POWER / de la POER






Part 1: Power / de la Poer



Nicholas Power [or le Poer], is said by some to have been summoned to the Irish Parliament in 1375 and later as Baron Le Poer, resulting in a hereditary peerage; its existence was confirmed by the Irish House of Lords, and confirmed by the Crown, in 1767; however, GEC asserts that no such Barony was created; at any rate, Nicholas had issue:


1a) Richard, sometimes called 2nd Baron Le Poer, and said to have been cr 1452 Lord Le Poer, Baron of Curraghmore (d.3 Oct 1483); he m.Katherine Butler


1b) Piers, sometimes called 3rd Lord Le Poer and 2nd Baron of Curraghmore; m.a dau of Gerald Fitzgerald, Lord of the Decies


1c) Richard, cr 1535 Baron of Le Power and Coroghmore, in tail male (k.a.ca 1539); m.by 1526 Lady Katherine Butler (d.17 Mar 1553)


1d) Piers, 2nd Lord Le Power and Coroghmore (d.Calais 1544)


2d) John, 3rd Lord Le Power and Coroghmore (ca 1530-8 Nov 1592); m.1st Lady Eleanor Fitzjohn; m.2nd Ellen, Viscountess Barry, née MacCartie


1e) Richard, 4th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore (ca 1553-Coroghmore 8 Aug 1607); m.Hon. Catherine Barry


1f) John (k.1600); m.Hon. Helen Barry


1g) John, 5th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore (d.1662); m.Ruth Pyphoe (d.1640/2)


1h) Richard, 6th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore, cr 1673 Earl of Tyrone and Viscount of Decies (1630-Tower of London 1690); m.1654 Lady Dorothy Annesley


1i) Arthur (d.young)


2i) John, 2nd Earl of Tyrone (ca 1665-Dublin 14 Oct 1693); m.Lambeth Chapel 20 May 1673 (annulled) Catherine Fitzgerald


3i) James, 3rd Earl of Tyrone (1667-19 Aug 1704); m.13 Dec 1692 Anne Rickard (d.Bath 26 Sep 1729)


1j) Katherine (29 Nov 1701-Jul 1769); m.16 Jul 1717 Marcus Beresford, Earl of Tyrone (see Part 2, below); they inherited the Curraghmore estates of the Power family; it was she who in 1767 claimed the apparently fictitious 1375 Barony of Le Poer, and had it confirmed to her, possibly thereby having a new peerage of that name


2h) Pierce, of Killowen (d.1668/9); m.Hon. Honora Bourke à issue, extinct in male line

3h) Robert

4h) John (d.22 Sep 1656)

5h) David (d.17 Aug 1661)

6h) Ellen; m.Thomas Walsh

7h) Catherine (d.1660); m.John Fitzgerald, of Dromana, Lord of the Decies

8h) Margaret

9h) Mary


2g) Eleanor; m.ca 1625 Maurice Roche, 8th Lord Fermoy (d.1670)

3g) Katherine; m.Garrett Butler


2f) Piers, of Monalargie; m.Lady Katherine Butler


1g) Piers, of Monalargie, attainted 1641


1h) John, attainted 1688, but otherwise entitled to suc as 9th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore, and was so styled (d.Paris 20 Aug 1725); m.ca 1692 Catherine Eustace


1i) James (d.1695)

2i) Alexander (1696-1699)

3i) Piers (1699-1701)

4i) Henry, styled 10th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore (1699 [twin] – Dublin 5 May 1742)

5i) Charlotte, a nun (1700-    )

6i) Clare, a nun (1702-    )


2h) Eleanor; m.Edmond Power, of Gurteen (below)


3f) Thomas


4f) Edmond


5f) Julia; m.1615 Thomas Fitzmaurice, 17th Lord Kerry (1574-3 Jun 1630)


6f) Elizabeth; m.1st Hon. David Barry (d.1604/5); m.2nd Patrick Sherlock


7f) Eleanor; m.David Condon


2e) Piers, of Clondonnel and Rathgormycke (d.26 May 1597); m.Margaret Butler


1f) Richard, of Clondonnel and Rathgormycke (d.28 Feb 1635); m.Elinor Butler


1g) John, of Rathgormycke; m.ca 1629 Ellen McGrath


1h) Piers, of Knocklafala and Rathgormycke (dsp)


2h) Richard, of Ballydrimney (d.5 Apr 1705); m.Hellen Power


1i) Bridget; m.14 Sep 1702 Francis FitzJohn MacNamara, of Cratloe

2i) Mary; m.John Power, of Gurteen (below)

3i) Mercy (d.1703)


2g) Piers; m.Mrs Margaret Power, née Lee


1h) John (dsp)


2h) Edmond, of Gurteen (d.1698); m.Eleanor Power (above)


1i)Pierce (dsp)


2i) Sir John, of Gurteen [but for the attainders of the 9th Lord and his father, 11th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore] (d.Grange May 1743); m.Mary Power (above)


1j) Helen; m.Hyacinth Cheevers, sometimes mistakenly called 2nd [Jacobite] Viscount Mount Leinster (d.1758)

2j) Mary

3j) Bridget

4j) Katherine; m.1733 John Power, of Clashmore

5j) Elizabeth (d.1752); m.13 Apr 1739 Edmond Power (below)


3i) William, of Gurteen [but for the attainders of the 9th Lord and his father, 12th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore] (d.5 Aug 1755); m.Helen Roche


4i) Richard (d.1717); m.Martha Fitzgerald


5i) James, of Gurteen [but for the attainders of the 9th Lord and his father, 13th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore] (d.1757); m.Mary Higgins


1j) Edmond, of Gurteen [but for the attainders of the 9th Lord and his father, 14th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore]; m.1st 17 Apr 1739 Elizabeth Power (d.1752; above); m.2nd 1753 Mary O’Brien


1k) William, of Gurteen [but for the attainders of the 9th Lord and his father, 15th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore] (1745-Ballydine 1813); m.10 Sep 1765 Mary de la Mar


2k) John; m.1774 Joanna O’Meagher (d.1801)


1l) Edmond, of Gurteen [but for the attainders of the 9th Lord and his father, 16th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore] (1775-29 May 1830); m.29 May 1815 Anastatia Lalor (d.Florence 3 Aug 1852)


