The members of this family are surnamed as indicated.  The immediate family of the Prince and Princess traditionally uses the toponym “di Belmonte”.  Children of the Prince and Princess enjoy the noble predicate of Don or Donna before their Christian names.  As Princes of the Holy Roman Empire, the Prince and Princess of Belmonte were historically accorded the title of His/Her Serene Highness.  As Grandees of Spain, the Princes and Princesses and their children are correctly styled “His/Her Excellency”, or “Most Excellent Lord/Lady”.  The courtesy title of the Prince or Princess’s heir apparent, male or female, is Duke or Duchess of Acerenza, that of their heir apparent is Marquess or Marchioness of Galatone, and of their heir apparent Count or Countess of Copertino.  The eldest son or daughter of a titled noble or Grandee of the Spanish Kingdom (senior to a Count) may use the title of Viscount (Visconde) or Viscountess (Viscondessa) with the place name of their parent's principle title until their succession; so for example the Duchess of Acerenza is also, until succession, “Viscondessa de Belmonte”. 

The Princes of Belmonte descend directly from the powerful medieval family of the Fieschi, Counts of Lavagna.  Rubaldo/Robaldo di Fiesco or 'Fieschi' was created Count of Lavagna in c1060.  In 1158 Frederick I 'Barbarossa', Holy Roman Emperor, confirmed feudal rights in Liguria to the Counts of Lavagna: the beneficiaries of those rights included Rubaldo and his nephews Gulielmo, Tebaldo, Enrico, Ruffino, Aldedado, Gherardo; Ottone and his brother Ugone; and Alberto and his brother Beltramino, who founded the line of the Princes, the Ravaschieri Fieschi.  In the C13th the family of the Princes twice provided popes to the Church: Sinibaldo, Pope Innocent IV, son of Ugone, and Ottobuono, Pope Hadrian V, son of Thedisius.  In the same period the Fieschi supported the Guelphic house descended from Otto Canella and his son Grimaldo- the Grimaldi, later Sovereign Princes of Monaco, in their struggle at Genoa with the Ghibellines.  In the C15th the Angevin King René appointed as his Viceroy of Naples Don Jacopo Fieschi, the father of Catherine Fieschi (Saint Catherine of Genoa). By the C16th the Ravaschieri Fieschi were also distinguished bankers, both the great-grandfather and grandfather of the 1st Prince of Belmonte holding the post of Treasurer (“Maestro di Zecca”) to HIRH Emperor Charles V and King Philip II of Spain respectively.  The title of Prince or Princess of Belmonte was created by the King of Spain in 1619, with succession by male preference primogeniture according to the ancient Castilian feudal law of the Siete Partidas, that is to the eldest male heir, or in the absence of such, the eldest female heir.  The first heiress in her own right, Donna Anna Maria, 3rd Princess of Belmonte, brought the Dukedom of Acerenza (cr 1593), the Marquessate of Galatone (cr 1562) and the Earldom (Contea) of Copertino (cr 1562) to the Princes through her marriage to Don Cosimo Squarciafico Pinelli.  In addition to the many other titles and privileges of the Belmonte Princes, the 5th Prince of Belmonte was made a Grandee of Spain in 1712 with succession “per i suoi figli maschi e femmine in perpetuo”, and in 1726 the 7th Prince (by marriage) was granted the hereditary title of Prince of the Holy Roman Empire (Fürst), with the title of Serene Highness. 



Don ORAZIO GIOVAN BATTISTA Ravachieri Fieschi, 2d Baron of Badolato and 2d Baron of Belmonte, etc, also Baron of Tortora in succession to Don Pietro Francesco Ravaschieri (who d. 2 May 1613).  Patrician (‘Patrizio’) of Genoa.  As Grand Seneschal of the Kingdom of Naples ('Gran Siniscalco del Regno di Sicilia’), one of the seven Great Offices of State, he was cr 5 Mar 1619 Prince of Belmonte by Philip III of Spain with succession according to agnatic-cognatic feudal law, (d. 12 Oct 1645); m. 29 May 1621 Donna Anna Maria Caracciolo Pisquizi, of the Lords (later Dukes) of Sicignano (28 January 1604 - Belmonte 1637) (for collaterals see CARACCIOLO)  

