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This test is for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to be taken seriously. If you enjoyed this test and would like to take another one, please see a list of them at the bottom of the page.

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You and a group of your friends are all hanging out one day, bored and looking for something to do. You suggest...

Getting your tarot cards read
Breaking out the Ouija Board
Going on a camping trip in the woods
Doing makeovers and having a girls night
Egging someones house
Having a seance

After a while, you all decide to do makeovers, but you have to go to the store to get a few more supplies. While at the store you get...

Aromatherapy Candles
A Playgirl Magazine
Some herbal shampoos
Skin cleansing cream
Makeup with pretty pink and lavender colors
A Newspaper with the Daily Horoscopes in it

You're all set for the girls night now, and you go to one of your friends house that has a bigger bathroom and would be better for doing makeovers and such. The one who owns the house tells you all it's haunted so if anything weird happens, then that's why. You...

Suggest to look into the history of the house to see where the spirits could have come from
Think it would be a good idea to try and invoke the spirits and try to control them
Don't have alot of experience with that type of thing so don't really know what to say
Wonder if there's anyway to get the spirits of the house to go where they belong
Think that's neat and immediately start thinking of ways to scare your friends later
Are the one who lives in the house and knows its haunted somehow

During the makeover, you get a new hairstyle. You really like it, and it's...

A few braids with tendrils hanging about here and there
In a sleek and sexy french roll
Let loose and natural, complimenting your face nicely
pulled back neatly into a nice braided bun
A bunch of cute little buns all over your head
In spiral curls all over the place

After you've gotten your hair done, and you're all about to go watch a movie and eat popcorn, the lights flash off for a second, then you hear something break, followed by the lights coming back on. You...

Believe you've angered the spirits somehow or another and leave the area quickly
Stick around to see if you can contact whatever is there and use it for your own purposes
Wish you'd all gone on the camping trip like you'd suggested earlier
Immediately begin to pray for the release of the spirits that seem to be dwelling in the house
Were just playing a trick on everyone
Feel as if someone's near by and they're angry about something

Ok, now that that's over with (Whew!) you all go to watch the movie, which is a sad love story where the man dies in the ending. You...

Think about how sweet it is, and sigh dreamily, even though the ending was tragic
Think it was a good movie but are that emotional about mushy stuff like that
Believe that it's just the cycle of nature and things will go on as all wounds heal over time
Wish you could heal the girls heart so she wouldn't hurt so much
Are crying because it was so sweet and you hate seeing people get hurt
Are bawling because you could almost feel every emotion given and portrayed in the movie

After the movie, you all decide to go for a walk in the woods behind your friends house. It's not totally dark yet and you all want to go watch the sunset outside. While walking you...

Take the time to appreciate mother nature for all it's glory and wonder
Are actually a little bored
Feel very much at home in the woods and in nature as you would your own house
Are glad for the distraction from everyday like and hassles
Run and climb a tree
Bring along an umbrella because even though there isn't a cloud in the sky, you have the feeling it's going to rain

Well, it started raining!!! You're all trying to get back to the house in the rain now and there's only one umbrella. You...

Try to get under the umbrella but don't mind if there's no room because a little rain never hurt anyone
Fight to stay under the umbrella!!! You like your hair like this and don't want to ruin it!!!
Stay in the rain. Rain kicks ASS!!!
Would like to stay under the umbrella, but smile at the smell of the rain around you whether you get wet or not
Are dancing around being silly, trying to splash water on your friends from forming puddles
Knew it, and are dry as a bone!!!

Well, you all make it back inside safe and sound. Now that it's night time, your friend suggests that you all spend the night. You

Agree but aren't going back in the room the lights went out in
Definantly agree, spending the night in a haunted house would be cool!!!
Aren't too sure you want to sleep where there's ghosts...
Have a few reservations about it, but don't particularly care
Start thinking of tricks to play on your friends when they're all asleep
Don't think anything bad will happen so are in agreement to stay

Out of all your friends, you're the...

Most level headed
Most wild and daring
Most in tune with nature
Most loving and supportive
Most playful and the silliest
Most emphatic and in tune with things