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Goten's Dragon Ball Z RPG
Uphold The Saiyan Name!

Goten's News: Ook me dork one speeling.

Kitanna's News:
Hello everyone! I'm Kitanna, aka Pan! I will be an official updater from this point on! I would like to say that I am a personal friend of Goten and Vegetto and I would like to do my best to make this RPG KICK BUTT!! Lets get a better layout and such going on here and make this the best DBZ RPG EVER!!! *lets add some grammar and spelling while we're at it ok? ^_^*

RYU'S NEWS: The Burning Dragon Balls of Earth will be ready Really soon, check the rules after their done



Earth Dragon Balls In killer sayins space station Nemak Dragon Balls In killer sayins space station Black Starred Dragon Balls Available Old Nemak Dragon Balls Available
Super Starred Dragon Balls Available Lighting Dragon Balls Available