1m) John William, of Gurteen [but for the attainders of the 9th Lord and his father, 17th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore] (1816-12 May 1851); m.30 Apr 1840 Frances Power (d.28 Jan 1893); she took the surname Le Poer for herself and her children


1n) Edmond James de Poher DE LA POER, of Gurteen [but for the attainders of the 9th Lord and his father, 18th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore], cr a papal Count 1864 (6 Mar 1841-London 30 Aug 1915); m.1 Jun 1881 Hon. Mary Olivia Monsell (d.in Ireland aged 85)


1o) John William Rivallon de Poher [but for the attainders of the 9th Lord and his father, 19th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore; petitioned for restoration 1920 and recognized as heir, but attainders not reversed], 2nd Count de la Poer (Pau 10 Mar 1882-27 Mar 1939); m.2 Jul 1907 Muriel Best (8 Oct 1884-19 Jan 1936)


1p) Frances Elinor Mary (16 Apr 1908-    ); m.1 Aug 1933 Geoffrey Fortescue Mandeville (k.a.11 Aug 1942)


2p) Patricia Mary (19 Mar 1909-6 May 1960); m.10 Feb 1940 Denis Armstrong


3p) Edmond Robert Arnold [but for the attainders of the 9th Lord and his father, 20th Lord Le Power and Coroghmore], 3rd Count de la Poer (25 Feb 1911-20 Nov 1995); m.30 Jan 1937 Rosemary Ann Capel Miers (25 Feb 1910-1985)


4p) Mary Valerie Meynella (13 Feb 1914-2 Jan 1970); m.23 Sep 1941 Rowland Charles Symonds


5p) John Piers Anthony (2 Apr 1916-24 Aug 1943); m.24 Jun 1939 Felicity Veevers Carter (1917-1975)


1q) Anthony Edmond Rivallon (b.1940); m.12 Sep 1964 Elizabeth Mary Hurndall


1r) Richard James Edmond (b.1969)

2r) Catherine Mary (b.1970)

3r) Emma Louise (b.1974)


2q) Nigel Kevin (b.1941)


6p) Denise Yseult Mary (2 Feb 1919-    ); m.5 Sep 1939 James Henry Wilkinson


2o) Edmond Alain Trémeur de Poher (30 Apr 1883-1964)


3o) Elinor Mary Tréfine de Poher (21 May 1884-24 Jun 1973); m.17 Dec 1907 Humphrey Frederick Weld, of Chideock


4o) William Stephen Arnold Trémeur de Poher (8 Nov 1885-London 13 Jun 1936)


5o) Ermyngarde Berthe Frances de Poher (7 Jun 1887-24 Nov 1967); m.9 Jun 1908 Frederick Barnard Elliot


6o) Mary Frances Yseult de Poher (1889-    )


2n) John (1842-1851)


3n) William Gervase (2 Jun 1843-11 Jul 1922); m.2 Sep 1879 Mary Anastatia Power-Lalor (below)


4n) Harriette Anastatia (22 Feb 1845-26 Mar 1916); m.17 Jun 1869 Sir Charles John Stanley Gough


5n) Raymond (6 Mar 1846-2 May 1922); m.6 Apr 1873 Emily Frances Lloyd Warde


6n) Mary (1847-8 Feb 1925); m.25 Jun 1867 Samuel Perry, of Woodroff (1839-1909)


7n) Arnold (17 Oct 1849-17 Oct 1883)


8n) Anastatia; m.15 Jul 1875 Sir John Nugent, Bt.


9n) Frances Vincent (1852-5 Sep 1925); m.Gammonsfield, Clonmel 5 Sep 1881 Thomas William Gaston Monsell, 2nd Lord Emly (5 Mar 1858-24 Nov 1932)


2m) Edmond James POWER-LALOR, of Long Orchard (18 Oct 1817-4 Aug 1873); m.1858 Mary Frances Ryan


1n) Edmond George (b.and d.1860)


2n) George Richard, of Long Orchard (29 Aug 1864-    ); m.22 Nov 1910 Mrs Stella Keegan, née Browne


3n) Mary Anastatia (d.27 Aug 1908); m.2 Sep 1879 William Gervase de la Poer (above)


4n) Coralie Evelyn Mary (d.9 Feb 1910); m.2 Jan 1889 William Anthony Burke (2 Apr 1866-8 Feb 1939)


3m) Richard Francis (d.1880); m.3 Mar 1849 Sara Gordon


1n) Anastatia (d.17 Oct 1895)


2n) Mary (d.14 Nov 1894); m.1843 George Ryan


4m) Mary (d.1880); m.1846 Henry Petre, of Dunkenhalgh


5m) Ellenor (d.1888); m.1843 Patrick William Power, of Pembrokestown


2l) James, of Ballydine (d.11 Jun 1854); m.Katherine Butler


1m) Edmond (d.Madeira 5 Dec 1838)


3l) William (d.1839)

4l) Honora; m.1st Maj.Quinn; m.2nd William Talbot, of Castle Talbot

5l) Elizabeth

6l) Eleanor


3k) James

4k) Richard

5k) Elizabeth; m.Francis Mandeville

6k) Katherine; m.William Howley

7k) [ex 2] Eleanor; m.Peter Lynch


2j) Richard

3j) Ellen

4j) Magdalen


3h) Katherine; m.Garratt Gough, of Ballyvanin


3g) James

4g) Edmond

5g) William

6g) Honora; m.Edmond Power, of Curraghkealyl


3e) Katherine; m.Hon. Piers Butler

4e) Margaret; m.1585 James Fitzgerald, titular Earl of Desmond (d.1607)


3d) Katherine; m.Sir Nicholas Devereux, of Ballymagir

4d) Ellice; m.Sir Thomas Fitzgerald


2c) Piers, of Brenane

3c) Nicholas, of Corduffe

4c) Sir William

5c) Katherine; m.Sir John Grace


2b) Richard, of Feddans

3b) Sir Edmond, of Castlemore






Part 2: Beresford



Sir Tristram Beresford, cr Baronet 1665 (d.15 Jan 1673); m.1st Anne Rowley; m.2nd Sarah Sackville


[by 1st m.]:


1a) Sir Randal, 2nd Bt. (d.1681); m.ca 1663 Hon. Catherine Annesley (d.3 Apr 1701)


