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Spirit Training Rooms

It Costs A Certain Amount of Money to use the Training Rooms and you gain a certain % of your own Max PL when you train.

Any Planet
All planets have these rooms it the matter off what you want to do it in
it cost
pl has to be over 1000 and under 10 000 Easy-50 pl up 40%
pl has to be 10 000 - 35 000 Med-100 pl up 30%
pl has to be 35 000 - 60 000 Hard-150 pl up 20%
pl has to be 60 000 - 1 000 000 Very Hard 200 pl up 10%
ANY PL Impossable 70% BUT...Die

Time Training Rooms
Okay this one is longer
But you cant be killed in this training as in fights
and you and a partner can go in the time training rooms together
1 year training is 5 days pl up 25%---100 credits
2 years training is 15 days pl up 50% BUT.....spend 3 days in recouparation---200 credits
3 years is 30 days pl up 75% BUT....spend 14 days in recouparation---300 credits