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General Rules

1. We're the Webmasters. What we say happens, is gonna happen!
2. You can have only one character at a time. If it is discovered
that you have more than one, all your characters will be deleted.
3. You may use the Gravity Room 7d/m, and the Spirit and Training Room 10d/m.
4. You may only chase Bubbles on King Kai's Planet for 10 days per month,
and doing so, increases your PL by 5%/day.
5. There is no stealing in the ND or HFIL. If you send in a fight
where you do so, it will not count.
6. You only can carry 5 items at a time, unless you buy a Z bag.
Items you wear, and attachment for your pods, etc. do not count towards this total.
7. If you fuse with someone during a fight, you have to stay fused
for that full battle. During fusion, your PL is multiplied by 1.25, unless
with the Porta earrings, which is 1.50.
8. It takes a certain amount of time to search for an item
without a dragon radar/scouter. And half that if you have one.
Also, if you have another item that cuts searching times, only one will count!!!
9. You may only go on one quest at a time.
10. You may give item to teammates, only if you are on the same planet/plain.
11. You can't steal someone's space pod, GE enhancements,
space station, henchmen, portable gravity room and portable spirit and time training room.
13. You can have a maximum of 3 henchmen and they each start
with 500 P.L. and 1 move.
14. To travel to King Kai's once you are in the ND, the time
it takes depends on you PL. Under 500, takes 4 days, over 500, but under
1000, takes 3 days, and over 1000, takes one day.
15. You can spar with your self while you travel ONLY if you have a SPACE SHIP.
16. If you own a space station, no one that is not your team can
enter in without you permission. No one can attack you in it either.
If you want to travel to you space station it takes 3 days if your on a different planet
than your space station is orbiting. It takes 1 day to travel to your space
station if you are on the planet it's orbiting. It takes 1 day to teleport to your space station,
even if you are on the planet that it is orbiting around. The space station comes with a bank,
that you can store your money and items in. You can't take your teammates
money or items without their permission. You have to be in your space station
to deposit or withdraw your money or items. When your money or items
is in the bank you cant use them until you withdraw them.
17. If you want to go to the ND without dying, you have to
go to Kami's Lookout and travel to the ND. (It takes 2 days
to travel to the ND.) You can only travel to the HFIL
only if you are in the ND. (It takes 1 day
to travel to the HFIL.)
18. If you have any items that you don't want anymore, you can
pawn them at any planet that sells the same item that you want to pawn.
You only get half of the credits that the item is worth.
19. If you want to make a team, you have to start it with at least two characters.
20. If more than one person goes searching for the dragonballs,
the time is reduced by the amount of people searching.
Like if two people go looking, the time is cut in half, unless
one has a dragon radar, etc.

You Need

1. you need a capsule case to get capsule's if you send in a
email where you want a capsule i will void the email
2. you need a hover car to look for ANYTHING


1. You can fight 5 times a week and 5 people per fight. The winner
gets 50% of the loser's P.L. and the loser gets 15%
of the winner's P.L.
2. You can have a "Head to Head" battle. Both people have to
send in a fight. The winner gets 65% of the loser's P.L.
and the loser gets 25% of the winner's P.L.
3. You can't fight someone that has a P.L. 100 000 greater than yours,
but you can fight anyone weaker than you.
If you fight someone who is that much stronger than you, on lower levels,
you are pretty much screwed. BUT once you reach a pl of
1 000 000 you can fight anyone
4. If you die then you go to the next dimension for at least 3 days.
If you die in the N.D. then you go to H.F.I.L. for at least 7 days.
When your time has expired, you may return to the planet you died on.
Days you've spent in the N.D. carry over to H.F.I.L..
5. After you fight, the winner's PL is reduced by half for a day.
This does not count if you are in the ND or HFIL.
Your PL could stay the same if you eat a sensu bean, or regenerate.


1. It takes an allotted amount of time to search for items on quests.
No longer, no less. ONLY IF more than one person is
looking for it THEN it cuts the time in half.
2. All quest items may be stolen unless otherwise posted, or it goes again
the character. Such as an evil alignment, may not steal the Z-sword.


1. When you spar with someone you get 25% of his P.L. and he gets 25%
of your P.L. every day that you spar. You can only spar
with a max of 2 people at one time. To spar with two people, you must know
split form.
2. You may only spar 4 days per week
3. After you spar, your PL is reduced by half for a day.
4. to train Ki you will get 20% of you own for 1 day.


Earth= Earth dragonballs 1 wish
Namek= Nemaks dragonballs--- 3 wishes
Blackstarred dragonballs---2 wishes
Lighting Blast=lighting dragonballs---3wishes
Super starred dragonballs---3 wishes
1. Each wish has to be approved by me.
2. You have to know the Namekian language to
use the namek dragonballs. To learn the namekian
language, you have to go to
namek and learn it (this takes 1 day)
3. Wishes you may make (Namek dragon
balls give you 3 wishes)
- 1 move per wish (Earth/Namek
dragonballs,Black starred dragonballs)
- 2 items per wish (Earth/Namek
dragonballs,Black starred dragonballs)
- 2 moves per wish (lighting dragonballs)
- 3 items per wish (lighting dragonballs)
- 3 items or moves per wish (super starred dragonballs)
- Immortality (It only lasts for 7
days and you can only kill 5 people.)
- You can make up a wish
(I have to approve it)
- You can't wish for your P.L. to be increased
- You can't wish for a planet
- You can"t Wish for space station

1. You can duplicate any item except Dragon Balls, travelling devises,
and space stations.
2. You can choose your duplicating time. If you choose 1 day,
the item will only do half of what if it supposed to.
If you choose 3 days, the item will be perfect. As in it will do
everything it is supposed to.
3. You can only duplicate 1 item at a time. If you wish to
duplicate more, you must wait.

1. There are the Lots of forms for Super Saiyan.