1b) Sir Tristram, 3rd Bt. (1669-16 Jun 1701); m.Feb 1687 Hon. Nicola Sophia Hamilton (23 Feb 1666-23 Feb 1713)


1c) Sir Marcus, 4th Bt., cr 1720 Viscount of Tyrone and Baron Beresford, cr 1746 Earl of Tyrone (16 Jul 1694-Tyrone House, Dublin 4 Apr 1763); m.16 Jul 1717 Lady Katherine Power (above), dau of the 3rd Earl of Tyrone


1d) James (d.young)


2d) Marcus (b.1727, d.young)


3d) Marcus (b.23 Dec 1733, d.young)


4d) George de la Poer, 2nd Earl of Tyrone, cr 1786 Baron Tyrone of Haverfordwest, cr 1789 Marquess of Waterford (8 Jan 1735-Curraghmore 3 Dec 1800); m.Dublin 19 Apr 1769 Elizabeth Monck (1742-Golden Hill, Hampstead 15 Jan 1816)


1e) Marcus, Lord La Poer (17 Mar 1771-Curraghmore 10 Aug 1783)


2e) Henry de la Poer, 2nd Marquess of Waterford (23 May 1772-Carmarthem 16 Jul 1826); m.London 29 Aug 1805 Lady Susanna Hussey Carpenter (15 Jul 1784-London 7 Jun 1827)


1f) Sarah Elizabeth (10 Nov 1807-Ashridge Park 13 Oct 1884); m.London 8 Nov 1828 Henry John Chetwynd-Talbot, 18th Earl of Shrewsbury and Waterford (8 Nov 1803-4 Jun 1868)


2f) George de la Poer, Earl of Tyrone (27 Jul 1810-London 8 Jul 1824)


3f) Henry de la Poer, 3rd Marquess of Waterford (London 26 Apr 1811-Corbally 29 Mar 1859); m.London 8 Jun 1842 Hon. Louisa Stuart (Paris 14 Apr 1818-Ford Castle 12 May 1891)


4f) John de la Poer, 4th Marquess of Waterford (Tyrone House, Dublin 27 Apr 1814-Curraghmore 6 Nov 1866); m.Glasslough 20 Feb 1843 Christiana Leslie (d.London 19 May 1905)


1g) John Henry de la Poer, 5th Marquess of Waterford (London 21 May 1844-shot himself to death at Curraghmore 23 Oct 1895); m.Badminton 21 Jul 1874 Lady Elizabeth Adelaide Blanche Somerset (26 Mar 1856-Curraghmore 22 Feb 1897)


1h) Henry de la Poer, 6th Marquess of Waterford (28 Apr 1875-1 Dec 1911); m.16 Oct 1897 Lady Beatrix Frances FitzMaurice (25 Mar 1877-5 Aug 1953)


1i) John Charles de la Poer, 7th Marquess of Waterford (6 Jan 1901-25 Sep 1934); m.14 Oct 1930 Juliet Mary Lindsay (Willesley House, Tetbury, Glocs 27 Jan 1904-1987)


1j) John Hubert de la Poer, 8th Marquess of Waterford (14 Jul 1933-11 Feb 2015); m.23 Jul 1957 Lady Caroline Wyndham Quin (b.1936)


1k) Henry Nicholas de la Poer, 9th Marquess of Waterford, b.23 Mar 1958; m.1986 Amanda Thompson


1l) Richard John de la Poer, Earl of Tyrone, b.19 Aug 1987; m.30 Sep 2017 Flora Richardson


2l) Marcus Patrick de la Poer, b.1990

3l) Camilla Juliet de la Poer, b.1995


2k) Charles Richard de la Poer, b.1960; m.1984 Maria Teresa Phillips


1l) Carolina de la Poer, b.1989

2l) William de la Poer, b.1990

3l) Thomas Charles de la Poer, b.1996


3k) James Patrick de la Poer, b.1965; m.1989 Avril Murphy


4k) Alice Rose de la Poer, b.1970


2j) Patrick Tristram de la Poer, b.16 Jun 1934; m.26 Nov 1964 (div 1971) Julia Williamson


1k) Valentine Tristram de la Poer, b.1965; m.1993 Evelyne Hoskin


1l) Ferdinand John Patrick, b.1994

2l) Ludovic William, b.1998


2k) Samantha Julia de la Poer, b.1969; m.2001 Philip Joseph Ware


2i) William de la Poer (30 May 1905-24 Nov 1973); m.29 Nov 1945 Rachel Page (d.2000)


1j) Meriel de la Poer, b.1948; m.1970 Joseph Power

2j) Nicola de la Poer, b.1951; m.1976 (sep 1993) Andreas Minihan


3i) Hugh Tristram de la Poer (1 Oct 1908-k.a.off Crete 23 May 1941)


4i) Blanche Maud de la Poer (13 Oct 1898-k.in car crash 29 Sep 1940); m.Westminster Cathedral 26 Oct 1927 Richard Désiré Girouard (1905-1989)


5i) Katharine de la Poer (23 Dec 1899-1991); m.14 Oct 1926 Maj-Gen David Dawnay (10 Jul 1903-Whitfield Court, co Waterford 3 Oct 1971)


6i) Beatrix Patricia de la Poer (23 Dec 1902-19 Jun 1986 [1970?]); m.7 Jul 1926 Lynden Roberts Miller (d.1973)


2h) Mary (30 Apr 1877-31 May 1877)


3h) Susan de la Poer (30 Apr 1877-30 Oct 1947); m.28 Apr 1902 Hon Hugh Dawnay (19 Sep 1875-k.a.6 Nov 1914)


4h) Clodagh de la Poer (6 Aug 1879-17 Apr 1957); m.27 Feb 1901 Hon Claud Anson (11 Jan 1864-25 Dec 1947)


2g) Charles William de la Poer, cr 1911 Baron Beresford of Metemmeh and Curraghmore (10 Feb 1846-6 Sep 1919); m.25 Jun 1878 Mina Gardner (d.26 May 1922)


1h) Kathleen Mary de la Poer (1879-30 Sep 1939); m.8 Jul 1913 Edmund Raoul Blacque (d.4 Aug 1954)


2h) Eileen Theresa Lucy de la Poer (1889-2 Jun 1939)


