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Vegetto vs Cell

Vegetto was just sitting on a light post in the morning when a car exploded below him. "What the bloody hell?!" said Vegetto. As he looked around, he noticed that the air felt different. "You stupid green bugger I know your out there" said Vegetto. There was a short pause, "So what if I am" replied P.cell, as he walked out from behind a building. Vegetto saw him but ignored his stupid shaped head, "your getting very annoying you know that" said Vegetto, looking at the sunrise. "So what if I am" replied P.cell. Just after cell finished what he said, Vegetto had the power pole up to his back "POWER POLE EXTEND" he yelled. P.cell was impailed instantly on the pole, "YOU BASTARD" screamed P.cell. "You damn right" snickered Vegetto, "now i wonder if you taste good with bullseye sauce". He lifted the pole in the air,stuck it in the ground and spread his arms apart (this does not look good for cell does it?). P.cell lifted his arms and aimed at Vegetto and fired a gatlic gun. "Ummmmm over here dope" said Vegetto, who was on the other side of the pole. "Damn" said cell, "He teleported". Vegetto brought his hands together, pointed them at cell and fired a final flash at him. After an ominous silence, the smoke finally cleared. There was the, not so red any more power pole and a charred body at the bottom of it, two eye's blinked on the body and looked at Vegetto "You little prick that really stung" said P.cell. "Hmmmm guess I was holding back" said Vegetto "well that's only gonna happen once, now lets see something" Vegetto started to back away from cell, started to glow white and kept getting brighter and brighter. "Guess what, not so green boy" said Vegetto. "What you freak" replied P.cell. "I'm gonna make you the newest fast food sensation" snickered Vegetto, "how does cell burger sound". "YOU SICK BASTARD" yelled P.cell. "tell me somthing i don't allready know" said vegetto "ready in 20 seconds or it's free" Vegetto held up one hand and the glow moved there, he walked up to cell and put his hand on the pole "power pole shrink" the pole shrank to the size of a broom handle, "Oh, Cell" said Vegetto. "What?" asked P.cell. "Run" said Vegetto coldly. P.cell got up and took off running down the street. Vegetto looking sorta confused about why he diden't fly away. He the sat down and formed a spirit bomb. P.cell was running, wondering why Vegetto wasen't chasing him. He was nearing the edge of the city when Vegetto phased in infront of him and released the sprit bomb at him. "I think NOT" yelled P.cell, as he started to fly upwards. Thinking he was safe from the spirt bomb, he looked down to see where Vegetto went. Vegetto was right behind P.cell. He turned around and took some of Vegetto's hair off "Now I was gonna just kill you slowly but it's no longer worth my time" said Vegetto, as he grabbed P.cell's arm and transmitioned infront of the spirt bomb, "This should save me some time" said Vegetto, as the spirt bomb hit P.cell. After about a minute, when the smoke cleared agian, there was only one fighter left standing and it was Vegetto holding P.cell's burnt nub of a forearm. "I wonder what I should do with this?. I know, I will give it to the nieghbourhood kids to play with". Vegetto, on his way home, stopped at the local YMCA and left P.cell's arm in the daycare for the kids. Now that was fun was it not?
(Goku gets 25% of Cell's, Cell gets 10% of Goku's)