1a) Don DANIELE, 2d Prince of Belmonte, etc (1622 - 5 Feb 1685); m. 1stly Eleonora Exarquez, dau of Marquess of Lauria; 2dly dau of Don Giovan Francesco Grimaldi, Prince of Gerace

2a) Don Ramiro (d. 21 Jan 1684, pre-deceased by his son Don Gennaro Francesco d. 1662)

3a) Donna Maria Teresina (Abbess)

4a) Donna ANNA MARIA, 3d Princess of Belmonte (suo iure), etc (d. 12 Aug 1685); m. Don Cosimo Squarciafico Pinelli, 3d Duke of Acerenza (cr 12 April 1593 for Don Cosimo Pinelli, Grand Chancellor (“Gran Cancelliero”) of the Kingdom of Sicily and Naples from 1557, by Philip II of Spain), 5th Marquess of Galatone (cr 29 June 1562 for Don Stefano Squarciafico by Philip II of Spain), 2d Count of Copertino (cr 29 June 1562 for Don Stefano Squarciafico by Philip II of Spain) (d. 1685)

1b) Don GALEAZZO Ravaschieri Fieschi Pinelli, 4th Prince of Belmonte, 4th Duke of Acerenza, 6th Marquess of Galatone, 3d Count of Copertino, 5th Baron of Badolato, Baron of Belmonte (d. 1711); m. Donna Giustiniana Pignatelli, dau of Don Fabrizio Pignatelli, 1st Prince of Noia and 3rd Marquess of Cerchiara and Donna Violante de Sangro, dau of Don Giovanni Francesco 1st Prince of Sansevero and of Andreana Carafa.  (2 Oct 1595 - 15 Sept 1624)

2b) HE Don ORONZO Ravaschieri Fieschi Pinelli, 5th Prince of Belmonte etc, High Counsellor of State to HIRH Emperor Charles VI; elevated by the Emperor 15 July 1712 to the rank of Grandee of Spain, 1st Class in the feudal title and rank of the Dukedom of Acerenza, with succession ‘per i suoi figli maschi e femmine in perpetuo’ (18 January 1661 - 25 March 1722); m. 5 May 1701 Donna Violante di Sangro, of the Princes of Viggiano

1c) HSH Fürstin Donna ANNA FRANCESCA Ravaschieri Fieschi Pinelli Pignatelli, 6th Princess of Belmonte (suo iure) and (1st) of the Holy Roman Empire (maritali nomine), etc (Belmonte Castle 14 August 1702 - 8 January 1779); m. 26 May 1721 HSH Fürst (Prince) Don Antonio Pignatelli y Aymerich, 2d Marquess of San Vicente, 3d Marquess of Argensola (cr 12th June 1702 for Don Gerónimo Rocaberti - Pau - Bellera, whose mother was Agnes, Signora di Argensola, by Felipe V of Spain), Grandee of Spain, son of Don Domenico Pignatelli y de Vaez, General of Artillery and Cavalry, Field Marshal in the Principality of Catalonia, Governor and Commandant General of the Province of Extremadura, Viceroy and Captain General of the Kingdom of Navarra and Galicia (Spain), 2d Marquess of Argensola and of his wife Doña Giustiniana (Anna) de Aymerich, daughter of Don Bernard de Aymerich Lord of Bernalda and of Doña Maria de Argensola; General of the Imperial Cavalry, 1st Prince (Fürst) Belmonte of the Holy Roman Empire (cr 9 Sept 1726 by Emperor Charles VI), (4 Aug 1685 - 26 Jan 1771).  (Note: Don Antonio's sister, Reichsgrafin Maria Anna Giuseppina (26 July 1689 – 1 March 1755), married the diplomat Reichsgraf Michael Johann von Althann, son of Michael Johann von Althann and Princess Maria Theresia von und zu Liechtenstein (see LIECHTENSTEIN), and was lady in waiting to HIRH Empress Elizabeth, consort of HIRH Emperor Charles VI and mother to HIRH Empress Maria Theresa (see AUSTRIA, House of Habsburg-Lothringen)