3g) William Leslie de la Poer (20 Jul 1847-28 Dec 1900); m.30 Apr 1895 Mrs Lillian Warren Hammersley, née Price, Dowager Dss of Marlborough (d.11 Jan 1909)


1h) William Warren de la Poer (4 Feb 1897-28 Jan 1919)


4g) Sir Marcus Talbot de la Poer (25 Dec 1848-16 Dec 1922); m.28 Aug 1895 Louisa Katherine Ridley (d.1 Oct 1920)


5g) Delaval James de la Poer (19 Jan 1862-22 Dec 1906)


3e) Most Rev. John George, Archbishop of Armagh (22 Nov 1773-19 Jul 1862)


4e) George Thomas (12 Feb 1781-26 Oct 1839); m.22 Nov 1808 Harriet Beccles Schutz (d.28 Apr 1860)


1f) Elizabeth Harriet Georgiana (d.25 Jan 1889); m.8 Feb 1849 Henry Eden (d.30 Jan 1888)


2f) Harriet Susan Isabella (d.18 Apr 1859); m.13 Apr 1844 George Dunbar (d.12 Aug 1875)


3f) Caroline Susan Catherine (d.8 Mar 1866); m.19 Sep 1840 Hon. Edward Kenyon


5e) Isabella Anne (d.7 May 1850); m.1 Apr 1812 Sir John William Head Brydges (d.6 Sep 1839)


6e) Elizabeth Louisa (d.6 Jan 1856); m.1st 10 Jul 1816 Sir Denis Pack (d.24 Jul 1823); m.2nd 12 Feb 1831 Sir Thomas Reynell, Bt. (d.10 Feb 1848)


7e) [illegitimate] William Carr BERESFORD, cr 1814 Baron Beresford of Albuera and Dungarvan, cr 1823 Viscount Beresford of Beresford (2 Oct 1768-Bedgebury Park 8 Jan 1854); m.London 29 Nov 1832 Hon. Mrs Louisa Hope, née Beresford (below)


8e) [illegitimate] Sir John, cr Baronet 1814 (d.2 Oct 1844); m.1st May 1809 Mary Molloy (d.Jul 1813); m.2nd 17 Aug 1815 Harriet Elizabeth Peirse (d.28 Feb 1825); m.3rd 26 May 1836 Mrs Amelia Peach, née Baillie (d.Paris 17 Dec 1862) à issue, the Beresford-Peirse Baronets


5d) John (14 Mar 1738-5 Nov 1805); m.1st 12 Nov 1760 Anne Constantia de Ligondes (d.26 Oct 1770); m.2nd 4 Jun 1777 Barbara Montgomery (d.2 Dec 1788)


1e) Marcus (14 Feb 1764-16 Nov 1797); m.25 Feb 1791 Lady Frances Arabella Leeson (d.May 1840)


1f) John Theophilus (1792-k.a.Spain 19 Jan 1812)


2f) William (17 Apr 1797-6 Oct 1883); m.19 Dec 1833 Catherine Heneage (d.16 Jun 1895)


1g) Mostyn de la Poer (6 Dec 1835-19 Aug 1911)


2g) Edward Marcus (11 Dec 1836-14 Jan 1896)


3g) Frances Araballa (d.7 May 1924); m.27 Aug 1867 Hon. Reginald Grimston Standish O’Grady (d.25 Dec 1874)


2e) Rt.Rev. George, Bp of Kilmore and Ardagh (19 Jul 1765-16 Oct 1841); m.1794 Frances Bushe (d.May 1843)


1f) John (Apr 1796-16 Sep 1856); m.6 May 1822 Harriet Eliza Wylly (d.11 Oct 1857)


1g) George William (5 Jun 1823-7 Jul 1903); m.19 Jun 1848 Elizabeth Hannah Nicholson Maclean à issue, extant in male line


2g) Marcus Wylly de la Poer (22 Feb 1825-12 Feb 1902); m.24 Jan 1852 Charlotte Blakeney (d.31 Oct 1906) à issue, extinct in male line


3g) John Hill de la Poer (15 May 1832-3 Aug 1863); m.26 Mar 1859 Emma Macleod à issue, extinct


4g) Henry Clements (1835-drowned 19 Sep 1865); m.23 Jun 1857 Matilda Hincks (d.1 Jan 1884)


5g) Mary Bayley (d.4 Jun 1909); m.29 Apr 1862 Shadwell Henry Clerke (d.1891)


2f) Most Rev. Marcus Gervaise, Archbishop of Armagh (14 Feb 1801-26 Dec 1885); m.1st 25 Oct 1824 Mrs Mary Dogby, née L’Estrange (d.31 Dec 1845); m.2nd 6 Jun 1850 Mrs Elizabeth Bomford, née Kennnedy


1g) George de la Poer (22 Apr 1831-3 Aug 1906); m.24 Apr 1860 Mary Annabella Vernon Harcourt (d.11 Jul 1917) à issue, extant in male line


2g) Henry Marcus (2 Mar 1835-5 Feb 1895); m.10 Apr 1861 Julia Ellen Maunsell (d.13 Oct 1923) à issue, extinct in male line


3g) Charlotte Henrietta (d.15 Sep 1884); m.16 Aug 1853 Henry Beilby William Milner (d.7 Jun 1876)


4g) Mary Emily (d.12 Aug 1858); m.16 Aug 1853 Thomas Heywood (d.2 Apr 1915)


3f) George de la Poer (d.6 Jun 1826)


4f) Charlotte Mary (d.1851); m.1st 2 May 1812 Frederick Lumley-Savile, of Tickhill Castle (d.27 Feb 1837); m.2nd 20 Jul 1839 Robert Henry Southwell, of Castle hamilton


5f) Frances (d.17 Nov 1833); m.19 Jun 1824 Rev. Hon. Francis Howard (d.16 Feb 1857)


3e) John Claudius (23 Oct 1766-3 Jul 1846); m.3 Mar 1795 Elizabeth M’Kenzie Menzies


1f) John Claudius (6 Dec 1799-23 Nov 1866); m.7 Apr 1836 Catherine Cuddy


4e) Rev. Charles Cobbe (2 Oct 1770-    ); m.22 Nov 1795 Amelia Montgomery (d.14 Mar 1839)


1f) Rev. John Isaac (13 Oct 1796-9 Feb 1847); m.13 Jun 1824 Sophia White (d.27 Nov 1858)


