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Pokemon Names


Ok, this is how we are pretty sure the Pokemon People got the names. We can't be sure, but some are pretty obvious. Oh ya, and "" means same as above.

Bulbasaur Bulb+Dinosaur
Ivysaur Ivy+ Dinosaur
Venasaur Venom+ Dinosaur
Charmander Chared + Salamander
Charmealeon Chared + chameleon
Charizard Chared + Lizard
Squritle Squirt + Turtle
Wartortle War + turtle
Blastoise Blast + tortoise
Caterpie catapilliar
Metapod Meatel Pod
Butterfree butterfly
Weedle Needle
Kakuna cacoone
Beedrill Beedrill
Pidgey pidgeon
Pidgeotto pidgeon
Pidgeot pidgeon
Rattata This name was originally "Ratattak" which was short for "Rat Attack"
Raticate Rat
Spearow Sparrow
Fearow Sparrow+Fear
Ekans "Snake": backwards
Arbok "Cobra" backwards (Spelled with "k")
Pikachu A Pika is a rodent, and "Chu" is the god of thunder.
Raichu Rai means something....I forgot what, and "chu" is the god of thunder.
Sandshrew sand+shrew
Sandslash sand+slash
Nidoran F I'm pretty sure "Nido" means posion.
Nidorina ""
Nidoqueen Nido+queen
Nidoran M same as Nidoran F
Nidorino ""
Nidoking Nido+King
Clefairy Fairy
Clefable Fable (a fairy tale)
Vulpix Vulpix is a Latin word (Red Fox="Vulpix vulpix")
Ninetails Nine tails
Jigglypuff unn...a jiggly puff ball....
Wigglytuff A wiggly tuff of fur
Zubat bat
Golbat Gold bat
Oddish Odd
Gloom Gloom
Vileplume Vile plume
Paras parasite
Parasect parasite
Venonat Venom Gnat
Venomoth Venom Moth
Diglett Dig
Dugtrio Dug and trio (3)
Meowth Meow + ?wealth?
Persian a persian is a fancy type of cat
Psyduck Psychic duck
Golduck Gold Duck
Mankey monkey
Primeape I got 2 theory's....Prime + Ape or primate
Growlithe Growl
Arcanine Arc + Canine
Poliwag Poliwog
Poliwhirl Poliwog + whirl
Poliwrath Poliwog + wrath
Abra Abra, kadabra, alakazam!!! (magic words)
Kadabra ""
Alakazam ""
Machop Macho + chop
Machoke Macho + choke
Machamp Macho + Champ
Bellsprout Bell + sprout
Weepinbell Weeping + bell
Victreebell Victory + bell
Tentocool Tenticle + cool
Tentocruel Tenticle + cruel
Geodude Geo (rock) + dude
Graveler gravel
Golem Golem (rock)
Ponyta Pony
Rapidash Rapid Dash
Slowpoke slowpoke
Slowbro slow + brother
Magnemite Magnet + mite -- Named after a magnetic material called "Magnetite"
Magneton Magnet + ton
Farfetch'd Farfetch'd
Doudou an old bird
Dodrio doudou + trio
Seel seal
Dewgong The mammal "Dugong" (insturment)
Grimer grime
Muk muk
Shellder shell
Cloyster oyster
Gastly gastly means terrible
Haunter haunt
Gengar Gang
Onix onyx is a type of rock
Drowzee drowzee "tired"
Hypno Hypnotize
Krabby crab / crabby
Kingler King
Voltorb Voltage Orb
Electrode electricity
Exeggcute Eggs + execute
Exeggutor Eggs + executor
Cubone bone
Marowak Marrow Whack
Hitmonlee Hit mon Lee (someone's last name[Bruce Lee..?])
Hitmonchan Hit mon chan (another someone's last name[Jackie Chan])
Lickitung lick + tung
Koffing cough
Weezing wheeze
Rhyhorn rhy + horn
Rhydon rhy + don (as in some of the end in dinosaur's names e.g iguanadon)
Chansey Chance
Tangela Tangle
Kangaskahn A kangaroo? (hence the pouch??)
Horsea sea horse
Seadra Sea dragon
Goldeen gold fish queen
Seaking Sea king
Staryu star "?you?"
Starmie Star "?me?"
Mr. Mime Mr. miming
Scyther scyth
Jynx a jynx
Electabuzz Electric Buzz
Magmar Magma
Pinsir pinch
Tauros what a bull trainer yells, bull constalation in sky named that.
Magikarp Magic carp
Gyarados ?
Lapras ?
Ditto ditto
Eevee evoulution
Vaproeon Vapor
Jolteon Jolt
Flareon Flare
Porygon polygon
Omanyte ?
Omanstar ? star
Kabuto ?
Kabutops ? tops
Aerodactl Aero teradactle
Snorlax Snore Relax
Articuno Artic Uno (Spanish for 1)
Zapdos Zap dos (Spanish for 2)
Moltres Molt (Molten lava) tres (Spanish for 3)
Dratini Tini (tiny) dragon
Dragonair Dragon Air
Dragonite Dragon Knight
Mewtwo Mew (the sound a kitten makes) 2
Mew Mew (the sound a kitten makes)


Pallet Town A pallet is something you draw/paint on.
Viridian A color
Pewter A color (brownish)
Cearulean A color (blueish)
Vermillion A color
Lavendar A pinkish color
Celadon A color
Saffron A color
Fushcia a color
Cinnebar a color
Indigo Platue A blueish color

As you can see, it is basically a paper which you color all the different colors to make "a rainbow"?


New Bark tree bark
Cherrygrove a tree
Violet a flower
Azalea a flower
Goldenrod a flower
Ecruteak A tree
Olivine a flower
Cinawood A tree
Mahogany A tree
Blackthorn a tree

An as for Jhoto, they are named after plants. Something to think about, huh?

This was made by Raichu9 and Meowth99. It may NOT be copied without permission.

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