1d) HSH Fürst Don ANTONIO Ravaschieri Fieschi Pinelli Pignatelli, 7th Prince of Belmonte and (2d) of the Holy Roman Empire, Grandee of Spain 1st Class, 7th Duke of Acerenza, 9th Marquess of Galatone, 4th Marquess of Argensola, 3d Marquess of San Vicente, 6th Count of Copertino, 8th Baron of Badolato, Signore di Veglie, Leverano, San Cosimo etc.. Lieutenant General, President of the Royal Academy of Science and Letters.  Royal Order of St. Januarius awarded by Charles III of Spain, 1766 (27 March 1722 - 2 January 1794); m. 1stly 24 Feb 1754 Donna Francesca Revertera, dau of Don Nicolo, Duke of Salandra, and Maria Theresa, daughter of Francesco Ignazio Graf von Thürheim and Maria Maximiliana Rebecca Salburg Gräfin von Thürheim, Hereditary Falconers of the Holy Roman Empire, (d. 1756); m. 2ndly 28 August 1762 Donna Chiara Spinelli, dau of Don Troiano Duke of Laurino and Donna Barbara Caterina Pinto y Mendoza, Princess of Montacuto (herself daughter and heir of Prince Don Gregorio and Cristina Malaspina of the Marquesses of Fosdinovo), (8 Jan 1744 - 18 Feb 1823) 

1e) HSH Fürst Don Antonio, Duke of Acerenza, (d. 1756) 

2e) HSH Fürst Don ANTONIO MARIA Ravaschieri Fieschi Pinelli Pignatelli, 8th Prince of Belmonte and (3d) of the Holy Roman Empire, etc, 1st Prince of Muro Leccese (cr 3 October 1797 by Ferdinand IV of Naples) and 1st Duke of Corigliano d'Otranto (idem) (7 July 1763 - 17 Aug 1798) ; m. 12 May 1783 Donna Giovanna Pignatelli Aragona Cortés, dau of Don Ettore Pignatelli, 9th Prince of Noia, High Admiral and Grand Constable of the Kingdom of Sicily, and Donna Anna Maria Piccolomini d’Aragona, 7th Princess of Valle (19 Mar 1769 - 26 Feb 1821).  Adopted a daughter, Enrichetta Paolina Teresa, in 1815.

3e) HSH Fürst Don Giuseppe, Duke of Acerenza, (26 Aug 1764 - 9 Nov 1812)

4e) HSH Fürst Don Francesco, Duke of Acerenza (after 9 Nov 1812), (13 Feb 1766 - 20 Dec 1827); m. Dresden 18 March 1801 Giovanna Biron, Princess of Courland, dau of Prince Peter, (last) Sovereign Duke of Courland, Semigallia and Livonia and Duke of Sagan, and of Anna Charlotte, Countess von Medem (see BIRON von CURLAND) (24 June 1783 - 21 April 1879)

5e) HSH Fürstin Donna Anna, (b. 1771)

6e) HSH Fürst Don GENNARO Ravaschieri Fieschi Pinelli Pignatelli, 9th Prince of Belmonte and (4th) of the Holy Roman Empire, etc (28 Feb 1777 - 28 July 1829); m. 11 Dec 1823 Carmela, dau of Francesco De Chiaro and Margherita Bajanelli (d. 28 Jan 1881)

1f) HSH Fürstin Donna FRANCESCA di PAOLA Ravaschieri Fieschi Pinelli Pignatelli, 10th Princess of Belmonte (suo iure) and (5th) of the Holy Roman Empire, Duchess of Acerenza and Grandee of Spain 1st Class, Marchioness of Galatone, Marchioness of San Vincenzo and Countess of Copertino, etc.  Last Princess of Belmonte and the Holy Roman Empire, the latter title being non-transmissible through an heiress (3 April 1824 - 30 Aug 1911); m. 9 Dec 1838 Don Angelo Granito, 4th Marquess of Castellabate (cr 29 Nov 1745 for Don Parise Granito by Charles III of Spain) (1812 - 29 June 1861).  He m. 1stly 16 Feb 1833 Donna Carolina Carafa of the Dukes of Andria, (10 Jan 1811 - 30 Sept 1836), and by her had Donna Teresa (b. 11 Sept 1836, m. 3 Aug 1855, Prince and Count Francesco Carafa della Spina, 6th Duke of Traetto), who was herself dau of Don Francesco, 14th Duke of Andria, and Donna Teresa Caracciolo).