1g) George Robert (18 Oct 1830-6 Apr 1871)


2g) Emily Sarah (d.28 Jul 1893); m.6 May 1851 Very Rev. John Maunsell Massy, later Massy-Beresford, Dean of Kilmore (d.22 Oct 1886)


3g) Harriette Selina (d.13 Feb 1919); m.29 Apr 1856 William Allan Woddrop


2f) George John (21 Jul 1807-11 Feb 1864); m.1st 12 Dec 1839 Jane Charlotte Riall (d.6 Apr 1842); m.2nd 15 Nov 1844 Frances Constantia Uniacke (d.29 Oct 1867)


1g) [only child of 1st m.] Jane Selina (d.10 Nov 1930); m.18 Feb 1868 Rev. William Power Cobbe (d.1889)


2g) Robert Henry (8 Sep 1845-30 Jan 1903); m.24 May 1880 Laura Ellen Flora Entwisle (d.5 Jul 1920)


3g) John George (10 Jun 1847-8 May 1925); m.1st 21 Feb 1898 Emilie Eleanora Iselin (d.1916); m.2nd 14 Feb 1922 Helen Mason


4g) Rev. Richard Uniacke (4 Sep 1858-30 Jan 1925)


5g) Mildred Anne (8 Sep 1845-17 Nov 1922); m.18 Oct 1866 Rev. William Carleton (d.1891)


6g) Emily Frances Louisa (d.14 Feb 1933); m.20 Apr 1911 Sir Robert Adiar Hodson, 4th Bt. (d.3 Jan 1921)


3f) Rev. Charles Claudius (14 Dec 1810-29 Aug 1848); m.8 Aug 1838 Anna Maria Fiztpatrick


1g) Charles Frederick Cobbe (3 May 1844-13 Dec 1925); m.18 Jan 1877 Edith Gertrude Baxendale (d.3 mar 1949) à issue, extinct in male line


2g) Frederick John Isaac (1 Aug 1846-15 Oct 1929)


4f) Harriet Louisa (d.24 Sep 1871); m.15 Feb 1825 Rev. John James Fox


5f) Selina Griselda (Dec 1804-Red Lodge, Southampton 6 Sep 1884); m.Kilkenny 6 Jul 1837 John Crichton, 3rd Earl Erne (30 Jul 1802-3 Oct 1885)


6f) Anne Constantia (d.22 Apr 1866); m.2 Mar 1844 Lord John Thynne (d.9 Feb 1881)


7f) Charlotte Frances (d.28 Jan 1890); m.4 Nov 1839 Rev. Samuel Alexander


8f) Emilia; m.Arthur Cole-Hamilton


5e) [ex 1] Catherine (d.7 Jan 1836); m.1778 Henry Theophilus Clements (d.26 Oct 1795)


6e) [ex 1] Anne Constantia (d.8 Aug 1836); m.1st 1790 Robert Uniacke, of Woodhouse (d.1802); m.2nd 2 Jul 1805 Robert Doyne, of Wells


7e) [ex 1] Jane (d.2 Nov 1836); m.1788 Sir George Fitzgerald Hill, 2nd Bt. (d.8 Mar 1839)


8e) James Hamilton (18 Feb 1782-drowned 7 Dec 1806)


9e) Henry Barré, of Learmount Park (25 Sep 1784-15 Dec 1837); m.29 Feb 1812 Eliza Baily (d.22 Dec 1831)


1f) John Barré, of Learmount Park (19 Apr 1815-30 Aug 1895); m.1st 23 Apr 1840 Sophia Montgomery (d.21 Mar 1850); m.2nd 7 Jul 1853 Caroline Hamilton Ash (d.13 Jan 1901)


1g) Henry Barré Blacker (4 May 1848-14 Feb 1882)


2g) John Claudius Montgomery (3 Feb 1850-19 Sep 1894); m.16 Jan 1884 Rose Sophia Montgomery Smith (d.15 Sep 1911) à issue, extinct


3g) William Randal Hamilton, of Ashborook, took surname BERESFORD-ASH (19 Jul 1859-8 Mar 1938); m.23 Oct 1886 Lady Florence Marion Browne (d.22 Nov 1946) à issue, extinct in male line


4g) Marcus John Barré de la Poer (10 Apr 1868-Jul 1944); m.19 Dec 1914 Alma Methven à issue 1 dau


5g) [ex 2] Emma Clara (d.19 Nov 1927); m.20 Dec 1881 Francis Coffin Macky (d.6 Sep 1920)


6g) Barbara Caroline (d.13 May 1937)


7g) Mary Elizabeth (d.22 Jan 1936); m.6 Feb 1899 Henry Joseph Cooke, of Boom Hall (d.1 Jul 1923)


8g) Louisa Gertrude Douglas; m.22 Aug 1894 John Edward Pine-Coffin (d.22 Aug 1919)


2f) Henry Barré (23 Jun 1816-Jan 1871)


3f) Rev. William Montgomery (17 Oct 1817-4 Apr 1868); m.18 Feb 1851 Rosa Ellen Turner (d.31 May 1908)


1g) Harriot Sarah (3 Sep 1852-6 Oct 1931); m.3 Nov 1906 Herbert Winnington Domvile, of Loughlinstown House (d.6 Feb 1910)


2g) Florence Mary Anne; m.28 Sep 1876 Henry William Russell Domvile (d.17 Aug 1928)


3g) William James Montgomery (31 Aug 1859-24 Apr 1925)


4g) James Hugh Brownloe de la Poer (30 Mar 1862-13 Nov 1924); m.5 Dec 1906 Grace Blanche Beaumont


4f) James David (2 Apr 1819-27 Oct 1878); m.3 Oct 1868 Charlotte Conyncham (d.17 Aug 1880)


5f) George de la Poer (13 Feb 1826-5 Jun 1865); m.15 Dec 1849 Anne Conyers (d.4 Oct 1854)


1g) Charles Edward de la Poer (23 Oct 1850-22 Aug 1921); m.17 Oct 1882 Solita Henrietta Ximenes (d.29 Nov 1944)


2g) Tristram Henry Barré (5 Oct 1851-10 Dec 1917); m.13 Mar 1878 Helen Frederica Conyers Lang (d.21 Jan 1935) à issue, 3 daus


