Valentine, of Spetchley (29 Apr 1853-1940); m.20 Aug 1891 Rose Willmott (d.21 Aug 1922)


1n) Robert George Willmott (23 Apr 1898-1969); m.23 Nov 1927 Hon, Myrtle Emmaline Theresa Dormer (15 Oct 1907-1982)


1o) Robert John Grantley, of Berkeley Castle (b.24 Jul 1931); m.25 Jan 1967 Georgina Bridget Stirling-Home-Drummond-Moray issue


2o) Rosalind Magdalen Ellen (b.14 Sep 1928)


3o) Juliet Elisabeth Mary (b.6 Jun 1930)


2n) Eleanor Mary (1892-30 May 1930); m.5 Feb 1930 John Brennan (d.1961)


3n) Rosamund Mary (d.24 Mar 1894)


4n) Margaret Elizabeth, a nun (10 Jan 1902-7 Mar 1998)


2m) Maurice Henry (2 Apr 1856-1 Mar 1921)


3m) Thomas Mowbray Martin (11 Nov 1859-k.a.1916); m.12 Jun 1912 Mrs Helena Jackson, ne Koecher


4m) Hubert (25 Jun 1864-27 Apr 1942)


5m) Oswald, a monk (8 Dec 1866-29 Apr 1924)


6m) Wolstan Edward Francis (2 Nov 1870-24 Oct 1943); m.2 Jul 1913 Alice Vaughan


7m) Augusta (d.5 Nov 1877); m.9 May 1876 Charles William Francis Noel [later, 2nd Earl of Gainsborough] (d.17 Apr 1926)


8m) Mary Ida (d.14 Jan 1883); m.9 May 1876 William Fitzherbert Brockholes, of Claughton Hall (d.21 Jan 1924)


9m) Maud Ellen (d.6 Mar 1944)


10m) Agnes, a nun in Shanghai (d.9 Mar 1944)


11m) Constance Mary (d.8 Feb 1946)


12m) Etheldreda Mary (d.3 Dec 1924); m.27 Jul 1893 Joseph Chichester, of Calverleigh Court (d.2 Feb 1924)


2l) John Edward (6 Mar 1827-1847)


3l) Henry William (Feb 1830-30 Jan 1916); m.18 Apr 1872 Catherine Copeland (d.28 Jun 1916)


1m) Henry George (23 Mar 1873-13 Sep 1922)


2m) Eva Mary (27 Apr 1875-24 Nov 1965)


3m) Christopher Robert (18 Jan 1877-27 Apr 1959); m.8 May 1919 Nest Bradney


1n) Maurice (12 Jan 1921-1993); m.18 Nov 1950 Syvlia Mary Close Maudsley issue


2n) Edward Henry (5 Feb 1923-6 Nov 1962); m.21 Apr 1951 Joyce Louise Duncan issue


3n) Basil Robert (8 Oct 1925-1994); m.8 Apr 1953 Gillian Rosamund Wellesley Spencer issue


4m) Frederick (8 Jun 1879-4 Jul 1949)


5m) Andrew Joseph (26 Aug 1880-18 Apr 1949)


4l) Frederick Charles (Feb 1835-8 Jun 1866)


5l) Francis Rowland (May 1840- ); m.26 Jun 1870 Frances Weld


1m) John Joseph Francis, took surname Berkeley-Weld (1880-11 Aug 1960)


2m) Francis George (9 Jun 1882-12 Mar 1935)


3m) Eleanor, a nun (d.27 Sep 1949)


6l) Mary Frances (d.1841)


7l) Harriet Eliza (d.26 Nov 1878)


8l) Agnes Mary Caroline, a nun (d.16 Jul 1860)


9l) Emily Jane (d.20 Jan 1919); m.31 Oct 1855 Simon Thomas Scrope, of Danby Hall


10l) Mary (d.3 Jun 1901); m.29 Sep 1857 Rudolph William Basil Feilding, 8th Earl of Denbigh (d.10 Mar 1892)


2k) John Stanford


3k) Mary


4k) Eliza


5k) Catherine


2j) [ex 2] Catherine (d.1823); m.Robert Canning, of Foxcote


3j) [ex 2] Jane (d.Hindlip 26 Oct 1853); m.7 May 1799 Thomas Anthony Southwell, 3rd Viscount Southwell (Hammersmith 25 Feb 1777-29 Feb 1860)


3e) Edward


4e) John; m.Elizabeth Turner


5e) Henry


6e) Thomas


7e) Dorothy; m.Thomas Wyld


8e) Katherine; m.William Worfield


9e) Elizabeth; m.Robert Crosby


10e) Eleanor; m.John Frogmer


11e) Jane; m.___ Stinton


12e) Joan; m.1st Henry Bright; m.2nd Edward Annesley


13e) Mary; m.Edward Wynne


14e) Anne; m.Thomas Moore


15e) Joyce; m.___ Newton


5a) Elizabeth; m.Thomas Burdett, of Arrow


6a) Isabel; m.Thomas Trye, of Hardwick, Glocs


7a) Alice; m.Richard Arthur, of Clapton




Part 3



Richard Berkeley, of Stoke Gifford (See part 1) had issue:


1a) Sir John, of Stoke Gifford (d.1540); m.Isabella, dau of William Dennys


1b) Sir Richard, of Stoke Gifford (d.1604); m.1st Elizabeth Ann Reade (dsp); m.2nd Elizabeth Jermy


1c) Henry, of Stoke Gifford (d.1606); m.Mary Throckmorton


1d) Richard, of Stoke Gifford (d.12 May 1661); m.1st Mary Roe; m.2nd Jane Murcott (dsp)