1g) HE Donna Chiara, (b. 12 Oct 1841); m. 5 Feb 1862, Francesco de Clario, Baron of Finocchito (+ 11 Nov 1901).

2g) HE Don GIOACCHINO (Ravaschieri Fieschi Pinelli Pignatelli Granito) ‘Granito Pignatelli’, 11th Prince of Belmonte, etc.  Knight Commander of the Johanniterorden (Sweden), Deputy of the National Parliament, Librarian of the State Archive of Naples (2 November 1849 - 6 April 1934); m. 13 Nov 1869, Donna Maria Caterina d’Ayala Valva, dau of Don Giuseppe, of the Marquesses of Valva (21 Aug 1850 - 12 Sept 1930)

1h) HE Donna Francesca di Paola (17 Oct 1870 - 12 Nov 1938); m. 10 Oct 1890 Giuseppe Malfatti, Baron of Montetretto (23 Aug 1846 - 3 June 1905)

1i)  Gioacchino Pietro Luigi Malfatti, Baron of Montetretto, Bailiff Grand Cross of Honour and Devotion SMOM, (30 Dec 1891 - 6 Feb 1964); m. 1 Oct 1921 Maria Agata Carolina Whitehead, Dame of Honour and Devotion SMOM, daughter of Sir John Whitehead and of Countess Agatha Breunner-Enkevoirth (30 Dec 1895 - 16 June 1993)

1j) Maria della Gloria Agata Giuseppina Gobertina Malfatti, Baroness of Montetretto, (26 Aug 1922 - 23 Feb 1984)

2j)  Gioacchino Pietro Francesco Gobertus Malfatti, Baron of Montetretto, Knight of Obedience SMOM, Ambassador for SMOM to the Principality of Liechtenstein, (b. 29 Feb 1924); m. 1stly 15 Jan 1959 Alda Matarelli, (d. 13 Sept 1969); m. 2ndly 14 Mar 1970 Countess Alice Maria Esterházy de Galántha, Dame of the Order of the Croce Stellata, daughter of Count János István Esterházy de Galántha and of Countess Livia,  née Gräfin Sérényi de Kis-Serény (see ESTERHÁZY von GALÁNTHA)

1k) (ex 2) Giovanni Malfatti, Baron of Montetretto, Knight of Honour and Devotion SMOM, (b. 7 April 1971); m. 10 Feb 2007 Sophie Gräfin von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee, daughter of Wunibald Graf von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee and of his wife, Michaela Gräfin von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee, née von Oertzen (see WALDBURG)

2k) (ex 2) Roberto Malfatti, Baron of Montetretto, Knight of Honour and Devotion SMOM, (b. 24 Oct 1972) ; m. 1 Dec 2007 Francesca di Cola, daughter of Luigi di Cola and of his wife, Clotilde di Cola, née Poz

3j)  Alessandra Roberta Caterina Gobertina Malfatti, Baroness of Montetretto, (b. 15 March 1926); m. 31 Oct 1970 Antonio Grassi

2i)  Giuseppe Francesco Antonio Malfatti, Baron of Montetretto, (19 Mar 1893 - 12 Jan 1956); m. 12 May 1919 Felicia Nevikluff

1j) Francesco Malfatti, Baron of Montetretto, Ambassador for the Republic of Italy (13 Jan 1920 - 18 Dec 1999); m. 23 June 1945 Nobile Adonella Brenciaglia, (9 Sept 1923 - 19 Oct 1995)