6f) Mary Barbara (d.8 Jul 1868); m.9 Feb 1836 Thomas William Fountaine


10e) Anna (d.13 Nov 1862); m.1st Charles Gardiner; m.2nd Allen, called Charles Edward Stuart, Comte d’Albanie


11e) Clara Barbara (d.4 Apr 1862); m.10 Sep 1813 Rev. James Spencer Knox (26 Apr 1789-1 Mar 1862)


6d) William, Archbishop of Tuam, cr 1812 Baron Decies of Decies (16 Apr 1743-Tuam Palace 6 Sep 1819); m.Donnybrook 12 Jun 1763 Elizabeth Fitzgibbon (d.24 Aug 1807)


1e) John, 2nd Lord Decies, changed surname to HORSLEY-BERESFORD (Dublin 20 Jan 1774-1 Mar 1855); m.26 Jul 1810 Charlotte Philadelphia Horsley (d.9 Mar 1852)


1f) William Robert John, 3rd Lord Decies (Dublin Jun 1811-York 2 Jul 1893); m.Shortflatt Tower, Northumberland 31 Jul 1860 Catherine Anne Dent à issue, extant in male line, including the current Lord Decies


2f) Georgiana Catherine (21 Aug 1812-    ); m.1st Aug 1831 William Watson; m.2nd 25 Sep 1845 Henry Edward Brown


3f) Louisa Elizabeth (Apr 1814-Biarritz 14 Oct 1891); m.London 25 Nov 1834 Ernest Augustus Charles Brudenell-Bruce, 3rd Marquess of Ailesbury (8 Jan 1811-18 Oct 1886)


4f) Caroline Agnes (1818-London 16 Nov 1894); m.1st London 15 Oct 1836 James Graham, 4th Duke of Montrose (16 Jul 1799-30 Dec 1874); m.2nd 22 Jan 1876 William Stuart Stirling-Crawfurd; m.3rd 26 Jul 1888 Marcus Henry Milner (d.16 Jan 1939)


2e) Rev. George (21 May 1776-10 Aug 1842); m.21 May 1798 Susan Gorges


1f) Rev. William (25 May 1799-1881); m.15 May 1830 Mrs Sarah Simpson, née Bull


2f) Marcus (28 Jul 1800-16 Mar 1876); m.1st Oct 1828 Isabella Sewell (d.Aug 1836); m.2nd 22 Jan 1838 Caroline Fane (d.8 Jan 1895) à issue, extinct in male line


3f) Rev. George Hamilton (1801-2 Mar 1869); m.1st Nov 1829 Elizabeth Nisbet (d.Nov 1847); m.2nd 8 Mar 1853 Mrs Marianne Sarah Delap, née Saunderson (d.1 Feb 1884) à issue, extant in male line


4f) John Gorges (3 Jun 1805-24 Dec 1879); m.21 Oct 1826 Matilda Ann Eagar (d.25 Feb 1886) à issue, extinct


5f) Henry (d.15 Mar 1842); m.7 Jul 1838 Dora Watson (d.1858)


6f) Elizabeth Anne (d.27 Mar 1838); m.16 Jun 1829 Myles John O’Reilly (d.24 Oct 1857)


7f) Susan Anne (d.27 Dec 1881); m.1st 8 Feb 1830 Matthew O’Reilly (d.10 Jun 1841); m.2nd 2 Jun 1842 Rev. Gerald S Fitzgerald


3e) Rev. William (20 Nov 1780-27 Jun 1830); m.19 Jul 1804 Lady Anna Bennet (d.Sep 1836)


1f) William henry (1810-26 Feb 1875); m.10 Jul 1850 Emma Catherine Lawrence à issue, extinct


2f) Alicia (d.27 Mar 1882); m.12 Sep 1834 Horcae Hamond


4e) Catherine Eleanor (d.1837); m.1791 Rev. William Armstrong


5e) Araminta Anne (d.1816); m.1794 Very Rev. Arthur John Preston, Dean of Limerick


6e) Harriet (d.11 Jun 1834); m.Jan 1796 Thomas Bermingham Daly Henry Sewell


7e) Frances (d.7 Oct 1864); m.1797 Thomas Burrowes, of Dangan Castle; their dau. Elizabeth Catherine m.August Freiherr von Cetto


8e) Louisa (d.21 Jul 1851); m.1st 10 Apr 1806 Thomas Hope, of Deepdene (d.2 Feb 1831); m.2nd 29 Nov 1832 Viscount Beresford (above)


7d) Anne (d.12 May 1770); m.Dublin 16 Aug 1738 William Annesley, Viscount Glerawley (ca 1710-Clontarf 12 Sep 1770)


8d) Jane (d.1792); m.10 Aug 1743 Edward Cary, of Dungiven


9d) Catherine (d.28 Mar 1763); m.1st 8 Dec 1748 Thomas Christmas, of Whitefield (d.28 Mar 1749); m.2nd 29 Mar 1754 Thophilus Jones, of Headfort (d.8 Dec 1811)


10d) Frances Maria (d.1815); m.13 Apr 1762 Henry Flood, of Farmley (1732-Dec 1795)


2c) Susanna Catherina (London 1 Jul 1689-30 Mar 1763); m.1703 Hyacinth Richard Nugent, 2nd Lord Nugent of Riverston (d.London 6 Mar 1738)


3c) Jane (d.20 Oct 1764); m.1711 Gorges Lowther (d.11 Jun 1716)


2b) Jane (d.1716); m.Frederick Hamilton, of Walworth (d.26 Mar 1732)


3b) Catherine; m.1697 Matthew Pennefather


[by 2nd m.]:


2a) Michael


1b) Rev. Sackville


2b) Anne; m.17 Oct 1747 Thomas Taylor


3a) Sarah; m.1st Paul Brasier; m.2nd Edward Cary


4a) Anne; m.9 Aug 1679 Henry Hart, of Muff (d.15 Jan 1712)






