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Vegetto vs Cell

"You have one wish left." Intoned the immolated dragon. Ryu pondered over his next wish. then he heard, "Grant me immortality!" behind him. "Ignore that wish." Ryu responded and turned to see Trunks. "The dragon is under my command." Ryu explaned "but if you find the dragon balls after i'm done, you can make a wish, or two." "Never mind finding them again, i'm going to kill you and take them for myself." responded trunks. Ryu sighed then entered a fighting stance. Trunks readyed himself and launched a flying kick at ryu. Ryu easely dodged and sent a series of blows towards trunks. Though fast, Trunks was only able to dodge a few. when ryu backed off, trunks taunted: "Ha! you're far too weak to hurt me." and Instand Transmissioned farther away and charged a Distructo Disk. Ryu, knowing that there was only one thing to do to live, started to gather energy. As Trunks sent the disk of energy towards Ryu, a white flame engulfed his body and his red outfit changed to white. The distructo disk closed in and Ryu charged some energy into his hands and then relesed in in a briliand mealstrom of energy surounding him. the disk hit the energy and disentegrated. Ryu let down his Kikou-Shou and started walking towards a very bewildered trunks. Trunks fired his Machine gun blast at ryu, but he cept coming. "If you want it like that, then eat this!" and trunks entered Super Sayin. he charged at ryu and ryu responded with the like and they both met with the sound of a thunderclap. trunks went flying back and landed in a heap. "Sorry about that." ryu said as he entered a reversed Kamehameha stance. "Ya, right." trunks replied as he slowly got up wiping blood from his flattened nose. "wha?" as he saw a massive energy flow errupting around ryu. "shinkuu..." and the energy flare expanded tenfold. "uhhhh..." trunks started backing up, then put his fingers up to his forehead to Instant Transmission away but didn't count on the speed of the laser that flew at him with a "Hadou-ken". Ryu had no wish to rummage through the dust that remained and so turned back to the dragon. Now, what will my last wish be
(Ryu(good) gets 25% of Trunks's, Trunks gets 10% of Ryu's(good))