1k) Paolo Malfatti, Baron of Montetretto, (b. 12 Oct 1946)

2k) Giorgio Malfatti, Baron of Montetretto, (b. 5 Dec 1950); m. 1stly 7 Feb 1976 Francesca Orlandi Contucci (divorced); m. 2ndly 20 Mar 1999 Desiree de la Caridad Nieves Herrera

1l) (ex 1) Andrea Malfatti, Baron of Montetretto, (b. 1 April 1980)

2h) HE Donna Maria Giovanna (12 Oct 1872 - 3 May 1960); m. 20 March 1897 Gennaro del Balzo (see del BALZO) (11 Dec 1859 - 1929)

3h) HE Don Angelo, Duke of Acerenza, etc. (21 Dec 1875 - 9 Feb 1924); m. 1stly 20 June 1897 Donna Adelaide Serra, daughter of Don Francesco 7th Duke of Cassano and of Donna Clotilde Giusso of the Dukes of Galdo, (2 April 1870 - 27 April 1898); m. 2ndly 1911 Donna Maria Guido (23 Feb 1889 - 1980)

1i)  HE Donna Angelina (9 April 1912 - 21 Sept 1958); m. 2 Aug 1934 Gennaro Rogges

2i) HE Don GIOACCHINO Granito Pignatelli y Aymerich Squarciafico Pinelli Ravaschieri Fieschi, 12th Prince of Belmonte, etc. (19 March 1913 - 22 May 1982); m. 1stly 23 April 1938 Marcella Castelli, (annulled 1948); m. 2ndly 25 July 1951 Francesca Visco (d. 13 May 2008), daughter of Donna Maria Augusta of the Counts Bonmartini and of Onorevole Professor Sabato (Sabatino) Visco, Director of the Institute of General Physiology, University of Rome, and Director of the National Institute of Biology on the National Research Council [himself the son of Donna Merope del Mercato dei Baroni di Rutino e Monteforte, and grandson of Donna Maria Antonia (Antonietta) del Mercato Pacelli di Leo Sanseverino, 10th Duchess of San Donato (suo iure)]

1j) (ex 1) HE Don ANGELO (Ravaschieri Fieschi Pinelli Pignatelli Granito) ‘Granito Pignatelli’, 13th Prince of Belmonte, and by descent 6th Prince of Muro Leccese, 13th Duke of Acerenza and Grandee of Spain 1st Class, 6th Duke of Corrigliano d'Otranto, 10th Marquess of Argensola, 15th Marquess of Galatone, 9th Marquess of San Vicente, 7th Marquess of Castellabate, 12th Count of Copertino, 14th Baron of Badolato, 14th Baron of Belmonte, Baron of Rocca Cilento and Tresino, Seigneur of Veglie and Leverano.  Knight of Justice of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George (KJCO), 24 December 1962 (b. 9 Feb 1939); m. 28 May 1969 Sarah Elizabeth Mayhew (b.17 Apr 1945), daughter of Robert Evelyn Gurney Mayhew, and of his wife Marjorie Rose, herself daughter of Thomas Lancelot Taylor (Wisden Cricketer of the Year, 1901)

1k) HE Donna FRANCESCA di PAOLA MARIA ELISABETTA (Ravaschieri Fieschi Pinelli Pignatelli Granito) ‘Granito Pignatelli’ di Belmonte, Duchess of Acerenza and Grandee of Spain 1st Class (b. 27 Feb 1973); m. 1 July 2006 Tristan Charles Johnson Elbrick, Knight of SMOM, KHS (Knight of the Holy Sepulchre), son of Captain Alfred Johnson Elbrick, Knight of SMOM, himself son of Ambassador the Hon. Charles Burke Elbrick, Knight of SMOM, KHS, and of Fern Evelyn Clare, daughter of Major David Vere Bendall CMG, MBE, First or Grenadier Guards, and of his wife, née Eve Stephanie Merrilees Forbes Fraser Galpin