 Ethel Granville Thynne (9 Oct 1883-30 Dec 1963); m.15 Nov 1916 Sir George de la Poer Beresford (21 Jul 1885-29 Sep 1964) Henry de la Poer Beresford (2 Sep 1917-7 Apr 1997); m.1949 Dorothy Kate Cooper (d.20 Nov 2006) Jane Beresford, b.18 Aug 1963; m.NN Benedict N Portia N Marcus de la Poer Beresford (18 Dec 1920-1982); m.1952 Susan Wendy Deerbergh (d.13 Mar 1998) Margaret Beresford, b.24 Apr 1953; m.1976 Henry James Harmer Benjamin Harmer, b.1983 Susan Harmer, b.1981 Diana Harmer, b.1986 Susan Beresford, b.24 Apr 1953 Adelaide Mary Lucy Bernard (2 Sep 1846-29 Sep 1884); m.11 Nov 1873 Sir Henry Monson de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, 3rd Bt. (25 Sep 1850-8 Jul 1926) Henry Bernard de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, 4th Bt. (9 Jan 1875-14 May 1949); m.7 Jul 1904 Lady Mabel Marjorie Campbell*** Henry Campbell De La Poer Beresford-Peirse, 5th Bt (24 Apr 1905-11 Aug 1972); m.19 Apr 1932 Margaret Grant (d.1 Feb 1995) Henry Grant de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, 6th Bt, b.7 Feb 1933; m.13 Aug 1966 Jadranka Njers Njers de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.25 Mar 1969; m.2005 Joanna Mary Tamlyn de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.23 Feb 2007 Beresford-Peirse, b.22 Oct 2008 Beresford-Peirse, b.4 Dec 2011 de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.27 Jun 1973 David de la Poer Beresford-Peirse (10 Oct 1937-5 Jun 1961) Peter de la Poer Beresford-Peirse (27 Aug 1907-1984); m.26 Nov 1940 Muriel Griffiths (d.1 Aug 1997) de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.21 Sep 1941; m.21 Sep 1963 Carolyn Anne Elizabeth Barker de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.8 Aug 1966; m.1994 Tracy Gates de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.1996 de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.1999 Elizabeth Beresford-Peirse, b.1 May 1969; m.1995 Iain Andrew Wilson William Wilson, b.2002 Elizabeth Wilson, b.1999 Mark de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.3 Feb 1945; m.18 Sep 1976 Margaret Joan Arnott de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.and d.1980 Helen Beresford-Peirse, b.1977; m.2009 David Proudley Rosemary Beresford-Peirse, b.1981; m.2010 David Lyons Beresford-Peirse, b.16 Jan 1948 Beresford-Peirse, b.16 Jan 1948; m.1976 Hugh Charles Wrigley Rosemary Wrigley, b.1977 Mary Wrigley, b.1980 Richard Windham de la Poer Beresford-Peirse (6 Aug 1876-13 Mar 1952); m.1st 21 Jul 1910 Lady Lillian Katherine Campbell***; m.2nd 4 Sep 1924 Katherine Mabel Helen Scarlett (d.25 Jan 1974) Campbell de la Poer Beresford-Peirse (26 April 1911-1986); m.1st 1 Aug 1936 (div 1957) Lady Katharine Lillian Edgecumbe; m.2nd 1958 Kathleen Graham Machattio Edgecumbe de la Poer Beresford-Peirse (7 Sep 1937-16 Feb 1940) Katherine Beresford-Peirse, b.7 Sep 1940; m.1972 John Miles Bird Bird, b.1973 Jane Beresford-Peirse, b.4 Apr 1944; m.1970 Nigel Hope Beresford-Peirse (11 Feb 1914-12 Feb 1914) Adelaide Beresford-Peirse (9 Aug 1912-27 Jul 2002) Beresford-Peirse (30 Aug 1915-19__); m.27 Apr 1942 (div 1956) Barry Martin Baker Bridget Baker, b.24 Feb 1943; m.Thomas Banks Elizabeth Baker, b.1 Dec 1946; m.David Phillips Bridget Beresford-Peirse (1 Jan 1918-13 Sep 2010); m.9 May 1945 Godfrey John Mapplebeck (d.1991) Peirse Mapplebeck, b.25 Oct 1946; m.1976 Gillian A Kindleysides Rosamund Louise Mapplebeck, b.28 Apr 1951 Bridget Lucy Mapplebeck, b.28 Apr 1960; m.1988 Ahmed Touati Francis de la Poer Beresford-Peirse (3 Sep 1877-9 Mar 1953); m.1st 30 Apr 1912 Marian Annette Owen Kynaston (d.29 Feb 1944); m.2nd 10 Jan 1946 Elfa Oliver Kynaston Owen Arthur de la Poer Beresford-Peirse (2 Oct 1879-16 May 1961) John William de la Poer Beresford-Peirse (12 Jun 1883-31 Jan 1956) Georgiana Mary Beresford-Peirse (13 Oct 1878-9 Dec 1893) Mary Beresford-Peirse (18 May 1881-    )