1e) Sir Maurice (d.1654); m.1st Elizabeth Coke; m.2nd ___ Tipping


1f) [ex 2] Richard, of Stoke Gifford (d.1671); m.Elizabeth Symms


1g) George, of Stoke Gifford (d.1685)


2g) John Symms, of Stoke Gifford (1 Feb 1662-1736); m.Elizabeth, Dowager Viscountess Hereford, ne Norborne (26 Mar 1678-16 Nov 1742)


1h) Norborne, for whom in 1764 the Barony of Botetourt was called out of abeyance (1717-Virginia 15 Oct 1770)


2h) Elizabeth (17 Jan 1719-8 Apr 1799); m.1 May 1740 Charles Noel Somerset, 4th Duke of Beaufort (d.1756); the Barony of Botetourt was revived for her son


2f) [ex 1] Frances


2e) John

3e) Thomas

4e) Giles

5e) Richard

6e) Robert, of Eycotts; m.Rebecca Stretton

1f) Richard

2f) Robert

3f) John

4f) Rebecca

5f) Mary

6f) Muriel

7f) Frances

7e) Elizabeth

8e) Muriel

9e) Catherine

10e) Mary

11e) Margaret


2d) Margaret; m.John Tomlinson


2c) William

3c) Elizabeth; m.Sir Thomas Throckmorton, of Tortworth

4c) Catharine; m.R Lee

5c) Mary; m.Sir John Hungerford

6c) Anne

7c) Dorothy


2b) Mary; m.1st Nicholas Walsh; m.2nd William Herbert


3b) Elizabeth; m.Henry Lison


2a) Sir Maurice, of Bruton (d.1581); m.1st Catherine (d.25 Feb 1559), dau of William Blount, Lord Mountjoy; m.2nd Elizabeth (d.16 Jun 1585), dau of Anthny Sandes


[by 1st m.]:


1b) Sir Henry, of Bruton (d.1601); m.Margaret Lygon


1c) Sir Maurice (d.1617); m.Elizabeth Killegrew


1d) Charles, 2nd Viscount Fitzhardinge (14 Dec 1599-Whitehall 12 Jun 1668); m.St.Breage, Cornwall 6 Sep 1627 Penelope Godolphin (d.1669)


1e) Maurice, 3rd Viscount Fitzhardinge (1628-13 Jun 1690); m.1 Jan 1649 Anne Lee (1623-1704)


2e) Charles, cr 1663 Viscount Fitzhardinge and Baron Berkeley of Rathdowne, with remainder to his father and his heirs, cr 1664 Earl of Falmouth and Baron Botetourt of Langport (1629/ sea 3 Jun 1665); m.18 Dec 1664 Mary Bagot (d.12 Sep 1679)


1f) Mary (d.1693); m.(div 1684) Gilbert Cosyn Gerrard [later, 2nd Bt.]


3e) Sir William ( sea 1666)


4e) John, 4th Viscount Fitzhardinge (1650-Windsor 19 Dec 1712); m.Barbara Villiers (d.19 Sep 1708)


1f) Mary (d.3 Jun 1741); m.London 27 May 1703 Walter Chetwynd, Viscount Chetwynd (d.21 Feb 1736)


2f) Frances; m.Sir Thomas Clarges, 2nd Bt. (d.19 Feb 1759)


2d) Sir Henry


3d) Sir Maurice


4d) Sir William


5d) John, cr 1658 Lord Berkeley of Stratton (1606/7-Twickenham 28 Aug 1678); m.Mrs Christian Gayer, ne Riccard

(1639-27 Aug 1698)


1e) Charles, 2nd Lord Berkeley of Stratton (18 Jun sea 6 Mar 1682)


2e) John, 3rd Lord Berkeley of Stratton (d.27 Feb 1697); m.8 Mar 1692 Jane Martha Temple (1672-Whitehall 26 Jun 1751)


3e) William, 4th Lord Berkeley of Stratton (d.Bruton 24 Mar 1741); m.Frances Temple (d.16 Jul 1707)


1f) John, 5th Lord Berkeley of Stratton (d.Bruton Abbey 18 Apr 1773); m.Elizabeth ___


2f) William, sea 25 Mar 1733


3f) Charles (21 Jun 1701-1765); m.1745 Frances West


1g) Sophia (6 Aug 1747-Ruislip 16 Apr 1825); m.London 30 Mar 1769 John Wodehouse, Lord Wodehouse (4 Apr 1741-29 May 1834)


4f) Jane


5f) Frances (d.1757); m.1st Kensongton 3 Dec 1720 William Byron, 4th Lord Byron (4 Jan 1670-Newstead Abbey 8 Aug 1736); m.2nd 31 Jul 1740 Sir Thomas Hay, Bt. (d.26 Nov 1769)


6f) Barbara; m.1726 John Trevanion


7f) Anna (d.1739); m.1737 James Cocks


4e) Anna; m.Sir Dudley Cullum, Bt.


6d) Margaret


7d) Jane


2c) Sir Henry Berkeleys of Yarlington


3c) Sir Edward, of Pylle (d.1654); m.Margaret Holland


1d) Edward, of Pylle (d.1669); m.Philippa, dau of George Speke by Joan Portman


1e) Edward, of Pylle; m.Elizabeth Ryves


1f) William, took surname Portman; m.Anne Seymour; his issue were surnamed Portman, and include the present Viscounts Portman


2b) Edward

3b) Gertrude; m.Edward Horne

4b) Elizabeth; m.James Percival

5b) Anne; m.Nicholas Poynings

6b) Frances

[by 2nd m.]:

7b) son

8b) son

9b) dau


3a) a dau; m.Sir Thomas Speke


4a) a dau; m.William Francis