Equine Mating

This page contains graphic description of equine mating, equine genitalia,
and photos for roleplaying/educational purposes.  This is NOT a beast/porn site.

Stallions may raise up from the side, leap straight on
from behind, some even try while on the run.

Stallion genitalia varies in width, length, and skin pigment.

Mares vary as well.  Closeup of the mating between two bays.
Yes, I know the pics are small.  

Mpeg of horses mating

These are the most common questions I've gotten over the years about centaur/horse/mating issues.  Seems most Rhydin roleplayers like to play out everything, including horsie sex.  Whether you do or don't... Please bear in mind that though I am familiar with horses, having owned several full sized animals and breeding miniature horses for several years... I am not claiming to be an expert on equine behavior or anatomy.  
That goes double for centaur behavior and anatomy as well....since centaur talk is ALL conjecture.  

Do not copy this page, pics,  or ANY information, as this is MY conjecture for my pages.
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How old would a centaur filly be before she could mate?

A horse filly can mate at 2 to 3 years old.  In tune with my thoughts on centaur aging, a centfilly would be into puberty (teens) before her body would go into her first estrus cycle.  I'd say the same age range for a male to become sexually active and fertile.

Do mares have a clitoris and would a centaur be similar?

The vulva is the external portion of the mares genitalia (the exterior folds, or lips, that stay closed unless opening slightly to urinate or mate). The clitoris is located just inside, and at the bottom of the vulva.  It is well supplied with sensory nerve endings.  Horses have only one set of labia (lips), unlike human females who have two sets, the major and minor (inner and outer).

What do you call the mares breasts and do they stay large like cows, even after they quit nursing their foals, and would the answers be applicable to centaur mares? 

The mammary glands of the horse consist of one teat on each side attached to one-half of the udder.  In other words, the horse has a very small udder compared to a cow, it's usually not visible with a casual look.  The udder has a crease in the center and two nipples, one on each side, and is located between a mares thighs.  The udder and teats of a mare are covered with a very thin, fine hair.  The udder swells with milk and almost looks like a set of small breasts hanging from the mares underbelly, though there is no areola around the teats like in a human female.  After weaning, the mares udders will shrink back down to normal size due to the milk drying up.  Older broodmares may have slightly saggier udders due to years of birthing and suckling foals.  I would say yes, the same anatomy would go for a centaur mare.

Would a centaur mares human breasts get milk?

Well, since hormones and the onset of puberty are what make breasts grow and develop,  and centmares do apparently have breasts... I would assume that a centmares human breasts would fill with milk the same as her udders. Otherwise, why would she even need her breasts?  Breasts weren't designed to give males something to play with (though they'd like to think so), they were designed to feed offspring. 

What do you call the part of the stallion that shows under his belly when his penis isn't out?

The prepuce, but folks prefer to call it a sheath, sounds nicer.  The scrotum is the sac of skin covering the testicles, directly behind the sheath.   The penis is attached to the prepuce, (they are not separate like a dogs) therefore the penis's outer length is skin just like the horses soft underbelly (minus the fine hair), unlike the bull, swine, or dog, whos sheath is just that, a sheath for a separate (and quite ugly) penile structure.   When excited, the stallions penis will drop down and swell with blood, but is also controlled by muscles that can swing it up and down or aim it as he mounts a mare.  The glans penis, head - tip of the penis, doesn't fully erect until it's inside the mare, where it expands like a mushroom and the stallion ejaculates. Horses don't get 'stuck'  like dogs do.  

How many times does a mare have to be mounted to get pregnant?

Depends on the mare.  Some may conceive after a single breeding, others may take four or five times...and even then, sometimes a mare doesn't conceive, or she (her uterus) may absorb the embryo and she'll come back into estrus the following month.  All kinds of things can happen, and do.

How long would it take for a centaur/mare to get the baby out? Do the baby's sharp hooves hurt her?

Depends on the mare, if there are complications, how many foals she's had previously, genetics, health, etc. Some mares are in labor for minutes, others may take longer.  A mare who is surprised or startled, or fears a predator is about, can delay her labor until she finds a more secluded spot to deliver.  A mare might drop her foal minutes after the water breaks, others may take longer.  After the foal is born, the mare will usually lay down and have more contractions to expel the rest of the placenta after it detaches from the uterine wall.   The bottoms of the foals hooves are covered with a thick chewy membrane that protects the uterus, cervix, and vagina from damage.  The mare will lick the foal and chew the membrane off it's hooves soon after birth.

Do you think centaurs would mate like horses?

Yes, but I think they would probably be more intimate, fondling, kissing, foreplay, etc.  If the male is taller than the female, his human torso will be close enough to the female to allow these things while the act of mating is occurring.  

Can a centaur stallion mate with a human woman?

I suppose, but not to the degree that most people think.  A horses penis is too long for a human vagina and could cause some serious internal damage  (torn vagina, torn cervix, even a ruptured uterus) if forced.  And I know what you're thinking next, but the rectum and colon would be torn and damaged as well.  But of course...everyone in Rhydin is magical....ho-hum.

Can a centaur mare mate with a human male?

I guess, but unless the guy is packing a supersized schlong, he might be a bit dissapointed.   But of course....everyone in Rhydin is a super stud or super model...or super asshole, right?    hah.  Actually, vaginal tightness varies from mare to mare, just as it does in women.  Not that I go around sticking my arms into horse vaginas, or women for that matter....my vet happened to mention things a few times as he did exams on my mini mares.  

What happens if a centaur mare and a human male have a baby?

There are differing thoughts on the issue.  
*Some fiction authors have suggested that the offspring of a centmare and a human male will result in either a satyr type centaur (2 legs), a human appearing child, or a centaur appearing child. 
*Some think that a cross between a centstallion and a human female will always result in a male centaur child.
*Some say that a female centaur that mates with a horse will produce only fully appearing equine fillies that will mature at the same rate as a pure blooded horse foal.
*Some believe that a centaur that mates with a horse will produce only fully equine appearing foals, but these offspring, when mated with a centaur, will produce centaur appearing offspring only.
*Of course there are some who believe that the hybrid offspring of a centaur and human, whatever it may look like, will always be sterile, like a mule.
*Some state that equine stallions and centmares could and would mate and produce offspring, either centaur appearing or horse foal appearing, and run in herds...fully accepting one another without question.  The same for centstallions and equine mares.
There are lots of other ideas out there...some too weird to bother with like, centaur mares with fifty legs and 25 asses who mate once and then give birth for the rest of their lives. You know, that's just a really ugly vision, 'least in my head anyway.

I think that if a human woman tried to give birth to a centaurian child (a 4 legged one)....she and the child would probably die unless there was a cesarean section performed.  I don't think it's even possible for a woman's uterus to contain an entire foal without rupturing.   I doubt the cervix could dilate wide enough to accommodate the passing of something so large, so, as I said before, if she managed to carry a foal, doubtful she could deliver it through normal means.  Even if the centaur father was small, say 5 or 6' tall, the foal would be huge compared to a human baby.  For certain, a large centaur father's offspring would be too large for a human to carry, at least that's what I think, anatomy wise.

As far as a centmare carrying a foal/child from a human male and delivering...don't think there would be a problem, plenty of room.
I can't say what I'd do, because I've never allowed my char to mate with anything other than a full blooded centaur male.

Not much agreement on the issue of what kind of offspring will result from crossbreeding, if even possible, and this is just roleplay......so, I suggest that you play it anyway you like.


I'm not taking anymore emails regarding centaur questions... I think there's enough conjecture out there to answer all the basic inquiries, and then some.     ;-)  

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