 Anne Ormonde Prior-Wandesforde (1889-16 Jan 1974); m.1916 Arthur Cecil Proctor de la Poer Beresford-Peirse (20 Oct 1890-12 Jun 1970) Wandesforde de la Poer Beresford-Peirse (19 Apr 1917-19 Apr 2003); m.10 Jun 1944 Joyce Franklin Percival (d.1 Mar 1997) Anne Vivian Beresford-Peirse, b.7 Oct 1948; m.1980 James Stephen Bingham Kennedy James Peirse Kennedy, b.1984; engaged 2011 to Katharine Hills Louise Kennedy, b.1982 Alice Prior Beresford-Peirse, b.20 Aug 1950; m.1st 1975 (div 1982) Phillip Hamilton Newman; m.2nd 1983 Richard William Margesson*** Robert Henry Windham de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.2 Jun 1922; m.1st 7 Aug 1943 Margaret (Peggy) Giles (d.25 Nov 1972); m.2nd 1974 Dorothy Maud Beard Arthur de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.31 Oct 1944; m.31 Aug 1968 Janice Patricia Murphy Windham de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.5 Nov 1969; m.2006 Suzanne Jean Rigg Arthur de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.31 Mar 1971 John de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, b.24 Feb 1975; m.2007 Helen Louise Bull Margaret Beresford-Peirse, b.25 Aug 1950; m.1972 Richard Stuart Callender Stuart Callender, b.1974; m.2005 Julie Ann Kable Louise Callender, b.2006 Margaret Callender, b.1978 Ethel Mary Beresford-Peirse (3 Dec 1919-____); m.14 Jan 1942 Peter Anthony Lowe Michael Peirse Lowe, b.22 Mar 1944; m.1 Jan 1968 Catherine Lily-Mare Peek David Lowe, b.1 Mar 1969 Peter Lowe, b.12 Aug 1949; m.1st 1971 (div 1984) Rorie Waters; m.2nd 1984 Sheila Zaha Peter Lowe, b.1985 David Lowe, b.1988 Anne Lowe, b.27 Mar 1948; m.1970 Richard George Goodman Richard Goodman, b.1978 Anthony Goodman, b.1978
 Katharine Howard-Sneyd (London 4 May 1913-1 May 2003); m.London 29 Jul 1938 Richard Marcus Beresford (Hunstanton 13 Nov 1912-19 Aug 1968) Charles Howard Beresford, b.9 Jul 1946; m.5 May 1973 Philippa Susan Yates Charles Marcus Beresford, b.26 Aug 1979 Charlotte Beresford, b.9 May 1975 Caroline Beresford, b.25 Oct 1977 Mary Beresford, b.10 Mar 1941; m.1st 4 Apr 1964 (div 1977) Christopher Arthur Rollo Wells; m.2nd 22 Mar 1978 Cyril Godfrey Lea (d.8 Nov 2000) Marcus Wells, b.17 Feb 1965; m.1996 Melinda Jane Johnson Benedict Marcus Wells, b.2001 Emily Charlotte Wells, b.1998 Clare Wells, b.17 Sep 1967; m.1996 Timothy Wentworth Eyre Evans Wentworth Evans, b.1997 Marcus Evans, b.1998 Arthur Evans, b.2000 Anne Beresford (22 Mar 1943-1987); m.1st 26 Jun 1965 (div 1969) Robert Noel Hutchings; m.2nd 22 Mar 1969 Jeffrey Osman Streater Katherine Nermin Streater, b.22 Nov 1974

 Annabella Harcourt (1835-11 Jul 1917); m.24 Apr 1860 George de la Poer Beresford (22 Apr 1831-3 Aug 1906) William Beresford (8 May 1862-7 Aug 1900) Beresford (11 Sep 1863-18 Jun 1939); m.1st 1886 Emily Constance Frederica Milner (d.30 Oct 1889); m.2nd 30 Apr 1903 Florence Lilian Reynolds-Moreton*** Emily Beresford, d.6 Mar 1935; m.8 Aug 1907 Reginald Reynolds-Moreton*** Constance Caroline Beresford, d.28 May 1967; m.1914 Allan Havelock-Allan*** Henry William de la Poer Beresford (25 Jun 1904-19 Oct 1961); m.17 Nov 1926 (div 1949) Mary Isobel Richardson (d.1969) George de la Poer Beresford, b.9 Aug 1927; m.17 Sep 1960 Jeanne Frances Steward de la Poer Beresford, b.19 Jul 1961; m.1991 Aline Rogers George de la Poer Beresford, b.25 Aug 1993 Alexander de la Poer Beresford, b.11 Mar 1996 de la Poer Beresford, b.13 Jul 1962; m.1989 Sophie Grissa de la Poer Beresford, b.9 Sep 1989 Beresford, b.11 Apr 1992 Jeanne Beresford, b.16 Sep 1964[by ?] Casey James Beresford, b.2001 Edward de la Poer Beresford (30 Nov 1931-7 Feb 1964); m.20 Sep 1955 Mary Thom Leburn (Maureen) Waugh John de la Poer Beresford, b.29 Dec 1957; m.2008 Michelle Almeron Cerado Mary de la Poer Beresford, b.17 Nov 1959; m.1st 1984 (div 2000) Gordon James Findlay; m.2nd 2002 Ivan John Squires Mathilda Beresford, d.12 Nov 1948; m.3 Sep 1925 Henry Edward Harcourt Rice*** de la Poer Beresford

 Coventry (31 Aug 1899-1958); m.1st 22 Jul 1919 (div 1928) Hon.William Arthur de la Poer Horsley Beresford (5 Aug 1878-11 Jul 1949); m.2d 8 Oct 1932 (div 1946) Reginald Robert Nicholls Coventry; m.3d 2 Dec 1950 John Hamilton Hamilton George Beresford (9 Nov 1924-199_); m.1st 13 Feb 1953 (div 1956) Miriam Morton; m.2d Nov 1959 Leslie Yvonne McCaskey (d.1985) Dominic St.John Beresford, b.1960; m.1984 Rossana Zeppa John Ross Beresford, b.1985 Milton Leslie Beresford, b.1988 Beresford (11 Feb 1920-24 Mar 2005); m.4 May 1940 Gerald Herbert Incledon (d.1990) Guy Incledon, b.19 Jul 1963; m.1984 Salmalynda Sheik Josh Incledon b.2 Mar 1993 Jade Incledon, b.17 Dec 1986 Jade Incledon, b.8 Mar 1989 Incledon, b.16 Feb 1941; m.29 Apr 1961 Anthony Hodson James Hodson, b.26 Nov 1963; m.Aug 2003 Marcela Jaramillo Robert Hodson, b.17 Jun 2005 Alice Hodson, b.26 Aug 1967; m.22 Apr 1995 Stephen Head Catherine Head, b.16 Sep 1997 Elizabeth Head, b.31 Mar 2000 Incledon, b.30 Mar 1943; m.9 Apr 1966 Christopher Stamford Charles Stamford, b.10 Oct 1967 Anne Stamford, b.23 Apr 1970; m.14 May 2003 Paul Stephens Joel Stephens, b.25 Mar 2004 Emma Stamford, b.1975; m.13 Apr 2002 Eric Benedetto Amber Incledon (15 Nov 1945-8 Mar 1993); m.1st 11 May 1968 (div 1976) David Ellis Green; m.2d 1979 Christopher Norman Claire Green, b.24 Jan 1973; m.10 Sep 2004 Edward Brown Callum Brown, b.10 Nov 2003 Sarah Norman, b.15 Mar 1983 Elizabeth Incledon, b.10 Jul 1947; m.Jan 1983 Richard Bailey (d.2000) Catherine Incledon, b.2 Apr 1956; m.1970 Charles Mellor Andrew Mellor, b.23 Jun 1981 Leigh Mellor, b.12 Sep 1984 Mellor, b.12 Sep 1984