Mystic Queens

A Page dedicated to all the enchantresses
Sister Site to Warrior Women

Call them what you'd like: Witches, Sorceresses, Enchantresses, Seers etc.; it applies to
any woman with a magical ability or knowledge. There are differances between them.
Seers are like fortune tellers in a way, being they are wise about the futrure.The word
witch tends to applies to an evil one, though there are witches of a good alignment. A
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Sorceresses in Literature

Achren: in The Prydain Chronicles (particularly in 'The Book of Three' & 'The Castle of Llyr'). An evil soceress. Claimed
to be Eilonwy's aunt in order to gain her throne.

Eilonwy: in The Prydain Chronicles. a fledgling soceress.
Friend to Taran.

Morgan Le Fay: from the legend of King Arthur. Half- sister
to Arthur and mother of his son Mordred.

Sorceresses in Mythology

Freja (or Freya): of Norse Mythos.

Hecate: of Greek Mythos. Patron saint of witches.

Sorceresses of Film, Comics & Television

Lina Inverse: from "The Slayers", Japanese Anime & Manga

Mystical Backgrounds

Mystical MIDIs


a song by
Stevie Nicks

Zeal Theme

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Chrono Trigger

Tapion's Whistle

from a
Dragonball Z

Ice Cap Zone

from the
Sega game
Sonic the Hedgehog 3


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Sylvan Song

a song by


Slayers Next



from the game
Lost Vikings 2

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