2k) HE Donna Maria Sofia Giovanna Rose (Ravaschieri Fieschi Pinelli Pignatelli Granito) ‘Granito Pignatelli’ di Belmonte, Grandee of Spain 1st Class (b. 11 March 1974); m. 17 May 2003 The Hon. Adam Bruce, son of the 11th Earl of Elgin and 15th Earl of Kincardine, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle (KT), & the Countess of Elgin and Kincardine, née Victoria Mary Usher, daughter of Major Dudley George Usher, MBE, TD, Scottish Horse, and of his wife née Antonia Mary Wilkinson

1l) Robert Frederick Angelo Granito Pignatelli Bruce (b. Edinburgh, 7 Jan 2007)

2l) Orlando Antonio Andrew Granito Pignatelli Bruce (b. Edinburgh, 12 Sept 2008)

2j) (ex 2) HE Donna Parisina (b 30 Sept 1954); m. 18 May 1977 Adriano Montagni 

3i) HE Donna Caterina (b. 30 March 1914); m. 31 Jan 1942 Salvatore Carriero

4i) HE Don Gennaro (b. 21 Oct 1917); m. 24 April 1940 Anna Libertini

5i) HE Donna Anna (b. 7 Mar 1920); m. 2 Dec 1939 Achille Libertini

6i) HE Don Antonio (23 May 1923 - 20 June 1983); m. 2 March 1946 Margherita San Mauro

3g) HE Donna Chiara, (b. 12 Oct 1841); m. 5 Feb 1862, Francesco de Clario, Baron of Finocchito (+ 11 Nov 1901). 

4g) HE Donna Teresa; m. 3 Aug 1855, Prince and Count Francesco Carafa della Spina, 6th Duke of Traetto (6 Aug 1829 - 9 Nov 1909)

5g) His Eminence Cardinal Gennaro, (10 April 1851 - 16 Feb 1948), ordained priest on 7 June 1879 in Naples, secretary to Archbishop Guglielmo Sanfelice D'Acquavella OSB: appointed domestic prelate to the Holy Father from 4 April 1884; joined the Roman Curia 1892, and attached to the Sacred Congregation for Extraordinary Ecclesiastical Affairs, concerned with foreign affairs of the Holy See.  As attaché and counselor, posted to the Paris nunciature from 1893-1896; appointed Titular Archbishop of Edessa di Osrhoëne 1899 and consecrated by His Eminence Cardinal Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro, Secretary of State, in Rome; Nuncio in Belgium (1899-1904), and in Austria-Hungary (1904-1911). Created Cardinal Priest by Saint Pius X 27 Nov 1911 with the title of S. Maria degli Angeli; papal legate to the Eucharistic Congress of Lourdes 12 July 1914; promoted to Cardinal Bishop of the suburbicarian see of Albano 6 Dec 1915. Camerlengo (Chamberlain) of the Sacred College of Cardinals 4 Dec 1916 - 16 Mar 1919.  Papal legate to the Eucharistic Congress of Palermo from 6 Aug 1924.  Vice-Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals 25 Feb 1930, and Dean from 9 July 1930.  Cardinal Bishop of Ostia in 1930.  Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Ceremonies from 14 July 1930.  Grand Prior of Rome of the Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta (SMOM) from 1937.  Appointed Knight Grand Cross in the Order of Saint Stephen (Königlich Unharischer Orden des Heiligen Stephen) by Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, in 1911.  Participated in the Vatican Conclaves of 1914, 1922 and 1939.

6g) HE Donna Maria Mercede (6 July 1853 - 24 May 1925); m. 15 Feb 1874 Don Benedetto Maresca Donnorso, Marquess of Camerano (4 Sept 1846 - 12 May 1923)

7g) HE Donna Giulia, (b. 6 Feb 1858 - 1920); m. 6 Jan 1879 Edoardo Filo, Count of Torre di Santa Susanna (9 Dec 1852 - 21 Aug 1905)

8g) HE Donna Livia, (b. 30 May 1859); m. 19 July 1884 Nobile Felice Patroni Griffi (+ 28 April 1898)

9g) HE Donna Laura, (b. 8 August 1860); m. 10 Sept 1879, Count Giuseppe Adolfo Falvella

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